Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personal Note to Senator Rand Paul, Sorry about your damn luck!

We are a fickle nation, never removing the blinders and believe in profiling/stereotyping everyone that is not of us. How dare someone, not of us, cause so much inconvenience in our travels?

I say this because even though there is the inconvenience of traveling with the TSA abound, they are there to act like a “speed bump” is keeping us safe. So as someone as important as Senator Rand Paul is inconvenience over a “glitch” of a scanner, he should actually commend the extra enforcement.

I guess the US Flag lapel pin should’ve tip the TSA agents off that he is above the fray of others of inconvenience and stroll on through.

Sen. Paul, sorry about your damn luck*!

Too this day, many Americans still believe that a Terrorist only comes in one form; that of a scraggly beard Middle Eastern man wearing a turban.

I have to ask Sen. Paul this, what if we only profiled those as stated above at airports and a 300lb man wearing a cowboy hat and crocs boarded your flight and once in flight detonated a bomb killing all on board. What would the knee-jerk reaction be then?

We do have a Domestic Terrorism problem in this Nation, yet many Americans find it hard to believe that a citizen of the United States would want to do harm on our sacred ground.

Wake up people, terrorism has many forms and over 100 definitions.

For great examples of domestic terrorism one only has to go back to Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols & Oklahoma City bombings (1995) and Eric Robert Rudolph & Centennial Olympic Park bombings (1998)amongst his other actions of bombing an abortion clinic.

Funny story about Rudolph as he was caught in North Carolina five years later, scavenging for food in a trash container as he hid in the woods, but also was being helped by the local community! They knew he was there, but refused to turn him in.

Ok, those two examples were pre-9/11, well before the TSA of today, so you want something newer post-9/11.

Well after 9/11 there were Bruce Edwards Ivins’ Anthrax attacks (2001), James W. Vonn Brunn’s Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting (2009), and Andrew Joseph Stack III Austin IRS building attack (2009).

You remember the last one, a suicidal Stack flying his Piper Dakota airplane into the Echelon IRS building in Austin, killing a federal employee and injuring many others due to his disdain for the “US Government, IRS, Enron, Unions and the Catholic Church.”

The disturbing part of Stack’s actions was the interaction of social media afterwards as numerous Facebook pages were created in his honor and then the political grandstanding by Iowa’s Steve King who stood tall and stated “I think if we’d abolished the IRS back when I first advocated it, he wouldn’t have a target for his airplane. And I’m still for abolishing the IRS, I’ve been for it for thirty years and I’m for a national sales tax (in its place)."

What do they all have in common? All were Mid Western Caucasian males that look like your neighbor, yet all committed acts of terrorism, except Ivins, he was from Maryland.

But even abroad, there are terrorists outside the profile.

For instance, back in June 2010, the US listed Chechen insurgent leader Doku Umarov as a terrorist, to which the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda stated “...maybe now in the West they will seriously take care of militants and their international sponsors.”

So as we look upon all Middle Eastern looking people as terrorists still to this day, we forget that amongst us anyone can be a terrorist.

So as a few days pass and Sen. Paul is still feeling inconvenienced over the TSA incident, he has been taking to the airwaves, telling everyone about his horrifying embarrassing situation when he had to raise his right pant leg to show nothing was there.

Also Sen. Paul has been crying that “I’ve been told that the scanners are set to go off randomly, no matter what.” Good! Let it be.

I’ll take random “glitches” in the name of security, I have nothing to hide. I’ll probably feel a hell of a lot safer as well.

I’ve been pulled aside by TSA myself, in 2004, because I was stupid enough to wear a pair of Khaki cargo shorts that had metal snap buttons on the pockets!

I set the metal detector off 3xs, had the TSA agent wand me 3xs before being asked to follow him (plus 3 other agents around me) to an area off to the side that was outlined in tape, where a 9 year old boy was sitting as well. He too had set off the metal detectors.

15 minutes later and after hearing “Sir I have to touch you (snap of the latex gloves) are you ok with this?” With my only reply being “Sure, why not (as I giggle only to look over to my wife with steam coming from her ears)” had their Supervisor arrive to see what was going on and determined that I was correct on the metal snap buttons and allowed to leave.

Oh and as for the 9 year old boy, the TSA agents asked me not to forget my son, to the dismay of his mother, who screamed “Hey that’s my kid.”

I’m not saying the TSA is perfect and nor are they acting out the scene from the comedy Airplane II, but they have a job to do, just like anyone else.

So I say to you Sen. Paul, keep the “over reaching government” rhetoric that you and your father bestow upon us daily to yourself, shut up and do as asked to keep the line moving for the rest of us waiting to reach our flight.

That’s it, off to the Gold Members club for a Guinness Stout and stale peanuts. Enjoy your flight, recline your seat, and pay your political tab.

* catchphrase borrowed from Impact Wrestling star James Storm

Monday, January 23, 2012

The "Newtron" bomb that hit South Carolina

I love the shock, awe, and dismay of the Media over Newt "Flounder" Gingrich's South Carolina victory over the weekend. Seriously how they didn't see it coming is pathetic.

Just as New Hampshire was Willard Romney' backyard, his expected win came, so went South Carolina for Gingrich. After all Gingrich is from Georgia, and South Carolina is in his backyard. So a victory in Florida should be the same for Gingrich.

But this is Florida; they still wake up and salute their pictures of Ronald Reagan there

But the “Newtron” Bomb that won South Carolina was more about attitude then substance. Gingrich’s newfound attitude helped his cause by attacking opponents, their records and of course attacking the Media on Thursday night’s (1/19) debate.

Seeing political candidates verbally attack is now part of Pop Culture allure. That’s right, politicians are now equal to that of Snookie, J-Dogg, pregnant teenagers, and cheating housewives.

Although seeing candidates battle in a Survivor –esque venue would be more entertaining than the pompous grandiose egos we see behind the podiums.

Yes, “Flounder” Gingrich had all good reason to verbally attack CNN’s John King for opening the debate with a question concerning ABC Nightline’s story concerning Gingrich’s infidelity/open marriage charge by 2nd ex-wife Marianne.

King wasn’t completely in the wrong by asking about the report, because well “if it bleeds it leads” and Gingrich has had a bad history of infidelity.

The ABC Nightline story was all of 6 minutes with Marianne Gingrich and the account of Newt wanting an “open marriage.” She was very complimentary towards her ex-husband. But let’s remember she too was once a mistress to Gingrich when he was married to Jackie, so she’s wife #2/ mistress #1 in Gingrich’s world.

But as Gingrich attacked John King and the crowd gave a standing ovation, Gingrich's response opened a can of worms.

He stated “we offered friends to ABC to disprove the open marriage claim.” Who tells their friends that they are going to ask for an open marriage? “Hey everyone, come on over for some pizza and American Idol. Oh and by the way, I’m gonna ask the wife for an open marriage as well.”

But Gingrich has a “Google” problem with all his claims of non-adultery, employment gains, tax cuts and so forth. If people have time to actually look up his claims, they’ll see a large stretching of truth.

Many former and current members of Congress have come out to dispel Gingrich’s claims. Many will state he works hard but lacks cohesive leadership skills.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was part of the 1994 Conservative freshman class that Gingrich takes great pride in helping push his “conservative” agenda and Joe will gladly let everyone know that Gingrich is no Conservative and that his leadership skills and over bloated ego is part of the reason that he and many other Republicans were glad to slap Ethics charges against the former Speaker.

Scarborough’s last book “Great Last Hope” depicts an egomaniacal Gingrich that caused nothing but problems during his Speakership term. Heck, Gingrich actually campaigned against Scarborough, calling him “Way too Conservative for Congress.” Scarborough won by 40%.

Gingrich has the advantage going into the next few debates. He’s found the chink in Willard’s armor, keep Willard on the defensive and he strangles himself.

Now Willard has called for Gingrich to release his contract with Freddie Mac as well as the Congressional Ethics charges slapped against him, even though only one had stuck but still cost Gingrich $300K and his Speakership.

Gingrich should release his Freddie Mac contract, yet has claimed that due to confidentiality agreement he cannot. Too bad for him, because Bloomberg News reports on Jan 6, that Freddie Mac VP Sharon McHale stated “We are not opposed to Mr. Gingrich discussing the terms of his consulting agreement with Freddie Mac.”

OK, so when asked again, Gingrich simply replied that his former consulting firm, Center for Health Transformation, actually holds the contract and they would have to agree to release the contract.
The man always has an answer for his footsteps.

With only 4 candidates left, the debates shall heat up because none of the four are willing to cry “uncle” and plan to fight till the last possible date.

So the question left is will “Flounder” Gingrich keep rolling on or will his bombastic ego get the best of him during the month of February when there’s nothing to do but campaign and little debate?

Come to think about, Gingrich never did turn down the endorsement from Ashley You know the website that claims to have helped 10 million people in relationships find cheating partners.

Heck their endorsement advertisement is classic “Faithful Republican. Unfaithful Husband. Welcome to the era.”

Well the Guinness bottle has spun dry and landed in the empty popcorn bowl. Pay your political tab, say no to Pop Culture!

**Correction: After yesterday's posting of this blog, Newt Gingrich released his Freddie Mac contract to the public**

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Willard Romney’s “Vote ‘Pedro’ for VP” Sweepstakes

If Willard Romney were to begin his Presidential battle against President “O” today, Willard would begin in the negative. The latest and greatest polls (to which I hate) show Pres “O” sitting at 48% to Willard’s 43% in head to head battle.

Which leads anyone to wonder, what does Willard need to pull even or ahead?

Well, first of all, “Flounder” Gingrich and “Spaz” Santorum need to stop the attacks. “Flounder’s” verbal barrages only lead to his retractions later in the week. The attacks are falling short and actually hurt “Flounder’s” campaign more.

As for “Spaz”, well his attacks seem to be more lasting but still not doing damage. These attacks only prove how Willard is not especially loved amongst many Pro-Life/Social/Christian Conservatives.

The Media also needs to be a little more open on their reporting as well. There’s no doubt the 24/7 news media can make/break any candidacy dreams and the current “Tax Bomb” thrown by the other candidates is hurting Willard in the Media.

I don’t have a problem with Willard’s explanation of his 15% tax and his wealth, for the fact he lives off returns from his investments. Now if he received a regular paycheck the story would be different.

Willard’s wealth predicament is not far from that of Warren Buffet’s statement that the {paraphrase} “super rich should be taxed at a higher rate because even though we receive a paycheck, we live mainly off investment returns which are taxed at lower rates. So go ahead and tax my paycheck more.”

Who knew that Willard’s involvement at Bain Capital affected our daily lives of Office supplies (Staples), Pizza (Domino’s), and Radio airplay (Clear Channel). I don’t fault Willard for his success.

Also, I don’t care about whether or not Willard releases his tax records for a large chunk of his wealth is in Trust. There is no rule stating he must release his tax returns, however if he does say he will then he should. So we’ll see in April if he does.

What Willard really needs, once he is anointed the candidate of choice, is a strong running mate.


As we speak, top GOP officials are knocking on New Jersey Gov Chris Christie’s door with plush teddy bears, chocolate filled plastic heart shaped boxes, stuffed crust pizzas, and other non-tax deductable items, praising their love for him to jump into the race to help.

I like Gov Christie; he’s genuine, tells it like it is, enjoys the attention and doesn’t take crap from anyone. He has taken everyone to task, he owns up for all his actions which is something that many Republicans still questioning Willard about.

Christie does have some detractors such as those still opposed of his appointment of Judge Sohail Mohammed. As these people cried about a Muslim Judge and Sharia Law, Christie went in front of the cameras and called these people out and lambasted them. Hell, the only thing missing was a Caddy in the background and bodyguards holding baseball bats.

Yet many Con-Talkers keep pushing names like Marco Rubio & Nikki Haley to the forefront, but neither have a proven track record on their current status. Both were considered Tea Party loveable, but they need more than that to push the ticket
Rubio holds one of the worse Absentee records during the last Congressional session, missing 20 of 235 votes since Jan 26, 2011. It may not seem like much to most, but that’s a lot considering the amount of time Congress was out of session in 2011.

His only big piece of legislation was S.1241, a bill that would prohibit taking minors across state lines to circumvent any law requiring the involvement of parents in abortion decisions. Other than that, he has been non-existent, which explains the Absentee record.

As for Nikki Haley, her star within her state has been falling with each passing moment, as she has shown less promise of reform and succumbed to be just another “fall into line” politician with little relevance of governorship.

Pres “O” played it smart when he chose “Delaware” Joe Biden as his running mate. It brought ease to the Democratic hierarchy and many of the truest of Liberals. The gaffe-prone Biden has had a track record in Foreign Policy, an area (amongst others) the young Pres “O” was in need of help.

Willard has another issue before even meeting the demands of being anointed; he is already making promises of this or that before even saying “I Do.” Pres “O” made promises on the stump and yet only followed through with a short list, a fact that is still haunting him with constituents.

Willard’s promises are in high hopes that the Republican Party makes large gains or takes control of both ends of the Capital.

The fact that neither Party in Congress hold s a favorable ratings amongst the voting public does not sit well for anyone that wins in 2012. Both Parties need to do tons of political ass-kissing and do some work over the next 8 months to make any gains.

Sure, there’s a large cancerous mass retiring this election cycle, but those that step up for those spots have their work cut out for them as they will be brushed aside by the Party hierarchy and told to sit in the corner.

Just for fun, with all the complaints about Willard’s wealth reminds me of 2004 and an email decrying the Security costs taxpayers would endure for protection for all of John Kerry/Theresa Heinz properties. So how many homes are owned by Willard?

Flounder” Gingrich’s Super PAC “Winning Our Future” states that Willard owns 15 homes in the US but Politifact states only 5 are actually registered by Willard and Anne in the United States. Apparently there’s one in Canada (!) as well, but nothing near 15.

Wonder how “Flounder” will “coordinate” to have the Super PAC make that correction?

As I’ve stated a few blogs ago, my money is on Rick Santorum to be the VP select of choice for Willard. Santorum’s appeal will carry the Pro-Life/Social/Christian Conservatives groups to Willard’s aid.

Then again, is it too late to “Vote for Pedro*” over the "Flounder" and "Spaz" guys?

"Flounder" Dorfman
Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

That’s it, the Guinness Stout just stole the peanut bowl and headed for the door…… Pay the Political Tab

*Movie reference- for the elder readers, check out Napoleon Dynamite for reference*

Monday, January 16, 2012



"Flounder" from Animal House

Newt Gingrich

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Presidential Debates: Time for tougher questions & stronger moderators

I’ve always found it humorous on how politicians are subjective about how or when the Government should intrude in our lives and the Media never calls them on it.

For example, Republicans and the Con-Talkers love to use First Lady Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity battle as a battle cry over Democrats wanting to tell us what to eat & drink or how much to exercise yet forget the history of the Presidential Fitness regime under Eisenhower or the Food Pyramid.

Since they’ve been campaigning, the GOP candidates have been dragging “Obamacare” through the coals. We’ve been told that “Obamacare” will limit one’s Health care choices and that Government shouldn’t be telling us how we should be caring for ourselves.

Yet, it amazes me when the topic comes to Abortion, their tune changes.

And this is not just the candidates nor the useless bunch in Congress, but it stretches across to States legislature as well

As of Jan 1, 2012, there were over 92 new Abortion restrictive legislation enacted, with more waiting to be voted upon.

I have yet to see one Moderator actually challenge, I mean truly challenge the candidates on their answers.

Sure they politely ask “Could you elaborate more?” but that’s playing nice so the Con-Talkers or candidates won’t cry foul afterwards.

With all the new Pro-Life/Abortion laws being enacted across the States, I want a heartfelt “Willie Horton” moment. (If you don’t know the Willie Horton scenario, please Google)

Democrats and the “liberal” Media are too weak to provide a simple assault on how the Republicans try to control our lives as well, more control over what we do to our bodies. And this goes towards all the Federal and State legislation over Abortion

Abortion is a touchy subject for anyone to discuss. Abortion is a woman issue, not a man’s issue. Think about it, who are we, as man, to tell a woman whether or not she can/cannot have an abortion?

There is no grey area out there, you cannot be a Pro-Life person and say “well it’s ok to have an abortion if rape, incest, or mothers life is in danger.” Then you’re not Pro-Life, you are about Choice.

So I challenge anyone in the Media, whether it’s the local reporter to bigwig talk show host, ask the candidates "how would you react if your 12 year old daughter were raped by an AIDES-stricken pedophile and became pregnant, the baby has a 0.01% of survival and your daughter could possibly die during birth?"

What’s your reaction, stick with your beliefs or authorize an abortion?

I know this sounds harsh or very extreme, but I want a true answer from the candidates, not the usual rhetorical campaign answer.

Put them on the spot.

Make them answer, because I can guarantee their answer will change against the fetus and for the life of their daughter.

And if they answer that their belief is no abortion, no matter, then the Media can ponder for weeks to fill time gaps and wonder if the question was "Willie Horton-esque 2012."

And you, the constituents, why do you feel it is ok for Government to be involved in one’s life one way but not another? You decry daily about too much Government involvement in our lives right now, why is this any different?

Or are you picking and choosing on how Government should be involved in one’s life? Rather hypocritical when it comes down to actual involvement.

Currently there is Republican legislation that can fine a Health Insurance provider for providing Abortion coverage. Now think about, if you pay for Health Insurance through your company (that's your money) and the Government is going to say what type of coverage you can have, is that not exactly what Republicans are crying about with "Obamacare?"

Then should we not have an al-a-carte Health insurance provision instead?

Hell, I'd rather have al-a-carte cable then al-a-carte health insurance.

No you don’t want “Obamacare” to tell you who/what/how about health insurance, yet you say you want Government’s involvement on who/what/how a woman's life should be handled.

So I dare any moderator, better yet, get tougher moderators too ask the questions.

I say rid the debates of the catered moderators of Diane Sawyer, John King and so on. I want one debate, with tougher moderators.

I'm not talking about some radical talk show host, but why not place Joe Scaroborough with Bill O'Reilly? These two push, ok bully, the guests to answer the question.

Don't you want to see a candidate, including the President, truthfully answer a question without rhetoric?

Asking cutesy questions like "if you weren't here on a Saturday night what would you be doing?" Seriously, why not ask them "If you were a Spring flower, what type you be and what National Park would you grow?"

Augh! The Guinness Stout bottle is "Tebowing" in front of the empty peanut bowl. Time to pay your political tab

Monday, January 2, 2012

Willard Romney & Rick Santorum’s Techni-Colored Sweater Vest.

It was nice to take a week off for the New Year and attempt not to talk politics during the break. It almost worked until New Year’s Eve for a 5 minute gab. However, all things must come to end and its back to the grind.

It’s the Media’s wet dream week, that’s right it’s the only time anyone cares about what happens in Iowa, its Caucus week.

Kinda like a political Haley’s Comet, only happens every 4 years.

It’s time for the all the shameless plugs from coffee shops, Ma & Pa restaurants, and corner bars that will let the Media in to report from and cozy up in a booth.

A time when candidates are finally done riding around the “Hawkeye” state, kissing babies (both ugly & cute), getting fat on pastries and all the other usual candidate butt kissing to be relevant for another week of campaigning.

Back in September, I blogged about the “Santorum Swagger” and a month later I blogged it was time for “Santorum to hit a home run” and looks like this dumbass blogger was way ahead of all the overpaid, over caffeinated pundit hacks on FOX, MSNBC and CNN.

And I still can’t figure out how someone like Rev Sharpton gets a talk show and not me?

Anyway, so it’s time for Santorum to go through his Media “vetting” of his past, yet here’s the difference between Santorum’s soon-to-be vetting and that of Gingrich, Cain, Perry, Bachmann, and Paul. Santorum owns up to his past actions and reactions. That is what will set him apart from the others.

Bachmann was the Media darling after winning the Iowa Straw poll over the summer, but fell apart afterwards. When your only answer to any Economic question is “repeal ‘Obamacare’ and we’ll be solvent again” well it’s time to sell the farm (yes Michelle you are part owner of a farm). One too many misquotes and misrepresentation of American history will send her back to her $700k Fannie Mae loan home within the next few weeks.

Perry’s misfortune was he opened his mouth during debate. If Perry would’ve skipped the first 6 debates and just campaigned to get a grip on what’s involved to run a National campaign, he would be doing a lot better.

Cain’s downfall was that he and his (Koch Bros.) campaign handlers didn’t know how to handle the Media reaction. With every new “adultery” or “harassment” claim, Cain handlers prompted him at first to blame other contenders like Perry and then Romney. When that didn’t, they advised him to blame the “Democratic Machine” to which fell on deaf ears. So last but not least, it was easy to blame the Media. But by that time, Cain was toast and “suspended” his campaign.

Gingrich’s fall was his own ego induced persona. He doesn’t want to be president he wants to be a celebrity. The only difference between Gingrich and Sarah Palin was that Palin knew what she wanted, celebrity and was smart enough to take a seat and let the others play.

Gingrich just can’t get people to believe his flip-flopping “John Kerry” syndrome past are being mirepresented in by the Media.

So keep pushing the books and documentaries at your town hall meetings Newtie, I hear the Florida Keys are a nice vacation destination come February 27.

Ron Paul hasn’t quite unwound yet, but it’s going to happen once everyone dissects his Economic plans further, well as soon as he releases more information to understand his (lack of ) plan.

Paul’s one idea of allowing “alternative currency” outside of the US Dollar would be disastrous to our economy.

Imagine if you go into a Best Buy with a Gold American Eagle coin worth $1,634 (as of 12/30/11) to buy a 55” Toshiba Classic LCD for $749.00, do you actually think Best Buy will give the $885.00 difference? Would you accept the difference in US Dollar form?

Paul’s “alternative currency” idea flopped when Sharron Angle run against Harry Reid when she wanted people to pay for a doctor’s visit with chickens!

Santorum has made some unusual statements over the past few weeks however, it’s Iowa, where Social Conservatism is prime and that’s the main reason for Santorum’s leap in polls. Santorum’s “If you don’t want to be poor then get married” claim is far-fetched and comedic fodder for Jon Stewart upon his return from holiday hiatus.

Come on Rick, I’ve been pulling for you to make waves and finally your poll numbers triple in a week and you give comedians this nugget.

I’m sending out a triple dog dare to Rick Santorum, book yourself on the Daily Show and air out your differences with Stewart. Do it, don’t hide behind FOX News and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. You want to hit a demographic one desperately needs, book yourself on the Daily Show.

But the Media and everyone need to remember this is Iowa and soon this Caucus will fade away as well as a few candidates. New Hampshire and South Carolina are different political creatures and who knows, maybe Gingrich will jump in the polls again.

Yet Willard Romney needs to look at one candidate as his Vice President choice if he wants to our 45th President, Rick Santorum.

Willard, heed my advice, Santorum will bring the Social Conservatives, the Pro-life Christian Coalition, and the hard core Republicans, as well as a large Pennsylvania mob with him to the voting booth come November 2012 and you need his the help.

Just tell Santorum to leave the “Sweater vest” at home!

Seriously Rick, all you’re missing is a Pocket Protector to geek yourself even more.

That's it,the Guinness bottle is spinning empty and I’m thirsty for this New Year, so pay the political tab.