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Separated at birth Part 5




I was asked who would be Paul Ryan's twin, well that would be Judge Smails nephew Spaudling Smails.. But I couldn't find a good picture of Spaudling.

Slap the Tap...CHEERS!

Big Poppa Politics- Separated at birth part 4






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Big Poppa Politics 8-28-12: The (ir)Rational National Convention Part 1/The diverse elephant in the room

It’s obvious that this is not your father’s Grand Ol’ Party anymore as the 2012 RNC Convention is showing its diversity in delegation, well except for the Log Cabin Republicans; they’ve been pushed back into the broom closet.

A few years ago, Conservative Independent talk show host Jerry Doyle called the GOP “the party that’s too white, too right and too uptight” and then was shunned by the hierarchy from future party invites.

But that was then and this is now, as in Tampa Bay, Florida for the 2012 RNC Convention, where delegates met protestors dress as giant vaginas and the Ron Paul supporters out-shouted the Willard Romney (‘Mittens’) supporters on the convention floor.

The party conventions are about the party, not the candidate, well except for nomination night, but everyone has got to agree that a 4 day convention is way too long especially when the presumptive candidate was known 3 months prior in today’s political climate.

How about future conventions just be Skyped?

We have to remember, the modern day national convention, hell even modern campaigning was nothing like this 40-50 years ago.

Way back during the olden days, delegate votes actually went to a candidate and by night’s end a victor was chosen, then came the acceptance speech. Now it’s mere formality for roll call and hear some over enthusiastic delegate say “We the delegates of the great State of “outofmyflippin’mind” give our endorsement to “theonlystoogeleftstanding.”

National Conventions are nothing more than a bunch of used car salesmen and their Media cheerleaders hoping that the most hardened constituent takes another sip of the kool-aid and believes their platforms are the most valuable to our nation.

The 2012 conventions aren’t about celebrity appearances, although it’s funny that the GOP is toting how many celebrities are in Tampa supporting Willard. It’s normal for the Dems to trot out some celebrity, but the GOP embrace of celebrity is out of sorts.

Hollywood actress turned Conservative talk show hostess Janine Turner was given a podium time to represent women, Hollywood, tea party and the “birther” idea. Hey maybe she’ll get another long running TV contract afterwards, she can’t be any worse than Liberal Jeanine Garofalo from defunct Air America radio.

And then there’s Trump, who was annoyingly mentioning on Twitter he was to be in Tampa and with a surprise for all. Well “the wh$re” left town on Sunday after being told he was scratched from convention festivities due to TS Isaac. What good does Trump bring to the convention other than a possible skit with him telling an Obama impersonator “you’re fired!”

But this is a new GOP and they are diverse, well only as much as the camera will show.

It seems rather obvious that the RNC is pushing their “we’ve always been” diverse by strategically placing many of the small minority groups and smaller delegation in pristine arena camera shots from the stage.

But the audience isn’t what people are looking for, it’s the speakers thumping the podium and giving over bloated, glorified biographies of themselves to give people hope of a brighter tomorrow. And what a diverse group of speakers it is.

There will be no speaker sideshow from the 2012 primary losers of Perry, Bachmann, Cain and Paul. Nope, it’s a straight laced diverse speaker crowd from minority to women of business to career politician, but still missing is the LGBT demographic. There are LGBT republicans out there, however the party shuns them 364 days a year, the one day of acceptance is Election Day.

The speaker lists shows that the RNC is trying to show their love for women with many speaking during the week, probably the most highest profile will Sher Valenzuela. Valenzuela is speaking on behalf of those who want a streamlined government with less regulation, but she is there mainly for the “We Built This” theme night.

I give Valenzuela credit for building a small business from her basement to help pay for her son’s medical needs, but after reading about how her business took off by applying for Federal loans and grants that totaled $17 million and how she tells other small business owners that their secret weapon for success is the government, I find her more hypocritical then the professional politician.

Oh wait, she’s running for Lt Governor in Delaware, so in truth she’s a typical politician. Good for her.

I’ll admit, I have no interest in watching both conventions in their entirety, I never do. I watch the speakers I want to hear and in the case of 2012, I want to hear: Chris Christie, Jon Huntsman, Willard Romney and Bill Clinton. I have a life outside the hobby of Political Blogging and all these speakers start to sound like the teacher from Peanuts “wa wa wawawawa wawa wa wa waawa” after the first day.

We’ve heard promises, we’ve heard attacks, we’ve heard defense, but we never truly hear the policy we want to hear.

We've heard “my budget will bring down the deficit by trillions of dollars within 10 years” but rarely is that produced because the policy never adjusts for war or recession or hidden spending.

We've constantly heard about protecting our borders, working on peace initiatives and helping our allies, but rarely is that produced until the final months of one’s term.

We've heard the attacks on the opposition which brings waves of cheers from the crowd, yet never any fault of their own party. Maybe those speaking at the RNC convention should pay attention to the Debt Clock prop and make notice of the parties help in it constant increases.

Nope, conventions are simply reselling the same old model of politician just with a higher gloss on the roof.

That’s it, Slap the tap on the Ole Brown Dog Ale and count how many delegates are wondering what time Pornstar/Sara Palin impersonator Lisa Ann appears at Thee Dollhouse strip club.

Pay your political tab.. Cheers!

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Big Poppa Politics 8-26-12: It's the Media that leads our "nutjob" nation

**my apologies as this blog experienced a tech glitch and didn't post on Sunday Aug 26**

We are a nutjob nation!

When did American Society return back to the violence-by-ignorance downward spiral path that every moment of life now must be scarred by stupidity?

Over the past 6 weeks, it seems there has been some sort of violence that makes it to the national Media stage to be dissected, at first to be political then be discovered to be something totally different yet turned back into the political debate for ratings.

I’ve already said my peace in concerns about the Aurora Theatre shooting, to which so many have complained about how poorly the University of Colorado/Denver handled Holmes' previous actions through the school year.

James Holmes had a brief history of making it known he was plotting to create havoc in one form or another. It was the University of Colorado/Denver that shrugged of the information as soon as they learned Holmes had dropped out.

The story ran in loop fashion for 4 days until Holmes finally had his first court hearing, then the story slowed. Ignorance by stupidity can be stamped on the foreheads of the school

Wade Michael Page was a little more discreet about his plans to attack the Sikh Temple.

The Sikh Temple massacre received modest Media attention when Wade Michael Page went on a rampage, but since it happened on a Sunday, the major cable networks did not carry the story as an all day event as they did Aurora. By late afternoon, the story was overrun with campign coverage and clips from the Sunday morning talkfests.


Two simple reasons, their desk-stars were off and only the part-timers manned the cameras. And secondly, the shooter was dead, there would be no court trial to decide Page's fate.

It’s simple fact the ignorance of hate that led Page to attack the Sikh Temple on appearance alone, since roughly 45% of America holds a belief that if a person wears a turban than they are of Muslim faith.

Maybe if Page had Googled the Sikh religion he may have learned that their are from the Punjab region of India, considered to be pacifists and they have been known to "raise a sword" in defense only, which has been a rare occurance.

As heroic as his actions were, Lt. Brian Murphy did exactly what he should've done, protect the innocent and lead them to safety first.

Media reported the actions of Lt Murphy and the death of Page, yet as we learned a few days later, Page took his own life, leaving the Media with a "oh hum, Lt Murphy didn't fire the deadly shoot, Page committed suicide" attitude.

And with that report, the Media killed the story as there would be no court to decide Page's end.

Kinda funny, how the Media and the “small government” camps applaud and use police officers as props when they do their jobs, yet will attack them for being a burden to budgets and call for their paychecks.

But that is today’s American Society, a so-to-speak call to arms when you’re against something until it affects you.

As Society becomes more engrossed by attacks of violence by ignorance and/or stupidity, its only a small amount of time when the victim can profit from the attack.

Case in point, the shooting at the Family Research Council by Floyd Lee Corkins.

Corkins, who was obviously upset with the National Chic-Fil-A Day and the anti-gay verbal barrage followed by some, decided he'd take justice into his own hands and attack the Family Research Council headquarters.

Now I have no love for the FRC, because as many groups do, they push their beliefs upon everyone as the correct choice in a verbal-warfare fashion.

Thankfully Floyd was stopped, causing minimal damage and brought lunch as well (carrying 15 bags of Chic-Fil-A in his backpack).

Shortly after this happened, I mentioned how the FRC will begin a "War on Religion" campaign, only to have people complain that I am "Anti-Christian" and "Gay-Lover" amongst other things as people said it wouldn't happen.

Well S*ck it, because I was right.

It took less than 24 hours for FRC honcho Tony Perkins to declare they were attacked thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center and within half day of that declaration Perkins double downed and said it was the SPLC & Pres Obama's fault for the attack.

I'm sure there will be more this week during the RNC Convention in Tampa.

The latest that happened at the Empire State Building can actually circle back the actions in Aurora.

By now everyone has an opinion as to what transpired in NYC when Jeffrey Johnson shot and killed his former co-worker, which led to a Hollywood-esque foot race down NYC streets with guns ablazin' and people screaming.

Only it was the NYPD firing the guns, as Johnson never got a shot off.

Camera footage shows 2 NYPD officers drawing their handguns on Johnson and gave him a whole 4 seconds to drop his weapon.

one onethousand, two onethousand, three onethousand, four onethousand.. bam bam.

Johnson never fired his weapon and all 9 civilians injured were from police discharge, whom fired 14 times.

Why does this lead back to Aurora, because so many stated that if an armed person were in the dark tear gas filled theatre, they could've stopped Holmes. So in that regard, 2 NYPD officers on an open NYC street fired 14 shots, killing Johnson but injuring 9 civlians. Is that justifiable?

And just like the Sikh Temple massacre, the shooter was dead, end of story and Oh look TS Isaac is off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The Media chooses which stories are nationally reported and become water cooler talk or opinionated discussion talks on Social Media. There's an insane amount of shootings, some exrtremely deadly, yet the course of action is how the Media decides it’s national worthiness.

Here's the wild thing, on Thursday evening(Aug 23), TS Isaac was sitting off the coast of Puerto Rico and the Media worried about the fate of the RNC Convention, yet there were 18 shootings in Chicago alone with no mention at the national level.

When did American Society return back to the violence-by-ignorance downward spiral path that every moment of life now must be scarred by stupidity?

Maybe we never left. Maybe because the Media needs to have a suspect to keep a story moving do we decide which is best to follow.

That's it, Slap the Tap and pour me some Old Brown Dog Ale as I watch the National Cat Show with more enthusiasm than watching the stuffed shirts at the RNC Convention.

Pay your political tab.

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Big Poppa Politics 8-16-12: The Political Surreal Life: Approved by Willard Mitt Romney

Welcome to Willard Romney’s surreal life.

Definition: Surreal- Adjective- having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic.

Well that about sums up the emotion felt across both Liberal and Conservative Media and minions on Saturday morning when Willard Romney announced Wisconsin’s (now favorite son) own Paul Ryan as his running mate.

And for those ladies, who never had an interest in the 2012 Presidential campaign, well let’s say from what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, well their hearts are all a flutter for Rep. Ryan and his boyish good looks. Then again, the same happened in 2004 when Senator John Edwards hit the Presidential campaign circuit.

All the political website are over saturating their readers with every piece of news about Paul Ryan, from P90X workouts to dissecting his “conservative” yea votes for TARP, No Child Left Behind, Detroit bailout, and requests for money from the Recovery Act.

I, for some odd reason, was more interested in the articles of Celebrities voicing their political views.

Yes, it’s easy to say that Willard Romney could produce a new season of VH1’s Surreal Life with all the celebrities that are ecstatic over his Presidential run. The loudest of both liberal and conservative celebrities are the B & C listers, those that have had little fame at one point but struggle to remain relevant in Tinsel town.

Funny, contrary to what Limbaugh & Hannity say, Hollywood is more conservative than liberal in the celebrity realm, it just depends on who gets the most TMZ time.

Over the past few weeks, those celebrities that have endorsed Willard Romney’s presidential bid reads more like a casting session from VH1’s Surreal Life. Porn Stars Jenna Jameson & Ron Jeremy, Donald Trump, Kid Rock, and Gene Simmons have come out in Willard’s support. Holy crap, if we only had a midget to complete the cast, because Jenna can cover the whole LGBT cast member all in one package.

I know many people don’t care about celebrities voicing their political opinion because many are written off as liberal knuckleheads thanks Con-talking Media. But when it comes to the celebrity conservative, well the Con-talking Media can’t wipe the drool fast enough from their collective chins.

For instance, everyone probably still remembers the whole Media fiasco over Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl “2nd half in America” Chrysler commercial. Eastwood is a life-long Republican and for him to do such a commercial with such political overtones, per the Media, praising Obama’s Detroit bailout, had politicos scratching their empty heads, many Con-talking Media calling Eastwood a turn coat or sell-out for such an action.

So bad was the Con-talking Media obsession with the commercial that the Hollywood icon had to appear on Fox & Friends to defend himself.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Eastwood proclaimed he was supporting Willard, well the Con-talking Media groveled at Eastwood’s feet begging for forgiveness. Pathetic in their previous January actions, that now they prance with glee “Clint has returned Clint has returned.” Yet he never left.

Celebrity conservative Hollywood has been around for a long time, for every Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin of the Left, there’s a Don King and Kelsey Grammer lurking on the Right. Really Don King is a Republic. And the funnier thing is all their personal actions equal that of each other, only difference is the “D” and the “R” attached to their political position and donation.

No matter how much the Con-talking Media mocks the Left for bending over to Liberal Hollywood, they do just the same, the best case is that of Donald “Wh$re” Trump.

There is no doubt Trump is the modern day PT Barnum when it comes to self promotion. He’s endorsement of Willard was so half-hearted, he probably should’ve sent an assistant to the news conference instead.

The man begs for attention, he can’t live without seeing his face or hearing voice in the Media, he’s a Media crack addict.

He’s practically begging to be seen at the RNC National Convention that he’s throwing Media bones of some big surprise that week. Hey any opportunity to whore himself and his crap NBC show, Trump will jump for free promotion.

Wait, I think WWE Summerslam is in a few weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump show up at WWE Raw very soon.

Face it, politicians love the attention they receive from rubbing elbows with celebrity, from Reagan & Arnold to “W” & Bruce Willis, there are plenty of conservatives out there that will pay more attention to which celebrity has the same views as they and there are more of them then there are liberals in so-called “liberal Hollywood.”

Personally I could careless that Gene Simmons jumped ship from Obama in 2008 to Willard in 2012, but the folks at Fox & Friends drooled when he appeared on their show to voice his like political views. I’ll still play my KISS CD’s and attend their concerts. I’ll still watch Bruce Willis movies equally as Tom Hanks’ movies, because they entertain me.

When the conventions are aired, NBC, CBS, and ABC will be sure to make sure their stars, whoever they might be in attendance, are shown having their American flags or interviewing endlessly as much as possible to hawk the upcoming season. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC doesn’t have a DWTS stage set up and have some Senator or Congressperson there to cut a rug for all to see.

The Ryan announcement, depending on your source, didn’t get the “bump” many expected. Some media called it a measly 1% and another 5%, but their weekend long footage makes one wonder, gee I really should rent that Police Academy 18 movie I’ve been holding out to watch.

The only true bump the announcement got was a massive Google search for “Paul Ryan shirtless pics.”

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour me a Duquesne Pilsner and thank the maker no one was Googling naked pics of Chris Christie. Or were they?

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 8:10:12 - Here's to your 30 seconds of Olympic Pride

Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Volleyball, Soccer, and Wrestling, yes my 6 year old son and I admittedly enjoyed watching the 2012 Summer Olympics. Yet, there are many Americans who seem to enjoy the 15 seconds of medal glee too only turn to Social media to complain, whine and cry about some sort of non-controversy.

Whatever happened to American pride in our Olympic athletes? In today’s world, we are unable to pass compliment without compliant following.

The only true complaint there should be was with the opening ceremony outfits worn by our athletes. Not because Ralph Lauren used one of his Chinese shops to stitch them, but because they were god awfully ugly. They look as if they were copied from the movie 5th Element.

But regardless, after each of our Olympians accomplishments, Americans took to Twitterverse or Facebook to complain over something.

The Political-thinker argued over Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca, being entered into the Dressage event. No one cared about the horse, the argument was Willard’s $70K tax write-off of the horse and the fact that he hadn’t planned on watching the horse perform.

WTF Willard? You made an investment in this horse and you are not going to watch it perform, what kind of investment guru are you?

I’m positive had Rafalca medaled in the Dressage event, Liberals would’ve petitioned the Olympic committee to check into a Swiss Bank account judge pay off.

Yes, we can complain about NBC multiple station coverage and spoilers, but we have to take that complaint to all Media as well. Fox News, CNN, Yahoo!, MSN and even Drudge had headlines, news scrolls and often interruptions to give medal updates.

Best way for NBC to solve the spoiler issue, air the events live! Comcast owns how many of NBC channels? Why not do Pay-per-View for certain events, because I can do without watching Table Tennis at 11pm at night. Well, unless I’m involved and there’s a beer on the corner of the table.

From Hope Solo to Lolo Jones, the Media has attacked with one voice but puckered their collective lips when the exclusive was needed.

I feel sorry for our Olympic athletes since it seems we don’t care about victory but about how “little patriotism” they show compared to other countries. Gymnast Gabby Douglas is a prime example.

This young lady trained for the better of 4 years to represent the USA and win a medal. Then when she does, the Media complains about her hair or she’s not wearing enough red, white and blue.

“Oh I think the fact she wore pink/purple during her routine is a show of political statement against the USA” could be heard on Social media. Um, no since the other girls wore Blue uniforms without any USA markings either, the argument is mute.

Long gone are the days of red, white, & blue flair of Mary Lou Retton and Mitch Gaylord, because if you hadn’t notice, many American athletes were wearing grey/yellow track outfits with the smallest of USA embroidered emblems.

It’s like a scene from the movie Office Space. “Um, yes, um you don’t have enough flair today. See Johnny has multiple flair and you have the minimum amount.”

Give Douglas credit she deserves. At age 16 she took on the World’s best gymnastic athletes and won 2 Gold medals. What did you win? This year’s Basketball Fantasy League? That won’t get you a Wheatie’s cover.

Aurora, Colorado had been in need of a happy moment after the Century 16 theatre massacre and they received it when hometown girl Missy Franklin not only won a couple Gold medals, but broke an Olympic swimming record as well as 2 American records. Yet 72 hours, people were mocking her for having large feet.

The act of being patriotic to ones country has more to it than their Olympic uniform. I didn’t see Romney’s Rafalca stamped with a big “USA” on its body, nor on the rider. Maybe if the horse had “Bain” somewhere people might be happier or complained more.

While I’m complaining about all the complaining, let’s complain about some of the 32 events. Why is table tennis an Olympic event and how does one train for table tennis without beer being involved? Seriously, I always linked table tennis to a college frat game more than anything.

You can’t take away Archery and Shooting, since the Hunger Games debut, these two sports have shoot up in registrations.

We can lose Handball, Fencing, Synch Swimming and the thought of Golf in 2016.

Let’s add Cornhole and Pole Dancing to the schedule. I’m not knocking pole dancing since it seems to be the latest craze for the middle ladies in the US, but I don’t think the networks would like it when the judges throw dollar bills onto the stage.

Oh come on, somewhere out there, someone is now thinking about a 50 Shades of Grey Olympiad.

Be proud America, we took home over 90 medals these last two weeks. Our athletes should be proud of their efforts and future endeavors.

Now excuse, but I need to talk my 6 year old out of thinking he can Kayak the laundry basket down the basement stairs while screaming “USA! USA!”

That’s it, Slap the Tap on the Guinness and raise a toast to our Olympians, and be happy you aren’t a North Korean Olympian being shipped to the nether regions of the country to stitch the 2016 USA opening ceremony uniforms.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 8-9-12: Presidential Election 2012: More like Thurston Howell Vs. George Jefferson

Thanks to the expansion of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks, my e-mail has not been overloaded with Netlore bogus emails from my political thinking family and friends, both Democratic, Republican and the misinformed.

Gone are the days of deleting political SPAM e-mails of draft dodging, spouse cheating, and John Kerry’s multiple homes. Now it’s all about wealth, taxes and who scammed who for both.

I received one e-mail titled “Mitt Romney is unlikeable! (bottom of blog)” to which I almost spilled my frosty cold Guinness all over my desk.

The e-mail lays out the case that Willard is very much likeable due to many faucets of life; his Mormon faith, married to the same wife his entire life, handsome, intelligent, raised good kids, and never touched tobacco & alcohol.

Those are all fine qualities for any person to live up to, no matter their position in life, but if those are the qualities to be President, well there would only be about 25 politicians able to run for the highest office in the Nation.

Willard has “likeability,” I’m positive that he’s a swell guy outside the political theatre; problem is that he tries too hard to be liked within that theatre. Attempts to relate his life experience to that of the lower & middle class struggles has comes off as fake as a Ken Doll.

In an age when 50% of marriages end in divorce, it’s great to see how much he loves his wife and his extended family. But are people saying he loves his family more than Obama?

And if marriage is one of the markers for a great President, well then that knocks Reagan down a few pegs as he cheated & divorced 1st wife, Jane, to be with Nancy.

When it comes to Willard’s Mormon faith, his own Party and their love for the Religious Right knocked him around about his faith in the 2008 primaries. Now all of a sudden, his faith is ok.

People should look back to the 1960 election and how JFK’s Roman Catholic faith almost cost him the election because people feared America would take policy from the Vatican.

And speaking of Willard’s Mormon faith, the e-mail also stated how Willard never touched alcohol and tobacco, which is a complete wash because Willard admitted in a People Magazine interview (Dec 5, 2011) that he tried a beer and a cigarette when he was younger.

As I said, I’m positive Willard is a fine human being, I disagree with his political platform, depending what it may be at that time during the day. He’s placed himself in more positions then porn star supporter Jenna Jameson, yet hasn’t screwed as many people as his other porn star supporter Ron Jeremy, but the campaigning is still young.

There’s no doubt Willard is very intelligent, I won’t argue that one bit, but as he complained Obama spent too much time at Harvard, he himself attended Harvard one year longer and both advanced through college(s) to hire degrees.

Willard can’t relate to middle and lower class struggles, no matter how hard he attempts to do so without adding “wealth” to his statement. His attempts to make himself sound more average American comes off more like John Kerry then Joe the Plumber.

During the GOP Primaries, Willard sat at a restaurant with a few unemployed folks and stated “I’m like you, I’m unemployed as well.” That was more a slap in the face as these folks are/were struggling to make ends meet as Willard is kicking back collecting on investments and trust funds.

When he speaks of being a sports fan, he has to inject that he is friends with many team owners in NASCAR, NFL & MLB then a fan, and that’s his major downfall of not being able to relate, his needs to let people know he was successful in business, wealthy, and hangs with the elite.

That’s also a reason why Obama has had success in relation to the lower & middle class struggles. He grew up poor, took out college loans and so on, yet even though the Conservative pundit repeatedly lets the listener know that Obama is wealthy too, many aren’t listening.

Why? Simple, people see that Obama came from nothing and worked his way up as Willard had always been wealthy and grew further wealth.

These are all reasons as to why Romney has never broken the 50% total favorability threshold and sits at 40% today, nor do I expect him to break the 50% mark before November.

This election has turned into “Thurston Howell III vs. George Jefferson” only nobody is moving on up, just stuck in a 4 year Recession.

That’s it. Slap the Tap, pour the Guinness because I’m tired of hearing about taxes, wealth and Rafalca the prancing horse

-----Original Message-----

Please pass this email along to all your friends and ask them to do the same. Lets inform America, where the main stream media will not.

Lets compare Obama to Romney, Obama has spent more than $1.5 million dollars to keep his personal back ground records sealed from we the voters including his original birth certificate. WHY is "Obama" CONCEALING THIS INFORMATION. WE the voters have the right to know, he is the " PRESIDENT " of our country ! You be the JUDGE on NOVEMBER 6TH, 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Mitt Romney is Unlikable!

A lot is being said in the media about Mitt Romney not being "likable" or that he doesn't "relate well" to people. Frankly, we struggled to understand why. So after much research, we have come up with a Top Ten List to explain this "unlikablility."
Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romney:

1. Drop-dead, collar-ad handsome with gracious, statesmanlike aura.
Looks like every central casting's #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief.
2. Been married to ONE woman his entire life, and has been faithful to her, including through her bouts with breast cancer and MS.
3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?)
4. Can't speak in a fake, southern, "black preacher voice" when necessary.
5. Highly intelligent. Graduated cum laude from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School
...and by the way, his academic records are NOT sealed.
6. Doesn't smoke or drink alcohol, and has never done drugs, not even in the counter-culture age when he went to college.
Too square for today's America ?
7. Represents an America of "yesterday", where people believed in God, went to Church,
didn't screw around, worked hard, and became a SUCCESS!
8. Has a family of five great sons....and none of them have police records or are in drug rehab.
But of course, they were raised by a stay-at-home mom, and that "choice" deserves America 's scorn.
9. Oh yes.....he's a MORMON. We need to be very afraid of that very strange religion that teaches its members
to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, and honest.
10. And one more point.....pundits say because of his wealth, he can't relate to ordinary Americans.
I guess that's because he made that money opposed to marrying it or inheriting it from Dad.
Apparently, he didn't understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money
made you unrelatable to Americans.
My goodness, it's a strange world, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don’t choke your boycotted social values chicken

Over the last few days, I’ve read many exchanges on Facebook concerning boycott (or “buycott”) over Chic-Fil-A’s President Dan Cathy’s statements over same sex marriage.

Mr. Cathy’s statement about same sex marriage and his belief in the Bible’s definition of marriage as man & woman is purely his opinion. He also stated “that the culture of Chick-Fil-A is to treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect – regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.”
But that’s the whole story and why would Media want to report the entire statement?

Because we are a half-issue nation, we need something to support, pro or con, or our day is not complete. We make it easy for Media to only focus on half the issue to get our asses off the couch and to go boycott/buycott.

So now we have people all over the Social networks, clogging up their friends pages by promoting their love/loathe of Chi-Fil-A or promoting religious/social issue belief.

Yes, the return of Traditional Family values into the political arena and Rick Santorum without a podium to speak from.

Had the Media reported the entire story, it’s highly possible that Mike Huckabee would never have declared Aug 1 as “Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day” and we wouldn’t see Social Issue Warrior Rick Santorum sucking down a milkshake on TV the past few days.

Maybe the Media is more interested in comparing Michelle Obama’s $7k outfit she wore in London to that of Ann Romney’s $976 blouse worn the other day. I can hear Hannity decrying “See, See Ann is more frugal then Michelle” for 20 minutes on his Fox show.

Many can take the outlandish comments of Boston Mayor “Doofus” Menino, Chicago Mayor “Dipwad” Emmanuel, and Philly Mayor “Assclown” Nutter of “CFA’s are not welcomed in our towns due to their inflammatory remarks against gay and lesbians” as an attack on Mr. Cathy’s Constitutional rights.

The Mayoral responses just show the stupidity of not wanting business in their towns when jobs and revenues are needed the most. Sure 1 CFA may only bring in 25 jobs, but that’s 25 people paying taxes and receiving a paycheck to spend on goods and services.

We can also say it’s an Election year gimmick for the Mayoral 3 to make those comments, but it’s no different of an Election year gimmick for Congressional GOPers to place pics of themselves at a nearby CFA to post on Twitter & Facebook.
It’s simply about the votes and who’ll remember who slobbered over a pickle spicy chicken sandwich more.

The boycott/buycott scenario concerning for/against Gay&Lesbian rights is not new; it’s consistent, and usually followed with a Traditional Family values response.

Since August of 2010, Target retailers have been under boycott/buycott due their donation of $150K to MN Forward PAC, which helped fund Minnesota Rep Tom Emmer’s campaign. Why the reason for the boycott, well it seems many are/were offended by the donation because Rep. Emmer is opposed to same sex marriage and abortion, as well as his support for Arizona’s controversial Immigration bill.

Yet it seems Target is always under a boycott watch of some kind.

Since 2004, Target decided not to allow the Salvation Army bell ringers to stand in front of their stores during Christmas season. Per Target policy: Target does not permit individuals (including political candidates and/or their campaign organizations) or nonprofit organizations to solicit donations, distribute literature, sell merchandise or hold events on our premises.

So it seems Target treats everyone fairly, yet those that boycott regret to inform and educate themselves that Target donates close to $9 million yearly to the Salvation Army.

In this day and age, the argument over homosexuality is mind-numbing.

Rick Santorum has been battling against the Gay&Lesbian lifestyle his entire political career and at one time comparing it to bestiality, to which Jon Stewart reminds everyone to Google quite often.

During the January 8 Republican Presidential debate he was asked how he would react if one of son’s announce that he was gay?

Santorum convincingly answered “I’d love him just as much as I did the second before he told me.”

But for someone who is so convicted against the LGBT lifestyle, why is it ok for him to love his son for being gay, but appalled by those that are LGBT that are not related to him? Do as I do not as I say?

In a July 30 ABC interview, former VP Dick Cheney had come clean and said he supported Gay Marriage, but kept quiet to avoid any problems for then candidate George W Bush during the 2000 elections.

I’m sure the Log Cabin Republicans would’ve push for greater support of “W” if they knew.

The CFA “Appreciation Day” was not endorsed by CFA or by Mr. Cathy, but I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy the profits from the attention given.

I would love to see a Sales report of CFA two weeks prior to today and then another one two weeks after. I would bet a rise and fall in Sales for that 4 week timeframe because by this time next week, people will have moved on to another issue

Locally and nationally, Media has been posting video and pictures of long lines of people waiting to get in or at the drive thru of CFAs, but I have to wonder, how many of those people were simply on their lunch break trying to get some grub, not caring about the whole boycott/buycott deal, just to return to their work cubicle?

As much as I dread reading the New York Daily News, an article by Anthony Bartkewicz reported that “not everyone is enamored with Chick-Fil-A, though: the manager of a Nashua, N.H. chain said Wednesday he would be donating sandwiches to the upcoming gay pride festival and Schnipper’s in New York City attempted to counter the appreciation day by promising to donate a dollar from every chicken filet sandwich it sold in August at its two locations to Marriage Equality USA.”

WOW! I’m sorry, but who else has reported that part of the story? Oh that’s right, no one because it only strengthens the boycott argument.

On Friday, Aug 3, same-sex couples plan to stage a “kiss in” at CFAs around the U.S. Why do I expect to hear that these will be considered “disturbances” to the establishments and a few brawls breaking out?

Stay tuned, because Mike Huckabee & Rick Santorum will have their “these are militant bestiality homosexual” responses.

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour the Guinness and let’s petition to have a “Michael Phelps/Subway’s Appreciation Day” for his Olympic record breaking medal collection…. Cheers!