Monday, December 19, 2011

The K-Car that saved the Reagan Presidency

One of the things I hate most is when a politician uses someone’s name in vain to prove something that they are not. Many of the Conservative Talkers and Republicans love to state “I’m a Reagan Conservative; I follow the principles of Reagan.”

I’m not about to knock our 40th President around, I generally like Ronald Reagan, but I’m tired of the golden pedestal many put him on, they’ve embellished and rewritten his legacy more and more as time moves on, as if he did everything alone and he alone brought the US back to greatness.

Reagan knew one thing going into his presidency, he needed to work with the Democrats to get any type of prosperity rolling again in the US.

The 1970’s took the US into the doldrums when dinosaur industries of Steel and Coal died, oil embargos caused ripple effects through the Big 3 of Detroit, a once mighty military was crumbling after a decade and a half of involvement in Vietnam, unemployment hovered around 7.8% and everyday there was fear of a nuclear attack from USSR.

Reagan had an advantage in the fact that the technical innovations of the 1970’s were set to take a huge step forward thanks to competition, consumption, and affordability.

The Con-talkers will always tell us that is was Reagan’s determination and tax cuts that saved the US, but Reagan spent huge amounts of money on rebuilding our military. Reagan had spent so much the triple the US deficit and his spending caused the Soviets to eventually cry “Uncle.”

The other fact of the Reagan tax cuts that many Con-talkers speak highly of is that they didn’t last long and Reagan knew he had to raise taxes to raise revenue, actually raising taxes several times during his 2 terms.
But affordable technological innovations saved the US more than Reagan’s friendly persona and faux tax cuts. Consumerism ran rampant as technology exploded in the 1980’s, opening new industries from computers to automotive to everyday convenience.

It was more than “Keeping up with the Jones,” it was more like “Keeping up with the Jones, Smiths, Does, etc.”

Much of that technology was being development or was on the market in the late 1970’s, yet not affordable to the mass US population. Video Cassette Recorders (VCR), home gaming systems, personal computer and cable television took hold of consumer minds and checkbooks.

The growth of Cable television created regional cable providers, thus job creation. Americans were tired of only getting 3-4 regular channels and cable television offered 20-30 channels that included Home Box Office (HBO) and other movie channels. Smaller channels soon followed such as MTV and ESPN.

But with cable television expanding viewership, it also expanded merchandising opportunities as well. Saturday morning cartoons were filled with vibrant colors and sugary sweet cereal advertising. Smurfs, Justice League, Cabbage Patch Kids and G.I.Joe merchandise grew and as it grew so did the realm of the of Toy R’ Us and Kay-Bee Toys stores.

As the toy stores grew so did another “want” or “must have,” the home gaming system.

Home gaming systems like Atari and Intellivision were making their way into homes. Gaming development start-up companies were popping up all along the West Coast; some survived and died before the doors even opened. It was a new sector and the growth was unlimited at that point. Parents and their children tossed aside the Monopoly board game and cozy up on the couch to challenge Mario Bros nightly.

The Video Cassette Recorders (VCR) was a product of the 1970’s, but they became more affordable in the 1980’s with the help of Hollywood, as they saw a tsunami of money rush to them as people were buying their favorite movies for obscene amounts of money. But it was the entrepreneur spirit that started the small Ma & Pa corner rental video store, which also became an outlet the pornography industry as well.

The Music industry as well worked with innovations and started to move away from the Platinum album and produce more on Cassette tapes. The cheaper to produce and smaller Cassette tape had people running to local music stores so they could have their “music on the go” for their vehicles and Walkmans.

You can’t talk about the 1980’s without mentioning Apple and Steve Jobs. Jobs’ dream of a home computer in every home came to life in the beginning of the decade. Soon IBM, Commodore and Texas Instruments were building cheaper computers for anyone to buy.

Gas was around $1.19/gallon and foreign carmakers Honda, Datsun and Toyota saw their sales triple as Detroit just couldn’t put together a respectful product. The Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega were deplorable vehicles of the 1970’s, but Americans bought them because many were still skeptical of foreign brands.

Ford eventually gave us the Escort, which became one of the best selling cars of the decade.

Chrysler took a different route and created a new genre of vehicle, the mini-van.

Many Automotive experts will tell you that the Mini-van saved Chrysler from certain doom, that’s partially true. The Mini-van brought people into the Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth show rooms, but when the consumer realized they couldn’t afford it, they turned to the odd shape Omni/Horizon and boring K-Car model, so boring was the K-car that it didn’t have a real name.

With all this new technology spewing out and families traveling about, well they needed places to eat on the fly and McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and so on saw their industry explode.

Just as a Reagan Presidency thrived under technological innovations, so did the Clinton Presidency with the advancement of the Dot.Com boom.

As we listen to all the GOP candidates and even Pres “O” talk about “bringing America back to greatness” one has to wonder where the next Innovation or industrial sector boom will come from?

The majority of experts keep pointing to the Energy sector with the drilling of Natural Gas deposits throughout the Nation. But how long will that last and at what cost to the communities that are currently thriving under this sector?

One thing is definite, Reagan's 2 terms fielded oppurtunity in just about every sector of business, but tax cuts were only a portion of the growth. Unemployment through his terms average 8.5% and even rose as high as 10.5% after he signed his first tax cut.

The faux Con-talker historians need to revise their notes and give credit to the innovators and risk-takers that today are missed, as well as the growth of Government during his tenure.

That’s it, jump in your faux wood grain mini-van and pick me up a Happy Meal along the way, because it tastes better with a Guinness and thus, time to pay the political tab.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ignorance reigns supreme or the art of "Tebowing?"

As I’ve stated many times, I love sports; football, hockey, racing and so on. And in this day and age of Multi-Media sources, sports can be found anywhere and everywhere. And like regular Media, Sports media will pound the viewer into submission with constant video reels of a particular athlete or game situation.

This all leads me to Denver Quarterback, Tim Tebow.

On Dec 7, posted an article by Jen Engel titled “What If Tim Tebow Were a Muslim?” In this article Ms. Engel plays the Religious persecution card and I am tired of it, Christians are not being persecuted in the US because of their religion.

As Ms Engel states in her article, “Imagine for a second, the Denver Broncos quarterback is a devout follower of Islam, sincere and principled in his beliefs and thus bowed toward Mecca to celebrate touchdowns. Now imagine if Detroit Lions player Stephen Tulluch and Tony Scheffler mockingly bowed toward Mecca, too, after tackling him for a loss or scoring a touchdown, just like what happened in October. I know what would happen. All hell would break loose

Let’s correct a few things from that paragraph. First, Stephen Tulloch sacked Tebow, then placed a hand on Tebow’s back and performed “Tebowing,” which is an act of prayer in a kneeling position and after doing so Tulloch and Tebow laughed about the pose to which Tulloch even apologized.

Secondly, the actual “hell” to which she states would be from the Denver fans for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play was completed.

Another point that should be made, to which Ms. Engel forgets, is that acts of Christianity are the only religious acts performed in any American professional sport.

Many MLBers kiss a crucifix before stepping up to bat. Many NFLers make the sign of the cross before the next play. Boxers pray in their respected corners before the bell rings. Hell, NASCAR performs a prayer live on TV before the race, as seen on FOX, TBS, ABC and ESPN, without complaint.

When was the last time we saw a Jewish player wear a Kippah under his helmet instead of an Under Armor skull cap?

When’s the last time we saw a Hockey coach pull out a Voodoo Doll that resembled the other team’s goalie and hex him?

And what if Willie Mays Hays did get Cerano a live chicken in the movie Major League? Would Cleveland have won the fictional World Series? Cleveland still sucks in professional and fictional sports regardless.

We can blame ESPN and Pop Culture for the Tim Tebow hatred that is country-wide and not because of his religion.

Ever since Tim Tebow was drafted by Denver in 2010, the ESPN analysts have regurgitated the notion that “he will never be a #1 QB in the NFL. He doesn’t have the skills.” This notion goes to the style of offense Tebow captained at the University of Florida, a style of offense that has not seen a QB become successful in the NFL to date.

Yet let’s be clear, as he was at Florida, Tebow is a proven leader, players will follow him and help him succeed, for if he succeeds so will they. His success this year in Denver has been a team effort, not because Tebow has a divine light shown upon him.

Denver’s mediocre defense has pushed themselves to play well past their limit. The coaching staff has reconstructed the offensive playbook, simplified it so it’s easier for Tebow to learn. After all isn’t that the job of a coach, to teach to help succeed

Yet after scoring a touchdown, Tebow kneels down and prays for about 15-20 seconds and this is where the problem lies for many.

The 15-20 seconds of prayer is practically a delay of game penalty in football because Tebow does this in the field of play. Personally I hate all performances after a touchdown because it is buffoonery.

Players become overly excited and perform some ill designed routine after a touchdown too which, the referee may or may not throw a flag for delay of game and/or unsportsmanlike conduct. It’s the referee’s decision in doing so.

I couldn’t imagine NFL Referee Ed Hochuli throwing a flag for “Tebowing.” One could only imagine the hate mail sent to the NFL Office calling for the firing of Mr. Hochuli.

NFL Fans have witnessed enough touchdown stupidity from the likes of Terrell Owens and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson that in comparison “Tebowing” is calm, responsible and tame.

The act of “Tebowing” has become a national success or national fodder depending on your liking. Recently Olympian Lindsey Von performed a “Tebow” after winning her downhill run.

No one cares if Denver fans are buying Tebow jerseys and having “JESUS” embroiled on the back. It’s making the NFL loads of cash and able to sell those ugly orange uniforms that prior to Tim Tebow, only hunters were buying to wear in the woods for safety.

Imagine if people bought Ben Roethlisberger jerseys with “Rapist” embroiled across the back or Michael Vick jerseys with "Dog Killer?"

What does that say about our society?

Would we be talking about “Tebowing” if he were a Muslim or Wiccan or Jewish? And if he were, would some radical religious person be persecuting Tebow for indoctrinating our children to his religion?

What makes the whole Tim Tebow story an afterschool TV special for Fox News is the timing, its Christmas time.

Happy freakin’ Holidays to everyone!

It’s the time of year when, you guessed it, Fox News constantly reminds us of the fictional “War on Christmas” and how “Happy Holidays” is a slap in the face of Jesus. No, what’s a slap in the face of Jesus is the commercialism of his birth.

I don’t recall there being a Macy’s section in the New Testament or a midnight prayer at St. Joseph’s on the Mount with a Christmas hymn of “… oh come ye oh come ye to K-K-Mart.”

What we should be doing is teaching our children about the different religious customs concerning Christmas. How do our Jewish neighbors celebrate compared to our Christian neighbors? Is there anything common between the two? How about those of Muslim faith, how do they compare to another faith in custom?

Without understanding, ignorance reigns supreme!

No, instead Media would rather run stories on how Christians are being persecuted and made to tolerate hearing “Happy Holidays” from that bastard underpaid Wal-Mart greeter.

Ever think about how other religions feel about having to hear Bing Cosby or Harry Connick sing Christmas carols during the holiday in the office?
Personally, I like the Twisted Sister version of 12 Days of Christmas instead of Dominic the Donkey!!

“Sleigh bells ring (HIC), are you listening (HIC), the Guinness has run dry (BURP), time to get a new one. I’m spinning around, making my way, to ‘Tebow’ above the toilet, oh yeah”

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Newt/Trump Bromance Endorsement; Go Get The Gimp!

The “Bromance” Endorsement

There’s a time during a campaign when a candidate looks to receive endorsements from various entities, such as another politician or a Media source. But in today’s world that’s not enough, it’s now a game of “who will or who won’t?” when it’s rumored an endorsement is coming.

Which brings us from this past weekend’s latest political “Bromance” between Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. Once again, Trump knows how to put the spotlight on him and prove what a pompous ass he truly is.

With Herman Cain dropping out of the GOP Presidential campaign, Gingrich has been able to jump over Willard Mitt Romney in the polls to 1st place, outpacing Willard by 10 points in some polls! That’s pretty damn good, but alas it’s only December 2011, we’ve got a whole month before primaries begin.

But Cain’s announcement was stomp on by Trump’s arrogance and the Media’s love to follow him, as Trump spent the weekend in NYC with Gingrich in the most nightmarish of “Bromance” booty calls.

All the GOP candidates are vying for Trump’s endorsement, because, well as Trump puts it “I have a lot of people following me, because they love me and I’m rich.”

But why is Trump’s endorsement so newsworthy anyway?

After his foreplay last March of a possible Presidential run, people are flocking to him. Pop culture has overtaken the political landscape thanks to pathetic Media we tune into daily.

Since the 2008 campaign, the Media has drooled over Palin and Obama’s every move, leaving the National Enquirer (of all things in print) to be the leader in the John Edwards scandal that destroyed his political career.

Where were you on that one Hannity? You complained the Media didn’t vet Obama enough, yet you should be thanking the National Enquirer for doing the job on Edwards!

So now the Media has gone through their Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain media trysts and like a pack of junkies they run to Trump. Trump and the Media are making a mockery of the political process.

So Trump gets to moderate the debate on the ION Channel. WTF is the ION Channel?

I don’t think I even get that channel through Verizon.Sounds more like a cable provider conspiracy for people to buy a channel they would never watch the other 364 days of the year. Kind of like the Current Channel, you know the Al Gore channel that made big news by hiring Keith Olbermann only to see his ratings drop each and every day after he debuted.

The whole political endorsement is a pathetic charade. Seriously, who cares if the New Hampshire Union Leader Newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich the other week?

Will it increase their subscriptions? Probably not, because newspaper circulation has reduced tremendously every month because we’d rather read the news on our iPhone, iPad or desktop during our lunch break.

But for Gingrich to bend over for the Trump booty call of an endorsement only proves that once again Pop Culture thrives in how many Americans go about their lives.

If Snooki came out tomorrow and said “I really like Michelle Bachmann because, you know, she’s like a lady and, um, kinda’ smart and um OH LOOK SQUIRELL!” Most people will stake a Bachmann campaign poster in their front yard.

The political endorsement is a bigger joke. It has no meaning except that when the other candidates drop out, that they prove they are just a bunch of spineless goo. It’s both disturbing and disgusting.

They spend months, targeting the horrors of their opponents Economic and Foreign policies, only after dropping out to endorse the #1 candidate as the true leader the country needs, even after they spat so much venom against them!

So either they were lying about the #1 contender the whole time or lying about themselves, but to endorse afterwards is pathetic.

In 2008, John Edwards proved the kind of gutless turd he actually was. Edwards saw the writing on the wall and knew it was time to drop out and he had a decent legion of followers. Edwards called up the Obama campaign, offered his endorsement and his legion in return for the Attorney General position once Obama won. Obama balked at the notion and Edwards still gave Obama his endorsement.

Then there’s Mike Huckabee, former Governor now turned FOX Commentator. In 2008, Huckabee came from nowhere to become the #2 contender for the GOP hopefuls. Today, the Media wants to know whom he plans to endorse. Huckabee had a simple answer for them, “no one.”

Huckabee has the right idea, don’t endorse.

Trump was crying on Hannity’s radio show Monday afternoon that it’s unfair that if someone had a TV or Radio show, that they would have to give up their show if they wanted to run for office. Trump never mentioned he was talking about himself. NBC said “Trump can leave and we can find anyone to replace him on the Apprentice” back in March, which in turn Trump shut up about a possible run.

Apparently Trump is missing that fact that it’s the sponsors and advertisers that pay the bills and they are not paying for you or anyone else to get free airtime for a 3 hour radio campaign 5 days a week.

The fact of the Gingrich/Trump “Bromance” puts the debate further into default, for favoritism will happen. Trump should be cut from the debate now because he cannot be taken serious to ask decisive questions.

Trump has already proven he can’t be taken serious for his attacks on both Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, saying “they are not serious contenders to win the presidency anyway.”

Yet, Michelle Bachmann who practically answers every Economic and National Defense question with “repeal Obamacare and we’ll be solvent again” is a serious contender? Me thinks the aerosal hair spray can put a hole in Trump’s skull.

The political endorsement by either politician or Media is dead. This is not the 1950’s America anymore.

This is 2011 America, we need to put all the candidates in a house on the beach and let them compete weekly for our votes and then at the end, they all go into the basement where Trump sits in his favorite “Gimp” leather outfit to announce the next “Presidential Apprentice.”

Hey who put the ball-gag on my Guinness?! Pay your political tab

Friday, December 2, 2011

Newsmax offers Trump to spice up GOP debate, let the Idiocracy begin

Oh good gravy! Oh my gravy!

I need to send a huge “thank you” card to Newsmax for giving out an early Christmas comical offering with the announcement that their Dec 27 GOP sponsored debate will be moderated by non-other than Donald “Whore” Trump.

Somewhere Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert are screaming because the news came on a day when they don’t record their shows and will have to give this nugget to Bill Myer, Craig Ferguson and other late night talk show hosts to ridicule.

Although Newsmax missed out, if they truly wanted to ramp up the stupidity to Level 11, they could’ve added Richard Branson (Virgin), Mark Cuban (NBA Mavericks Owner), Snooki (Jersey Shore) and, um, I don’t know, maybe Vince McMahon (WWE) to the table as well.

Now that would be an awesome spectacle because not one single candidate would be able to answer one freakin’ question.

This is the biggest mockery to the American Political system, next Stephen Colbert’s attempt to be on the South Carolina presidential ballot in 2008 and Donald Trump’s “whore” Tour last March.

Top tier GOP candidate Newt Gingrich has complained during the gazillion debates we’ve had so far, that the Moderators and Media are trying to ply some game show mentality to the debates and yet now, they’ve finally done so.

So the question for the”Newtster” is “Will you decline the invite to the Dec 27 debate?” Because, well if he doesn’t, he looks more like the laughing cow costume on Let’s Make A Deal.

The one candidate that could use more airtime, Jon Huntsman, has already turned the invitation down.

Over the past week, Huntsman has been gaining in the polls, finally hitting double digits, but this is not a disastrous move for him. Huntsman is the only consistent Conservative amongst this bunch of has-been wanna-be’s candidates.

But Huntsman’s rise is only because the Media’s beloved Bachmann, Perry and Cain have nosedived in the last 4 months.

Soon Rick Santorum’s star will rise as well after the Iowa Caucus.

Yet Trump’s involvement is more joke than anything. Newsmax has given Trump full disclosure of the questions, that’s right Trump is running the show.

I expect many people to tune in, because about 30% of America is in love with the blowhole from New York. Trump, always one to give himself credit when none should be rewarded, will bring in ratings to this debate, only because we can expect lots of;

“I’m a successful businessman (never telling of the 3 bankruptcies between 1985 & 1997 of Trump Casino)… I’m worth millions… I know the Chinese personally… Yes, I destroyed the USFL in 1986… I have a (semi) successful TV show called Celebrity Apprentice that premieres on Feb 12, 2012… I have a great relation with the blacks… My clothing line is made in Myanmar sold through Macy’s… Did I say I was rich and have gold plated faucets on my Boeing 757… Elvis lives in my Penthouse… Willard Romney I have better hair than you… I own lots of golf courses... Did I tell you the Celebrity Apprentice premieres on Feb 12?”

America cannot take this serious for this is a mockery of the candidates to express their ideas of their possible Presidency.

Why not hire Drew Carey to do the lead in for the candidates? Might as well, you’ve already helped dumb-down America even more with the hiring of Trump, why not put a comedian up there as well.

How can the Republican Party actually think this is a good thing? Trump is a joke, he is a blowhard, and I cannot see Trump actually letting any one of the candidates give a complete answer for he enjoys listening to himself more than anyone in the room.

However, I do believe this is a vetting process for Trump as many of the candidates have been kissing Trump’s wrinkled ass looking to get his endorsement. So really Trump shouldn’t even be involved.

A better idea would to have former candidates like Mike Huckabee moderate, since he has more credibility than Trump.

Or better yet, why not hire political commentators like Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity to moderate? At least that would be interesting to have someone from the Far Left and Far Right press the candidates for clarity.

The one thing missing that would make this even worse would be to have Trump sit in front of the candidates on a gold red velvet throne with a large trap door lever next to him. If he doesn’t like an answer, he pulls the lever and the candidate drops below the stage.

Then again, NBC is bringing back Fear Factor. That would be a great way to vet the GOP candidates with Joe Rogan saying "Let’s see who survives water-boarding to move on to the next round when we put you balls in the mechanical vice."

Thank you Newsmax! You’ve actually turned the American Political system into a live version of the movie Idiocracy.

At last, the Guinness has run dry. Pay your political tab or ask Herman Cain for monetary help, at least you might feel some love from Herman.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Today's NASCAR Mr. Limbaugh- Corporate Suit Rednecks

I’ll admit it, I’m a Sports fan, from Football to Hockey to Curling to NASCAR, I love Sports and I’ll watch it.

So it doesn’t surprise me that NASCAR had invited First Lady Michelle Obama to join them over the weekend for their finale at Miami-Homestead, after all, Mrs. Obama has been working with the “Joining Forces” initiative since its inception.

And if there is any sport that dedicates itself, goes above the beyond for our Military, it’s NASCAR. The NFL is an extremely distant second.

It also doesn’t surprise me, that in today’s extremely partisan US, that the First Lady would be booed by some fans at Miami-Homestead as she spoke those famous words of “Gentleman, start your engines.”

But I wonder, if Mrs. Obama was accompanied with a few Military Wives, or a Soldier or two, or even with Tom Hanks, would the Boo-Birds still have squawked?

Or maybe the Media reports are making more out of it then is really needed? I mean what other First Lady had ever been shunned in Public as Michelle Obama was last Sunday? Elizabeth Monroe, Rachel Jackson, Mary Lincoln, Elizabeth Truman, and Hillary Clinton to name a few that were not popular or shunned by many.

But Mrs. Obama is a popular First Lady. Recent polls show her sitting at 63% amongst registered voters with 42% Republicans giving her thumbs up.

Mrs. Obama ranks above average on Popularity amongst First Ladies: Pat Nixon and Rosalyn Carter were both around 59%, Laura Bush was a favorable 82%, and shockingly Nancy Reagan had a 53% approval rating.

First Ladies, like that of their Husbands, have had some sort of controversy as well. Mrs. Obama’s controversies seem to grow further in today’s Internet age.

But truly, Sunday’s NASCAR finale and Mrs. Obama’s involvement was for our Military, yet leave it to the golden mic Blowhard Limbaugh to fuel the flames a little bit longer come Monday morning.

According to Limbaugh, the boo-birds were flying towards the First Lady due to our current economic climate and for the “Gods and Guns” remarks by then Senator Obama back in 2008.

You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations

Of course, the then Senator wasn’t talking about Rednecks nor NASCAR, he was talking about the state of small town America.

If there is any American Sport that is hurting because of these economic times, it’s NASCAR and its fan base.

Race teams live by the Sponsorship and as many teams consolidate due to lose of sponsorships, they too lay off employees from engine builders, pit crews and drivers. Even current champ Tony Stewart is hurting to keep his two team operation afloat with sponsorships.

Rumors that his #14 team will lose their Office Depot sponsor before the 2012 season begins. And of course many in Congress are looking to cut Military spending which would include the #39 Army sponsor.

When you think about, NASCAR is the best advertiser for the Military and cheaper than a regular TV ad as well.

Limbaugh needs to brush up on his NASCAR because this ain’t the old Redneck NASCAR of old. Nope, gone are the days of Tobacco sponsors and Bobby Allison. Welcome Corporate Suites above the front straight away and Yankees from New York behind the wheel of that Toyota Camry.

Every economic level is represented in the stands, pits and at home watching. Fans go to the races with the I-pads linked to the in car cameras and headsets linked to their favorite drivers and loyal these fans are.

Limbaugh also went on to explain that the boo-birds were there for Mrs. Obama for her “telling us what to eat” or “how much to exercise” or “what we’ve got to drive.” Well, then I guess all those years that Pres Reagan had Arnold Swarchenegger running his President’s Council on Physical Fitness was wrong then as well.

Now how long was that council around? Oh yeah 1956! So I guess we’ve been told how much to exercise for over 6 decades, brought to us by Republican Pres Eisenhower.

Limbaugh is correct that “We are tired of being told what to do” which would explain why Nancy Reagan’s “Just say No” anti-drug campaign is considered a failure because Americans are tired of being told what to do.

And Limbaugh is correct that “We are tired of 14% Unemployment” which is more to explain that a “Do-Nothing” partisan Congress would rather sit on padded seats and point fingers at the other instead of actually doing something.

I blame the likes of Limbaugh and Grover Norquist for pushing partisanship on the Republican side as I do the likes of George Soros on the Democrats.
The current elected losers don’t want to meet in agreement for they will be bashed and campaigned against from within. Neither side wants to give the other an edge, why would they, it’s easier to stall and shrug their shoulders.

Imagine if the now defaulted Super Committee actually resolved issue and things turned around, than it’s very easy to say Pres “O” has a greater chance of being re-elected. But if they resolve issue and nothing changes, then Pres “O’s” chances slip.

In the words of Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell “My #1 priority is to defeat Pres Obama in 2012”

Psst! Hey morons, America is dying and it’s your collective elected asses on the line in 2012 as well!

The boo-birds heard at Miami-Homestead was a collective minority that had their right to boo, just like those who booed gay Army Ranger Stephen Hill during a GOP debate a few months back. And if I recall, Limbaugh applauded those that booed then as well.

So this is how we respond to those who serve in our Military or those trying to help Military families, compliance with negativity. We should be so thankful to those that put their lives on the on line everyday to protect us.

And what level of Call to Duty MW3 are you on now today as these people protect us?

Crush the partisanship for we shall only stay in a void until someone steps forward, yes Congress I’m speaking to you…

The Guinness has gone dry and no one filled the peanut bowl, time to pay the political tab.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rick Santorum- Sleeper candidate's time to hit a home run.

Ever wonder what makes someone decide to run for President of the United States of America in today’s technological days? It doesn’t take much to get any past or present news out to the people, good or bad.

Lately it seems that once someone rises in the polls to top two spots, within days there is some sort of controversy unleashed. Examples are easy to find from Herman Cain’s many gaffes and harassment charges to Rick Perry’s hunting lodge name to Michelle Bachmann’s husband and Fannie Mae loans to the latest of Newt Gingrich’s $1.6 million “Advisory” payment from Freddie Mac& Fannie Mae.

Or is it Romney’s camp secretly planting all these conspiracies?

Well with the latest conspiracy hitting the media today, my guess is Gingrich’s poll numbers should drop within the week. Cain’s numbers dropped tremendously as of late to what now looks like a 4 way race between Romney, Gingrich, Cain and Ron Paul.

But lurking behind these 4 is one rejuvenated Rick Santorum, he could be the 2012 version of Mike Huckabee, meaning the candidate no one saw coming.

I’ve watched him over the past few weeks, he’s quietly gaining speed, yet the Media is not paying attention.

Who cares what the polls state, because if polls were right, Santorum should’ve been gone in August!

OK, yes I admit, I believe Santorum is a long shot and should’ve been gone by now as well, but as I stated at the end of September (Rick Santorum’s September Swagger), Santorum has reason to be walking tall these days and I give him and his staff credit for turning his image around.

As of today, it seems the erratic, spastic, clenched jaw, knee jerk reactions that plagued Santorum for so long are gone. A new model Santorum has been introduced for the 2011-2012 campaign season.

Santorum has gone away from the spastic defense of his past and now is explaining his Congressional past and Presidential aspirations in a coherent non-extreme manner and the CBS/National Journal debate proved to be the platform Santorum needed for everyone s to start watching his move.

CBS/National Journal’s decision that a 90 minute debate should be split between television and internet had me scratching my bald head and saying “WTF?” Yet, their format was something I’ve been begging for, a format to which all candidates are given equal time and equal questions.

CBS/National Journal, in my view, did a nice job with the question selections. Ask a candidate a question, give them their 90 seconds and then offer the question in another form with added statement from previous candidate to another candidate. It worked because everyone received face time.

Of course there can’t be a debate without controversy from one of the candidates.

Michelle Bachmann feels she was treated unfairly by CBS/National Journal because she didn’t get a question till 15 minutes into the debate.

Boo-flipping-woo for Michelle Bachmann, equal time for equal questions helps the audience decide. SO pull up your big girl pants and deal with it.

Santorum’s answers, at many times, differed from the others. He may have agreed with some answers, but when he disagreed, his response was coherent and well explained.

When Rick Perry stated he would take Foreign Aid to Zero dollars each fiscal year concerning Pakistan and others, Santorum response was:

A lot of the Pakistanis and most of the government would say they don't back the Hikani Network and the Hikani Network causes as much trouble in Pakistan as it has caused us in-- in Afghanistan. We need to work with the elements of Pakistan, and there are elements in the government of Pakistan and the military.

We need to continue those joint exercises. We need to continue the-- the aid relationship. And of course, we all know the aid relationship, when it comes to military aid, is all spent in the United States. So it's not giving money away, it's-- it's-- it's sending military hardware, which creates jobs in this country, to those countries, creating nexus and relationships and dependency on our weapon systems that's important for those future relationships.”

Sure, there were a few pauses in some answers however those were results of Santorum’s brain catching his mouth before it babbled incoherently. A problem Santorum has had in the past. The statement above is consistent with past speeches by Santorum, no waffling to be had.

In the past, a statement like that would have been visualized with hands flapping in front of him and excitingly high pitched cracks in his voice as if he were going through puberty. Actions that helped drive Pennsylvania constituents away from the Senator in 2006 during debates and lose to “Sleepy” Bob Casey.

It’s obvious that Santorum has a relaxed convicted demeanor about him, because in his last few interviews with the New Hampshire Union Leader ( and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he has showed a side of him many need to respond too.

During an interview with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (, Santorum all but thumped his chest and stated “I’ll win Iowa, the polls mean nothing.”

Now that’s confidence from a candidate that everyone keeps overlooking.

Scarborough went on to ask him about his Foreign Aid answer and Santorum calmly answered “Foreign Aid is less than a half percent of the budget and be striking it to Zero wipes out all that has been done.”

I can say I am not a fan of his, yet I find him more appealing than the rest of the GOP candidates and seriously think people should turn off the Jon Stewart wisecracks and actually pay attention and listen to Santorum.

Santorum has more reason then the rest to be walking tall since September for he is the candidate that’s flying under the radar and probably the only one that has less, if any, skeletons in the closet.

I think the only thing that could derail Santorum is if there is some conspiracy link between his alma mater Penn State and Jerry Sandusky and Santorum in some way.

Then again, maybe Romney’s campaign has that conspiracy hiding like the rest.

Well the Guiness has gone dry and I spilled the peanut bowl.. Time to pay the political tab

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few hits from the Presidential One-Hitter

I stumbled upon President Clinton appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe the other morning, discussing his new book "Getting America Back To Work." Oh what a 20+ minute interview he had with Scarborough and Mika.

What I found interesting in the conversation were the tidbits given by Pres Clinton:

1. The US is ranked 24th in the World in Broadband Communication. Basically he is stating the US is far behind those in Europe and China as a reason for so many problems with our Cellular.

2. The current oil boom in North Dakota proves there is more to do on Energy Policy. North Dakota has the largest amount of open land in US, enough space that it could produce 25% of Nation’s electricity through Wind Turbines. In turn, would lessen US dependency on Middle Eastern oil and keep Canadian/Mexican imports at current level.

3. Through Private and Government equality, the US can restructure its National power grid and produce jobs in many sectors.

Hearing this, I thought back to a blog I wrote back in June 2011 titled “..Roulette Wheel of Stupidity” to which I stated that Pres “O’s” Recovery Act, albeit had good intentions, was executed poorly.

Pres Clinton’s statements pretty much shore up my thoughts as correct.

For the US to be ranked 24th in Broadband Communication at this point in technology is disturbing and gives credence as to why on Nov 9 there was a test of a National Emergency System. Yet this nation is still falling behind and lacking in Communication availability that should have been corrected after Sept 11, 2001.

Americans are dropping their home/ land lines daily, since a large majority live on their Cellular. There is a small minority of American that still use home/land lines and those are the elderly or people that live in the further reaches of nowhere.

Look around how many payphones are around? Very few and one can easily detect where one once was located in a store or parking lot.

I’m sure people will cry “tree hugger” or some sort of bullsh*t concerning the comments about North Dakota, but between North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, there is fast amounts of Federally owned open land that Wind Turbines can be placed without worry of Regulatory Commission encroachment or the fanatical environmentalist.

Image those cold wintery 60mph wind gusts spinning those Turbines.

Germany uses a vast amount of Solar Energy as it starts to dismantle its Nuclear Power plants, and they have outpaced the US in this sector as well.

Another Pres Clinton tidbit, Germany gets about equal amounts of sunlight as England, meaning its dreary and cloudy 75% of the year!

Production of Solar panels in the US as diminished over the years, companies cannot keep up with demand, so China has taken the lead on production. Does that startle anyone?

Pres Clinton made another observation that almost equals my thoughts that it’s obvious we cannot build more homes with the current housing market, which leaves many construction workers out of work.

By all indications, the housing market will take at least a decade to regain its footing, so let’s get jobs moving elsewhere.

So rebuilding the National Power Grid and/or the Broadband Communication Grid is the right way to go.Construction workers, Heavy Equipments operators, Truck drivers, Manufacturing workers, Programmers, and so on would be put to work, across many states with cooperation between private business and government.

By using Federal lands from the get go, the only people to argue with would be the environmentalists concerning electrical towers, yet Broadband fiber optics (to my knowledge) are mainly underground runs, no need for large unsightly electrical towers across the Plains.

This past summer, the majority of the US was lucky not to swelter under extreme heat that would cause power outages due to cranking up the air conditioners, unless you lived in Texas. But one must remember that Texas runs off its own power grid, not sharing with any border states around it.

Rush Limbaugh made a comment this summer and I'll paraphrase: “Global warming is all in our heads because we sit in air conditioned offices, homes, and cars all day long that our body temp is lower so when you step outside and you feel the 85 degrees, you think it’s hotter than 85. So you run inside or to your car and crank up the A/C.

Rush makes a good point, heck when we shopped for a house 6-7 years ago we made a point to make sure the house had Central Air. Who needs a driveway or garage, I want Central Air.

If there was ever a sector that the US can grab hold of and put Americans to work, it’s the Broadband Communication and National Power grid restructuring, the only thing stopping this from happening is the obstructionist nature of Washington DC.

Stop the obstruction in Washington and put America back to work. You were sent thereby the people for the people, not by the lobbyist for the corporation.

Dang it, the Guinness runneth dry again in the bottle and the peanut bowl is empty. Time to pay the Political tab.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Y2K Media killed the Lying Politician

There was a time when “I did not have sexual relations with that young woman” had meaning.

OK I couldn’t resist the satire, but all this Herman Cain insanity just reminds me of how Con-Opinionators like Hannity & Limbaugh stood upon their golden thrones safely behind their microphones and screamed about how the Media wasn’t doing their jobs in 2007-2008 when covering Obama’s presidential campaign and ties to Weather Underground and Rev Wright.

Yet now that 3 allegations of sexual harassment have come upon the popular Herman Cain, they draw their swords in the likeness of William Wallace.

(YIKES! The visual of Limbaugh in a kilt just made me spill my beer.)

I’ve said it in past blogs; the surprising popularity of Herman Cain is caused by the Media and their “Palinization” of the candidate, meaning they fall in love with his simple one liner, whimsy, and cutesy talk just as Sarah Palin when she hit the national stage in 2008.

But all the Cain-backers are leaning to the Media’s involvement as race baiting. Really?

Within the last few days, we’ve had the “Hag” Ann Coulter state: “Our (conservative)blacks are better than their (liberal)blacks” the other day on Hannity’s FOX TV show, to which Hannity never tried to correct her.

And then the “Media whore” himself, Donald Trump, calls the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart racist for Stewart’s comedic impression of Herman Cain. Um hey Trump, Stewart does a really good impression of you, Rick Perry, Pres “W,” Pres “O,” and not to mention Arab, Jewish, Italian and Indian backgrounds. HE’S A COMIC; he’s supposed to do that.

But I love how Trump always says when attacking someone “look I like (blank), he’s a good guy, I just don’t agree with him.” He does this with Stewart and Pres “O” quite a bit as if he still wants to be asked to dinner sometime.

Only it was only 2 months ago that Laura Ingraham stated that Herman Cain could be the first true African American President, playing against the mixed race background of Pres “O.”

And I have heard rumblings from people stating “Well the best way to beat the black man is put our own black man against him.” Seriously, we are going to go down this road of stupidity, race vs. race for the White House.
Cain has just been added to a long list of political hopefuls that do not know how to handle bad press or past allegations.

Since jumping to the top of (some) polls, Cain has changed his political thought more times than Lindsey Lohan enters a bar.

He has changed his much beloved “9-9-9” tax plan to “9-0-9” due to scrutiny that it’s a sham.

Cain has been taken to task by everyone for his ever changing thought on Abortion. He has gone from totally against it no matter the situation to only if incest/rape are result and back to “no way no how” all within the day for 4 days now.

Cain’s problem is inconsistency in his talk and a pathetic campaign staff. One would think that someone prepped by the Koch Bros, he would handle himself better.

But Cain cannot even keep the story straight about his own involvement concerning sexual harassment allegations. Each hour he tells a different story, but the classic gaffe was when asked if he had ever paid someone off do to sexual harassment charges was “not outside of the restaurant association.”

That ranks up there with New York’s Anthony Weiner saying “I cannot confirm nor deny that is me in that picture” when asked about sexting picture of his penis to multiple political female fans.

Whatever happened to the 1000 lie politician that never gets caught, or when they get caught, the accusations just go away.

Where are this generations Clinton and Gingrich’s?

Seriously in the past decade we’ve had scandal after scandal, to name a few:

David Vitter (Prostitution) - Louisiana Values GOP Rep busted in infamous DC Madam prostitution ring

Eliot Spitzer (Prostitution) – Beloved Values Dem NY Gov busted in prostitution ring

Mark Sanford (Mistress) - South Carolina GOP Gov busted for lying about a mistress, in Argentina. Best known as part of the 1994 freshman Conservatives that ran on Values!

John Edwards (Mistress) - Dem North Carolina Senator, 2004 VP candidate and 2008 Presidential candidate busted for having child out of wedlock w/mistress while wife recovered from Cancer

Anthony Weiner (Sexting) - Dem NY Rep busted for sexting his penis not to 1, not 2, but to multiple females.

Charlie Rangel (Tax Evasion) - Dem NY Rep busted for tax evasion not for one year but for multiple years

And then of course there are the GOP’s Mark Foley (sexual explicit underage emails) and Larry Craig (Swinger Homosexuality). To this day, neither admits any fault and Craig’s statement of “I am not Gay and never have been Gay” when explaining that he has a wide stance when using the toilet at an airport ranks behind Weiner’s explanation.

Of the above listed, the only two that survived the decade are Vitter and Rangel.

Since the allegations, Cain’s popularity has risen along with his political donations, but popularity will only get a candidate so far. But with the way the GOP constituency is, they just might take popularity over boringly effective for a victory.

That’s a mindset that can lead us to more trouble, as we’ve seen over the last 4 years.

Conservative Media can be blamed for the rest of the Media’s constant running of this story. They complained that the “Other Media Outlets” refused to go after Obama in 2007-2008 because he was the Media darling at the time.

It’s the Conservative Media that created this kamikaze type of reporting thanks to the likes of Breitbart, Hannity, and James O’Keefe that has now taken hold of our daily news cycle.

In today’s world, it’s the Stewart and Colbert political satire that actually reports the real news and gives the better understanding of how Washington works.

BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain accused of inappropriately fondling Pizza Dough in 90’s while filming commercial for Godfather’s Pizza

Bars closed, pay your political tab!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maybe Atheists are the normal

OK the title may cause people to damn me to hell or create a voodoo doll to be manufactured in my likeness (Oh that would be one big ass package), but I have a problem with people of faith attacking other people’s faith.

A few weeks ago, the Media was all in a rage concerning the words by Rev. Jeffres of “Mormonism is a cult” and the backlash once again began. I had my money on February 17, 2012 till someone went after Mitt Romney’s faith and I’m positive Pres O’s religious prospects are now soon to follow.

I’ll admit, I am not a religious person nor am I an Atheist either. I was raised Catholic, went to catholic school in my youth and even spent time as an altar boy, but I am also a person that believes that if you have Faith within you, then there is no reason to attend Church. Odd as it may sound, to me, Church is merely symbolic to the means, for faith is with someone at all times. If I pray at home, is it different then in Church? Does it make me less religious to pray at home then in Church?

I wonder if Rick Santorum would like to argue or agree with me on those statements.

I have written about Faith and the Presidency before and ones religious belief means nothing as to how one shall preside over our nation, after all we were not created as a Christian nation. Carl Rove has even said so as of late

“…We believe that all men are bound to sustain and uphold their respective governments in which they reside, while protected in their inherent and inalienable rights by the laws of such governments…” Doctrine and Covenants (132: 1, 3, 5)

Americans must understand that a day will come when a President’s faith is other then Christian. We will have a Jewish President and by all accounts, we may have a Mormon candidate this time next year.

Don’t believe me? Well there are three candidates campaigning that are of Mormon faith; Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul. Yet, because of his top tier status is why Romney gets the attack headlines.

Yet, the airwave messiah Glenn Beck has been quiet on these attacks on Mormonism.

In the past, Beck has spoken of when he hit bottom in his life of drugs and alcohol, it was the Mormon Faith that helped him regain control of his life and has thrived ever since.

Mormon Faith has always had that dark side that everyone still believes thrives within, but then again so do so many other religions as well. The Mormon Church has spent a lot of time and money to debunk the stories we’ve become accustomed to in the Media and HBO’s “Big Love.” The advertising is pretty darn convincing.

Heck many people that listen to Beck probably don’t even know he is using his Mormon Faith within his own endorsements as well, such as Food Insurance or Gold Line.

Mormons are famous for their survivalist practices, which makes sense that Ron Paul and Glenn Beck promote the return of the Gold Standard (Value in apocalyptic days?) and denote the US Dollar so much when speaking in terms of Fiscal responsibility.

For the past 65+ years, it has become a requirement in the faith for preparedness of any and all emergencies. Storage stockpiles of necessities such as water, food, pasta and instant meals can be found in all households. A running joke is that one can spot a Mormon just by peeking into their garage and seeing canned goods stacked to the rafters. In many Mormon community grocery stores, one can find an area stocked with prepackaged 2 week supply containers for sale, while other grocery stores reserve space for “As Seen on TV” products like Snuggies and Chia Pets.

Truly this is not too make light of any religion, yet when Glenn Beck has spent over a year with his “Restore Honor” and trips to Israel, many have started to question Beck’s faith, is he a Mormon or is he a Christian nowadays?

What will be next for people to attack religion on? Should we segregate our Military as well with a Religious “Don’t Ask Don’t Pray” bill?

I’m pretty sure that if soldiers are in a fire fight in Afghanistan, one will not turn to the other and say “Hey Billy Jack, you ain’t one of those Mormons are you? ‘Cuz I don’t wanna die with a Mormon next to me.”
NO! Their only thought will be “Hey Billy Jack, you better knows how to use your gun!”

On Oct 9, Newt Gingrich told CBS’s Bob Schieffer “"I think that none of us should sit in judgment on somebody else's religion,” yet at the Las Vegas debates said “How can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?”

Religious Faith has nothing to do with how a President presides over our country. Neither Abraham Lincoln nor Andrew Johnson had a religious affiliation.

Do we judge either President by their lack of known religious affiliation?

Well considering Lincoln is ranked #2 behind Ronald Reagan in Presidential favoritism by Gallup, I would say religious belief had nothing to do with it.

Although he was a Presbyterian, Pres Rutherford Hayes attended services by Episcopal and Methodist churches.

Pres James Polk was originally Presbyterian before switching to Methodist and Pres Eisenhower was raised as a Jehovah Witness until his mid-teens before switching to Presbyterian.

Should we question their Presidencies on religious purpose alone? No we should not, we judge their Presidencies by the time for which we live(d) and the outcome of their actions, not whether if the read the 98th Psalm.

I give Mitt Romney huge props for being the better man than those that question his Faith. My guess is if Romney does become our 45th President, will the Media attack him if he does not release an Easter Proclamation, as they did Pres O hadn’t, even though history has proved that no President in the past 3 decades hasn’t either.

However, I can say “Gov Perry is one leisure suit and rose rimmed glasses away from being Rev Jim Jones’ twin” if I was to go only by appearance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GOP Debates to be sponsored by WWE & Slim Jims! for now on

I’d like to thank Vince McMahon and the WWE for sponsoring the Las Vegas GOP debate on Oct 18.

OK, well it should’ve been sponsored by VKM and Company because the only thing missing was a Steel Cage. Wow! Choke holds, kicks to the groin, and open hand slaps were given out by the GOP candidates last night and thank god Newt Gingrich wasn’t wearing Spandex

The last debate gave some serious competition to the front runners as everyone was on the attack and somehow Mitt Romney kept a calm demeanor and hair in place.

Feisty spats over Illegal immigration, Obama care, Foreign Aid, Tax laws, and Yucca Mountain reigned supreme in the latest debate, so here’s the skinny:

Illegal immigrants
Gov Perry went old school Mr. Fuji with a salt tablet from the shorts by bringing up Romney’s past with an Illegal landscaper. Truly, this is more like a last grasp for air for Gov Perry’s tumble in the rankings when bringing up Mitt Romney’s landscaper.

Romney has a point, when you hire a company to work at your home, whether lawn care, home repair/remodel, you expect competent labor. How many people question the company’s hiring practice?

Romney has answered this attack many times, by stating he originally fired the company but did rehire them as a “2nd chance” only to have the same problem re-occur.

999 and other tax plans
Tax plans by the candidates should be constructed by Bobby “the Brain” Heenan.

Once again, Herman Cain proved me right from 2 weeks ago that his economic thought is one sided. To forgo the questions on State taxes as comparing ”apples to oranges” and only concerning himself with federal tax only makes his plan look more regressive.

And announced today, Gov. Perry is to release his “Federal” flat tax plan next week. Notice it’s called “Federal” for it does not work with the State tax laws. In other words, it’s just shy of Cain’s plan.

A few years ago, I wrote a whole blog on “Fair/Flat” tax and how no one can agree as to what that percentage should be set at (at the time it was discussed to be between 17%-24%.) Now it’s rumored that Perry’s plan will be a 17% “federal” flat tax, so once again using Cain’s model, and adding in the State & Local tax rates, people will pay between 23%-29% in total tax on item.

I agree the current tax laws need reformed, but when thinking of the small business owners, do either Cain or Perry know how many Tax Firms could be shuttered under their plan and how about those that have spent years working on their Accounting Degrees?

In other words, their plans will only add to an already overburdened Unemployment sector.

Yucca Mountain Repository
Well it sure ain’t Space Mountain WOOOO!

Back in August 2004, while honeymooning in Las Vegas, it just happened that both Pres W and his opponent Senator John Kerry were in town campaigning and it was the first time I ever heard of the YMR.

While reading the local newspapers, it was easy to read that the majority of Vegas town was completely against YMR, more for the case that spent fuel would have to be driven through town to reach its destination.

It’s also easy to say that YMR has been a debacle since it began and cost taxpayers roughly between $110-$140 billion in its over 20 year history. Drilling, blasting, security, construction costs all wasted for something that was never truly approved, yet begun before all information was accepted.

Obama care
This topic is like watching Mick Foley from the top of a Steel Cage.

When asked the question by Anderson Cooper “is there any part of Obama care you would not repeal?” all answered “No repeal the whole thing.” But there are parts of Obama care that is misrepresented by many.

CHiP program is not a form of Welfare, anyone with child can use CHiP and your monthly payment is determined by your household income.

Even if your company offers Health Insurance, what you pay for yourself can be modestly low, let’s say $30/paycheck for yourself. But under many plans, once you add a spouse or a child, the cost hits the roof. I won’t lie, when I was on Unemployment a few years back, we placed our son on ChiP, because if he were to go on my wife’s plan she would have paid 4x’s as much or basically working just for Health Insurance.

ChiP ranks your monthly payment by household income, so if a combined household income sits around $60k, you’ll pay more than a household bringing in $40K or less than a household bringing in $75k.

The other misrepresentation is done by everyone, that being keeping a son/daughter on your health plan until they are 26 yrs old and still in college. Most young adults are staying in school longer and working towards their Master’s Degree, possibly working Part Time somewhere as well.

Seriously, whose business is it anyway as to who or what my plan that I pay for is to anyone else? The government is not paying my health plan, I am as well as my company, therefore stay the f*ck out of my health plan and worry about your own family.

Yes, Obama care is not perfect, so why not fix what needs to be fixed. I believe Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Speaker John Boehner, along with a handful of Democrats have called for a “Fix” and not “Repeal” in the past.

Border Defense
I’d give this topic to Gov Perry because he has dealt with the topic for a decade, if not more, in Texas. As he said “It will take 10-15 years to complete a Southern Border fence” and not to mention the billions involved.

Way back in 2006, Pres W authorized appropriations to build 700 miles of Southern border fencing at a cost a little of $6 billion. Congress only ponied up about $1 billion. But that was only 700 miles out of 2,000!

Later on in 2006, the San Diego Fence Company was contracted by the US Government to begin building the border fence and within months was fined $5 million for hiring Illegal Immigrant to build the fence.

As Gov Perry claimed, more boots on the ground and drone flights may help. However, with all the attention on the Southern Border, there’s just as much activity along the Northern Border as well.

What we saw last night was a spectacle as 7 candidates (Huntsman skipped out in protest) fighting for their campaign’s life minus a steel cage and folding chairs.

Many of the candidates like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are just playing “spoiler” roles right now and in Newt’s case, it’s helping his merchandise sales tremendously.

The debate formats are definitely changing as the Primary calendar closes in. Audience involvement is up, candidates are getting feisty and the only thing missing is each candidate having their own intro music & pyrotechnics.

Just don’t let Rick Santorum walk out in complete Ric Flair ensemble!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Debate Whammies ahead

It seems the GOP is really working hard to get the candidates as much television exposure as possible as there is a total 22 debate scheduled for this year and into 2012.

Either that or they are trying to push as many people into the fire because they just don’t trust Mitt Romney to lead them to victory.

Well the Media has really been helping the GOP push anyone and everyone other then Romney, yet those being pushed are faltering once they hit #2 in the polls. That’s evident as the Media keeps pushing Gov Perry even though he hit more potholes then the Pennsylvania turnpike could offer.

But with all these debates and Sunday show appearances, don’t some of these folks have day jobs?

Last I checked Ron Paul & Michelle Bachmann should be in Washington DC doing work on a mountain of legislation that needs to be completed, you know stuff like Jobs and the Economy to get America moving again.

Gov Rick Perry still holds office in Texas and do recall the governor telling his 2010 primary opponent, then Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, that she should resign her position if she is to campaign because she won’t be doing anything in Washington. Hmm, following one’s own advice I see are we Ricky ol’ boy?

I want to help the voting public with this important decision of picking the right GOP candidate for 2012. With the help of, I will list multitude of scheduled debates so they do not interfere with everyone’s hectic life and TV viewing, because I know how important it is for people to see “Snookie Dancing with Hobos” or “Chuck Norris hunting Lesbian Kodiaks.”

So here’s the list of 22 known debates (some have already happened):

May 5- Fox News/South Carolina Republican Party, Greenville SC
June 13- CNN/New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester NH
July 10- Daily Caller/American Tax Reform/Citizen Outreach Foundation, Las Vegas NV (postponed)
Aug 11- Fox News/Washington Examiner, Ames IA
Sept 5- Senator Jim DeMint/American Principle Project, Columbia SC
Sept 7- NBC News/Politico, Simi Valley CA
Sept 12- CNN/Tea Party, Tampa FL
Sept 22- Fox News/Google, Orlando FL
Oct 11- Bloomberg/Washington Post, Hanover NH
Oct 18- CNN/Western Republican Leadership Conference, Las Vegas NV (possibly postponed)
Nov 9- CNBC/Michigan Republican Party, Rochester MI
Dec 1- CNN/Republican Party of Arizona, Undisclosed location AZ
Dec 10- ABC News/Republican Party of Iowa, Des Moines IA
Jan 12- Des Moines Register/Iowa Public TV, Johnston IA
Jan 19- CNN/Southern Republican Leadership, Charleston, SC
Jan 26- CNN/Republican Party of Florida, Jacksonville FL
Jan 30- Fox News/Republican Party of Iowa, Des Moines, IA (to be rescheduled)
Jan 30- St Petersburg Times/NBC News, Tampa FL
Feb 7 or 13- ABC News/WMUR, Undisclosed location NH
Feb 19 or 27- FOX News/South Carolina Republican Party, Undisclosed location SC
Mar 5- NBC News/ Politico, Simi Valley, CA
Mar 19- NPR/PBS/Washington Times, Portland OR

Now, the next debate may not happen, since some of the candidates are taken a symbolic stance that if Nevada changes their primary date to happen before New Hampshire’s, they will boycott the debate. I seriously think they don’t want the debate because it’s on CNN and no one really watches CNN any longer.

But I believe these debates need something extra to make it worth our viewing choice. Sure we’ve had debate on the Economy, Foreign Policy, National Defense and so on, but it becomes stale and since those in attendance have become part of the excitement I say let’s change the format.

With the new crowd involvement, let’s add a game show host to the mix. I think Drew Carey can do better the CNN’s King or anyone from PBS. Seriously, exchange the boring podiums with the Price Is Right podiums and list each candidates budget savings plan amount under their name.

Or let’s introduce a huge debate wheel or Plinko! Board and have each candidate take a turn to see what their topic of discussion will be.

Personally I like the idea of Press your Luck and have the candidates hit a buzzer to answer. I could just see Newt Gingrich saying “No Whammies No Whammies” only to hit the “Whammy” and lose a turn to speak.

But one serious idea should be introduced and that is rearranging the candidates on stage at each debate.

Currently the Top 2 get the prime spots in front of the moderator, which is bogus because everyone sees them 75% of the time regardless if they are answering or not. So let the candidates pick numbers from a hat or at least play Rock Paper Scissors for the center podium. I wonder if the old Hollywood Squares set is available. I can hear John Huntsman saying “I’ll take Rick Santorum for the block Chris (Wallace).”

So last week’s debate was about the Economy and how each candidate’s plan is better than the others. And since that debate, Herman Cain’s “999” plan has gotten the most press, with its premise being “fair to all” and it (admittedly) will help the lower middle class and poor because “used goods can’t be taxed once they have been taxed.” In other words, Cain’s idea is to help the Economy is to turn consumer consumption into a Consignment Shop atmosphere.

Gov Rick Perry released his plan later in the week, going for the “Drill here, jobs here” plan, which would help more in Alaska and Texas with Big Oil contracts.

Ron Paul’s plan states “he can save $1 trillion by cutting 5 departments (including Energy, Education, Commerce), slashing the budget on other departments, add a balance budget, and cutting Obama care. Of course he never spoke of how all these cuts will affect and add to the Unemployment numbers.

And reports came out today that Mitt Romney’s economic plan is not far from if not equal to the current by Bowles-Simpson board proposal that was commissioned by Pres “O” and dumped by Congress. Remember that plan? There’s a reason very few do remember, because as soon as it came out, Rep Paul Ryan took center stage with his Budget Plan.

I’d tell you about Newt Gingrich’s economic plan, but you’ll have to buy one of his books or documentaries first before being privy to that information.

With all these debates and many Sunday show appearances, the voting public is getting tired and worrisome about what a future GOP president plans to do. And of that future president, it seems rather clear that the mass majority in the GOP do not want a Romney presidency at any cost.

So how will the masses react if they do get a Romney presidency? They’ll embrace it as if they had his back the whole time.

After all, “No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies” is not a good campaign slogan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Herman Cain: The Media's "Mr. October" Darling

Wow, Herman Cain is moving on up the GOP “wanna-be” polls and has officially become October’s Media darling with all the catchphrase and witty one liners, he’s the male version of Sarah Palin.

You Betcha’ the Media has Palinized Herman Cain.

So why is Herman Cain rising to the top tier? Three simple reasons

The first reason is simple in that people are tired of the bickering between Romney and Perry. Schoolyard antics are tiresome to constituents of “he said he said,” especially in the last few weeks when two prominent Perry-backers have 1) (Rev Jeffries) attack Romney’s religion as a cult and 2) (Al Baldaraso (NH-R}) applauded those that booed a gay soldier during the FOX debate, giving Romney an opening to attack Perry.

Secondly, Cain has the backing of the Koch Bros.

Thirdly, the Media and constituent misconception of the Herman Cain “9-9-9” plan. On paper, sure it sounds wonderful. Economically, it’s a consumer land mine.

The 1/3 of the “9-9-9” plan sounds understandable, that being adjusting corporate tax to 9% in hopes that all Corporations pay their tax and not lobby for loopholes or other forms of "Tax Holidays." There’s really no need to digest more of this part of the plan becasue with the amount Corporations put into Lobbying Congress, it's a pipe dream.

The Second “9” of slashing Personal Income Tax is a hurdle that won’t happen. Income Tax is all about revenue and slashing revenue will not stop Government from spending what is not there.

Those at higher incomes, the Warren Buffets & Bill Gates of the US live off their investments then their paychecks. So it’s more pocketed then spent, since the wealthier aren’t spending as much as in previous decades.

Now the third “9” is what has people all in a rage, a 9% National sales tax. Once again, it’s the misconception of “fair” as the bottom 25% income bracket spends 90% of their paychecks as the top 1% currently spend around 7% of theirs.

Herman Cain said himself, “Look at it this way, once something has been taxed it cannot be taxed again, so it will be easier for someone to buy a used car or used clothes.” That’s true as I’ve blogged prior, Used Car sales have been steadily rising as people find Used Car Lots more accepting then the traditional car dealership.

Simple thought is that New Car sales will continue to drop under the Cain plan, more than presently due to Banks giving out fewer loans.

But there is another thought to Cain’s Nat’l Sales Tax I have yet to read by any so-called expert, something of which I am not but looked into.
No one is talking about how the States will react to such a deal and how current State Sales tax is added into the Nat’l Sales tax proposal.

Cain’s idea of a “9% National Sales Tax” is only fair in term only. Many people believe that’s all they’ll pay, yet they forget that their State & Locality Sales tax will still be accounted for. And don’t think that States and/or Locality will jump at the chance to increase their Sales tax as well.

For example; In Alabama, the current State sales tax is around 4%, but depending upon which city or county you are in, that 4% can rise as high as 12%. So with Cain’s NST, one will pay 21% in total Sales tax on item.

Now in a State such as Alaska which does not have a State sales tax, it’s the municipality (all 62 of them) that imposes a 7% sales tax on item. So with Cain’s NST, one would pay 16% in total Sales tax.

But State sales taxes aren’t that straight forward.

Arkansas’ State sales tax sits at 6%, with an additional 2% for food sales tax, plus an additional 6.5% for locality and that’s a possible 14.5%. Then add in Cain’s NST and the consumer is paying 23.5% total Sales tax.

In the President’s adoptive State of Illinois, there is a State tax of 6.25%, plus certain foods & prescription drugs can add an additional 1% Sales tax. Yet, depending on the Locality would determine another Sales tax which can be as high as 11.5% and all of a sudden you’re paying close to 27% on item.

I’m not going go through the Sales Tax of each State and their localities, however the point being there’s more to Herman Cain’s 9% National Sales Tax then the experts and constituents are thinking about.

It’s easier to be more poor then wealthy in today’s economy, yet it’s ones perception of “wealth” that must be determined. I don’t believe someone making $100K is wealthy, but someone making $1Mil is well off.

What Cain’s NST will affect is those living on fixed incomes, such as Grandma & Grandpa, working college students, the working single parent and so on. Contrary to many beliefs, these groups still pay taxes in one form or another, it’s the Federal income tax they do not.

If you look at South Carolina’s state tax of 6%, plus an additional 1-2% for locality, well that sounds pretty sweet. However I was shocked when I read that Seniors 85 years of age or older pay an additional 5% in Sales tax. The largest group of fixed income Americans living today has to pay more in tax due to age! So with Cain’s NST, that’s 21% a Senior citizen would have to pay Sales tax on item.

It always amazes me how people react to words spoken by someone they love/hate. Take for instance the Payroll tax. Currently employees are paying 2% less in Social Security tax (4.2%) while their employer still pays the normal 6.2%. By the January 2012, unless Congress actually does their job, employees will return to 6.2% tax. That’s a 2% increase; no matter how you look at it, but how many Americans actually saw that 2% increase in their paycheck?

Now, depending on who is speaking, Republicans make it sound like a return to normalcy by letting the payroll tax return. Yet, the Democratic rebuttal floats like a lead balloon.

Now when President Obama talks about ending the Bush Tax Cuts (or are they the Obama tax cuts now?) and a return to Clinton era numbers, Republicans shout “that’s a tax increase,” yet in reality it’s a return to normalcy. But the majority of Americans see it as an increase.

An increase is an increase; there is nothing normal about our federal government.

Until Herman Cain actually divulges the entire “9-9-9” plan with Economic mathematics, everything about the plan is speculation. One thing that is not speculation will be how it affects the American consumer and who spends the most of their paycheck.

We are a Consumer Nation, if someone wants to do something, then let’s have a Consumer Tax Holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, then we’ll see consumption grow.

However, if I go by Cain’s earlier statement, well then look for “Big Poppa’s Used Consumer Goods” store in your city under a Herman Cain presidency, I won’t be able to tax you but I can manipulate the price.

**correction: South Carolina state tax for Seniors is listed incorrectly. Seniors 85 or older pay 5% sales tax, not an additional 5% as listed in the article. My apologies, as I was ranting as I was blogging**

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend political tryst makes the pundit feel “cheap & dirty”

Across America, Media and disenfranchised Republican hearts have been broken, for this month’s Media darling New Jersey Gov Chris Christie has told all that he will not seek a 2012 Presidential Campaign.


One part of me is happy he is not running, yet the other side is upset.
I like Gov Christie and no it ain’t a Fat guy routing for a Fat guy kind of like. No I like him for his honesty. He tells you how it is and will work with all to get to the goal. He understands that his State is in peril when he took over, and has worked with opposition to meet agreements.

After all, anyone who tells Legislation, constituents and Media to “Shut Up” over Shari Law rumor stupidity as he named Muslim-American Sohail Mohamed to Jersey’s state bench, gets huge praise from me.

Yet the Media put forth all their resources over the weekend to push him to the top of every news hour. Late night talk shows wrote monologue after monologue about him. Hell, the Media is started a whole conversation about the obese are unfit to run for office.

And yet, after having their hearts broken, it took them all of 10 hours to start their “Sarah Palin” watch and return to their favorite whimsical hopeful.

And little over 24 hours later, the Media had their hearts crushed again as Sarah Palin has decided to sit out. I told you so for over a year that Palin will not run for President as she enjoys being Sarah Palin “the celebrity” for all its perks and luxury. Plus, as I have stated as well, Palin cannot handle criticism and breaks down when the news is not in her favor and being a candidate as well as President is a 24/7 criticism roller coaster.

So now, the Media must find another darling amongst the congested candidates or look towards pushing someone’s name such as Jeb Bush or Bobby Jindal into the fire.

The Media has a problem for they can’t work with what’s been given them. And it makes one wonder if those that are staying away are just looking forward to 2016 when it’s a clear field on both sides.
Since Bill Clinton’s surprised emergence 1992, the Media has been looking for a “darling” amongst the political masses, as the Media never saw Clinton becoming the nominee.

In 2000, both VP candidates Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney were surprised choices by Al Gore and George W Bush. Why were they surprises? Lieberman was also in the midst of a re-election campaign for Senate and Cheney was the man behind the scene vetting all of W’s VP choices. The Media hit the wall wondering what their so-called experts had missed.

John Edwards became the Media darling in 2004 after running a semi successful Presidential run with his “Two Americas” theme and heartwarming stories of life from the bottom up. He then took the VP spot to help the emotionally boring John Kerry with some youth and excitement to the campaign.

Let’s not forget how the Media swooned over a then National political newcomer in Barrack Obama during the Democratic convention.

The Media jumped abroad Mike Huckabee in 2008, when he began to surge in polls and of course the Media felt like the fat kid picked last when John McCain chose Alaska’s Sarah Palin for the #2 spot. Once again asking their political experts how they missed Palin on the political corner.

So here we are in 2011 with the Media having fling after booty call fling with everyone they think could or will run for the GOP nomination. Bachmann, Trump, Perry and others have been left by the Media waiting by the phone with every new entry.

When Rep Michelle Bachmann announced, it took TIME magazine only a week to get her in, err, on the cover only to turn her into the last call when feeling needy.

There was Donald “Whore” Trump’s running-only-for-ratings semi campaign. FOX News couldn’t wait to get their sleazy hands and give him a contract as a political hack. And once again, many hearts were broken as they believed the hype the Media dealt that Trump could be the Prom King.

The Media became a fickle bunch for they had named everyone from Mitch Daniels to Jon Huntsman and back to Bachmann as the #1 choice in polls, praying that constituents will keep coming back for more for a spin.

When Texas Gov Rick Perry was set to announce his bid, the Media dropped their pants, bent over and plastered his likeness everywhere. So far, Gov Perry has had the Media waking up and wondering “did we really do that?” and stumbling for the door.

Someone really needs to get the Media a large HIV Test kit for all the bed hopping they’ve done in the 2012 campaign so far.

And with his current surge in polls, I say to Herman Cain “Be Careful,” for the Media has already written your name on the bathroom stall for next weekend’s political booty call.

Better keep the spin doctor on speed dial with shot in hand.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rick Santorum's September Swagger

The title is not wrong because Rick Santorum has come out of September with swagger!

I know that may come as a shock to some readers, as I am not a fan of Santorum, however, what I saw during the FOX/Google debate this past week proved me right. A relaxed Rick Santorum is a coherent candidate and not the spaz so many Pennsylvanians have been accustomed to for so many years.

Santorum gave many answers that were simple and understandable, but I like the fight he brought forth as well, which is probably why he finished fourth in the Florida Straw Poll. Finishing fourth is something Santorum should hold his head up high over.

This doesn’t mean I am endorsing Santorum, for I do not see him coming close to a Presidency, however, it means that many need to rethink their previous observations of how much fight Santorum has.

He came out fighting and took his shots at the “anointed” front runner Gov Rick Perry. He hit Left with “Bi-National Health Insurance” and jabbed Right with “Free in state tuition for Illegal aliens,” two examples that had people talking about Santorum and what they see as needless unwarranted spending by State and Federal governments.

But, and yes, there’s always a “but” involved, it took Forbes Magazine less than a day to come to Gov Rick Perry’s defense on the “Bi-National Health Insurance” idea. As Forbes Magazine states, “it’s the type of free market policy solutions that America needs.”

In 2001, the talk of a “Bi-National Health Insurance” between Texas and Mexico was to help Business lower labor costs and keep money in the Medicaid system. Example: If a Mexican national is legally working in Texas, he/she may get health insurance through their employer, but policy prohibits their family members to be on that insurance plan. So his/her family is left uninsured. Also under the policy is that if he/she gets ill or has a medical need while home in Mexico, the employee would get the full brunt of the hospital cost.

The part of the plan was to help reduce Texas’ Medicaid costs as so many uninsured Mexicans continue to seek uncompensated medical care in US Hospital Emergency rooms.

The plan is a spin of legislation passed in California in the late 1990’s. Blue Shield of Ca offers such a plan. Their reasoning is pretty simple, medical costs and procedures cost almost 50% less in Mexico and their doctors are as competent as those in the US.

Maybe they were schooled in the US?

Blue Shield of Ca saw the idea of “medical tourism” in the late 1990’s before it became common in the mid 2000’s. It’s not unheard of that US citizens seek medical procedures in other nations, as it is cheaper to pay out of pocket then have to deal with their Health Insurance provider in the US.

An appendectomy in Singapore costs roughly 1/3 of price here in the US, with less Post Op time to boot.

Wonder if I could book a trip to Disney Asia and a lobotomy with my travel agent?

Yet, as the Texas business community went head over heels for the idea, it was scrapped as the Texas physicians lobby rallied with claims the plan would ruin their practice and destroy the Texas hospital system.

Santorum’s other point of “Free in state tuition for illegal aliens” hit a massive nerve with many viewers. I can understand Gov Perry’s thought that providing such “tuition” could provide the illegal alien with a pathway to citizenship, thus they would become a Texas resident and so on.

However, the fact that there are currently 12 total states that provide a form of “Free in state tuition for illegal aliens” and another 8 with legislation pending seems insane.

Texas, California, New York, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Kansas all have passed state law providing such benefits for state universities, their only hitch is that they have attended high school for three or more years. Maryland has a law but it only provides for community colleges. Texas law is the only one that allows illegal aliens apply for financial aid through the state.

I checked on this and the states of Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee and Virginia had similar laws pending.

Now before you start yelling “bunch of liberal governors” make note that 12 of the 20 states listed have Republican governors. It’s not a Texas or a Southern States issue, its spreads coast to coast, border to border.

Now, there is a federal law that states it is illegal for an illegal alien to receive federal funding, so couldn’t we agree that the Dept of Education and the Federal government did something right?

But Santorum’s point was simple, the average “in state” cost to attend college or university in Texas is around $9k, while someone coming from out of state will pay close to double. And in 2010, there was close to 4,500 illegal aliens (in one form or another) receiving free in state Texas tuition. That’s over $40 million dollars awarded.

Here’s factoid, Texas ranks 50th in public K-12education and currently has cut $65 million in its public K- 12 education program leaving the program under-funded and lacking in current textbooks.

Well I believe the lack in current textbooks is a result of the Texas School board 2 year battle of wanting to change textbooks such as history to add the likes of Limbaugh and omit or footnote more prominent Americans.

What Santorum did during the Fox/Google debate was get people to start thinking and have conversation about all candidates and not of a candidate’s swagger and cool disposition.

Kudos to Rick Santorum and his campaign staff as well as Fox News for acknowledging the other candidates by letting them present themselves and their ideals. If it weren’t for that, Herman Cain may not won the Florida Straw Poll by a monster margin over Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, nor would Rick Santorum be able to hold his head up high and be pleased with a strong 4th place finish.

(Note: Gov Johnson invited to his first debate finished ahead of Rep Michelle Bachmann, who finished last!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time to put the end to the career politician; Sponsor the Big Poppa resolution today!

I’m tired of the game and it’s time to change the rules.

Oh, stop with the “you stupid liberal” chants, trust me, the rules I plan to impose will work for everyone.

For many years I have been talking about ending the career politician in Washington and to invoke term limits upon the elected position. Hey, if Congress can add the 22nd Amendment that gave term limits to the Presidential office, then we as voters can push Congress to change what constitutes their career.

My reasoning is simple with the fact that the career politician is destroying our government and causing more harm than good by using nothing but partisan ways to block everything they dislike.

It’s not just a GOP problem as it goes far into the Democratic means as well.

I’m tired of hearing about Constitutional Amendments for “Balancing the Budget,” or “Gay Marriage,” or “Abolishing Abortion.” These amendments will never happen as they are talking points to get the political base and partisan media jumping.

Why won’t they happen? Well for one to overturn Roe v. Wade, Congress will have to re-write an extreme amount of personal privacy laws. And that goes with Gay Marriage as well.

We’ve gone almost 3 decades with partisanship bullsh*t that has done more harm than good. Some great examples:

1995- In a game of partisan chicken, the GOP Congress sent a balance budget plan to Pres Clinton that if vetoed would shutdown government. Pres Clinton did veto the budget plan and government was shutdown, sending some 800K government workers home without pay. Once a truce was called, the GOP came out looking bad and government had a lot of retro pay to pony up.

2007- As Democrats were walking in glory of large wins in 2006, they entered 2007 in control of Congress and held our troops and Pres W’s Iraq Surge hostage in a call of force. By doing so, it only entrenched the mantra that Democrats hate the military.

Sept 21, 2011- Speaker Boehner tells GOP members not to stray away from the Spending Bill and fall in line or he’ll strip committee appointments. Hence, the GOP struck any Disaster Relief funding needed for communities hit by Hurricane Irene and Tornadoes in Missouri because spending cuts would not offset Relief cost.

So I think it’s time for voters to tell Congress to place term limits upon themselves. Currently House members serve 2 year term while Senate members have a 6 year term and both are elected positions. Yet they can run as many times as they want, practically growing roots in the Capital building.

When I say “roots” I’m talking being cozy with Lobbyists, Political Action Committees, Special Interest groups, and so on.

So the Big Poppa Resolution is simple (heck I’ve been calling for this idea for years):

For those serving in the House, you can keep your current 2 year term, but can only serve 6 terms total. And for Senators, you too can keep your 6 year term, but it ends in 2 terms. So both elected wings get 12 years.

But let’s add this hitch to the rule as well, kind of like non-compete clause;

1. If a sitting Senator is coming close to the end of their 2nd term and decides they want to stay in politics and run for the House, well, you have to sit out one election cycle (2 years).

2. If a sitting Representative wants to run for Senate to stay in politics, well they need to sit out the length of the cycle, which is one election cycle (2 years).

Why the break? Why not! It breaks the planted roots of Lobbyists and Political Action Committees and will drive someone like Grover Norquist crazy having to run around looking for more people to sign silly Pledges.

12 years is sufficient enough for both wings of the Capital to serve. Why 12? Well that’s plenty of time for members to become corrupt and move on with their life. Many in Congress have amassed a small fortune for themselves with gifted legislature to corporations and their constituency.

Hey, if the President and VP need to put their monetary lives into a trust then so should members of Congress, for every time they open their negative mouths about the Economy, Jobs, and so on, it affects Wall Street and their stock portfolio on the positive more than yours.

Seriously, it’s legal insider trading when you think about it.
When they speak ill of the American Dollar, particularly those wrapped in the Gold Market, their portfolio moves up as the dollar slides down. Ron Paul is notorious for this, just ask him.

If some have large stakes in Oil, well they go out and talk about how poor Alternative Energy is as an investment. Why do you think they never talk ill about the Oil speculators?

But I don’t want to stop there, I want to change the ways of the Vice Presidency, well at least the elected way of the Vice Presidency.

There was a time when being elected to the VP position was considered the death of one’s political career. Eventually it grew into a cozy position for the elder members of Congress to be elected, heck half never showed up to the office on a daily basis.

Honestly, I think a change is needed. Let’s go back to the beginning of government when the position was evolving. But to do so, we need to change voting rules as well. I’m thru with running partners, I want to return to days of no partners. I want the runner up, Ms. Congeniality to be the VP. Just as Adams served under Washington, as Jefferson served under Adams, and Burr and Jefferson, this is what I want.

Wouldn’t have been wonderful to see McCain serve as Obama’s VP or vice verse or Jimmy Carter vacate the presidency to be Reagan’s VP? Imagine Gore serving under Bush or Nixon being a VP for the third consecutive term under Kennedy after serving under Ike for 8 years.

It comes down to simple thought that we need to do away with the career politician. Please don’t squawk about “Well look at the Tea Party in 2010, they helped get rid of some the career politicians.” That’s not true, as many that ran under the Tea Party umbrella were indeed career politicians trying to find their way back into Congress.

When Charlie Rangel and David Vitter, career politicians, can be re-elected after scandals, it says more towards corruption and pay outs then what this country needs to awaken from this stagnant economy.

So call your Representative and/or your Senator and hound them about Congressional term limits. Do it or we’ll be stuck with another “do nothing Congress” no matter whom the President shall be.