Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Willard Romney’s “Vote ‘Pedro’ for VP” Sweepstakes

If Willard Romney were to begin his Presidential battle against President “O” today, Willard would begin in the negative. The latest and greatest polls (to which I hate) show Pres “O” sitting at 48% to Willard’s 43% in head to head battle.

Which leads anyone to wonder, what does Willard need to pull even or ahead?

Well, first of all, “Flounder” Gingrich and “Spaz” Santorum need to stop the attacks. “Flounder’s” verbal barrages only lead to his retractions later in the week. The attacks are falling short and actually hurt “Flounder’s” campaign more.

As for “Spaz”, well his attacks seem to be more lasting but still not doing damage. These attacks only prove how Willard is not especially loved amongst many Pro-Life/Social/Christian Conservatives.

The Media also needs to be a little more open on their reporting as well. There’s no doubt the 24/7 news media can make/break any candidacy dreams and the current “Tax Bomb” thrown by the other candidates is hurting Willard in the Media.

I don’t have a problem with Willard’s explanation of his 15% tax and his wealth, for the fact he lives off returns from his investments. Now if he received a regular paycheck the story would be different.

Willard’s wealth predicament is not far from that of Warren Buffet’s statement that the {paraphrase} “super rich should be taxed at a higher rate because even though we receive a paycheck, we live mainly off investment returns which are taxed at lower rates. So go ahead and tax my paycheck more.”

Who knew that Willard’s involvement at Bain Capital affected our daily lives of Office supplies (Staples), Pizza (Domino’s), and Radio airplay (Clear Channel). I don’t fault Willard for his success.

Also, I don’t care about whether or not Willard releases his tax records for a large chunk of his wealth is in Trust. There is no rule stating he must release his tax returns, however if he does say he will then he should. So we’ll see in April if he does.

What Willard really needs, once he is anointed the candidate of choice, is a strong running mate.


As we speak, top GOP officials are knocking on New Jersey Gov Chris Christie’s door with plush teddy bears, chocolate filled plastic heart shaped boxes, stuffed crust pizzas, and other non-tax deductable items, praising their love for him to jump into the race to help.

I like Gov Christie; he’s genuine, tells it like it is, enjoys the attention and doesn’t take crap from anyone. He has taken everyone to task, he owns up for all his actions which is something that many Republicans still questioning Willard about.

Christie does have some detractors such as those still opposed of his appointment of Judge Sohail Mohammed. As these people cried about a Muslim Judge and Sharia Law, Christie went in front of the cameras and called these people out and lambasted them. Hell, the only thing missing was a Caddy in the background and bodyguards holding baseball bats.

Yet many Con-Talkers keep pushing names like Marco Rubio & Nikki Haley to the forefront, but neither have a proven track record on their current status. Both were considered Tea Party loveable, but they need more than that to push the ticket
Rubio holds one of the worse Absentee records during the last Congressional session, missing 20 of 235 votes since Jan 26, 2011. It may not seem like much to most, but that’s a lot considering the amount of time Congress was out of session in 2011.

His only big piece of legislation was S.1241, a bill that would prohibit taking minors across state lines to circumvent any law requiring the involvement of parents in abortion decisions. Other than that, he has been non-existent, which explains the Absentee record.

As for Nikki Haley, her star within her state has been falling with each passing moment, as she has shown less promise of reform and succumbed to be just another “fall into line” politician with little relevance of governorship.

Pres “O” played it smart when he chose “Delaware” Joe Biden as his running mate. It brought ease to the Democratic hierarchy and many of the truest of Liberals. The gaffe-prone Biden has had a track record in Foreign Policy, an area (amongst others) the young Pres “O” was in need of help.

Willard has another issue before even meeting the demands of being anointed; he is already making promises of this or that before even saying “I Do.” Pres “O” made promises on the stump and yet only followed through with a short list, a fact that is still haunting him with constituents.

Willard’s promises are in high hopes that the Republican Party makes large gains or takes control of both ends of the Capital.

The fact that neither Party in Congress hold s a favorable ratings amongst the voting public does not sit well for anyone that wins in 2012. Both Parties need to do tons of political ass-kissing and do some work over the next 8 months to make any gains.

Sure, there’s a large cancerous mass retiring this election cycle, but those that step up for those spots have their work cut out for them as they will be brushed aside by the Party hierarchy and told to sit in the corner.

Just for fun, with all the complaints about Willard’s wealth reminds me of 2004 and an email decrying the Security costs taxpayers would endure for protection for all of John Kerry/Theresa Heinz properties. So how many homes are owned by Willard?

Flounder” Gingrich’s Super PAC “Winning Our Future” states that Willard owns 15 homes in the US but Politifact states only 5 are actually registered by Willard and Anne in the United States. Apparently there’s one in Canada (!) as well, but nothing near 15.

Wonder how “Flounder” will “coordinate” to have the Super PAC make that correction?

As I’ve stated a few blogs ago, my money is on Rick Santorum to be the VP select of choice for Willard. Santorum’s appeal will carry the Pro-Life/Social/Christian Conservatives groups to Willard’s aid.

Then again, is it too late to “Vote for Pedro*” over the "Flounder" and "Spaz" guys?

"Flounder" Dorfman
Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

That’s it, the Guinness Stout just stole the peanut bowl and headed for the door…… Pay the Political Tab

*Movie reference- for the elder readers, check out Napoleon Dynamite for reference*

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