Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Media’s bloodlust leads to assumptions of stupidity during tragedy

With the aftermath of the horrific movie theatre tragedy of Aurora, Colorado it took only hours for the bloodlust Media to point fingers and make assumptions as if they were standing in the theatre themselves, yet they are creating more problems than help in healing.

The one thing that is apparent is when tragedy happens, the Media divide points the finger at the opposition as the main factor of cause.

ABC News’ Brian Ross was so giddy that he had found a “James Holmes” listed on the Colorado Tea Party website, he just had to add it to the story only to apologize, no wait he didn’t apologize, but he did rebut himself to say he mislead the story and it was a different James Holmes.

Media is so quick to link a tragedy to a political party theory and I can guarantee had the shooter been dark skinned or of Arab decent, some Con-talker would screw up and try to link the shooter to al Qaeda.

I enjoy listening to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, but he too had made a dumbass assumption on Monday that when he heard that James Holmes was a young white guy from the suburbs that he may have been part of the Autism scale.

I being the father of a child on the Autism scale, as well as Scarborough youngest son being diagnosed with Aspergers, should know better. Yes, I have boycotted the show for the time being in disgust of such an assumption without merit.

Just about every mainstream Con-talker was bringing up how Liberals and Lib-talkers were now pushing for stronger/stricter gun laws, yet Rush, Hannity and Jeff Kunner (filling in for Mike Savage) forgot to inform their listeners that one of their own, Bill Kristol, was even calling on Liberals to push for new gun laws.

Last time I checked, Bill Kristol has a heavy hand in Conservative communications with frequent appearances on Fox News and other media outlets.

Con-talkers will not report the fact that Pres Obama has stated he has no plans to create new gun laws and wants to enforce the laws already known. They won’t correct the callers that state “Obama will now create laws to take away our guns” with the fact that even the much beloved Conservative New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Speaker John Boehner have made it known they stand with Pres Obama on enforcing current laws and steering away from new laws.

And, again, the Con-talkers refuse to inform their listeners that both Gov Christie and Republican Presidential candidate Romney both agreed that Pres Obama’s presence in Aurora was the correct action to take on Sunday, July 22. Nope, they turned into a political vote getting action by Obama and left Christie/Romney’s statement on the floor.

Had Pres Obama not visited the families in Aurora those very same Con-talkers would be ranting about how he didn’t take time from campaigning or golfing to visit American citizens during a tragedy, just as they did last year with the devastation in Joplin, Missouri.

The exploitation of the Aurora tragedy has been exploited by all Media and I give huge props to Syndicated radio host Jerry Doyle for pointing this out to his audience on his July 23 program. Doyle not only made mention of it, he went into an all out rant for the first hour of his program.

Doyle is probably the only true Independent Syndicated radio host out there. He regularly points out the pros and cons of both parties and their Media minions and with the same breath the need for none of them.

It seems the bigger assumption being debated is “what if a moviegoer had a concealed handgun with them? Could they have stopped Holmes? After all Colorado allows concealed weapons”

It’s an interesting assumption, but complicated at best with the answer of no.
Just clearly think about the situation.

The modern movie theatre has 6 to 7 rows near the screen on flat ground, stadium seating of 15-18 rows in the back, aisle stairs on both sides, and two entrances.

It’s been reported that Holmes entered the theatre from the right-side exit. Dressed in full SWAT team gear (helmet, bullet-proof vest, throat & crotch protection, arm & thigh shields) tosses a tear gas canister into a filled movie theatre (roughly seats 70-80 people) and then begins firing a semi-automatic gun, systematically shooting person by person.

Sounds like something right out of the open sequence of an action movie with Steven Seagal or Bruce Willis.

Now the assumption begins, could’ve a person with a concealed handgun get a clear enough shot from any part of the theatre with 70+ people running for their lives, pushing/shoving/trampling each other, gunfire flashes, tear gas smoke billowing about? No.

I spoke to a few police officers about this and they said it would be next to impossible, because no one needs a gun fight in a crowded area, there is no clear shot to take, and more than likely you’re part of the mass exodus being pushed out of the aisle by those running in fear. The best practice is to get people to safety as quickly as possible.

The second thought was of the 3 members of our military (2 Air Force, 1 Navy) in attendance, could they have stopped Holmes if armed? The answer is still no, as the scenario is the same and the fact that every member of our military does not carry a weapon with them, even on duty.

These scenarios, led by Con-talkers, are creating the larger part of the 2nd Amendment debate in the past few days. By instilling the thought that anyone or everyone should carry a concealed handgun to thwart evil is maddening.

We only have to look at Florida and their “Stand Your Ground” law and the death of Trayvon Martin.

Yes, gun sales have risen 40%+ over the past few days, fueled by protection fears and the passed on idea that Pres Obama or whacked out Liberals will take away their right to bear arms.

Everyone should have the right to bear arms, but why should everyone own an AR-15 to protect them? Legislation can be written to list what should and shouldn’t be banned, it wouldn’t infringe on any hunting rights or personal protection rights.

The one thing all Media should be focusing on is the fact that the families want less visual of James Holmes on TV, but the only thing the Media knows is “if it bleeds it leads” and Holmes’ face will be shown every hour possible.

That’s it, slap the tap on Rooney’s Old Style Irish Ale and pass the stale peanuts. Pay your political tab.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Attacking Lazy Liberals is too mind-numbing

Picking thru my Lean Cuisine microwave dinner and my formerly Doritos’s stained fingers clicking through emails, I have been asked “Why don’t you attack Democrats you pathetic fat man?”

Well it got me thinking “wait I’m eating a Lean Cuisine dinner, it’s proportionally nutritionally correct!” But then I thought of the other part of the statement, “Why don’t you attack Liberals?”

Hm, excellent question and even though I have in the past, the correct answer is I don’t have to because they don’t need my help destroying themselves. And the best example is just look at the past week with the Presidential campaigns.

The week of July 9 was not a good Media week for the Willard Romney campaign, as accusations of large off shore bank accounts, Bain Capital employment lies, conspiracy theories of his NAACP Speech and possible VP choice headlined every hour of the 24 hour news cycle.

Liberals had won the week, took the victory lap and then Obama opened his mouth on July 13 to tell businesspeople “You’re business success is not yours alone. You couldn’t have done it without others.”

Dumbass! You had the glory of the Liberal Media longing for Republican blood, Chris Matthews slobbering all over himself and you cut your throat instead.

As I said, the Democrats don’t need me attacking them when, if you give them some time they’ll screw the pooch themselves.

Wait is that like being “Santorumed?”

But Willard and his campaign hierarchy are just as dumb as the Democrats in the fact that they have a hard time spinning negative news.

Ok, so Willard’s Bain Capital legend is in the crosshairs thanks to some SEC filings from 2002. Everyone knows Willard left Bain Capital in some capacity in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, basically taking a sabbatical from his company, yet his name stayed on the company directory.

The only question that any Liberal Media source should attack would be his $100k yearly compensation during those 3 years. Was he still an employee or just considered an investor?

Oh but that leads into the whole tax return argument, to which Willard has only released 2011’s returns.

Honestly I don’t give a rat’s behind if any Presidential candidate released their tax returns, even if they are sitting in the Oval Office. However, video has shown that Willard has gone after opponents in different political races for not fully releasing their tax returns.

And this is where Willard and his campaign cannot spin the attack.

So arrogant are they about the tax returns that Romney hit the news cycle and stated “We’ll release 2010 tax returns when the accountants are able to get it.”

WTF? I keep my tax return copies in a file at the desk. You’re telling me your accountant doesn’t them readily available on their computer? You don’t have a copy or you’ll write a release letter when you get a free moment?

But Willard’s big dumbass tax return gaffe was when he compared his tax returns to that of Cindy McCain. Willard cried foul that no one asked for Mrs. McCain’s tax returns when husband John ran for President in 2008.

No one cared about Cindy McCain’s finances because the McCain’s file separately!
Liberals could’ve rode Willard hard for another week on all these miscues, watch him grant interviews to everyone that would listen, but Obama had to open his mouth with “If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen” while trying to stir up the middle & lower class supporters.

I give credit to Willard for trying to take advantage of Obama trying to adlib without his trusty teleprompter.

At a rally outside of Pittsburgh, Willard attempted to hit Obama on his “business speech” blunder. Problem being when Willard mentioned the likes of Steve Jobs/ Apple and John Schnatter/Papa John’s building their empires; he forgot that indeed they had help to bring their ideas to life.

There would be no Apple without Steve Wozniak. It was Wozniak that created the Apple I and Apple II, but it was Steve Jobs business sense that sold the push for affordable personal computers.

John Schnatter of Papa John’s Pizza fame had help from his father. Schnatter’s father was part owner of a local bar and sonny-boy raised funds by selling his car to buy out the partner. With daddy’s already established patrons, he was able to sell his pizzas and create his empire.

Liberals are going about Willard’s venture capitalist background the wrong way. They should be using their Hollywood cronies to tell a story. Actually the story has been already told and millions have seen it.

Movie fans will equate Willard with Richard Gere’s character as a billionaire venture capitalist from the movie Pretty Woman. Gere’s venture capitalist character buys into companies and tears them apart for profit, yet in the end Gere’s character folds and wants to see how his money would evolve, not dissolve a company.

People fear the venture capitalist and I’m surprised Jon Stewart and the Daily Show haven’t photo shopped the movie into one of the opening monologues yet.

The thought I don’t attack Liberals is not true as I’ve attack Obama in the past and consistently go after the Lib-talkers on a regular basis. But attacking Lib-talkers is so mind-numbing that I’d rather watch a CMT Channel’s Redneck Island marathon.

In the end, when the opponent is against the ropes, Liberals will always make the mistake and let the opposition catch their breath, regain composure and pray for a tie.

That and they are just too lazy to put forth the effort and expect others to spread the wealth of bullshit for them.

That’s it, Slap the Tap and put some apple cider in the Guinness.

Hey look, Baked Doritos’s… Pay your political tab.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Presidential Re-Elections and the Mistress of Mother Nature

With the rash of Natural Disasters happening in the U.S. over the past few months, you gotta wonder if Mother Nature is having hot flashes. In the past 2 months alone, we’ve seen Colorado aflame, monster rainstorms sweep through States like runaway freight trains, record shattering high temperatures and the Pittsburgh Pirates are in 1st place. It’s the end of Earth I tell ya’

And with all this bad weather, Al Gore is sitting in his Tennessee environmentally enhanced mansion, rubbing his hands together to embark on another “Global Warming” tour. Or wait, is it the “Climate Climax Awareness" tour?

Today, there are still roughly 200K people in Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia still without power from the previous week’s powerful storm cell and their lives are miserable because so many can’t check their Fantasy Golf, NASCAR and Baseball leagues without services.

Oh the humanity of not having modern technology working.

But with any Natural Disaster, be it from Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, Earthquake or whatever there’s always one equation that sinks in: Natural Disaster + Election Year + Swing States + Relief Money = Votes.

Reason.com’s Gene Healy penned “Obama’s Disaster-Prone Presidency” to which he talks about how presidents, mainly "W" and "O," play politics with Disaster relief funding

That’s right, it didn’t take long for pundits to put together that it's an election year and the current President, Mr. Barrack Obama has already rapidly toured devastated sites or declared disaster funds in States that are considered “Swing States.”

Per Mr. Healy's article, “W” averaged 129 disaster relief declarations in his 8 year term, while the big “O” declared 242 in 2011 alone!

But I wondered how the previous administrations fared, so let's look further at the Re-election year disaster scenario, let’s skip and trip down disaster memory lane some 30 years ago.

Pres. Reagan was heading into the 1984 re-election campaign on a wave of popularity. Even Democrats had conceded the notion that he already won the election thanks in part to their lackluster candidate Walter Mondale. Reagan still declared close to 35 disasters in the U.S. that year, the biggest was Hurricane Diana.

Hurricane Diana hit the North Carolina coastline as a Category 2 hurricane and caused some $65 million in damages. Reagan also had to deal with Hurricanes Josephine, Klaus, Lili, Norbert and Odile, as well as Tropical storms Fran and Isidore.

Along with the string of hurricanes was the flood at Glen Canyon Dam and the Morgan Hill earthquake.

In 1988, Pres George HW Bush walked into office thanks to Reagan’s popularity and (again) a weak Democratic opponent in Michael Dukakis, but not even a huge victory in the Persian Gulf War could help the elder Bush against his 1992 challenger, Bill Clinton.

Pres Bush declared 90 disasters in 1992 the biggest was Hurricane Andrew that caused over $43 Billion in damages. And with Andrew came Bonnie and Danielle.

A wave of tornadoes struck the US between June & November that caused destruction in 14 States, from Colorado to Maryland and southern States of Mississippi, Carolinas, and Texas.

The elder Bush lost his re-election bid, but Con-taking pundits lay that disaster on Ross Perot’s 3rd Party presidential bid.

In 1996, the comeback kid Bill Clinton, was battling a strongly divisive America, but just like Reagan’s re-election bid, he faced weak opponents in Republican Bob Dole and Independent Ross Perot.

Clinton had his share of natural disasters with 75 declarations in 1996. Clinton’s 1996 disasters didn’t begin with Speaker Newt Gingrich but with a blizzard in the Northeastern States.

But along the way, he had Hurricanes Arthur, Bertha, Eduard along with 4 others, plus Tropical storm Josephine.

Clinton also found the time to declare the Dome Fire in New Mexico a natural disaster as well.

As mentioned earlier, Pres George W Bush averaged 129 natural disaster declarations during his 8 years, but 2004 was his busiest.

Now we can call it politics or a pissed off Mother Nature or go the Pat Robertson way and blame “gays in the military,” but in his re-election year of 2004, he declared 138.

“W” was busy in 2004 with over 11 hurricanes, including Ivan that consumed much of the Eastern US with powerful rainstorms and floods. The Hurricanes of Charley, Ivan and Frances combined a total of $38 billion worth of destruction.

But is there a coincidence with the amount of money spent on disaster relief and a declared disaster State?

When the big “O” came into office, he had planned on changing the monetary philosophy of FEMA, whose practice was to write checks for whatever the Governor(s) estimated damages to be. But the practice clincher was that if a Governor stated “we have an estimated $15 billion in damages,” FEMA wrote the check for $15 billion and if total costs came in less than the estimate, the State kept the change!

So the Big “O” had the practice re-written so that FEMA now gives out enough money to get repairs started and have the State(s) submit receipts for reimbursement. Well with that said, it led Texas Gov Rick Perry to declare “Obama hates Texas.”

See Gov Perry is one of the biggest cronies out there to overestimate and add the change to his state’s budget and like the “Great Gonzo” the move created a surplus for the State to make it pretty at fiscal year’s end. Perry is/was dependent upon federal money coming into Texas regardless of the words that come out of his mouth.

There’s no doubt that the Media thrives on all types of stories, whether it be Supreme Court decisions or Natural Disasters, they help inflate the issues for ratings purposes. When people are in need, the Media becomes vultures on the bodies.

Case in point, in 2011, a wave of tornadoes rolled through the Southeast, causing massive destruction with the biggest happening in Joplin, Missouri.
A Media firestorm brewed between MSNBC and Fox News because of the action or rather inaction depending on which network you prefer of Pres Obama.

When the tornadoes struck, Pres Obama was packing his bags for Europe and after a few days Fox News’ talker Laura Ingraham wondered aloud where he was and why he was still planning his European trip on her syndicated radio show, questioning his dedication to US citizens need for help.

Well, MSNBC resident blowhard Ed Shultz took upon himself to defend Pres Obama on his syndicated radio show by attacking Ms. Ingraham with 5th grade playground venom by calling her a “rightwing slut” in a spit filled rant.

The partisan pundits quickly forgot about the problem at hand in Joplin and ran with the story of these two verbally attacking each other for the rest of the day.

Those comments led to MSNBC suspending Shultz and for him to begin his show with an apology to Ms. Ingraham which she graciously accepted, but Shultz’ actions have become just another sound bite for other Con-talking pundits to run every day since.

I truly never understood the great rush for a President to visit a natural disaster site. I can understand why a local politician would rush, but the people want to see their Insurance Adjuster, Services providers and other community departments working to start life moving again, not some glad handing politician looking for a photo-op.

One thing is for sure, with the partisan Media growing everyday through television, internet and both publication & e-magazines, the microscope of every daily presidential re-election motion is dissected hundreds of times over, even more disgusting to the point that everyone will look for the most mundane fact into tomorrow’s big story.

Hey wait, where’s Mitt Romney’s US Flag lapel pin while campaigning? Yes folks, the story is already out there.

Slap the Tap, pour me a Guinness in a disaster free spill proof Sippy cup and pay your political tab.