Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Today's NASCAR Mr. Limbaugh- Corporate Suit Rednecks

I’ll admit it, I’m a Sports fan, from Football to Hockey to Curling to NASCAR, I love Sports and I’ll watch it.

So it doesn’t surprise me that NASCAR had invited First Lady Michelle Obama to join them over the weekend for their finale at Miami-Homestead, after all, Mrs. Obama has been working with the “Joining Forces” initiative since its inception.

And if there is any sport that dedicates itself, goes above the beyond for our Military, it’s NASCAR. The NFL is an extremely distant second.

It also doesn’t surprise me, that in today’s extremely partisan US, that the First Lady would be booed by some fans at Miami-Homestead as she spoke those famous words of “Gentleman, start your engines.”

But I wonder, if Mrs. Obama was accompanied with a few Military Wives, or a Soldier or two, or even with Tom Hanks, would the Boo-Birds still have squawked?

Or maybe the Media reports are making more out of it then is really needed? I mean what other First Lady had ever been shunned in Public as Michelle Obama was last Sunday? Elizabeth Monroe, Rachel Jackson, Mary Lincoln, Elizabeth Truman, and Hillary Clinton to name a few that were not popular or shunned by many.

But Mrs. Obama is a popular First Lady. Recent polls show her sitting at 63% amongst registered voters with 42% Republicans giving her thumbs up.

Mrs. Obama ranks above average on Popularity amongst First Ladies: Pat Nixon and Rosalyn Carter were both around 59%, Laura Bush was a favorable 82%, and shockingly Nancy Reagan had a 53% approval rating.

First Ladies, like that of their Husbands, have had some sort of controversy as well. Mrs. Obama’s controversies seem to grow further in today’s Internet age.

But truly, Sunday’s NASCAR finale and Mrs. Obama’s involvement was for our Military, yet leave it to the golden mic Blowhard Limbaugh to fuel the flames a little bit longer come Monday morning.

According to Limbaugh, the boo-birds were flying towards the First Lady due to our current economic climate and for the “Gods and Guns” remarks by then Senator Obama back in 2008.

You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations

Of course, the then Senator wasn’t talking about Rednecks nor NASCAR, he was talking about the state of small town America.

If there is any American Sport that is hurting because of these economic times, it’s NASCAR and its fan base.

Race teams live by the Sponsorship and as many teams consolidate due to lose of sponsorships, they too lay off employees from engine builders, pit crews and drivers. Even current champ Tony Stewart is hurting to keep his two team operation afloat with sponsorships.

Rumors that his #14 team will lose their Office Depot sponsor before the 2012 season begins. And of course many in Congress are looking to cut Military spending which would include the #39 Army sponsor.

When you think about, NASCAR is the best advertiser for the Military and cheaper than a regular TV ad as well.

Limbaugh needs to brush up on his NASCAR because this ain’t the old Redneck NASCAR of old. Nope, gone are the days of Tobacco sponsors and Bobby Allison. Welcome Corporate Suites above the front straight away and Yankees from New York behind the wheel of that Toyota Camry.

Every economic level is represented in the stands, pits and at home watching. Fans go to the races with the I-pads linked to the in car cameras and headsets linked to their favorite drivers and loyal these fans are.

Limbaugh also went on to explain that the boo-birds were there for Mrs. Obama for her “telling us what to eat” or “how much to exercise” or “what we’ve got to drive.” Well, then I guess all those years that Pres Reagan had Arnold Swarchenegger running his President’s Council on Physical Fitness was wrong then as well.

Now how long was that council around? Oh yeah 1956! So I guess we’ve been told how much to exercise for over 6 decades, brought to us by Republican Pres Eisenhower.

Limbaugh is correct that “We are tired of being told what to do” which would explain why Nancy Reagan’s “Just say No” anti-drug campaign is considered a failure because Americans are tired of being told what to do.

And Limbaugh is correct that “We are tired of 14% Unemployment” which is more to explain that a “Do-Nothing” partisan Congress would rather sit on padded seats and point fingers at the other instead of actually doing something.

I blame the likes of Limbaugh and Grover Norquist for pushing partisanship on the Republican side as I do the likes of George Soros on the Democrats.
The current elected losers don’t want to meet in agreement for they will be bashed and campaigned against from within. Neither side wants to give the other an edge, why would they, it’s easier to stall and shrug their shoulders.

Imagine if the now defaulted Super Committee actually resolved issue and things turned around, than it’s very easy to say Pres “O” has a greater chance of being re-elected. But if they resolve issue and nothing changes, then Pres “O’s” chances slip.

In the words of Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell “My #1 priority is to defeat Pres Obama in 2012”

Psst! Hey morons, America is dying and it’s your collective elected asses on the line in 2012 as well!

The boo-birds heard at Miami-Homestead was a collective minority that had their right to boo, just like those who booed gay Army Ranger Stephen Hill during a GOP debate a few months back. And if I recall, Limbaugh applauded those that booed then as well.

So this is how we respond to those who serve in our Military or those trying to help Military families, compliance with negativity. We should be so thankful to those that put their lives on the on line everyday to protect us.

And what level of Call to Duty MW3 are you on now today as these people protect us?

Crush the partisanship for we shall only stay in a void until someone steps forward, yes Congress I’m speaking to you…

The Guinness has gone dry and no one filled the peanut bowl, time to pay the political tab.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rick Santorum- Sleeper candidate's time to hit a home run.

Ever wonder what makes someone decide to run for President of the United States of America in today’s technological days? It doesn’t take much to get any past or present news out to the people, good or bad.

Lately it seems that once someone rises in the polls to top two spots, within days there is some sort of controversy unleashed. Examples are easy to find from Herman Cain’s many gaffes and harassment charges to Rick Perry’s hunting lodge name to Michelle Bachmann’s husband and Fannie Mae loans to the latest of Newt Gingrich’s $1.6 million “Advisory” payment from Freddie Mac& Fannie Mae.

Or is it Romney’s camp secretly planting all these conspiracies?

Well with the latest conspiracy hitting the media today, my guess is Gingrich’s poll numbers should drop within the week. Cain’s numbers dropped tremendously as of late to what now looks like a 4 way race between Romney, Gingrich, Cain and Ron Paul.

But lurking behind these 4 is one rejuvenated Rick Santorum, he could be the 2012 version of Mike Huckabee, meaning the candidate no one saw coming.

I’ve watched him over the past few weeks, he’s quietly gaining speed, yet the Media is not paying attention.

Who cares what the polls state, because if polls were right, Santorum should’ve been gone in August!

OK, yes I admit, I believe Santorum is a long shot and should’ve been gone by now as well, but as I stated at the end of September (Rick Santorum’s September Swagger), Santorum has reason to be walking tall these days and I give him and his staff credit for turning his image around.

As of today, it seems the erratic, spastic, clenched jaw, knee jerk reactions that plagued Santorum for so long are gone. A new model Santorum has been introduced for the 2011-2012 campaign season.

Santorum has gone away from the spastic defense of his past and now is explaining his Congressional past and Presidential aspirations in a coherent non-extreme manner and the CBS/National Journal debate proved to be the platform Santorum needed for everyone s to start watching his move.

CBS/National Journal’s decision that a 90 minute debate should be split between television and internet had me scratching my bald head and saying “WTF?” Yet, their format was something I’ve been begging for, a format to which all candidates are given equal time and equal questions.

CBS/National Journal, in my view, did a nice job with the question selections. Ask a candidate a question, give them their 90 seconds and then offer the question in another form with added statement from previous candidate to another candidate. It worked because everyone received face time.

Of course there can’t be a debate without controversy from one of the candidates.

Michelle Bachmann feels she was treated unfairly by CBS/National Journal because she didn’t get a question till 15 minutes into the debate.

Boo-flipping-woo for Michelle Bachmann, equal time for equal questions helps the audience decide. SO pull up your big girl pants and deal with it.

Santorum’s answers, at many times, differed from the others. He may have agreed with some answers, but when he disagreed, his response was coherent and well explained.

When Rick Perry stated he would take Foreign Aid to Zero dollars each fiscal year concerning Pakistan and others, Santorum response was:

A lot of the Pakistanis and most of the government would say they don't back the Hikani Network and the Hikani Network causes as much trouble in Pakistan as it has caused us in-- in Afghanistan. We need to work with the elements of Pakistan, and there are elements in the government of Pakistan and the military.

We need to continue those joint exercises. We need to continue the-- the aid relationship. And of course, we all know the aid relationship, when it comes to military aid, is all spent in the United States. So it's not giving money away, it's-- it's-- it's sending military hardware, which creates jobs in this country, to those countries, creating nexus and relationships and dependency on our weapon systems that's important for those future relationships.”

Sure, there were a few pauses in some answers however those were results of Santorum’s brain catching his mouth before it babbled incoherently. A problem Santorum has had in the past. The statement above is consistent with past speeches by Santorum, no waffling to be had.

In the past, a statement like that would have been visualized with hands flapping in front of him and excitingly high pitched cracks in his voice as if he were going through puberty. Actions that helped drive Pennsylvania constituents away from the Senator in 2006 during debates and lose to “Sleepy” Bob Casey.

It’s obvious that Santorum has a relaxed convicted demeanor about him, because in his last few interviews with the New Hampshire Union Leader ( and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he has showed a side of him many need to respond too.

During an interview with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (, Santorum all but thumped his chest and stated “I’ll win Iowa, the polls mean nothing.”

Now that’s confidence from a candidate that everyone keeps overlooking.

Scarborough went on to ask him about his Foreign Aid answer and Santorum calmly answered “Foreign Aid is less than a half percent of the budget and be striking it to Zero wipes out all that has been done.”

I can say I am not a fan of his, yet I find him more appealing than the rest of the GOP candidates and seriously think people should turn off the Jon Stewart wisecracks and actually pay attention and listen to Santorum.

Santorum has more reason then the rest to be walking tall since September for he is the candidate that’s flying under the radar and probably the only one that has less, if any, skeletons in the closet.

I think the only thing that could derail Santorum is if there is some conspiracy link between his alma mater Penn State and Jerry Sandusky and Santorum in some way.

Then again, maybe Romney’s campaign has that conspiracy hiding like the rest.

Well the Guiness has gone dry and I spilled the peanut bowl.. Time to pay the political tab

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few hits from the Presidential One-Hitter

I stumbled upon President Clinton appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe the other morning, discussing his new book "Getting America Back To Work." Oh what a 20+ minute interview he had with Scarborough and Mika.

What I found interesting in the conversation were the tidbits given by Pres Clinton:

1. The US is ranked 24th in the World in Broadband Communication. Basically he is stating the US is far behind those in Europe and China as a reason for so many problems with our Cellular.

2. The current oil boom in North Dakota proves there is more to do on Energy Policy. North Dakota has the largest amount of open land in US, enough space that it could produce 25% of Nation’s electricity through Wind Turbines. In turn, would lessen US dependency on Middle Eastern oil and keep Canadian/Mexican imports at current level.

3. Through Private and Government equality, the US can restructure its National power grid and produce jobs in many sectors.

Hearing this, I thought back to a blog I wrote back in June 2011 titled “..Roulette Wheel of Stupidity” to which I stated that Pres “O’s” Recovery Act, albeit had good intentions, was executed poorly.

Pres Clinton’s statements pretty much shore up my thoughts as correct.

For the US to be ranked 24th in Broadband Communication at this point in technology is disturbing and gives credence as to why on Nov 9 there was a test of a National Emergency System. Yet this nation is still falling behind and lacking in Communication availability that should have been corrected after Sept 11, 2001.

Americans are dropping their home/ land lines daily, since a large majority live on their Cellular. There is a small minority of American that still use home/land lines and those are the elderly or people that live in the further reaches of nowhere.

Look around how many payphones are around? Very few and one can easily detect where one once was located in a store or parking lot.

I’m sure people will cry “tree hugger” or some sort of bullsh*t concerning the comments about North Dakota, but between North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, there is fast amounts of Federally owned open land that Wind Turbines can be placed without worry of Regulatory Commission encroachment or the fanatical environmentalist.

Image those cold wintery 60mph wind gusts spinning those Turbines.

Germany uses a vast amount of Solar Energy as it starts to dismantle its Nuclear Power plants, and they have outpaced the US in this sector as well.

Another Pres Clinton tidbit, Germany gets about equal amounts of sunlight as England, meaning its dreary and cloudy 75% of the year!

Production of Solar panels in the US as diminished over the years, companies cannot keep up with demand, so China has taken the lead on production. Does that startle anyone?

Pres Clinton made another observation that almost equals my thoughts that it’s obvious we cannot build more homes with the current housing market, which leaves many construction workers out of work.

By all indications, the housing market will take at least a decade to regain its footing, so let’s get jobs moving elsewhere.

So rebuilding the National Power Grid and/or the Broadband Communication Grid is the right way to go.Construction workers, Heavy Equipments operators, Truck drivers, Manufacturing workers, Programmers, and so on would be put to work, across many states with cooperation between private business and government.

By using Federal lands from the get go, the only people to argue with would be the environmentalists concerning electrical towers, yet Broadband fiber optics (to my knowledge) are mainly underground runs, no need for large unsightly electrical towers across the Plains.

This past summer, the majority of the US was lucky not to swelter under extreme heat that would cause power outages due to cranking up the air conditioners, unless you lived in Texas. But one must remember that Texas runs off its own power grid, not sharing with any border states around it.

Rush Limbaugh made a comment this summer and I'll paraphrase: “Global warming is all in our heads because we sit in air conditioned offices, homes, and cars all day long that our body temp is lower so when you step outside and you feel the 85 degrees, you think it’s hotter than 85. So you run inside or to your car and crank up the A/C.

Rush makes a good point, heck when we shopped for a house 6-7 years ago we made a point to make sure the house had Central Air. Who needs a driveway or garage, I want Central Air.

If there was ever a sector that the US can grab hold of and put Americans to work, it’s the Broadband Communication and National Power grid restructuring, the only thing stopping this from happening is the obstructionist nature of Washington DC.

Stop the obstruction in Washington and put America back to work. You were sent thereby the people for the people, not by the lobbyist for the corporation.

Dang it, the Guinness runneth dry again in the bottle and the peanut bowl is empty. Time to pay the Political tab.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Y2K Media killed the Lying Politician

There was a time when “I did not have sexual relations with that young woman” had meaning.

OK I couldn’t resist the satire, but all this Herman Cain insanity just reminds me of how Con-Opinionators like Hannity & Limbaugh stood upon their golden thrones safely behind their microphones and screamed about how the Media wasn’t doing their jobs in 2007-2008 when covering Obama’s presidential campaign and ties to Weather Underground and Rev Wright.

Yet now that 3 allegations of sexual harassment have come upon the popular Herman Cain, they draw their swords in the likeness of William Wallace.

(YIKES! The visual of Limbaugh in a kilt just made me spill my beer.)

I’ve said it in past blogs; the surprising popularity of Herman Cain is caused by the Media and their “Palinization” of the candidate, meaning they fall in love with his simple one liner, whimsy, and cutesy talk just as Sarah Palin when she hit the national stage in 2008.

But all the Cain-backers are leaning to the Media’s involvement as race baiting. Really?

Within the last few days, we’ve had the “Hag” Ann Coulter state: “Our (conservative)blacks are better than their (liberal)blacks” the other day on Hannity’s FOX TV show, to which Hannity never tried to correct her.

And then the “Media whore” himself, Donald Trump, calls the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart racist for Stewart’s comedic impression of Herman Cain. Um hey Trump, Stewart does a really good impression of you, Rick Perry, Pres “W,” Pres “O,” and not to mention Arab, Jewish, Italian and Indian backgrounds. HE’S A COMIC; he’s supposed to do that.

But I love how Trump always says when attacking someone “look I like (blank), he’s a good guy, I just don’t agree with him.” He does this with Stewart and Pres “O” quite a bit as if he still wants to be asked to dinner sometime.

Only it was only 2 months ago that Laura Ingraham stated that Herman Cain could be the first true African American President, playing against the mixed race background of Pres “O.”

And I have heard rumblings from people stating “Well the best way to beat the black man is put our own black man against him.” Seriously, we are going to go down this road of stupidity, race vs. race for the White House.
Cain has just been added to a long list of political hopefuls that do not know how to handle bad press or past allegations.

Since jumping to the top of (some) polls, Cain has changed his political thought more times than Lindsey Lohan enters a bar.

He has changed his much beloved “9-9-9” tax plan to “9-0-9” due to scrutiny that it’s a sham.

Cain has been taken to task by everyone for his ever changing thought on Abortion. He has gone from totally against it no matter the situation to only if incest/rape are result and back to “no way no how” all within the day for 4 days now.

Cain’s problem is inconsistency in his talk and a pathetic campaign staff. One would think that someone prepped by the Koch Bros, he would handle himself better.

But Cain cannot even keep the story straight about his own involvement concerning sexual harassment allegations. Each hour he tells a different story, but the classic gaffe was when asked if he had ever paid someone off do to sexual harassment charges was “not outside of the restaurant association.”

That ranks up there with New York’s Anthony Weiner saying “I cannot confirm nor deny that is me in that picture” when asked about sexting picture of his penis to multiple political female fans.

Whatever happened to the 1000 lie politician that never gets caught, or when they get caught, the accusations just go away.

Where are this generations Clinton and Gingrich’s?

Seriously in the past decade we’ve had scandal after scandal, to name a few:

David Vitter (Prostitution) - Louisiana Values GOP Rep busted in infamous DC Madam prostitution ring

Eliot Spitzer (Prostitution) – Beloved Values Dem NY Gov busted in prostitution ring

Mark Sanford (Mistress) - South Carolina GOP Gov busted for lying about a mistress, in Argentina. Best known as part of the 1994 freshman Conservatives that ran on Values!

John Edwards (Mistress) - Dem North Carolina Senator, 2004 VP candidate and 2008 Presidential candidate busted for having child out of wedlock w/mistress while wife recovered from Cancer

Anthony Weiner (Sexting) - Dem NY Rep busted for sexting his penis not to 1, not 2, but to multiple females.

Charlie Rangel (Tax Evasion) - Dem NY Rep busted for tax evasion not for one year but for multiple years

And then of course there are the GOP’s Mark Foley (sexual explicit underage emails) and Larry Craig (Swinger Homosexuality). To this day, neither admits any fault and Craig’s statement of “I am not Gay and never have been Gay” when explaining that he has a wide stance when using the toilet at an airport ranks behind Weiner’s explanation.

Of the above listed, the only two that survived the decade are Vitter and Rangel.

Since the allegations, Cain’s popularity has risen along with his political donations, but popularity will only get a candidate so far. But with the way the GOP constituency is, they just might take popularity over boringly effective for a victory.

That’s a mindset that can lead us to more trouble, as we’ve seen over the last 4 years.

Conservative Media can be blamed for the rest of the Media’s constant running of this story. They complained that the “Other Media Outlets” refused to go after Obama in 2007-2008 because he was the Media darling at the time.

It’s the Conservative Media that created this kamikaze type of reporting thanks to the likes of Breitbart, Hannity, and James O’Keefe that has now taken hold of our daily news cycle.

In today’s world, it’s the Stewart and Colbert political satire that actually reports the real news and gives the better understanding of how Washington works.

BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain accused of inappropriately fondling Pizza Dough in 90’s while filming commercial for Godfather’s Pizza

Bars closed, pay your political tab!