Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fair Tax or Fairy Tale- It's Tax Time

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Big Poppa looked at his calender the other day and realized the misery was a few weeks away. That's right April 15Th TAX DAY! Time for misery of the day and headache of Media talkers spewing their thoughts on "Fair Tax" theories, which sounds good but essentially make no sense and can be confusing. So Big Poppa decided to give the two bar stools a much needed rest and waddled on over to see "Rajheid" the accountant.

*Public Service Announcement- Always be nice to those who do your taxes, especially a caffeine induced accountant. With the wrong click of the mouse, you could end up in audit hell!*

"Rajheid" is basically family to Big Poppa and I trust his opinion on many topics, even if I disagree. I mentioned I was researching "Fair Tax" and wanted his thoughts. "Rajheid" said "well the best would be a national sales tax." And through my research that would be the "Fair Tax" theory,

Now a "Fair Tax" is supported by many people, both ordinary and media, and is basically National Sales Tax on consumer goods, but only new goods, all used goods would not be taxed, since they were already taxed once already. And no one can agree upon what the tax should be set at. Friendly accountant "Rajheid" says well a tax around 7%-10% is a decent amount for anyone to understand, but I threw the grenade at him and told him that I have found that they want between 17% - 23% and one report at 30%! His jaw bounced off his glass top desk and the ill audible words of "are you serious?"

As I explained the reasoning for such a high percentage, is that the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax would essentially remove all taxes from ones paycheck, taxes such as Social Security, Medicare, Employee, Corporate taxes would be removed as well as Capital Gain, Estate and Gift taxes would be cast aside. He agreed that a high percentage in a Fair Tax/National Sales Tax system would be needed to cover the entitlements of Social Security and Medicare and not to mention other government functions that we pay for in the current tax system, but 23& and even 30% was outrageous.

Well my taxes were done and I left pleased with my Federal return, but left with more questions concerning the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax.

Is this a set tax or adjustable tax? If used goods are not taxed, couldn't these business owners charge outlandish prices for goods? Wouldn't lower income households consume less? Who monitors the retailers?

Now, everyone would see a larger paycheck, because nothing would be taken out, YIPPEE! But lower income households could adjust their spending habits, they would have to without a doubt. Sure the higher income families spend more, they eat out more, buy higher priced goods such as cars and electronics than the lower income families. And at year's end, that Fair Tax/National Sales Tax will add up and hurt the pocketbook.

If a household brings in $50,000 and spends on average $300 at the grocery, about 75% of that grocery bill is taxable. So the bill drops to $225 then add in the higher 23% Sales Tax, the bill comes to $276.75, saving $23.25 a trip. So people would consume more because they see a savings. And there's no factor that companies wouldn't charge more for goods or if the government decided to raise the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax if desired.

Competition drives prices, however, if people desire more hybrids than regular vehicles, the auto industry can drive up prices on the hybrids and gas companies can raise their prices as well because not everyone could afford a hybrid, and people would be stuck buying expensive gas. Win for business, lose for consumer.

Under the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax, retailers will send their share of revenue tax to the state which they reside and then the state takes their share and then sends the rest to the U.S. Treasury. Companies would then have to answer "how much was actually sold?" when the Federal government asks. Also, under the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax, states could lower property taxes, but also choose not to conform to the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax and keep their current Sales tax system. And if that happens, how many people would move from state to state and how would it affect mortgage rates?

Well, the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax could lower interest rates on mortgages, but then, as we saw over the last decade, people would buy more of a home then they need, not realizing the cost to maintain that larger home, because you'll pay that 23% tax on services. You think electricity is free?

Fair Tax/National Sales Tax theory believes that business would grow due to higher consumption and profits, but also that business would have less operational cost, meaning less employees, which could lean towards high unemployment. Sure some companies are reporting profits nowadays, but are also hiring less because they would rather pay overtime to the current employees than deal with the cost of new hirers not to mention health care, life insurance, operation cost, etc.. (please do not mention the health care reform if making comment)

It wasn't long ago, President George W Bush signed a tax cut to large business to reinvest in America, but about 90% of those companies reinvested out of the country. Companies like Coca-Cola reinvested in the European market while Pepsi reinvested in Asia. Why? Cheaper operational costs and a larger market share.

And then there's the Federal government, the evil empire amongst the galaxy. Under Fair Tax/National Sales Tax, the Federal government wouldn't see a change in revenue under the first year under the tax, however, they may see a downturn in the second year and so on. So technically, business would profit hoping people will consume more (just like today), business could run on less overhead, but the Federal government could adjust the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax higher on service and goods. Services like unemployment, because companies would need less overhead, a large amount of accountants would be looking for work as well, and the IRS could possibly higher more employees to regulate the Fair Tax/National Sales Tax properly, because "all" business is truthful nowadays.

We are trained in this nation to consume, the more we consume the less in savings people have and after the near collapse of our wonderful banking system, people are already near zero in savings.

The Fair Tax/National Sales Tax is a win in theory for many, but in the end run, it "hope for change" theory is that people will consume more for a "feeling" of saving more. The Federal government could adjust the Fair Tax and states would not have to join in if they don't feel like it. Companies could/would operate with less employees and gain larger profits. Consumers could/would buy larger homes and newer vehicles due to smaller interest rates and property taxes, but pay more for services for the larger home and newer vehicle.

But then again, this is all a theory or is it all fairy tale?

Peanut bowl is empty and the 2 bar stools are cold... Pay your tab

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Booty Call" for the Tea Party

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Big Poppa is back on the bar stool and has a thirst for pissing people off. It's fun to watch people fish for answers. I swear I do it just to see who knows what they are saying, or who is just book smart, or who just regurgitates whatever they heard from some Media talkers. Sorry folks, not all those Media talkers on FOX and MSNBC aren't that brilliant, they just talk real good. They are overpaid Used Car Salesmen/women. Just like those people who perform polls.

So here's a poll that can lead into a new topic of a third political party.

According to Rasmussen, when given the choice of Democrat, Republican or Tea Party, who would you vote for, the finding was: 33% Democrat, 23% Tea Party, 18% Republican and 22% Undecided. Ok, I know someone pulled out the calculator and found that all those numbers only adds up to 96!!

Now it hurts Big Poppa to say this, but I actually agree with Gov Palin in the need for a third party. I am a firm believer that there should be more flavor in political choice or no choice at all. Also I believe if you believe in your party 100%, well you missed the plane ride to Jonestown awhile back.

There are close to 50 political parties listed on the political directory and some should have their charter revoked (and their pledge pins Neidermeyer), since a few follow along with one of the Big 2. Libertarian and Constitution parties vote Republican and Green Party mainly goes Democratic so scratch them from the directory.

Then there are the America First, American Independent (John Birch group), America's Independence, and American parties that vote Republican. Contrary to belief from what we see on the Media, the American Nazi Party (it exists) goes Republican. They switched from Democrat in 2000 to Republican, and haven't been from since 2006.

Oh my, there's; The Boston Tea Party (an offshoot of the Libertarians),
Communist Party USA, Freedom Socialist Party/Radical Women (I may be related to a few of these ladies), Independent American Party (Jesse Ventura You Rock), Labor Party, Modern Whig Party, Objectivist Party (All hail Ayn Rand's platform), Peace and Freedom Party, US Marijuana Party (I think Bill Maher is charter member), The Third Party, etc....

Oh my head hurts and my glass is empty, fill 'er up.

Recently the only one that came close to anything was the Reform Party. Unfortunately this party got to big too fast and split into four factions between it's founder Ross Perot, Jesse Ventura, Pat Buchanan and Lenora Fulani. All four factions went in other directions and this is what I see happening to the Tea Party.

Now on paper, the idea of the Tea Party made plenty of sense: Taxes and government over spending. Some reports that the Tea Party formed during 2007, but only gained relevance in 2009 because, well, the Media Talkers needed controversy.

Yes, as with the Boston Tea Party, there are radicals in the mix of the modern day Tea Party. But the Tea Party lacks organization to be an opponent to either of the Big 2 political parties. In Pittsburgh, Pa, there are 10 groups linking themselves to the Tea Party movement, yet only about half talks to another. In Chicago, there's about 15 groups, none have a clue as to what the other is doing until Tax Day. Outside of Tax Day, these groups rarely talk, and like most demonstrations, it only takes a few people to cause chaos.

And of course, the Republican Party is courting the Tea Party as they do Conservative Catholic/Christians. But it's the Tea Party that should be doing the courting. If someone was able to buy this group a clue and get them to organize properly, they could court Libertarians who are the red headed step child of the Republican Party, they could court the election day "booty call" that are the Conservative Catholic/Christians, and they would vehemently court those disenfranchised Democrats that believed Hillary was entitled to be President. But they won't and the Tea Party will become another contact for the Republican Party, another election day "booty call."

Congressional Republicans fear the Tea Party more then the Democrats, because they know the Tea Party can hurt them more on election day then Democrats. Just look at Arizona. John McCain was the Republican presidential candidate in 2008 and now he is fighting for his political life against JD Hayworth, who is backed by the Tea Party. How quickly the party throws their candidate to the fire, or was he really the true candidate? No, McCain wasn't the real choice for Republicans in 2008. McCain wasn't the "Maverick" of 2000, he lost his values and virtues to just win in 2008. He may win in 2010, by about 2% if he's lucky.... Republicans true choice was Gov Mitt Romney, but many let religious belief blind them. Shame.

Oh wait, Mitt Romney is a Mormon and people shied away from him, yet Glenn Beck is a Mormon and people follow his pied piper act with obscene thirst.

Thirst, dang the glass is empty again. Fill the peanut bowl and pay the tab.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Even Beck(ster) needed Social Justice

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Big Poppa is a little fumed about what has transpired these last few days and I want to rant.

Where does Glenn Beck get off telling people, especially Catholics/Christians, to leave their church if they hear the words "Social Justice?" I'm not gonna pigeon hole all Catholics/Christians, only those that call themselves "Conservative Catholics/Christians."

What is Social Justice? Well the National Association for Social Workers defines it as "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need."

WOW! So helping others, who are in the greatest need of help is bad. I must have missed that Sunday school teachings.

Alexander Hamilton, I'm sure many have heard of this insane person, wrote about Social Justices in something called "The Federalist Papers," particularly in paper #7. Where he said that other states need to help another monetarily under the circumstance of war. Hm, so don't let one state fall victim to hardships.

WOW! So helping others, who are in the greatest need of help, is needed to be a successful nation. I must have missed that day in Social Studies and American History.

My answer to those questions will be simple, "Conservative Catholics/Christians" are ignorant! Go ahead, burn my yard it needs landscaped anyway.

"Cpnservative Catholic/Christians" are like the geek kids who want to be popular. They try to hang out with the popular crowds, but keep getting shut out or pushed around and then when asked upon for help, say a place to party on a Friday night, they open the door, get trounced on and when the smoke clears come Monday morning, the are back to their nameless "geekdom" lives.

Every election cycle, the "CC/C's" are used by the Republican Party and even the Conservative talkers to get someone elected. "Sure so-so is for all your wants, just vote for him/her, and you'll see" and what they see is a pittance of what the "CC/C's" wanted.

This where I don't understand the love affair between Republicans and "CC/C's". The "CC/C" need to be slapped and water boarded. You are being used for one purpose and you enjoy it or else you wouldn't return the dang(!) Republican phone call.

While Beckster has told Catholics/Christians to leave their church if they hear the words "Social Justice," people like Bill Donahue (Conservative Catholic League President) are defending Beckster.

Beckster needs to understand that people need help, a Social Justice if you will. Beckster needs to remember, he once was on the outs of society. Drug Addict. Alcoholic. He had many demons. He ruined his first marriage due to his addictions. Could he have saved his first marriage with help of a Social Justice?

Churches use Social Justice to teach their communities how to:
1. Conduct personal relationships
2. Importance of relationships for common good
3. To find the power of action
4. The importance of social values for the community

Heck they even:
1. Sponsor "get out the vote" drives
2. Sponsor bake sales to help the community and church

But they also use Social Justice to help those in larger need. Those people who need a place for Alcoholic Anonymous meeting or Addiction Anonymous meetings. Those very same programs that the Beckster used/uses to help him with his addiction.

Social Justice is not all about the monetary value. It's about helping people, who are in grave need, rise again and find their self worth to their families, their communities and more importantly to themselves.

So I say to you, Beckster, remember where you came from and who helped you. You attended AA meetings, therefore you had a sponsor, someone to call when you had the urge, when the addiction was uncontrollable. Someone came, someone listened, someone helped you rise again. That my friend is a Social Justice.

Sorry for the incoherent rant, but that's it, the Peanut Bowl is empty. Pay your tab.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

President Dictator how are thee?

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

That's right Big Poppa's just waddled thru the door and he's waddling fast for the peanut bowl and plopping his big two bar stool butt down (Damn you Southwest Airlines for making me declare myself as two people).

See Big Poppa was up late last night, flipping through the Internet and found an article by Jerome Corsi, that he can never recall hearing about. Seems the President has passed a directive that grants him, what is close to, dictatorial powers!

This directive makes plans for federal functions of all Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Governments, as well as all Private sector organizations to function under Presidential directive under a National emergency. Sounds like martial law but also sounds alittle more Communist as well to Big Poppa.

My lord, quick call Glenn Beck! Call Michael Savage! Call Dora the Explorer to reach a Census. Dang it, where's my FOX News hot line number at, this is huge.

OK, so under this "National Security and Homeland Security National Directive" or as it is known inside the Beltway of Washington, NSPS-51 and HSPD-20 respectively, this is for catastrophic cases only. But let's define catastrophic cases: Incidents of mass casualties, incidents of mass disruption say to infrastructure, economy and population. OK, but wasn't that what the Department of Homeland Security was created to help and the reorganization of FEMA, Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Patrol and the US Secret Service under the DHS's roof?

So if something catastrophic happens, this "directive" gives the president authority to take over control of everything(!) in the United States until he/she sees fit to restore to original format. So it is martial law but on steroids. So, say, if there is another Anthrax scare like in 2001-2002, the president could throw out his "National Security and Homeland Security National Directive" card on the Oval Office floor, therefore putting the entire United States under his control, making governors useless (aren't most anyway?), seizing their National Guard control, putting federal agents on the NYSE floor, and well even take over all communications from television to cell phone usage.

WOW! So no one could listen to Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh or watch American Idol under this, wait sounds like a sweetheart deal to Big Poppa.

The president can declare a national emergency as one sees fit and can seize property, assets, control all communications, national guard, restrict every means of travel, institute martial law, and basically control the lives of every US citizens for as long as he/she deems necessary.

WOW! The president could take over the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Pirates, happily depriving their fans from yet another losing season, but would anyone care?

So here's the clincher.... no one sees this as a contradiction to Constitutional law and a simple dictatorship. Once again, say there is another financial collapse and well people go lunatic, a president can simply lock down the country as he/she sees fit until he/she declares the emergency over... Sounds far fetched, but under this directive it could happen.

Now there has been a National Security Act for some time, which let's Congress rescind any presidential order if they feel it is acted upon inappropriately. But this "National Security and Homeland Security National Directive" super cedes it, giving Congress no balance of power and making them useless (like they haven't been useless in decades). That's right, the National Security Act is a useless directive now and all Congress could do is pout in the corner.

Well slap Big Poppa's ass and call him Susie. Where the heck were all the "mainstream media," and that includes FOX News (shut up Hannity, FOX News is Mainstream) when all this transpired? Stupid liberal media, bending over for their love affair of the president like that.

Oh wait, did I forget to call BULLSH*T on this nugget of info and tell you this all happened in May 2007 under then President George W Bush?

Dang it! Turn over the Peanut bowl and help pay the tab. Please click the advertising tab or I'll issue April 10Th as FOXNews Appreciation Day and King Big Poppa will make O'Reilly/Hannity dance like the court jester fools that they are for all.

Monday, March 15, 2010

NCAA Tourney- Washington Style

"Make a hole, make it wide"

Big Poppa's got his head in the peanut bowl today folks, March Madness is here and I ain't talking the NCAA tourney. That's right
Washington's got their own tourney going on this week: House Health care vote, No Child Left Behind Part Duex and the love affair of Republicans / Eric Massa

Healthcare/Medicare reform voting
Ok, so under the darkness of night, while much of America is tuned into the NCAA tourney and watching their brackets, Nancy Pelosi is trying to coach her team to victory and reach the magical number 216. 216 votes is needed to pass the Senate's Healthcare bill which was passed in the Senate back in December, almost 90 days ago. Talk about a time out! Then it goes to President Obama to be signed, then another measure to add alternative admendments to the bill to be voted on, and then another (possible) signing by the President. Pelosi's gonna need a bigger dry erase board for this.

Big Poppa needs a frosty cold injection after that whirlwind.

Now, I am not a fan of the Speaker of the House, never was never will be. Maybe it's because I never have seen the woman blink! Can she or has she gotten one to many Botox shots? Like any good coach and what seems like a losing situation, she's talking game, telling all she's got what it takes to win this game, but does she have game? I don't think so and there's no Cinderella story ending.

Not to mention, all these Democrats that are "unsure" of how they'll vote. If I understand this, these guys are holding town hall meetings with the Tea Party members in their district, plus their normal constituents. Is this like speed dating? Seriously, I mean you go out with the Tea Party members, listen to them quip, rant, berate you because, well, they don't like you because you are a Democrat. You be polite, answer some questions, give that ackward handshake afterwards, slip them the wrong phone number on purpose and then move on to the next table. At that table, you listen to their quips, get berated again because you are not listening to them, but they like you because you represent them and they know where you live. Wait, this could make for a great C-SPAN surreal life reality show. Can't be worse then what's normal boring programming there.

Affordable health care is a great wonderful prospect, but it ain't gonna happen, especially at this pace. Plus, everyone is still talking about things that aren't in the Senate bill.

There is no federal money for abortion. There is no government take over of health insurance simple because there is No Public Option. And besides there has been government health insurance since 1965, it's called Medicare. And beleive this, the Republicans now are still using the same gameplan they did then, except instead of using Ronald Reagan as the point guard, they inserted Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, and other Conservative talkers to run the "picket fence." Mind you, the people that are truly fighting Health care/Medicare reform are the very same people that were against in 1965 that are using Medicare now! Hmmm how's that working for ya' guys? How's that entitlement program?

The Democrat you want to burn at the stake is Barry Stupak. This guy had the "sack" to hold up legislation over abortion and then just when he had his way, he blew it. No federal funding for abortion makes sense, but then this whackjob decided that even if you have your own health insurance that you pay for, he wanted a clause that said your health insurance wouldn't cover one! I'm sure there's a Supreme Court ruling there, what was it called again? Something about invasion of privacy?

If the Democrats were smart, they should've pushed this through on Saturday March 13th. Why? Simply because the majority of America was celebrating St Patty's day with parades and a weekend of drinking. None of the 6p-10p nightly talkers were working. No one would've known, there wasn't anything on television to be pre-empted for the news. If they do it this week and one of the many NCAA games is pre-empted, there will be a swarm of Pitchforks in Washington.

It's time for the Democrats to "nut-up" and do something. You have the majority.

No Child Left Behind Part Deux
So President Obama now wants to rewrite NCLB so that teachers are held accountable for poor performance. What a novel idea, yet in Big Poppa's mind there's an issue, that issue is the parents. This is gonna give parents more reason to blame the schools for their childrens poor performances.

Parents will now be given a "not my fault" card for their child's poor grades and a megaphone to yell loudly about how bad the school is and why do they pay such high school taxes.

Yes, teachers have a large responsibility to teach our children, strengthen their minds, broaden their intelligence, but that ends at 230-300 in the afternoon. What happens afterwards is the parents responsibilty. "Tommy did you do you homework?" and with the typical response of "yes mom/dad." And that's where the conversation ends, parent off the hook and the child returns to one hand on the remote control and the other on the S'Mores poptart (yummy! and damn peanut bowl is empty).

Many parents are happy that they can drop their kids off and blame the school for all their child's misfortunes in education and behavior.

To quote Hillary Clinton (my head hurts saying that), "It takes a village to raise a child." It's true, unless your household is lucky enough to have a stay at home parent, parents today depend on others to help them and schools are one. But when the kids are home, it's time to be a parent. Don't go saying "Big Poppa you ain't a parent, what do you know?" Well folks, I am a parent, I have a wife, we have a child and we (as most) have a village of people that help us and we couldn't be more thankful for their help and support.

When I was a kid, I didn't like homework, but my parents made sure I did it or I couldn't play in the sports I wanted to. I had to pay (grades) to play, that simple. One of the coolest things happened over the weekend, I helped my young nephew on a Social Studies project. He needed help and he asked for help, so his grandmother and I jumped in to help. Project: Campaign for a former President to your classmates. He got Lyndon Johnson. Sure Gramma and I kinda hijacked half the project, but the delight in his eyes to get help was like winning the lottery. It took a village to help him get this far and dammit, the village succeeded.

But the criteria from the teacher was rather a blank sheet of a paper. Simple bullet points, but no real instruction given. Did the teacher want references? No clue. How many pages does the research need to be? Just shrug your shoulders and wing it I guess. No there's some blame on the teacher.

Teachers get enough abuse from the poorest to richest school district to which the work, but laying the blame of failure souly on the teacher is wrong President Obama. Giving a "not my fault" card to some parents is going to move education eight steps backwards when our educational system needs a kick forward the most.

Or was President just trying to look like a capitalist and help make a sale for the after school Sylvan Learning Centers or any tutoring corporation?

Eric Massa
This guy has become the pimple on the ass of the Democrats and they can't pop him.

First off, talkers like Limbaugh and Beck acted like sugar filled children when this guy started talking. Giddy as they were (and not by Massa tickling them) they both got punked within 48 hours by him. I watched the Glenn Beck interview and within the first 30 seconds Beck (and I) saw the sinking of his show. Beck's game of "12 degrees of Socialism thru Bigfoot and Census building" is getting old and he hoped Massa would revive it. What a beuatiful train wreck it was to see.

Beck is so eager to get conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory out there, that he is turning FOX News into the tabloid National Enquirer. Hey I heard Bigfoot smuggled in radiation filled peanut butter cups while doing the Macerana. Better jump on that one Beck, you might be able to link it to Dora the Explorer by indoctrinating our kids into harboring illegal communist monkeys. Sounds stupid but I give credit that Beck could do it and still cry about how much he loves the USA.

Anyway, so now Massa is gone, but dang it, he keeps rearing his head up without trying, now the Republicans want to re-open the investigation. Why? Let it die, no one cares. Everyone has seen him as a whackjob.
Will re-opening his inquiry let us know who pathetic Washington really is? Well maybe..

Will re-opening Massa's inquiry give the Tea Party some much needed oxygen? Well maybe..

But it will show all of us watching how wasteful Washington is wasting our time with pathetic little crying fits to fill air time on CNN, MSNBC, or even (tabloid) FOX between 6p-10p. It's all for show, no substance. Congress has turned into "Dancing with the whackjobs" for the amount of TV each member is seeking. No offense but I didn't like Keith Olberman when he was doing sports at ESPN and people forget Bill O'Rielly's claim to fame before FOX News was doing tabloid reporting for Inside Edition.

Hey wait, FOX News-- Inside News-- Tabloids.... Quick of 12 degrees of bullsh*t reporting... I did it I did it (damn you Dora the Explorer).

Republicans run to the cameras for a conspiracy faster than a run away Toyota Prius, seriously who knew a Prius could go 92 mph.

The Massa issue is simple filling a void until the next debacle. Hey I heard someone stole Minority leader John Boehner's tanning booth? Seriously if someone did, the electric bill in Washington would drop a few hundred dollars. Now that's a federal budget savings. Or maybe someone saw Nancy Pelosi blink? Quick call Beck it could a be conspiracy that aliens really do live in her head.

So let's sum up the Washington tourney...
Bracket #1 -Nancy Pelosi vs. the House... House wins (people lose)
Bracket #2 - NCLB vs. Teachers... Sorry teachers if it passes, NCLB wins it and your flipping burgers
Bracket #3 - Beck vs. Socialist Bigfoot.... Bigfoot will always win as long as Beck has a TV show. Buy stock in Kleenex because we'll cry more then Beck.
Bracket #4 - undeclared because the Peanut bowl is empty

Turn over the Peanut bowl and help pay the tab. Please click the advertising tab or I'll send Glenn Beck and Socialist Bigfoot with John Boehner's tanning booth to your house to rape your electric bill

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dora the Explorer vs. Glenn Beck- Who's Right?

"Make a hole, make it wide"

Big Poppa needs to take his usual two bar stools seated at the end of the bar, put his fat hand in the peanut bowl, and gulp a frosty cold one. The question of the day is: "Why is Glenn Beck arguing with Dora the Explorer over the 2010 Census?"

The Census is Constitutional! It's a fact. Every ten years, Census is taken to see where America is in population and financial needs. Therefore if less people currently live in a certain area, that Congressional District can be consolidated with another Congressional District. So folks, if you have a Republican Representative and you don't fill out your 10 (simple non-intrusive) questions, you may end up being consolidated with your neighboring Democratic District, or vice verse. Thereby making every portion of $400 billion dollars up for grabs! Sounds like a new game show for Howie Mandel and those models (aw those models). So if you choose wrong and decide not to fill out the 10 (simple non-intrusive) questions and then ignore the Census enumerator (that's the term used) who comes to visit you three times, you can only blame yourself for redistricting and loss of funds for such programs as: Hospitals, Job training, Schools, Senior centers, oh yeah BRIDGES, TUNNELS, PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS and EMERGENCY SERVICES !!!! And that then means to keep all functioning.... say it together as one voice... Higher local taxes cast upon you for being lazy.

Now with that said, the 2010 Census is budgeted for about $14 billion dollars. I'm not sure how this figure will awaken your brain, but "For every 1 percent increase in mail response, taxpayers will save an estimated $85 million" as stated by Census Bureau Director Robert Groves. Hm mm, Howie call the Banker guy and ask him what would happen if 50% responded. The fuzzy mathed banker comes back with "$4,250,000,000." That's almost 25% of the budget if half of the population responds on the mailer alone. The rest of the budget goes to the Census Takers or Enumerators (I love that term, I think bank tellers are gonna start calling themselves that now, kinda like Custodial Arts= Janitor), advertising and those buried in temporary offices nationwide. Seriously, imagine if 50% of New York City did complete the 2010 Census, the town would turn chaotic. People already pay obscene amount of money to live there, heck a crappy 10x15 studio apartment costs more then my monthly mortgage payment!

There have already been stories of people being harassed by Census workers, but I say "BULL." Census workers are not even out counting yet and they can't count until they receive a list of those who have not mailed the form in. Forms go out in the mail this month, March. Census takers will not be in neighborhoods till April and stop in June. Remember to ask for identification before answering any question(s).

So let's talk advertising. Rousch Fenway's #16 race car, driven by Greg Biffle, received sponsorship from the Census Bureau. Three races from in March for $1.2 million, but with that cost came all the free air time on your local FOX station during those races. So the Census Bureau has a better deal in NASCAR then they did for the $2.5 million they paid for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl on Feb 7, 2010. But using Dora the Explorer might make some people flip into racial profiling or issue claims of "indoctrination of our children." I still want to see papers on Boots the Monkey, he looks suspicious.

Is Dora using subliminal messages on our kids into freaking out and crying that mommy and daddy don't love them because they didn't fill out the Census or didn't count them on the Census. Quick dial up Glenn Beck, I think he should've reported on this nugget and not getting Punk'd by former New York Rep. Eric Massa. Although that was a great train wreck of a show.

Instead Mr. "Conspiracy at every turn" Beck made this dozy of a statement concerning the 2010 Census; "The 2010 Census is an attempt to increase Slavery."
What century are we in? Did we rev up the Cocaine fueled De Loren Dr. Beck? Really, you're gonna throw the Slavery Card on the table?

I think Beck is confusing Questions 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and possibly 10. Here are the 10 (simple non-intrusive) questions you are asked on the Census:

1. How many people were living or staying at the house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?

2. Were there any additional people staying there on April 1, 2010, that weren't included in answer to Question #1

3. Is this a house, apartment, or mobile home

4. What is the telephone number of residence

5. Please provide information for each person living here.

6. What is person #1 sex

7. What is person #1's age and what is person #1's date of birth

8. Is person #1 of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin

9. What is person #1's race

10. Does person #1 sometimes live or stay somewhere else?

If you may have notice, a few of these questions may duplicate another, why? Simply to make sure you are being honest with your answers.

Beck's view is, that by answering the Census questions we will/have become slaves to the "Washington Master." WHAT?! Seriously, Americans have not become "slaves to the Washington Master" and I believe everyone should feel insulted by this accusation by Beck. History tells us that a "Slave was considered 3/5th of a person," and that was a Male Slave only. Where does Beck come up with his conspiracies? Does he have a conspiracy fortune cookie dish under his desk?

If anyone has become a slave to Washington, it would Beck and the opinionaters of FOX News between the 6pm thru 10pm time slot. Too many people feed the frenzy of the opinionated cast at FOX News. Viewers/Listeners take their words as gospel and if anyone had time to research their words, they can find the opposite as truth. If all the opionated talkers out there have all the answers to clean up Washington, why aren't they in Congress? Seriously, Al Franken walked his talk and now is in Washington, and doing a fine job. It's easy to be a "Monday Morning Quarterback" and spew words into peoples heads while we have all become drones to our cubicles, punching a keyboard. I'll take Dora the Explorer over Glenn Beck on this.

The Census works. The Census helps. Look at San Francisco. They have so many little ethnic communities that they have set up small medical centers in these areas to help people receive better health care. It's easier for an immigrant (legal or not) who speaks broken English to see a doctor fluent in their language to get better care. Makes sense, but then again somehow I am sure Beck would bring the whole "Universal Health care" fight into that nugget of info.

Even the wackiest of all Representatives has seen the light (or maybe her job possibly fading) and has signed on to make sure the Census is completed. That's right, Minnesota's Michelle Bachmann, the very same person who said she would not fill out her Census to prove a point, flip-flopped. I guess someone took Rep. Bachmann back to history class, I hope it was Al Franken or Robert Wruhl, and read her Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.You know that piece of paper that was signed that people like Beck, Hannity, and Bachman wave around, but need Nicholas Cage's character Ben Gates to interpret. Here it states:

"Representation and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers ... . The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct."

Sounds clear to me. So in 1790, Beck even knows this, a Census must be completed every 10 years, as it is LAW. Rep. Bachmann would be breaking the law, could go to jail or be fined, possibly lose her Congressional seat by redistricting. Hm, someone must've paid attention to her last paycheck and her back account.

So, it's simple, if you want that bridge fixed/built or not see your local police force consolidated with the next community or unfortunately not be like Kansas City and have to close 20+ schools due to lack of funds or have the representation that you want, simply answer the 10 (simple non-intrusive) questions and mail it. Mail it, so we as taxpayers can save some of the money that would be used on Census Enumerators.

Wait, since Airlines can consider Big Poppa as two people, due to his rather large frame and two seat usage, do I count myself as 1 person or 2 persons on the Census?

Turn over the Peanut bowl and help pay the tab. Please click the advertising tab or I'll send Glenn Beck in his Cocaine fueled De Loren to your house

Monday, March 8, 2010

Health Care this Palin

"Make a hole make it wide!"
That's right Big Poppa Politics is back after a few weeks to regain my composure and find direction. So let's rant and rave.

Did Sarah Palin sniff the glue that holds her hair extensions in place? The whack job from Wasilla was quoted over the weekend as saying " We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?" And she had the "brass ones" to say this in front of a Canadian crowd she was getting paid to speak in front of!

So hold on there "Ms. Lipstick Pitbull," you used to scramper across the Great White Northern border for health care! Why? Because in Canada the health care is free or should I say it's "at a guaranteed one time fee." Mrs. Palin, you used Socialized medicine and survived!

Folks, I know people who live across the pond, some with serious medical problems and they survive under the "socialized/government medicine" system. But, here in the 'ol US of A, we are talking about creating a system for people who's employer does not provide or cannot get health insurance, not putting everyone into a meat grinder as one!

I have to say I agree with both sides of the aisle on this. I do believe everyone in this grand country should have access to affordable health insurance. Don't give me that line "everyone in America has health coverage, it's called the Emergency Room" because that's a load of crap. Sure you go to the Emergency Room, whether you can afford it or not, and get taken care of. Then wait for the bill, if you have health insurance and depending on the medical reason, you might pay nothing, but I've seen some people get hit with $5,000 for services and they have insurance! I don't care how much money you make, shelling out $5,000 is a hard pill to swallow. I don't care if you're the healthiest person on earth or born with a pre-existing condition, affordable healthcare is needed today, tomorrow, and in the future. Or else we'll become a nation of "Logan's Run" or the book "The Lottery."

Yes to access to affordable health insurance for those who are in need of it. That meaning, all you large companies out there are safe from being robbed, besides the large company gets better deductions depending on the size of the employee pool
anyway. So let's open up Medicare to the uninsured.

Medicare is supplement insurance, but it's better then not having anything at all. What could be a $2,500 medcical bill could be reduced to $1,000 out of pocket. I know it still sounds large, but it's better then nothing.

So to do it, we gotta fix Medicare first and for most, which means all of you that called Medicare a "Socialized/Government Medicine" system back in the 1960's and now are on it, SHUT UP! You are the Entitlement society, not the kids growing up now.

You want everything the government provides that you were against during it's inception. It's damn true, so sit down and listen up. You got all these little perks in Medicare, like for instance gym memberships.

Gym memberships cost on average $50/month for most, but under Medicare, Seniors are able to drop the cost to half. Now if they have Medicare Advantage through their health insurance, the cost is cut close to another half. So if my sad math skills work, they're paying close to $13/month for gym memberships. Not to damn bad. However, that $13/month gym membership is costing the Medicare system $40/month in payment to the health insurance provider who bills Medicare.

Let's not even talk about the trillion dollars President Bush cost the system under his Medicare Plan B or D or whatever stupid letter they came up with.... THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND NEEDS FIXED.

Fraud runs rampant in the system, we know this, but it's because the system built the fraud we are talking about. Look, in Pittsburgh where nursing schools run amock, the average salary for a Registered Nurse is close to $10 less then across the
state in Philadelphia where Nursing schools are less. So if a typical surgery cost$5,000 in Pittsburgh, Medicare will pay $4,200 for the surgery, making the hospital charge for the $800 difference. However, the saem surgery costs the same in Philadelphia, but Medicare will pay $5,300 to the hospital. That's right, they pay more and the hospital profits as well. Who said there wasn't capitalism in today's hospitals? Shouldn't the Medicare payment be the same? You decide.

The Wasilla lipstick-kissing pitbull can say what she wants about socialized medicine, she used by her own words and survived. Well then, you don't know the difference in satire from one comedian to the next, so maybe it did do something to
you, or was it the extension glue?

Oklahoma's Tom Coburn talked about going after the fraud first and I agree, the only problem is to do so, Government is gonna grow by adding new federal employees to the system.

Speaking of jobs, since when is it the President's responsibility to create jobs? When did the Presidential seal become an incorporated sign? Don't give me the line that "obama is creating a socialist state with government intrusion" crap again.

Folks, it all started during TARP under President Bush, don't deny it, because history is date stamped on it! TARP was needed, but wasn't regulated enough. I agree, if you want the Government to bail you out, you gotta prove you're not
gonna follow status quo and gotta fix what went wrong. Like any business going to the bank for a loan, the bank wants to see you're playbook. I don't blame President Obama for telling the banks, "now you gotta pay interest as well to the taxpayer."

But how much can a President offer to businesses to hire or to start up? How many tax breaks can be laid? How many incentives can be placed on the table to start a new business (please no more coffee shoppes, I'm jittery enough)?

In the mid-2000's, President Bush cut taxes on businesses so they could "re-invest" in America, about 70% did not. Companies took thos tax breaks and re-invested in Europe or Asia, and no one did a thing about it. So outside of expanding what some
consider an already over expanded government, can a President do?

Our government still needs money to function. Our government still needs to pay our soldiers for dedicating their lives to protect ours. Our government still needs to pay the electric bill, but our government still needs to learn how to balance the
budget. It worked for a few years in the 1990's, and money was saved. Although some say it was an auditing or fixing the numbers on paper to look good.

To that last statement, I say this "if the money wasn't there at the end of 1990's, does that not mean President George W.

Bush wrote a couple million bad checks to the American people in stimulus money?" Think about it.....

Turn over the peanut bowl and pay your tab... Big Poppa's heading out