Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue Ox do exist just ask Wikipedia

“Four score and 7 years ago, John Quincy Adams grasped his M16 with his 8 year old hands and raised it above his head and exclaimed "Don’t ask what you can do for your country but what your country will do for you with Entitlements after victory" as he advanced with his Lemming minions against the tyrannical Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Army to defend our Northern Canadian state.”


Are you sure that's not part of American history and lore? But I read it on Wikipedia, so it’s gotta be true!

Politicians, whether in front of the camera or on the campaign trail always seem to stretch their career achievements and downplay their disappointments. If they can’t get their own history right, how well do they know American history?

Current GOP Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann has had more gaffes on the campaign trail then Joe Biden does while having a conversation with himself in the bathroom mirror, yet by her own accounts she is not wrong, nor is she misrepresenting our American history.

Bachmann’s latest was during an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America’s George Snafalupukus.. Err Snakekuish orwhatever that little Smurf’s name is!

According to Bachmann, John Adams’ 9 year old son, John Quincy Adams, is a Founding Father. Um, I don’t recall learning that nugget of info in History class.

Seriously, she said it and believes it fully. Her campaign manager has got to have an ulcer the size of a soccer ball. But unless JQ Adams was a political prodigy at the age of 9, he was nothing more than a kid playing in the muddy streets of Boston.

Over the past 20 months or so, American history has been under attack by “scholarly” politicians and Professor Media personalities. Some will stretch our history, some will dissect it, and well others will just completely destroy it.

Just look at the mash-up of miscues from Pres “O” stating there are 57 United States to Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere gaffe, it almost makes sense as to why our children are having such Academic problems.

It’s not the misrepresentation of American history that completely disturbs me, but the Lemmings that follow every word of the politician or media personality.

After Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere gaffe, her demented followers flocked to Wikipedia’s Paul Revere page to change the lore of Revere to match Palin’s words. So many attempted to change history that Wikipedia had to shut down the page and correct what many had tried to change.

And in the footsteps of Palin’s Lemmings, Bachmann’s followers attempted to same.

First of all, Wikipedia is not the correct source for researching our history, but the notion that anyone can log on and retype history is disturbing.

Our children have enough trouble learning our history in their outdated schoolbooks or the matter of boring curriculum being taught. Many students are tired of learning the early history of America and want to hear more American history after World War II.

They want to know about American life during the 1950’s when America started expand in size and innovation. Many want to learn about the Vietnam War era, the Cultural Wars and the Great Society. Yet many teachers want go into those topics to their fullest because it’s considered way to Liberal to teach.

Think about it, wouldn’t a freshman girl want to know about life before and after the Women’s Rights movement became victorious in their actions? Shouldn’t students be taught all the United States’ involvement in Vietnam and compare it to what is going on in today’s conflicts?

Many Americans to this day, take the writings of Henry Longfellow and Nathaniel Hawthorne as fact.

Longfellow wrote the poem “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” in 1854, some 70 years after the fact. He wrote that famous work more for a call to unity as he was concerned of the current events happening within the United States and build support to keep the nation has a whole. Shortly after being published, Fort Sumter was attacked by the Southern Confederates.

Without Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writing of Franklin Pierce, Pierce would never have become our 14th President. Hawthorne’s writings gave Pierce’s life a over exaggerated drama that many believed as true, almost equal to how many believe that Reality TV is real and the Jersey Shore is the best series on today

Our children only learn a fraction of American history and are misled by those that want to retard it to the likings of their political admiration that people will battle over who actually won the Cultural Wars of the 1970’s.

Then again, as I just looked at the famous painting of the Signing of Declaration of Independence, I believe I see a small boy to the far left, third row back, flipping the middle finger to the Union Jack flag!

Ok, that was made up but seriously Blue Ox do exist and they do get Medicare entitlements thanks to Medicare Part G. Seriously just look it up on Wikipedia!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soapbox candidates make for nervous constituents

Are Republicans and their many tentacles of Political parties ever happy?

To paraphrase John Stewart;
“Republicans are never happy. You can give them $1 million with no
strings attached and they’ll answer ‘great thanks, now I have to go buy a wallet.’”

Now, I have stated many times over the last month that the Republican Presidential candidate field is filled with “has been and never was” individuals and it seems many of their constituents are feeling the same.

The candidate field is so bad that the Con-Opinionators need to throw other Republican names into the mix to cause a stir to feel good of a possible victory come November 2012.

The likes of Bill Crystal throwing out names of Sen. Jim Thune and NJ Gov Chris Christie or Sean Hannity consistently showing his man-crush of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio have been added to the many calls for South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Rep. Paul Ryan makes one wonder how this party can exist with so much indecision.

Of course, those from New York can’t be left as NYC’s Rudy G and former Gov Pataki have decided to fathom the thought one more time.

Its fact that a large majority of Republicans were not happy with 2008’s choice in John McCain, even those Con-Opinionators had a hard sell on him.
As well as another majority that was too afraid of Mitt Romney’s Mormon belief. By the way, now with Jon Huntsman jumping into the fire, that’s 2 Mormons running and both are about the best qualified of the lot.

So what exactly do the Republican faithful want in a candidate, well I hate polls but Bloomberg News released these zany findings:
 85% say they want a strong candidate on Social Issues
 75% say marital infidelity makes a candidate less attractive
 60% say supporting a tax increase in the past would make a candidate less attractive
 67% say voting to raise the debt ceiling would make a candidate less attractive
 55% wanting to change Medicare into a private pay system with government subsidies would make a candidate less attractive

Those numbers basically scratch out Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty & Michelle Bachmann of the current candidates.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republican Party truly does not want to win in the Presidency in 2012, but is looking more towards recapturing both Houses of Congress and then focus on the White House in 2016.

Seriously, who wants to take over the issues we currently have that it seems the current Congress would rather not correct, but instead pull out their soapboxes and pander in front of the cameras for their own vanity.

Until the cameras go away or some sort of leadership arrives in Congress & White House, we are stuck in a financial rut with no hope.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are a Nation losing @ the Federal Roulette Wheel of stupidity

We are a nation of “get rich schemes” from books to videos to infomercials.

We can buy books on how to start your own home business making Widgets or on how to get money from the government “that’s just sitting there waiting for you!”

We can take expensive courses from the likes of Donald Trump, hoping to learn how to make it in the Real Estate business but to learn the secrets you have to come back next week at the cost of $150 only to find out you have to keep coming back over and over again.

We are a nation that lacks innovation and invention, well unless you tune into the newest reality TV series that lets you hock that “continuous toilet paper dispenser with fresh Spring scent” that you’ve been trying to gorilla glue together in your basement.

Without innovation or invention, we stand still and become complacent with what’s around us. Without innovation or invention, revenue and consumption does not roll to create jobs.

Innovation and invention pushed the US from the turn of the 1900’s through the 1960’s only to trickle out in the 70’s to today. The conviction by people named Mellon, Carnegie, Ford, Kennedy and Tucker pushed the US to further their innovation and invention and now we are stuck with Vince the “Shaw-Wow!” guy and other hucksters.

The Obama stimulus missed the mark by about 50 years with innovation. Yes, we need repairs to our infrastructure that produced roads and railway in the 1950’s under Pres Eisenhower, but not the “shovel ready” type they bet on. No, the infrastructure repair that were needed had to do with our electric and cable system, call it “shift alt control ready.”

The innovation of creating a new efficient electrical grid and Wi-Fi system is needed. The revamping of our nations computer systems to help deter hackers and not compromise our nation to terrorist cyber attacks. Seriously, it’s rather scary that some bored 15 year old zit faced computer nerd can easily hack into our National Defense or Investigative Services such as the FBI and CIA. Makes me beleive Hollywood was right back in the 1980’s that a nerdy kid with a Commodore 64 could cause a nuclear war in the movie War Games!

Jobs could’ve been created easily for this, but instead, it was wasted on pothole patching and line painting. Yes, I know, many states need(ed) road and bridge repairs, but think about the electrical grid this summer when we hear stories of people dying in the Midwest due to blackouts in 100 degree temperatures because the grid is outdated and overloaded.

Oh, fear not Republicans, I have words for you as well. You too are of partial blame for this issue. How you ask? Well you are breaking your promise given last year in your “Pledge to America” that the economy is top priority and you have the Con-Opinionating Media to thank.

Republicans are lacking innovation as well this Congressional calendar. They continuously bring up facts from the 1980’s of Pres Reagan and 1990’s of Pres Clinton.

Living in the past of 15 to 30 years ago does not help America, that was then this is now.

Their claims of “shrinking government” is a fa├žade, since a large majority of their legislation actually grows government and does help job growth nor does it help the consumer’s bank account.

Take for instance an article written last week by The Hill’s Gautham Nagesh.

Nagesh reports on Texas Republican Representative Joe Barton introduction of legislation to let only Internet Poker become legal in all 50 States.

So creating websites for Internet Poker is how Rep. Joe Barton wants to help the economy with job creation?!

But how will Internet Poker be monitored, I mean someone has got to regulate it to make sure they are being fair. Well Rep. Barton’s plan also involves the creation of a government regulatory commission to placed within the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

That’s right, Rep Barton’s plan to the economy and jobs outlook is to legalize internet poker and so you bet your $ away, as well as pay government employee wages and benefits, and Gramma’s Social Security check is not used for medications and heat.

A National Lottery system has a better chance of working, play twice a year, each ticket costing $20 (that’s what most play on a slot machine within the first 10 minutes anyway) and play as many times as you want. Let’s say the prize is either $250 million after taxes or maybe 5 tax free years.

Congress is better off creating a National Lottery system or put a giant roulette wheel on the Washington Monument. It might be more cost effective for taxpayers than anything that’s currently coming out of Washington.

There’s a reason why taxes were high under Pres. Eisenhower. We were on the cutting edge of innovation and invention with a growing country, industry pumping out new cars, televisions, radios, and building skyscrapers and housing.

Now we barely create Chia pets and doggie booties, while Congress and the President are betting the house on “Red 45”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Political Rhetoric beats up the GOP

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.
GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address, Sep. 17, 1796

Over the last two weeks, I’ve heard Limbaugh and Hannity pimp the website as the place to find all the fiscal mess that government doesn’t want you to know. Problem with the site; it’s highly partisan, all but blaming Liberal Democrats on every page.

Who’da thunk it? A couple of Con-Opinionators promoting a Conservative partisan website that tags all fiscal ills on the Democrats. Um, I’m pretty sure there are a few years as of late to blame reckless spending on Republicans as well.

One example, Hannity likes to claim that will tell you of the obscene amount of limousines used by our government, but will forget to tell you that the fleet has been reduced over the past 3 years and the majority of the new ones are replacements for the old.

Just as many Con-Opinionators like to cry foul about the Presidential Limo, better known as the Beast in the Media circles, yet forget that it was commissioned under President Bush at the end of his term.

For the information that leaves out, basically anything that has to do with the Right side of the political aisle, may I direct you to, Citizens Against Government Waste.

CAGW puts everyone in the blender, no matter who they are, for good or bad. Now that’s how reporting should be, straight down the middle and no partisanship. And they are not just attacking Federal dollars, they watch over State governments as well.

You may have heard of CAGW, best known for their “pig book” releases after every Government Fiscal Report is released. The “pig book” basically lists all the wasteful spending by our elected Congressional figures, even those that say they are against “pork $” yet have something with their name attached to it.

They also release “porker of the month” awards for those in Congress that are the most wasteful in trying to scam taxpayer dollars for irrelevant issues. The award has been given out evenly amongst the political parties and even to a few Department Secretaries like HHS’s Kathleen Sebalius.

June’s award winner: (R-Cal) Howard McKeon, House Armed Services Committee Chairman, for sliding in a $1 billion slush fund into the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

Trust me, the site is definitely not partisan, after all they support Louisiana’s Republican Gov Jindal in his decision to veto HB 591, which once vetoed will allow the state’s temporary tobacco tax expire this time next year.

Outside of the “pig book” and “porker” awards, also gives out other awards, such as:
1. “Jekyll and Hyde” award given in 2010 to Rep Leonard Lance (R-NJ) for first signing a no-earmark pledge, then taking $21 million in earmarks only to turn around to support the Republican earmark moratorium. So basically I’ll support it after I get my goods.
2. A nameless award went to Madeleine Bordallo (D-Guam); yes Guam is represented in our Congress, for receiving $500K for Brown Tree Snake control.

All this talk of deficit reduction is great theatre, but how much of it will really happen? I say about 35% of it, because Congress is greedy. Not to mention, there’s no talk of “if/then” scenarios such as another war somewhere or natural disaster such as Katrina, we need to shore up funding for these as well.

One of the biggest wastes of federal money was the knee jerk reaction to 9/11 with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. And apparently many of the “has been never will’s” running for the Republican Presidential candidacy believe so as well, but wouldn’t go as far as saying so in the New Hampshire debates.

A simple reform of those departments and higher authority would’ve addressed those issues. A possible creation of a smaller intelligence team that would answer only to the President would’ve been a smarter move. But instead, government grew larger with employees and facilities.

The “has been never will” candidates are talking backwards and skipping over their own spending issues while in office;

1. Pawlenty left Minnesota with a $6 billion deficit
2. Ron Paul is famous for letting people add “pork dollars” into legislation only vote against the legislation to tell people he is fiscal
3. Santorum has stated in October 2010 that he wasn’t a fiscal conservative and feels responsible for letting the deficit rise
4. Bachmann may be against one form of “pork $” but wants to keep phone and written holds on that cash.

Please don’t cry “Tea Party!” either, for many of those Congressional freshmen that were supported or campaigned as Tea Party have filled the latest Defense Appropriation bill with “pork $” for their districts.

Currently, there is a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution sitting on the desk of Speaker Boehner to introduce into the deficit talks. But Boehner won’t budge or let it go to the floor for a vote, even after it passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 20-12!

As I said back in January, let’s see what happens when the Republican Rhetoric of October 2010 meets Reality of Congress 2011. So far Rhetoric is 3 laps ahead on the speedway!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Dismantle an Atomic (Anthony) Weiner Bomb

How to Dismantle an Atomic (Anthony) Weiner Bomb

I’ve always responded when told “you’re such a Liberal you never attack or mock the democrats” with “I don’t have to for they bury themselves with long-winded stupidity when answering” and in the case of (NY-D) Anthony Weiner, he proves my point.

Over two weeks have past with the (Anthony) Weiner Media Circus flapping in the wind for all too mock, joke, and dissect, while the Con-Opinionators act as if the Republicans are saintly, and it'd annoying to me.

Yet, Weiner’s true crime is stupidity in today’s Social Media age and only proves that one needs to know who is on the other side of the monitor.

When Rep. Weiner announced “Someone has hacked into my Twitter account” many gasped for air. No not really, I think people snickered at him for having a lame press conference.

But within 30 seconds, his staff should’ve pulled him off the podium when he stated “I cannot confirm nor deny that is me in that picture.” The reporters couldn’t get close enough to the podium after that statement.

Rep. Weiner, however, did something even dumber by blaming Andrew Breitbart as possible hacker. Well no doubt Breitbart is a hack, but I don’t believe he would sink as low as to hack into someone’s Twitter account. But why Breitbart?

Now Breitbart has admitted to having the infamous photos of Rep Weiner’s weiner and told all how he got his hands on it. So my guess is Breitbart went to Rep. Weiner about the pictures, letting him know he has them and wanted to see if Rep. Weiner wanted to tell his story first before posting the story of Rep. Weiner’s many tweets. Not as a bribe against Rep. Weiner, but as a legitimate news story.

I can’t believe I’m defending Breitbart!!

So now after a defiant tour around the news rooms, within one week, Rep. Weiner finally admitted his stupidity and still hadn’t apologized to Breitbart.

Rep. Weiner’s stupidity is far less than all those scandals of the past 5 years by those on the right and Democrats Spitzer and Rangel.

Rep. Weiner was not a “Family Values” politician as in Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter, Mark Sanford and Mark Ensign. And of those listed the final 4 did far worse.

Running a “Family Values” soapbox as Vitter, Sanford, Ensign and Spitzer all cheated on their wives and only Ensign actually used bribery with employment opportunities and money.

All have hurt their families in one form or another and destroyed their political careers.

Some have denied their Party’s call for resignation and let their constituents decide their political fate.

Louisiana’s David Vitter was re-elected by his constituents after coming out and admitting his involvement with a prostitute (not once but many times).

New York’s Charlie Rangel was re-elected as well by his constituents after a tax evasion scandal.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted to having an affair. Yet, his mistress wasn’t even living in the US, she was in Argentina, and that affair lasted over 6 years. No wait, it’s still going on today, some 2 years after being caught.

Now Rep. Weiner has asked for a leave of absence and checked into a “Sex Rehab” to which I want to know what happens at in one of these places.

Do the hook a person up to some electrodes, let them watch porn and then shock the hell out of them? Do they force them to have nothing but sex 24/7 until they cry “uncle?” Or is there some sort of exorcism performed?

So what has the voting public learned from this episode of stupid politician? That no matter what, politicians are cheats from all different forms and neither is better then the other.

Well, Republicans are better liars and hide their tracks better. And Democrats do not need help with mockery for they do it better onto themselves.

Also Breitbart will always be a hack reporter trying to prove he is legit, for he proved it by holding onto the a second set of Weiner pics as a Trump Card. Only to be dumb enough to show that pic to friends, who were smart enough to copy and post on the web, thereby screwing over Breitbart and making him cry.

So how do you dismantle an atomic weiner bomb? Let him implode on the podium

Saturday, June 11, 2011

These are the choices? Well you can't fix stupid

Well it’s here! That’s right its commitment time for those “has been never will’s” of the 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty all announced their intentions within the last 8 days and only Romney is winning in the polls against the hopefuls and even Pres “O,” yet there is very little jubilation over Romney’s lead.

Romney will be dogged by so many things during this campaign, it’s saddening. Romney-Care of course comes first, then his Mormon faith, and last his many flip-flops. For example, now Romney states (paraphrase) “Yes I do believe humankind has helped in the cause of Global Warming” was out of left field.

For a GOP contender to state this, well he just may have lost a lot of Conservative following. But Romney is already hurting because after he announced, many of the multitudes of Tea Parties across the US have declared “Romney is not our choice” and have started the chain letter emails to make sure he loses in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Another one of the "Romney flip" happened a few days after his "humankind climate change" statement concerning the American Auto Industries government handout.

Back in 2009, Romney stated that if the US Government gets involved to help the US Auto Industry (Ford, Chrysler and GM) that it would end up burying the industry.

Now, move forward to 2011, all 3 companies are surviving and Romney now wants the credit for it, saying he had the idea well before Pres “O” and Congress acted. WTF?

But Romney is old news right now as “Mr. Erratic” Rick Santorum and “Mr. Enthusiasm” Tim Pawlenty announced their bids to a resounding thud on June 6 & 7.

I’ll skip over Santorum's bid for another blog except for the fact that if he wins and becomes Pres, we’ll be further in debt then under both “W” and “O” as we’d be putting all our defenses on the Iran border.

As for Pawlenty, will someone check him for a heartbeat.

I will give him credit for giving out more information about his plans than most so far. Even though his plan is not new and well rather Democratic in nature.

Pawlenty gave the nugget of info on how he would change our tax system with a three tier system:
1. The estimated 45 percent of U.S. households that did not pay income taxes in 2010 would see no change in their tax rates.

OK, right there stop. That’s an issue many Conservatives and Tea Party members have been screaming about every tax season. But Pawlenty is on to something here.

Of that 45%, there are many seniors on fixed incomes as well as working class Americans in the services field plus part time workers such as students, not to mention many in the military.

So Pawlenty doesn't want to tell Gramma she's a burden on society due to her tax rebate.

All may not pay Income tax, but still pay the many others taxes that are taken out of a paycheck such as Social Security, FICA, State and local taxes.

2. Individuals would pay 10% tax on the first $50,000 of income. Couples earning $100,000 would also pay that rate.

Interesting, sounds a little “Fair Tax” in nature. Yet with most Americans making $65k or less, umm that's not revenue coming into the Government bank account. So add more $ to the deficit

3. Everything above #2 would be taxed at 25%

WOW! hold that thought for moment.

So Pawlenty plans on dropping the current tax rate some 10-11%! And of that plan, it spells out close to a 41% tax cut for the higher wealthy.

There are more millionaires in the US than ever before, thanks in large to buying once high stocks at smaller affordable shares.

No wonder Pawlenty left Minnesota with over a $6 billion dollar deficit.

Pawlenty loves to tout balancing Minnesota's budget each year, however consider the thought that 99% of the States have a State Constitutional amendment about keeping a balanced budget.

I see both Santorum and Pawlenty’s campaigns closing out by January 2012.

There is no doubt this has to be heartbreaking for those that want to see Pres “O” not regain another 4 years in the Oval Office and no matter how dismal all the reports and polls look for Pres “O” unless a dominant contender shows up, their nightmare will be fulfilled.

Until a real contender appears and the Media stops chasing Sarah Palin's tour guide bus, Americans will never be able to know any of the contenders, just snippets of a campaign stop here or there because.... OH this just in...

Sarah Palin has made a decision... she plans on trying the switching to paintsuits to look more presidential, because it helped Hillary out so well

You can't fix stupid nor the Republican Party

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paul Revere rode a Harley (correction)

Paul Revere rode a Harley....

As America's new tour guide rolls across the Northeast, it's good to know she learned history from Sen. John Blutowski(*), the most famous attendee of Faber College. He's famous statement of "... did we surrender when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" sent historians running to their books to rewrite past American fact.

It shouldn't surprise people that a half term governor can get half a history lectern correct, but the problem is no one asked Sarah Palin a specific historical question. Someone asked her "So what have you learned along your travel to historical sites?" There was no "Gotcha" moment and she answered as politely as she could from that little ice cream shoppe for which she stood.

The ride of Paul Revere is American lure, as he himself described his ride as short as he was captured and questioned by British soldiers. He rang no bells and fired no bullets. Revere recalls the many others that were to ride, but thanks to Longfellow's book, Revere is put upon a pedestal as a lone actor warning the colonies.

Yes, he was one of American histories most devoted rebels, working for a cause he believed so deeply, independence from the British Empire. We were not Americans, not yet; we were still subjects to the British rule.

But why is it so hard for someone to say "I misspoke." Seriously, listen to Sarah Palin speak and when she gets nervous or realizes she is speaking out of her league, her voice starts rush and rise as if gasping for breath.

And why is it that the Conservative Opinionator talkers of Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh defend her so? The reason Palin gets so much attention from both sides of the aisle is because the spineless puppets of the Media follow her every step, good or bad, and must report on it.

"..This just in Bob, Sarah Palin will announce that she's going...... to Baskin Robbins for a triple chocolate dip cone! This is truly exciting news."

It's pathetic how the Media has become a joke. And please do not tell me FOX News is "Fair and Balance" either, more like "Fair and Imbalanced" from how they question.

Seriously, they throw softballs to all the Republican interviews and become deranged Hyenas when a Democrat is interviewed. Yet they coddle those with fragile psyches such as Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum.

Look, Sarah Palin can't accept criticism, nor can President "O", and if you can't handle it, then don’t go into politics.

But the Media needs to back away and only focus on the person and their policy. Stay away from the family. People shouldn't attack the children or their significant others (unless that person steps out and makes a statement).

But there is one thing I have learned watching all the video of Sarah Palin's guided tour, it's sponsored by TLC! It caught my eye while watching Comedy Central's Daily Show during the Paul Revere snafu. In a clip of footage, you can easily see the TLC logo on Palin's clothes. Hmm large tour bus, family in tow (and why aren't those kids in school?), and only 4 weeks till the 4th of July.

Welcome America to "Sarah Palin's America" documentary on TLC. Where we can skew American history further than anyone else in the Media

Timing is everything and Paul Revere rode an awesome Harley thru the "Big Dig" Tunnel. Seriously, just Google it, because Sarah Palin said so

(*) Sen. John Blutowski of Faber College is fictional. John Belushi played "Bluto" (short for Blutowski) of Delta House in Faber College from the movie Animal House.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Happy Irrelevance Tour 2011

The Happy Irrelevance Tour 2011

The last man chosen at every NFL Draft has been given the moniker of “Mr. Irrelevant” to which he is given some sort of prize package in jest. It’s easy to say that of all the 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls are all irrelevant. I’ve never seen such a group of “has-beens and never wills” in any political arena and that even more of the same are jumping in for a shot against the hapless current field.

Santorum, Romney, and Bachmann are to be joined by “Noun/Verb” Rudy G., Gov Pataki and even possibly Sara Palin. It’s like the GOP Clown car pulled up outside the confines of FOX News and all jumped in. There is one thing that will keep happening, more will fall and others will join, but they need a viable contender to defeat Pres Obama.

A presidential campaign costs close to $750 million dollars to run so if you think your 5 year old can be President, well start finding donors now because by the time 2040 hits, it gonna cost at least $3 billion to run a presidential campaign.

Not to mention that in this Political Media induced climate, keep track of all your kid’s friends and teachers, because you never know but Mr. Simpson, the school gym teacher, might have taught your child a socialist view during a game of dodge ball.

Now over the Memorial Day weekend, while the United States should’ve been honoring those that have served (past and present) in our armed forces, the media was too busy chasing down Sarah Palin’s tour bus along the East Coast. Sara Palin’s whereabouts is not as important as those that protect our country!

Give credit to Ted Shpak of the Rolling Thunder organization for, once learning that Palin was to attend their rally, telling all Media that Rolling Thunder is not about a political campaign, nor would she have a stump to talk from. I also give Mrs. Palin credit for keeping mum on her political aspirations and only converse in what was going on around her.
Palin’s 2012 “hysterical” bus tour is nothing more than a grasp of more media attention to which she devours. She has become an excellent puppeteer of the Media. However, it’s no coincidence that her tour came just in time as the release of the latest “tell all” about her from a former employee.

I do not think she’s turning into “Babs” from Animal House to become “America’s tour guide to history.”But you know, I’m sure there’s some documentary or reality pitch being dealt. As if Reality TV has not dumb-downed America anymore. Watch for a cameo from Jersey Shore’s Snookie or Dog the Bounty Hunter. Heck she already had pizza with Trump and it wasn’t even authentic New York pizza, it was a chain store! I agree with John Stewart, Trump needs to prove he is a real New Yorker.

One has to guess if Palin is learning anything on her historic site seeing tour. I say she has a lot to learn since she couldn’t even properly tell someone about Paul Revere’s famous ride the other day when asked.

With all that is circulating concerning Palin’s possible Presidential run, one has to wonder why FOX News Chief Roger Ailes has not given her the ultimatum that he gave Mike Huckabee?

Honestly, Ailes cut the contracts of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich when they were thinking of running. Ailes gave Mike Huckabee a week’s notice to make up his mind. Yet, Palin is still under contract, why?

Simple answer, he wants to keep her safe and cuddly at FOX News HQ.
When only half the nation listens to FOX News, that means only about 1/3 of the voting are hearing the hopefuls. How can one build a base or enlarge their base when you limit your voice?

And there lies the main problem for Palin and the rest of the “has-been never will’s” of the hopefuls. Until they leave the safe haven of FOX News HQ and do real interviews and get asked real questions, not softballs, no one will take them seriously. If you cannot take the criticism (Palin), then you’re in the wrong line looking for employment.

The question coming up is: Will America buy into 4 more years of “O” or just vote in anyone other than “O”?

Mr. Irrelevant 2012 or is that Mrs. Irrelevant 2012 show us what you got.