Monday, April 12, 2010

"Celebrity" wins over Sarah Palin in 2012

"Make a hole, make it wide"

So it's April 13Th and just a few days away from tax day. Many people will find a spot somewhere in their town square or take a drive to Washington D.C. with their anti-tax signs, no matter their wording, yell, kick, scream, and holler. Token members of Congress will come out and tell these people that they are with them, they'll coddle them, embrace them, even give that sympathetic frown of approval of what they are doing. Afterwards that token member of Congress will venture inside, look back, and lock the door all the while saying "How much longer will I have to endure these mobs?"

See folks, Big Poppa's been sitting in his normal spot at the end of the bar, with a line of empty peanut bowls and Guinness bottles wrapping around the other end , wondering why some people don't understand that they are being used by members of Congress. They are using these fine American voices, using them until Election Day. Oh they'll hold your hand, walk beside you, kiss your babies, make the normal promises they do to every voter, but it's how much those people are buying these claims is the outlandish mark.

Now I said last week, that Gov Sarah Palin would not run for President in 2012 and Big Poppa got some nasty emails with that statement. "What do you know?" "Sarah is the best pick!" "You're an idiot, Sarah is a true Maverick" blah blah blah.... What made me make such a statement, well it's simple, Gov Palin is loving the celebrity status she has acquired from All Media. She's a celebrity, in the same sense that she lays the smack down on those limousine riding, private jet flying, liberal elite celebrities.

Don't get me wrong, if you're able to gain celebrity status and enjoy the riches that come with it, good for you, there's nothing wrong with it. However, you better admit everything you are doing in that status and not knock those around you that are doing the same. Gov Palin is no different then Heidi Montag, minus the plastic surgery, or the outlandish remarks of Sean Penn. Reports that Gov Palin and her entourage raided the Oscar gift room, pitching her soon reality TV show with a reported $1 million per episode, floundering FOX talk show, the (Ghost written) Going Rogue memoir and another in the works. I give Gov Palin this, she's a workaholic, but nowadays, you gotta work hard to gain the celebrity status she has.

Gov Palin will not run in 2012 and lose all her hard work celebrity riches she is enjoying and it's best for the Republican Party that she stays away.

As a faux reporter, which I will give her that title, she is paid to make her opinion noted to a viewing audience. Her latest concerning President Obama's signing of a new START Treaty with Russia were just that, an opinion. Her words of "the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer" were good enough for a 10 second Media clip, but last I checked President Obama has been in office for 15 months (of a 48 month term), which is about a few months less then her half term as a first term Governor of Alaska. So my question is, "How much vast nuclear experience does one have for only serving 18 months as Governor?" Answer is, none.

And last I checked, as Governor you do not have the Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State, and a vast arrangement of Generals/Admirals advising you, so I'd say President Obama has the advantage over Gov Palin in the respect of our Nuclear Defense.

Before anyone starts firing off nasty emails and comments, it was in 1984 that then President Reagan signed a treaty with Russia to downsize our Nuclear arsenal by 1/3, the same amount President Obama is shooting for! So, would you say President Reagan was too Liberal on National Defense. I would think not.

But this is what Gov Palin is getting paid for, to speak her mind, use her celebrity status to bring more people into the argument. And she's doing just that. And another thing, I realize a Governor's term is 48 months, but Gov Palin technically wasn't doing much governing between Aug 29, 2008 and Nov 4, 2008, her Lt. Governor was on the job.

She will not run because she believes in the almighty poll result, she's a narcissistic about it. I hate polls, but so many Americans take pride in knowing poll results to make themselves feel hopeful. The Southern Republican Leadership Conference just ended and Gov Palin won 18% of the straw poll, finishing behind Gov Mitt Romney and Congressman Ron Paul. Funny thing about that straw poll, Gov Romney wasn't even there and he won. You don't like that poll, okey dokey here's another straw poll from CPAC 2010. Ron Paul won that one, beating Gov Mitt Romney who won the CPAC Straw Poll three straight years. Gov Palin finished third again, but only earning 7%.

The Washington Post ran a questionnaire on Feb 11, 2010 and of those polled, only 37% held a favorable rating of Gov Palin, down from a whopping 72% on Election Day 2008. And 70% of those respondents said Gov Palin was not qualified to be President.

So to sum this all up, Gov Sarah Palin the presidential hopeful is not favorable, however, Gov Sarah Palin the limousine riding, private jet flying, political elite celebrity is highly favorable. And Gov Sarah Palin knows where the bread is buttered, the adoring fans, and that is where Celebrity Sarah Palin will stay.

Oh one more poll I forgot, Big Poppa's butt covers 100% of two bar stools.

The peanut bowl is empty and I'm quenching a thirst. Please pay your political tab.


  1. Sarah is getting paid to speak her WHAT? Mind? What mind? The twit is intellectually bankrupt, however much celebrity cash she may be accumulating. And are we absolutely sure she's minus the plastic surgery? Inquiring readers want to know.

  2. I was thinking much the same as Anon. And let's not forget about how busy she will be with her new TV show. For anyone who is bent on spending their hard earned money to hear her speak with hopes she will be the GOP's nominee for Pres., here is what your banners should say:

    "Sarah Palin 2012 ... The world's going to end anyway" (according to the Mayan Calendar)

    Very catchy, you betcha!

  3. Sports figures justify their over-priced salaries by saying that they have a limited amount of years to cash in on their youth and prowess. No different than those currently in the celebrity limelight-need to cash in while celebrity status lasts and the public is hot for them. I don't blame Sarah one bit; she is doing the same thing that most of us would do if given the opportunity. It's the American way.

  4. Thanks for all the comments on the blog and in email. As I said, I don't blame Gov. Palin for taking a "Celebrity" status and running with it, good fortunes for her, but I do believe her current status is what will keep her from running. I'm positive she'll help whomever she feels is the right choice.