Thursday, September 27, 2012

Willard Romney's tax plan: Unleash the ax wielding tyrannical tax midgets

Images of ax wielding tyrannical tax midgets run through my head during the final weeks of a presidential campaign as the candidates start to give more information of their policy ideas and the Media jumps to dissect those thoughts, pro or con depending upon your party of choice.

Over the past few weeks, Willard Romney has given glimpses of his economic policy, mainly his tax plan. Yes, everyone learned that he’s given up on the mooching “47%,” you know the grandparents, the working single parent who attends class at night, the disabled veteran and the millionaire, those that make up 30% of the 47%.

When answering questions concerning some of his policies, Willard’s most common suspenseful response has been “Well we’re not sure yet, but we’ll know after the election.” That’s the type of detail less answer to keep the pundits squawking that he has no plan or his plan is just the right for the country.

Yet, he does have one plan out there and that’s his tax plan.

Back in August, Willard gave the pundits a nugget saying he wants a 20% tax cut for all economic levels, which has given many cause to do back flips of cheer down the yellow brick road.

But with this being known, he then gives a stump speech in Ohio on Sept 26 saying;

“Small businesses most typically pay taxes at the individual tax rate. And so our individual income taxes are the ones I want to reform. Make them simpler. I want to bring the rates down. By the way, don't be expecting a huge cut in taxes because I'm also going to lower deductions and exemptions. But by bringing rates down we will be able to let small businesses keep more of their money so they can hire more people”

I can understand wanting to help small business, from the decades old ma & pa stores to the newly opened to the independent truck driver, yes there should be some sort of reformed tax code for them. It’s the “Don’t be expecting a huge cut in taxes” part of the speech that is confusing.

One day Willard wants a 20% tax cut across the board and shortly later tells people he doesn’t want huge cuts and just wants to lower deductions & exemptions. It’s almost no wonder why Willard has a likeability issue, he can’t stay on course.

No wonder poor ol’ Seamus feared for his doggie life on the Family Truckster rooftop

I’m all for tax reform in one form or another, yet a 20% tax cut across the board and elimination of credit and exemptions for everyone sounds rather rash. Sure it will (I assume) close every loophole people love to sink their teeth into, but how can government programs survive with less than what they are getting now?

Willard stated the other week he believes education is a State issue but that Federal Government should do more to help monetarily wise. How when there will be 20% less going to the government bank account under his plan?

Willard wants to spend more on defense, which I still hold the belief that defense should control their own budget not some member of a Congressional committee, but once again, how do you spend more when taking in less?

A government running partially on 20% less tax revenue won’t go far, something will have to give, especially with unemployment and the lack of company hires. If the notion that his tax plan will bring unemployment rates to less than 3% in hopes that corporations will hire is delusional.

At the current tax plan, with all the credits and deductions given by our government to corporations, they’re still hiring at an alarming pace of molasses in the middle of winter.

Absolutely, the idea of everyone, no matter their economic level, will be taxed 20% less is interesting, yet I don’t see it happening.

If the idea makes it way to Congress, Congress will have to answer to the many Special Interest groups that paddle them like Neidermayer on a Pledge’s naked rear end. (Yes, got in an Animal House reference)

Just imagine how corporations from all sectors would react to such a plan? I truly believe they would turn on Willard because they like their loopholes and shelters.

Nobody likes doing taxes, well except accountants, because it’s confusing and nauseating with all the different forms. Sure many will say "oh preparing my taxes is going to be much easier without keeping all those receipts and remembering to write off little Billy as a child credit.

Yet, there are many credits and deductions many people do enjoy.

We, as citizens, enjoy our tax loopholes. Around tax season, there are countless times I can recall listening to sales reps and higher management talking about how they need to find another deduction because they maxed out the amount of charitable (mainly Church) and work related deductions from mileage to travel to cell phone reimbursements.

No longer would the businessman/woman be able to deduct “lunches” as a business expense.

And think of all the whack-out creative loopholes people use on their tax forms that we hear about every year, all gone.

Oh I know out there is some very patriotic chest thumping flag waving individual agreeing to the idea of 20% tax cut across the board as fair, until the day comes and that 20% missing affects some government program they once enjoyed.

That's the problem, we're all talk and no action. Yes, we want government restraint on spending, we want them to limit what they spend, we want to cut duplication in government, we want reform, but once it comes down to it, we scream when the reform affects us.

For some reason, I enjoy the idea of ax wielding tyrannical tax midgets running around the Capital, knocking on the doors of our elected officials. Could you imagine how much the government could recoup by taxing Boehner on a tissue usage?!

That’s it, Slap the Tap on the Human Blockhead brew and let me know when the Bikini Basketball League begins.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Class Warfare: The Exclusion of the “47%” Demographic

Over the past 48 hours, I’ve been debating on Facebook with many over Willard Romney’s “47% victims” fundraiser video leak and it’s strange to realize that many liken those “47%” as welfare, deadbeat, leeches of our society.

As Willard stated on video, "All right, there are 47 percent who are with him {Obama}, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you name it."

Yes, there is no doubt that there are people in our society that believe the government owes them and they’ll find the way to get that entitlement, but it’s the “47%” stamp that is misleading.

Yes, the pundits love to keep the term “47% don’t pay taxes” looping on their programs but even they are misleading the public with a false claim. The “47%” do not pay federal taxes, yet still pay into Payroll, SSI, Medicare, State and Locality taxes.

I don’t completely blame Willard for this misleading statement as it’s been manipulated by the Punditry in a regular loop for the past year and it’s still misleading.

However, I can blame Willard’s campaign staff for letting him use the phrase and basically eliminating a massive grouping of voting demographics, because it bunches everyone under the “47%” claim as a whole, when his staff should be breaking down the group into subgroups; the elderly, the disabled, the impaired, the underemployed, the veteran, the millionaire and so on.
Yes, I said “the millionaire” as some do not pay federal income tax, but are excluded in thought by everyone because they find it hard to believe someone with money wouldn’t pay their tax.

Honestly, the fact that Willard is not backing down but standing firm on his statement shows he does, indeed, have a backbone, it’s his campaign staff that is a spineless bunch and should be fired.

Willard needs to show that he is fighting for all Americans, no matter their economic value.

Willard needs to show he will fight for the poor, but as he stated earlier this year, he’s not worried about the poor because they have a “safety net” with entitlements. These are the people that are part of the “47%” he was talking about in the video and he’s not worried about them.

With his statement of exclusion he has cemented the thought that he is only for the higher income value voter.

I agree the entitlement and tax system are in shambles, I would say 85% of Americans would believe so also. Every tax payer is using the system in one form or another.

How would people feel if the tax code is redefined? We all enjoy the tax credits of home ownership, college loans and child(ren), but what happens if they go away? People will be screaming in front of the Capital Building & White House. We enjoy those credits.

There are people, legitimately using the entitlement system for legit reasoning, these are the people Willard needs to represent and help with policy changes. But, sincerely to all politicians, stop talking about fixing the system and do something. It’s easy to lay blame on a certain percentage, but never discuss where the problem begins and begin the hard work to correct.

It also appears that Willard is just going to phone the election in for the next 40+days as he has no scheduled stumps on the current weekly calendar in big swing states, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t having high donor closed door fundraiser elsewhere.

Why is he not stumping in Ohio, Virginia or Florida, yet worried about New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has 4 electoral votes! Florida has 29, Ohio has 18 and Virginia has 13. He needs the big states, but is worried about the smaller ones of New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

There are Ohioans that are part of the “47%” that Willard needs to fight for. Just look at some of the numbers; 1.7 million Ohio families are receiving food stamps costing roughly $249 million/monthly in assistance and 2.08 million are enrolled in Medicaid costing around $1.4 billion on monthly average and that’s after Gov Kasich took office and reformed policy.

By not scheduling stops in big battle ground states with 40+ days left before the election makes it appear that Willard is waving a white flag of submission.

Where’s the fight? Where’s the substance? Is this what we can expect from a Pres Romney administration?

One can only hope that Willard’s spine stiffens more and wins each of the 3 upcoming debates, but I think there are a bunch of Ohioans replacing their trailer park plastic pink yard flamingos with Obama/Biden 2012 yard signs after hearing that Willard has given up on them.

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour the Dog Bollocks beer and play with the Electoral Map at


Friday, September 14, 2012

Separated at Birth: Obama & Jimmy "Rog" Walker






Separated at birth: Mitt Romney & Teacher Vernon (Breakfast Club)






Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12: The day after that widened the American political partisan rift

There is no doubt that every American remembers every aspect of their daily life when al Qaeda terrorists over took 4 airplanes and inflicted pain and horror upon our soil 11 years ago. If not, the Media will help you remember what you forgot.

For the past 11 years, Media and Social outlets help us to “never forget” with visuals from sorrowful political figureheads giving heartbreaking accounts or documentaries of that day’s event.

On Sept 11, 2001, we woke up to a political partisan divide after a highly contested Presidential election and shortly after the first plane hit the World Trade Center, we became “united in patriotism” that lasted roughly 24 hours before the Media started to pick apart the story and lay blame to this/that person and to this/that political party.

Hey this ain’t your grandparents America any longer; this is the new Millennia America, where a “united patriotism” lasts as quickly as the partisan Media will allow.

I expect to take heat for this blog, for questioning the patriotism of this country that I’m proud to live in, but just because you raise Old Glory every morning and bake apple pies doesn’t mean you are any more/less as American than your neighbor who doesn’t.

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Media and political punditry were vehemently pointing fingers at either Pres Clinton or Pres Bush. Some harshly mocked Pres Bush for staying at Booker Elementary School in Florida and reading the book “My Pet Goat.”

What was the man to do, jump up and yell “take cover we’re under attack” and run out the door?

No, Pres Bush did exactly what I expect any President to do, stay calm in his surroundings and not force in fear.

I don’t fault Pres Bush’s actions on Sept 11, he did an excellent job keeping this country together and the most harden Bush-hater should give him praise.

Yet the conspiracy theories flew and those people were called “loons” or part of the “liberal establishment to besmirch” Pres Bush, yet ignoring their own who agree with such theories.

I’m no fan of Michael Moore or his “Fahrenheit 9/11” movie, but people ran to the theatres to see it. Moore is as corrupt as his movies portray others to be, but the whole 9/11 Truther brigade belongs to both sides of the aisle.

Right wing pundits will spend obscene amounts of time discrediting Moore, while ignoring their own in Alex Jones, he of so many conspiracy theories that he is considered the authority on 9/11 being an inside job, yet no one takes him to task as they did Van Jones. (Hello Mr. Beck)

It didn’t take long for email boxes to be littered with spam entitled “Nostradamus predicted 9/11” or “Col North Warned Us of Osama bin Laden during the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987.

Many of these were forwarded on obnoxiously and each time debunked. Hell even Col North debunked them. But people still forwarded them because somewhere, someone will believe it because Uncle Joe sent it and Uncle Joe doesn’t lie.

After 9/11, many found a so-called awakening, a “born-again Republicanism.” Many were pleased with Pres Bush’s actions and the blame game towards Democrats and Pres Clinton that they immediately re-registered or registered as Republican.

The “born again Republicanism” theory lacks legs because statistics show that prior to any September during an election cycle there are more Democrats registered, then after September more Republicans are registered.

Skipping forward 11 years later, Media and Social outlets are larger and have a greater hold on the American public. Many of these outlets held a 9/11 remembrance in their own fashion. Well except for NBC.

For a network trying to redefine itself as a News leader with slipping ratings, the stupidity to hold an interview with Kardashian clan leader Kris Jenner at 8:46am, while other networks held a moment of silence only cements why their ratings are dropping against the likes of Sid the Science Kid on PBS.

Maybe, had NBC interviewed former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani or former DHS Sec Tom Ridge, there would be less uproar.

However, it’s very disturbing that after 11 years, the Media pushes 9/11 on their viewers. On Sept 11, 2012, MSNBC ran a rebroadcast of the attacks while FOX and CNN ran the remembrance speeches from Pres Obama and VP Biden.

But as I listened and flipped around the multitude of media outlets yesterday, I began to wonder, why are these outlets not performing the same coverage on Dec 7?

Generations later, are we that disconnected by the tragic event of Pearl Harbor?

Nowadays, Media gives respect to Pearl Harbor as an afterthought, a quick 10 minute sound bite with a moment of silence and then right back into political banter or the latest Pop Culture phenom.

Dec 7, 1941 has been tagged “as a day that will live in infamy,” yet barely discussed today. Is because America had closure with entrance into WWII and victory over Japan a few years later?

One has to think how the “greatest generation” feels to be pushed aside as forgotten, how American patriotism didn’t point fingers a mere 24 hours later, but pulled together, put all aspects of life aside and trumpeted a call to move victoriously forward.

America received closure on May 2, 2011 when members of SEAL Team 6 finally captured and killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda. But once again, it took Media mere hours to decimate the “15 minutes of patriotism” when all were jubilant of his death.

Heck it took less than that as many cried a conspiracy theory that the networks interrupted the final minutes of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice with the breaking news. Because, after all, it’s more important to know which 3rd rate pseudo celebrity was about to be told “you’re fired.”

It does not matter how “united” we perceive ourselves to be after a tragic event, we are not our grandparents, meaning patriotism of events only happens in a quick spurt and then fades into a blame game to keep you from changing the channel.

That’s it, Slap the Tap of the Sam Adams Oktoberfest brew, and thank those in uniform, both military and emergency services alike, for their dedication to preserve our safety and freedoms.


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Delusional National Convention or the Liberal Vagina Monologues

How does one sum up the first 2 days of the Democratic National Convention; Jobs, Minorities and Vaginas oh my!

It’s no lie that both Parties will use anything as a prop during the convention. They make everyone feel all warm, fuzzy and loved. But in the end they don’t remember your name till Election Day and this year the Democrats are pulling out all the power props.

From Eva Longoria to Sandra Fluke to anything to do with Planned Parenthood, it’s making its way onto the stage. I particularly enjoyed the “Sisterhood of Congressional Pants” on display Tuesday and Wednesday with all the Democratic ladies on stage to introduce themselves to the delegates.

And the camera feed doesn’t help with the power prop issue either.

I’ve been using the Livestream video stream and I’ve mentioned on Twitter and Facebook how I’m tired of all the celebrity shots or kissing baby shots. As I mentioned this, many have told me they were watching the convention on TV or other online sites (apparently it’s all the same feed) and others are tired of it as well. Pay attention to the speaker, not Tony Shalhoub picking his nose.

But the conventions are truly about who’s the next up n’ coming politician for the party. The RNC let everyone see how Gov. Christie, Senator Rubio, Gov. Haley, and Rep. Ryan handle themselves and this is your leading cast in 2016. Well, only if Willard loses.

I was wondering who might be the future bright star for the Democrats and with speaker after speaker constantly turning on stage; I’ve twiddled the list to: Minneapolis Mayor Ryback, Gov. Deval Patrick and Gov. Mark O’Malley.

Yes, I understand I don’t have VP Biden or Sec of State Clinton listed, only because I believe it’s time for them to move along and find their true life’s worth.

Wednesday’s delusion went epic rock star when Pres Clinton hit the stage and women of all ages threw their panties at the podium.

Everyone remembers the first president they voted for and mine was Clinton, I voted for him in ’92 & ’96 and dammit I will find a loophole in the 22nd Amendment so I can vote for him a 3rd time as well.

“Bubbha” proved he has not lost a step and swallows up the limelight like Monica Lewinsky on… err, you fill in the blank.

It took Media seconds to start fact checking Pres Clinton’s speech and well they found out that he was 80-20 on his numbers and exaggerations. Here are some:

1. Clinton boasted that “under Romney Medicare will go broke in 2016.” That’s partially true in that Medicare won’t go broke but the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will if the Affordable Care Act is repealed by 2016.

2. Clinton clearly misrepresented when he said the“2009 Stimulus bill cut taxes for 95% of the American people.” The tax credit temporarily cut taxes for 95% of Earned Income and those with collecting pension or unemployment checks saw nothing.

Those are two quick examples of political over exaggeration, but many fact checkers gave credence to a couple of other Clinton thoughts:

1. Clinton claimed that “Since 1961, 42 million private sector jobs had been added while a Democrat sat in the oval office, compared to 24 million under a Republican Oval Office. “ Turns out it’s true, it’s damn true. As a matter of fact, when comparing the poor job creation between “W” and “O,” Pres Bush beats Obama by 1,000 jobs monthly. “W” averaged 63,500 jobs monthly over 8 years compared to “O’s” 62,500 monthly average in 4.

2. Clinton claimed “Republicans blocked Obama’s jobs plan costing a million new jobs.” It’s true according to Moody’s Analytics that Obama’s jobs package would’ve added about 1.6 million jobs and as Senator Mitch McConnell stated as to why the Republicans blocked the plan, “they didn’t want to give Democrats a political edge in 2012.”

Now, there’s still one more day left in the Delusional National Convention and that means one more day of fact checking after Obama’s speech, minus the Greek columns behind him.

Yes, I’ll watch Thursday night to listen to Obama and the others speak of success, misconceptional government budget and jobs numbers and ladies vaginas, but I’m hoping actress Scarlett Johansson decides to wear her Avengers Black Window outfit for the festivities.

Obama needs to be spectacular as his spotlight was taken away by Pres Clinton, just as Romney’s spotlight was taken away by Clint Eastwood’s empty chair.

That’s it, Slap the Tap and raise a Guinness to Tammy Duckworth and all our brave men and women in uniform. Oh look there’s Tony Shalhoub picking his nice again!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: The (ir)Rational National Convention- Scared Elephant in the Room

Love it or hate it, the Republican National Convention is finally completed and the Media has a few days to drink heavily, tip the strippers, and debate on whether or not it was worth the 4 days of Hurricane Isaac tracking.

I've heard the diehard Lefties and Connies breakdown of the convention and well it's safe to say each group were drunk on their political kool-aid.

I'll breakdown Willard's 5 point plan, which once was a 90+ point plan, but simplified for the conventioners.

Yes, the big names did a admirable job. Paul Ryan showed that, even being the master of the powerpoint, he can speak clear, muddle some facts and still look squeeky clean.

I liked Paul Ryan before the GOP placed him on the national stage in 2008 and I do respect him, but I lost some respect for him over the past few weeks.

Ryan, to me, always seemed like a stand-up guy, someone who would own up to his voting record and since being selected as the VP candidate, he has not done so. He glosses over his "Yes" votes on TARP, War, Auto Bailout and so on. He tried to walk away from his requests for Stimulus money for his district, just as many in the GOP have, with a little bit of John Kerry Syndrome.

But that's the problem with many in Congress, both sides have the John Kerry Syndrome depending on the topic.

Ryan attacked Pres O for not going forth on Simpson-Bowles, giving the commission high marks on their ideas, but never reminding people that he was part of the commission and voted against it at the time because as stated "it didn't do enough."

Hm, funny, praise it for the ideas but knock it down for not going far enough and don't remind people you were there.

But up until Ryan's speech there still wasn't substance being told. Yes, the convention is when people really start to pay attention, but someone like me, well I want some kick, some bite, some substance.

People have claimed that Willard gave substance with his 5 point plan, but I'm calling bullsh*t on that claim, as the plan was merely talking points that every candidate has stated at the convention podium for decades.

Energy Independence - Yes, we've succumbed to the power of Crude Oil for over 100 years and in that time, we've imported more from foriegn lands then actually produced and sold here at home. But becoming Energy Independent has been a main talking point by both parties since Nixon and his Oil Embargo that caused more harm then good. {;postID=4554206118684085587}

To be energy independent, well we need to make sure the energy companies actually sell their product to us. Sure we can hear "Drill Baby Drill" which the Media will say "Flood the market and the price will drop" is pure fiction.

The Keystone Pipeline is a great example because they never guaranteed that oil, shale oil to be exact, would be sold in the US. The pipeline is just to get the Canadian oil down to open ports in New Orleans.

Willard wants to get rid of the Windpower Credits, yet States like Iowa that use and enjoy Windpower are up in arms. Windpower works in certain places, so let it stay, but if Willard kills the credit, Iowans will be pissed.

Skills to succeed- Yes the second of the decades old talking points.

Willard claims he wants to bring the brightest and best from around the world to teach our children. Talk about a slap in the face to many teachers and professors that have busted their butts in this field.

Yes there are bad, but many good educators in the US, problem being they all get lumped together as one. And if you are not in the field, how can one speak ill of it?

But isn't this just the same as claiming foreigners are stealing US Jobs? So let's bring in foreign educators to teach our kids, and who will be the first to cry the new teacher is teaching our kids Shaira Law?

It's worse enough that everyone believes all college professors are crazy liberals. Which, I can attest, are not as I went to a very conservative college in terms of the professors.

Willard spoke of Trade the works for America, Cut the Deficit, and Champion Small Business to complete his 5 point plan.

Cutting the Deficit is crucial, yet Willard is fine with getting that done by 2040. That's 28 years! It's a great idea, but way to long even for the Tea Party to swallow and it doesn't adjust for, say something like War or another long upswing in Baby Boomer retirement.

Willard is boasting he will create 12 million new jobs, but what happens if he misses his mark? A Mayberry "Aw Shucks Pa" doesn't work as an excuse.

12 million jobs is fiction, that's close to averaging 450k jobs monthly. Hell Reagan averaged 230k jobs monthly and he had new sectors opening up from electronics to vehicles to military. {;postID=6844627833445675481}

Even if Willard's Energy proposal opens wide, it will not reach those numbers. Well for one, no one can tell the Energy companies were to buy their supplies, which back to the Keystone Pipeline, the piping was bought in Japan! No American job built that pipe.

Call me a pessimist or a realist, when I hear people state that Romney is the only guy that can do the job, it makes me step back and look closer. It's great to have passion for a candidate, but open-mindedness is closed for many.

I had many complain to me that conventions aren't where the substance is to be displayed. That's true for many, but it shouldn't be a place where the cheesiest of opening and closing happens as well.

Oustide of Clint Eastwood's drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner stint with the cheesy "Good Bad Ugly" theme, Willard's entrance was missing Hulk Hogan's "I Am A Real American" WWE theme blaring as he walked the delegate floor to the stage.

Next time, whomever is the RNC Chair, hire Vince McMahon and the WWE to run the show. But then again, Donald "the wh$re" Trump cried and went home when he was cancelled from the festivities, so it wasn't the cheesiest of conventions.

That's it, Slap the Tap on some Blue Moon and take a seat in Eastwood's chair.