Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time for something new

Hello friends and enemies,
Well I must admit it's been awhile since the man known as BigPoppa has written on the World Wide Web, under other alias of course, but time to shake off the rust, move the bar stool closer to the tap and fill the peanut bowl. I'm entering a new arena and it's American Politics, a subject that at times I love and loathe simultaneously.

Where to start, so much is terribly wrong in our political world from that cesspool known as Washington D.C., Lefts hate the Rights and vice versa, a good man can't work with the opposition without being called a RINO or a BLUE DOG, and then there's this Tea Party ordeal. Whatever happened to challenging your opposition to a DUEL? I hear Dick Cheney's a decent marksman, just ask Harry Whittington.

OK, I need to get a grip and hit a topic..... Today is the anniversary of the Stimulus Package so let's check this one off the list and fill in the chalk line.

SO one year later, according to President Obama, the Stimulus Package of 2009 has created roughly 1.6 million jobs, yet Republicans say that number ain't even close. So who's counting the apples in the store? Republicans for 8 years had opened up the federal vault for countless spending, and I am not even talking about the War on Terror accounts, and yet now they are complaining about out of control spending.

Republicans are the first ones to say the Stimulus didn't work yet are the first ones to return to their respected districts with fat checks from that very same Stimulus Package, yet the constituent does not connect the dots. Republicans are the first ones to find a camera to say no jobs have been created in the year of the Stimulus Package, yet only to return home to their respected districts and chest thump about the creation of "X" jobs due to their diligent hard work in Washington D.C. and downplay the help of the Stimulus.

Wait.... wait... before you go off and say I'm just another Liberal patting the backs of the Democrats, stop now and delete that email. I do not play that game, I hit the opposition as well, I rarely play favorites.

The stupidity of the Democrats is clear on the Stimulus Package, they suck at selling any program and not because of Ms. Pelosi's botox injections gives her manaquin plastic looks. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the worst political leaders in Congress today, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell come in at a very close second. Pelosi/Reid are like a married couple who should've divorced within the first year after their vows. He has no backbone and she's the mean old hag, both want the Republicans off their lawn. They enjoy the spotlight, but they need to push the younger congressional members forward to sell the Stimulus Package further. Afterall, it's the younger congressional member who this will effect politically, for they will be tagged for it's cost and whether or not how effective it may become.

Look, the Stimulus Package was meant to help rebuild the American infrastructure that we use each day. Jobs from road paving to electrical grid to water line restoration. Jobs that were invaluable pre-1980, when people like my grandfather worked regardless of the description of the job. There's nothing wrong with being a blue collar worker, nothing wrong or demeaning with picking up a hammer or shovel and working. People like to complain that illegal immigrants are taking decent paying American jobs, well we've been programmed that nothing less then a desk job is not successful, no matter the pay. So why shouldn't the illegal immigrants worked those jobs?

Shovel-ready jobs is the Stimulus Packages fine print motto. When I was in school, many saw the light of taking vocational courses, why? Simple they are always in demand and always will be needed. When was the last time someone behind a desk was able to figure out that clanking noise under the hood of your SUV? Or when was the last time a customer service representative was able to figure out how to reshingle your gabled roof? I'd say 99.5% never.

There's nothing wrong with working behind a desk, i've done so for 15 years of my career, but I respect those who do the vocational work. There are others who look down at these hard working folk. A very good welder can earn $65,000 yearly (very respectable), but somehow the welder job is frowned upon, as someone would rather work behind a desk punching a keyboard starting for less then half in salary. But if you say you work for Company "A" people look at you as though you spent years at Ohio State, but you say you're a welder, those very same people may think "Oh, poor guy ain't so smart." In other words, we've become desensitised from vocational work and would rather sit behind a desk, punch keys and wait for the day to move up the ladder to an aisle cubicle.

In other words, get off your asses and get out there and learn a trade!!! How dare we complain about faulty electrical grid in the middle of summer blackouts, when there's not enough bodies to make the repairs! How dare we complain about poor road conditions, when the states have recieved the funds, but not enough bodies to dig the ditch or help pave that road!

No wonder Americans weighed less pre-1980's, because we sit around and complain about the problem, but do not help correct the problem. No wonder our elected officials run amock in Washington D.C., they figured it this out. No one wants to help fix the problem when it's easier to complain about and cast blame on others.

Dang it, what was the topic again? Oh yeah, look we already got the money on loan, it's there, let's use it, put it to use. We've heard in the last two presidential elections, from Pres Bush and Pres Obama, about a healthcare super comupter highway. One that will give the information from your doctor's office in Lansing, Michigan to the Emergency Room office in the Outer Banks after you got stung by a jellyfish. Where is this grid? Where is this system? No where..

There's no one erecting towers, there's no IT Tech working a programs, there's nothing! Oh that's right, too many people complaining that it would be an invasion of privacy. How many of you know when you had a tecnis shot? Anyone? Anyone? Very few of you, so wouldn't it help the ER Doctor, heck even your Health Insurance claim, if this Supergrid was built? The answer is yes..

So is there right in the Stimulus Package? Absolutely.. Should those who oppose the Stimulus Package but use its monetary value for their own self righteous ego sit down and shut up? OH HELL YEAH!

Turn over the Peanut bowl and pay the tab.