Friday, October 8, 2010

"S&#@" Mr. Robinson wrote, if he remembers

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

In a past blog, Big Poppa was talking about how today's candidates cannot use "taken out of context" of something they wrote or spoke in the years past, using Ms. Christine O'Donnell as an example. However, Big Poppa thinks he found someone even more profane in their "out of context" words then Ms. O'Donnell's witchcraft history.

After watching the his favorite hockey team lose in their home opener and a few green bottle Heineken's tossed away (yes I recycle), Big Poppa turned on the Rachel Maddow Show.

I admit, I turn on Maddow's TV show for about 10 minutes nightly, as I do with Hannity, O'Reilly and Lawrence O'Donnell. Sorry folks, I never liked Olberman, not even when he was on ESPN. Although I do belief CNN's needs to revive Crossfire and I do miss Scarborough Country, even though I watch good 'ol Joe every morning.

Sorry got off track, where was I... Oh yes, Rachel Maddow (has she ever thanked the Bow tie Tucker Carlson for the TV spot?)

So Maddow had a guest on by the name of Art Robinson. Mr. Robinson is running as the GOP candidate in Oregon. Now I admit, I stumbled upon the interview 1/4 of the way thru, dang(!) it, I wished I saw the beginning.

These two went at it, Mr. Robinson kept saying Maddow was being sarcastic and interrupting him during his answers, yet he did the same to her. How Maddow didn't pull a FOXNews Meghan Kelly and have his mic pulled is beyond me.

Maddow, trying to understand Mr. Robinson as the viewing audience, asked him about his past writings to which Mr. Robinson called her interview a "smear campaign." What I got out of this interview was; Mr. Robinson is a Scientist, teaches at the local University, and he's not a politician. I also got that he performed one too many experiments on himself.

Maddow printed off some his writings, in a newsletter he publishes, with his thoughts of: AIDS was a government experiment and a little radiation won't hurt anyone.

See this is what Big Poppa was talking about, if you're gonna run for office, you better know what you said in the past.

The radiation thing got me. According to Mr. Robinson, the best way to get rid of nuclear waste is a process called "hormesis" which he is basically taking the nuclear radiation down to the smallest ion and then spread it out over the ocean and even into the air above the United States. Because according to Mr. Robinson's writing a little radiation is good for everyone!

But that was all we were able to learn about it, because he wouldn't admit he wrote about it and that Maddow was taking it out of context.

Better explanation would've helped his cause.

Like I said, I watch maybe 10 minutes of her show, but the train I saw and how she handled it was classic. You can her annoyance, once banging her head against her desk plus how uncomfortable Mr. Robinson was by spinning side to side in his chair.

That was much better then "S&^* my father says" on CBS

"I'm not witch, but played on TV"

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Big Poppa's still trying to fathom the thought of "How stupid do political candidates think the public is?"

We live in an age when anyone can google anything they want, especially those running for government. Take this blog for instance, if Big Poppa decided to run for public office, anyone could just google my name and read all my past thoughts on political topic and attempt to use those words against.

But we live in the world of YouTube as well, so if I made a video diary of those thoughts as well, well how could I dispute them? Answer is, I couldn't.

Anything that is put on the web or in print over the past 10-15 years is easily accessiable with a few typed keywords, so how do these candidates get around it, they say they were taken out of context! How insane is that. "Well yes I was talking about skinning a cat out in the bayou, but that was taken out of context" Even though the video may show other, like say a skinned cat.

So what am I really getting at, well over the past few weeks, some of these candidates, from both sides of the aisle, still think they can get away with "out of context" situations. Some cannot and must face the evidence.

Take Ms. Christine O'Donnell for example. Now I've watch Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect show way back when (geez talk about showing ones age) and she had been a guest about 15 times or more. Bill Maher owns all the rights to that show, so he has all the video. So M.s O'Donnell back in the day states she had dabbled in other religions from Christianity to Hinuism to Buddism and even Witchcraft on one episode. And in another she said she went one date with someone who was part of the Witchcraft religion. Yet there is other video from her on MTV years past talking about her Christian faith and all.

Ms. O'Donnell's campaign team realized a pathetically made commercial where she states "I am not a Witch" which fine, but her campaign staff should be fired. The sad background and dark clothing made it drab and easy to poke fun of. Add some color, she's a cheerful person for Pete's sake. If they were smart, they should've let her talk about her past, wanting to learn about other religions in comparison to her faith in Christianity. By doing that, it makes her more well-rounded, more intuitive of a person. Afterall, in this day when people are attacking others about their religions, it gives Ms. O'Donnell a more "worldly" appearance, as in she knows about these religions, as opposed to those who hear a bad thing about one religion and start a crusade against it.

I give her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons, credit. During their debates, he has only debated policy and not character, which in itself is a breathe of fresh air in these volatile political times