Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 8-28-12: The (ir)Rational National Convention Part 1/The diverse elephant in the room

It’s obvious that this is not your father’s Grand Ol’ Party anymore as the 2012 RNC Convention is showing its diversity in delegation, well except for the Log Cabin Republicans; they’ve been pushed back into the broom closet.

A few years ago, Conservative Independent talk show host Jerry Doyle called the GOP “the party that’s too white, too right and too uptight” and then was shunned by the hierarchy from future party invites.

But that was then and this is now, as in Tampa Bay, Florida for the 2012 RNC Convention, where delegates met protestors dress as giant vaginas and the Ron Paul supporters out-shouted the Willard Romney (‘Mittens’) supporters on the convention floor.

The party conventions are about the party, not the candidate, well except for nomination night, but everyone has got to agree that a 4 day convention is way too long especially when the presumptive candidate was known 3 months prior in today’s political climate.

How about future conventions just be Skyped?

We have to remember, the modern day national convention, hell even modern campaigning was nothing like this 40-50 years ago.

Way back during the olden days, delegate votes actually went to a candidate and by night’s end a victor was chosen, then came the acceptance speech. Now it’s mere formality for roll call and hear some over enthusiastic delegate say “We the delegates of the great State of “outofmyflippin’mind” give our endorsement to “theonlystoogeleftstanding.”

National Conventions are nothing more than a bunch of used car salesmen and their Media cheerleaders hoping that the most hardened constituent takes another sip of the kool-aid and believes their platforms are the most valuable to our nation.

The 2012 conventions aren’t about celebrity appearances, although it’s funny that the GOP is toting how many celebrities are in Tampa supporting Willard. It’s normal for the Dems to trot out some celebrity, but the GOP embrace of celebrity is out of sorts.

Hollywood actress turned Conservative talk show hostess Janine Turner was given a podium time to represent women, Hollywood, tea party and the “birther” idea. Hey maybe she’ll get another long running TV contract afterwards, she can’t be any worse than Liberal Jeanine Garofalo from defunct Air America radio.

And then there’s Trump, who was annoyingly mentioning on Twitter he was to be in Tampa and with a surprise for all. Well “the wh$re” left town on Sunday after being told he was scratched from convention festivities due to TS Isaac. What good does Trump bring to the convention other than a possible skit with him telling an Obama impersonator “you’re fired!”

But this is a new GOP and they are diverse, well only as much as the camera will show.

It seems rather obvious that the RNC is pushing their “we’ve always been” diverse by strategically placing many of the small minority groups and smaller delegation in pristine arena camera shots from the stage.

But the audience isn’t what people are looking for, it’s the speakers thumping the podium and giving over bloated, glorified biographies of themselves to give people hope of a brighter tomorrow. And what a diverse group of speakers it is.

There will be no speaker sideshow from the 2012 primary losers of Perry, Bachmann, Cain and Paul. Nope, it’s a straight laced diverse speaker crowd from minority to women of business to career politician, but still missing is the LGBT demographic. There are LGBT republicans out there, however the party shuns them 364 days a year, the one day of acceptance is Election Day.

The speaker lists shows that the RNC is trying to show their love for women with many speaking during the week, probably the most highest profile will Sher Valenzuela. Valenzuela is speaking on behalf of those who want a streamlined government with less regulation, but she is there mainly for the “We Built This” theme night.

I give Valenzuela credit for building a small business from her basement to help pay for her son’s medical needs, but after reading about how her business took off by applying for Federal loans and grants that totaled $17 million and how she tells other small business owners that their secret weapon for success is the government, I find her more hypocritical then the professional politician.

Oh wait, she’s running for Lt Governor in Delaware, so in truth she’s a typical politician. Good for her.

I’ll admit, I have no interest in watching both conventions in their entirety, I never do. I watch the speakers I want to hear and in the case of 2012, I want to hear: Chris Christie, Jon Huntsman, Willard Romney and Bill Clinton. I have a life outside the hobby of Political Blogging and all these speakers start to sound like the teacher from Peanuts “wa wa wawawawa wawa wa wa waawa” after the first day.

We’ve heard promises, we’ve heard attacks, we’ve heard defense, but we never truly hear the policy we want to hear.

We've heard “my budget will bring down the deficit by trillions of dollars within 10 years” but rarely is that produced because the policy never adjusts for war or recession or hidden spending.

We've constantly heard about protecting our borders, working on peace initiatives and helping our allies, but rarely is that produced until the final months of one’s term.

We've heard the attacks on the opposition which brings waves of cheers from the crowd, yet never any fault of their own party. Maybe those speaking at the RNC convention should pay attention to the Debt Clock prop and make notice of the parties help in it constant increases.

Nope, conventions are simply reselling the same old model of politician just with a higher gloss on the roof.

That’s it, Slap the tap on the Ole Brown Dog Ale and count how many delegates are wondering what time Pornstar/Sara Palin impersonator Lisa Ann appears at Thee Dollhouse strip club.

Pay your political tab.. Cheers!


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