Monday, September 20, 2010

It's 2009 and "W" is still affecting us

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Gotta steal the "you betcha" from Sarah Palin. Everyone knows Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire on Dec 31, 2010, yet the Media and the candidates are portraying as if they are expiring on election day. Wise up America.

Everyone loves the term "Tax Cut," who doesn't? I remember when President "W" Bush took office and his usage of the term "Stimulus" had people running to their mailboxes looking for a check in 2001 & 2003. Congress has forgotten that to impose "tax cuts" there must be offsets in other funding from education to the military to even their own agendas.

Gotta give President "W" Bush credit, he was smart on putting "end dates" on legislation. He's timing of the Afghanistan/Iraq war funding was off the books until 2006. His tax cuts set to expire in 2010. Great timing why? Election cycle.

Under President Bush, however, whose tax plan Senator John McCain wants to make permanent, only 4.8 million jobs were created. President Clinton, however, created 23million jobs after raising income taxes and investing at home.

You simply cannot keep the Fed at Zero percent, keep the Bush Tax Cuts and want to cut spending.

The abyss between the far Right and far Left keeps growing.

Both parties worked together with Reagan, Bush I and Clinton. Everyone could disagree but come to a respectable conclusion in the end. All that ended in 2000 and now, we the American public is paying the price for the abyss.

Minority leader John Boehner keeps talking about taking spending back to 2008 numbers. But why 2008? Why not 1998 or 1996? The Republican answer is not the best nor is the Democrat answer. Face it, neither party has the absolute perfect answer, only the answer people want to hear.

Best example: Everyone knows about the housing burst a few years back and Republicans were quick to blame President Clinton and Rep Barney Frank for the meltdown. But if Republicans knew for so long that there was to be a meltdown, why did they run on the notion "under a Republican led Congress and White House, American home ownership has sored to incredible numbers" as they did from 2002 thru 2006? Part if President Bush's re-election campaign in 2004 was that statement. Yet they did nothing to fix the problem, brushed it under the carpet and prayed for the best and as soon as the bubble exploded, they immediately pointed fingers to the opposite aisle for the problem, never once answering why they never fixed it when they could.

Simple answer, they didn't want to take peoples chances of home ownership away or to lessen ones chances. And because they didn't want to, they let the system collapse.

With an every growing deficit, something, anything must be down, we cannot afford to run this deficit higher, it's obvious neither party wants to work with the other during this great partisan abyss and we suffer.

Now, there are people calling for the Federal Government to do more than impose sactions on Iran, but how? We can't afford any more War. President "W" Bush made that possible.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stay the Celebrity Sarah

"make a hole, make it wide"

Quick, pour Big Poppa a double and pass the extra peanut bowl.

Here's a question: If, indeed, Sarah Palin does run for President in 2012, which Sarah Palin will run; Sarah the cliche Celebrity or Sarah the cliche Politician?

When she does decide, she really needs to decide which personality it shall be. The public has gotten used to Sarah the Celebrity since November 2008 and to run for President she needs to revert back to Sarah the Politician.

Currently, Sarah the Celebrity has been able to call all the shots in the Media. When she is engaged on the lecture circuit, she controls who is in attendance, how long people are allowed to record her statements, where she will speak, and which questions she will accept to answer ahead of time. This won't cut it for the political arena. If she keeps that regimen, she will look more elitist, will have more political attacks against her of being outside the mainstream. If she keeps the Media to minimum, she'll be able to rent the "Short Bus" for those reporters.

As every Monday, the weekend polls were released and it showed that President Obama was ahead of Sarah Palin if the two are to square off in 2012 Presidential campaign. Even in these bad times and his approval numbers hovering around 47%, President Obama had 43% of the poll compared to Palin's 31%, with a +/- of 3%. Does this prove that America just doesn't trust Sarah Palin?

Palin talks about how she ran Alaska as governor and even took on "twitter" fight with California's Gov Swarzenegger, talking about how fiscal Alaska government was. Here's the hidden fact, Alaska is #1 in receiving federal funds to operate. And when you compare the population between Alaska and California, Alaskans should be considered a "welfare" state. So for someone who talks about taking the federal government out of the state process, how would Alaska fare? Well they would be one of the poorest states in the nation.

Keeping herself to FOX News only, albeit it will be her choice, can be devastating. She needs to be seen more (I can't believe I said that) if she does indeed run. She needs to take the hard edge questions, no powderpuff softball questions will do. She'll have no excuses if she answers incorrectly this time around.

Also what will happen to her "endorsed" candidates of 2010? Will they follow her, win or lose this midterm, around the nation, kissing babies, gladhanding, etc.

There are only so many "you betcha" moments people will stomach during an election and around the World.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let the implosion begin.. Big Poppa needs to take control

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

My oh my, how the implosion has begun. What on Earth is going on with the Republican Party? They really have gotten away from the "Grand 'Ol Party" mantra now haven't they.

The Republican Party has been given a gift with the entrance of Tea Party nationwide. No matter how many Tea Parties are formed in one state or another, they all have the belief in the hatred for the Democratic Party. There might be the smallest of factions that might support a Democrat, but that is a rare breed. But still, they will side with the Republican Party as the lesser of two evils.

So the Tea Party candidate this midterm has taken 7 prominent seats away from the Republican choice or incumbent, yet even though the Tea Party candidate will bring in both Republican and Independent votes alike, the Republican Party cannot find it in their hearts to truly back that candidate. And even better the loser of the Republican Primary, be it Tea Party or Republican, has yet to endorse the winner. Bad blood is flowing.

This brings Big Poppa to the latest primary where Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell has beaten incumbent Mike Castle in Delaware. Ms. O'Donnell won by a mere 4,000 votes, but a victory is a victory. And even though the very next day, the state branch of Delaware Republican Party gave her a $42,000 donation, they can't say the words of endorsement.

Big Poppa is also wondering how much crediablity Karl Rove actually has in the GOP? Many have backed Rove's attack on Ms. O'Donnell's personal debt ranging from college to home bills to some of her past statements. Yet, this attack makes Rove and others look more elitist then the Liberals they war against.

Rove is still wondering how he was wrong in 2006 to which Democrats massively won and many still hold his ignorance in that election year against him.

Ms. O'Donnell is the Republican "wet dream" to win in Delaware, the home state of VP Joe Biden. She's got religion, she's been in a political scene fighting for abstinance since her early teen years, and she's proof at that there needs to be economical change and that current policies over the last 15 years need corrected. Maybe that's the issue, maybe she's too picturesque of the current times.

We've seen politicians in office who have some sort of personal issue, whether it be not claiming income from rental property (Rangel {D}), claiming awards not won (Mark Kirk {R}), or even extra marital affiars (too many to list)and even out of character statements. Yet many of these politicians were given a pass by their constituents and even their party at one time or another. Why not Ms. O'Donnell?

I don't care if Ms. O'Donnell was endorsed by Sara Palin. Palin's endorsement came one week before the primary and Palin's endorsement was half-assed to begin with. So now Palin is battling Rove, Opinionator is battling Opinionator, and all the Democrats need to do is sit back, point to the infighting, make their points, choose their words lightly and victory can be had in November. Why does that seem easier to say then believe that Democrats can stay on message?

One last note for Ms. O'Donnell, your campaign manager needs to capitalize on Rove's and others attack on her personal character. Honestly, this is a great example of how the Tea Party can rock the establishment, whether it be the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Now I am not defending nor endorsing Ms. O'Donnell in anyway, however, I am saying that her personal conflicts with outstanding personal debt and beliefs make her look even more of a "common" person amongst the political elite masses. A great reason as to why a Tea Party was formed, to hit the politicians and their political machines in the jaw and say "look who we are, have you forgotten about us?" If Ms. O'Donnell's campaign manager does not use this gift to her advantage, then I say fire him and Big Poppa will run her campaign for free.

Seriously, Ms. O'Donnell needs to be in the Media, not just FOX, but everyone who will let her voice be heard, let her speak her mind on the topics, let her express her financial hardships, as her hardships are what many Americans are experiencing right now. The attacks on her from the Republican Party only prove more how out of mainstream the Republican Party currently is.

So sayeth Big Poppa.... So sayeth the Pub!

Pass the peanuts

Monday, September 13, 2010

How I spent my 9/11 rememberance

It is rather disgusting that anyone would hold a political rally on a date like 9/11. A day to remember the tragedy that happened upon our country, yet in this day, age, and media coverage people find it easier to hold politic rallies on such a sacred day.

I was fortunate this year to spend time with my family, like 130,000 of my fellow Pittsburghers, and spend the day at the Pittsburgh Airshow. We walked among the many members of our Armed Services, watching some our finest military vehicles show their powerful display in the sky above. Being able to let my 4 year old son, see up close the military might that we have. That very military might that protects us and our freedoms. Handshakes and "thank yous" were said by many to all in uniform. There was no politics spoken on this day, at least not in Pittsburgh.

There were many, countrywide, holding some sort of observance in 9/11, whether it was a trip to Ground Zero or a bike ride to Shanksville, Pa or even a trip to Washington D.C. Most Americans gathered in spots to hear the names of those fallen or pay respects in one form or another. Many remember what they were doing on 9/11 some nine years ago. But I find it disgraceful that some people would hold a political rally on such a day.

What happened on 9/11 is an American tragedy, not a blame game on an administration of that day or prior, yet some feel that it must be done. I am not talking about Pastor Terry Jones, a man I believe is no man of the cloth yet just another Snake oil salesman stoking a fear of ignorance.

Why don't we hold a huge rally on Dec 7 as well? Seriously, many Americans, both military ans civilian died on that day as well. But we hold moments of remembrance of those who choose to protect our values. There are no demonstrations, no rallies, only respect and peace.

As 9/11 is this century's version of Dec.7, people are engaged differently in remembrance. People like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin hold a political rally on 9/11 in Wasilla, Alaska not in remembrance, but in fear. All I have read about their rally, makes me wonder "is there nothing people will not do for money and attention?"

Glenn Beck talks about how everyone felt on 9/12, the patriotism that fell upon us, everyone no matter their religious belief, no matter the color of their skin, everyone on 9/12 felt a larger commitment to their love of this country. And now, people want to capitalize on it.

Charging $65 to $225 a ticket to hear Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin speak on this day is simply disgusting. Was there merchandise on sale as well? A booth to buy another Glenn Beck book? There was no coincidence that Beck/Palin held a rally on 9/11, if you believe so, then you are blind.

Having a alcohol and non-alcohol section at a 9/11 rally is disgusting. Why must there be alcohol at all? I don't see anyone doing such on Dec 7. I don't see people lined up at the USS Arizona Memorial Budweiser stand. Why? Because there isn't one. Don't people know how to pay homage to those who lost their lives without a beer in hand?

In excerpts from her 5 minute speech, Sarah Palin mentioned "that our government has become complacent since 9/11." Really? Complacent?

According to Sarah Palin, our government has become self satisfied with its actions after 9/11? How do you feel about feeling complacent, self satisfied with not completing the task of bringing Osama bin Laden to justice? How do you feel after 9 years in Afghanistan and many soldiers loves lost, knowing that al Qaeda and the Taliban are making a return to the region to which our brave soldiers removed them from? If our government was to "eager to please" in its complacency, then why didn't we bring home our soldiers after the Taliban government's fall?

9/11 should be a day to put all things political aside. We celebrate our Declaration of Independence on July 4 with fireworks and patriotism and we should celebrate 9/11 in memory of the many innocents that were lost and remember the heroics of those that day. But not with drink or fireworks, but with solence, faith and kindness.

Back in September 2005, Glenn Beck once said "it took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 families." Close to a year later, Conservative author Ann Coulter attacked 9/11 widows saying "I've never seen people enjoy their husbands' deaths so much." Rather heartless by the two, yet neither has apologized for those statements.

Yet on 9/11/10, Glenn Beck and Sara Palin decided to hold a rally. They are blind to remembrance as they are ignorant that for one day they cannot be political in their actions and the love of attention. 9/12 was about being together as one nation, patriotism against a cowardliness foe that has disdain for us about our values and principles. Somehow, somewhere at sometime, that 912 feeling lost its soul after and has become just another corporate sponsored political rally.

Glenn Beck has become blind to himself and deaf to his own words when speaking of restoring "9 principles and 12 values" in America. Beck once talked of how America came together the after the 9/11 attacks. I guess a $32 million dollar empire will let you say whatever you want and feel you have no responsibility for its outcome.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Re-debate the Bush Tax Cuts

OK so President "O" has decided to once again use federal money to boost job creation. A new $50 billion infrastructure plan, call it Recovery Act Junior, since its planned price is far less then the original. It took about 15 seconds for the GOP establishment to sink their teeth into the plan and tear it apart.

Now Big Poppa is not agreeing with President "O" and latest plan, but it's a plan and not the same mantra the GOP regurgitates every time anyone questions the Economy and Job Creation.

But let's be clear on who is paying for half of President "O's" junior plan, the Gas and Oil Industry. Companies that make billions off the consumer, yet keep their tax shelters in Europe and Asia. We consume the second largest amount of gas and oil on Earth, yet we get stuck with large rate increases every year. Sure they, the Gas and Oil Companies, say the rate increases are to help pay for new equipment and such, yet where is that equipment? Sure you might see a new company vehicle, but they get those on discount. Ford ain't #1 in truck sales due to sales to regular joe's, no they sell those beasts at a large discount to these companies. You pay $24,000 for that sweet F150, they pay $13,000 for it. (Note: I am not knocking Ford, I love Ford vehicles).

More tax cuts cannot happen in this day and age. On paper, it's looks awesome, the math sounds awesome, but reality is, when you bring in less money and the bills keep rising, you gotta find a way to bring in the cash. Sure making spending cuts help, but that's short term.

My idea, let the Bush Tax cuts expire for everyone. Wait wait, don't go burning my house yet. Since those wonderful elected officials that love to see their faces on tv all the time can't agree on the Bush Tax Cuts, let them expire and start fresh.

I know it's crazy, but when the Healthcare Plan was being debated in 2009, how many times did the GOP ask to scrap the plan and start from scratch? All the freakin' time. So why not now? Simple answer, because the Bush Tax Cuts were a GOP idea and they don't like to renegotiate their ideas.

Taxpayers have been paying for 2 wars, both of which were off the books till 2008 (wonder why?), a disastrous Medicare Plan B plan (that GOP officials said they had no idea how to pay for), natural disasters, replenish our military (equipment and soldiers), and the much needed healthcare of our returning soldiers (of which President "W" tried to cut in half). No wonder our deficit was close to $10 trillion dollars by the end of 2008.

Neither party has the answers to all of our ills, spills and shrills, but it seems like the GOP likes to tell taxpayers they have the playbook for success, but never offers a nuggett of their thoughts. Come on Republicans, give us a flash of something other then taxcuts for the rich and controlled spending, because you guys sucked at controlling spending for over a decade!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A smidgen of correctfulness

"Make a Hole Make it Wide"

Well Big Poppa's sitting in his usual spot at the end of the bar, listening to the multitude of conversations, man can people complain without even taking a moment to breathe. Conversations about Glenn Beck's "Revival" get together to Obama screwed everything to Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing with the Stars all got their notaration from many. Meanwhile, their frosty brews suffer the indiginity of not being drank. Have people no compassion for their brew?!

Ok, so "It's all Obama's fault for everything going downhill in this country!" is a statement I find hard to swallow. I can agree that his presidency has not been the best and all those talk "opinionators" admit that even McCain or Hillary would've not faired as well as Obama so far. But you'll never here that from those the regurgitate the venom of their favorite talk "opinionator."

Yes, we have a record debt at $13 Trillion according to and since 2007 it has risen by $4.16 Billion daily.

So now that President Obama has declared Iraq a success and gave some credit to President Bush, one needs to go back and look at the total cost of the War in Iraq. There's one problem with that, there really is no real accounting for the War in Iraq since, until 2007, that war cost was off the books. Then in 2007, the cost finally started to be added and our debt goes up. And of course, since Democrats were in charge they get the blame.

Remember this, VP Dick Cheney making his daily Sunday news rounds, boasting (somewhat like a used car salesman) that we would be greeted with rose petals thrown at our soldiers combat boots and the cost would be a mere $200-$300 billion dollars. WOW!, who gave him those projections, they were only off by a smidge of nearly $700 billion!

Meanwhile, 9 years later, in a mountainous bunker somewhere on the Pakistan border, Osama bin Laden sits, albeit not as powerful as he once was, but still not brought to justice as we at home argue over a Mosque that will sit 6 blocks from Ground Zero. (Note: there's already a mosque there and it's 4 blocks away)

It is also fact that under the Clinton Administration, our debt dropped and rose again at the beginning of the Bush term. Hm, I recall something about a Surplus under Clinton, what happened to it? Oh yes, Bush kept his campaign promise and gave everyone a STIMULUS Check between $150 to $300, depending on if you were single or married.

There are many, oncew again "opinionators" and those that regurgitate their words, who say that Clinton's Surplus was actually never there and was an accounting error. So my response to them is; So then President Bush had a whole lot of bad checks written out to Americans at our own expense." No one ever answers that when it's asked. Wonder why? Because they have no answer, they just want to say Clinton was a bad president.

Is it pure hatred to be against another political party here in the US? Or is it just the person in charge? I was not a fan of President Bush, but he was still my president in a country I love dearly. You don't have to chest thump for every move a president does, Teddy Roosevelt was hated by many in hos own party because he did what he felt was right, not because the Party told him to.

Do people really believe 100% of what their politcal party believes or, once again, is it pure hatred of the other political party? Seriously, if you beleive 100% with your party, then you are not listening. Neither party has 100% of the answers, neither party is 100% perfect either. Both want your votes, both want to be in power and both will use you and whatever grassroots Tea Party or Coffee Party you want to belong to until Election Day. Then after that, you become a phone number on a bathroom stall somewhere in middle Nebraska.

A great example is that people blame President Clinton for destroying our military but "laying off" soldiers. Yet it's proven that the idea to "downsize" our military came under President George H.W. Bush's term. And who was the genuis of that calamity, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. In Bush's final year, more soldiers were let go due to downsizing then in any under Clinton. Clinton can be blamed for poor military morale and extremely taking to long to decide, but he did help modernize our military further then his predecessor.

OK, well somehow my frosty cold brew has gone flat and I need to help the economy by ordering another.

Pass that bowl of stale peanuts, go light up and pay your political tab.

Big Poppa's out