Monday, May 31, 2010

Political Controversy makes Americans happy

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Big Poppa's sitting back this Memorial Day weekend, resting his sunburned bald head and enjoying some Sam Adams Longshot brew. Plus the two bar stools I use to prop my rather large behind up at the bar are in for serious modification.

So as I sit back and thank those who serve our great nation for letting me be able to do so, I was dumb enough to turn on the television and watch my relaxation turn to that infamous "WTF?" moment many of us stumble upon.

1. Why must this country have controversy every day?

Monday, May 31 is Memorial Day. A day dedicated to our troops, past and present, for their unselfish volunteerism in the defense of our country and the freedom we love so much. Yet, people gotta have controversy on this day and complain that President Obama will not be attending the Arlington National Cemetery wreath dedication to our soldiers. President Obama is not the first President not to attend the Arlington Ceremony and he probably won't be the last either.

History shows tells us (unless it's 2011 and Texas History books have hit the market) that the idea of Memorial Day came from Civil War Major General John A. Logan, he called it "Decoration Day" way back on May 5, 1868. It was then celebrated a few weeks later on May 30 at Arlington National Cemetery. Why May 30? Well more for the fact that flowers would be in full bloom at the cemetery, giving more reverence to the 260,000 graves of those soldiers who gave their lives.

Since that day back 1868, Presidential visits to Arlington National Cemetery have been sporadic. Memorial Day did not even become a national holiday until 1971 under Pres. Richard Nixon. Until that day, cities and states celebrated individually.

President Reagan missed a day, he gave a speech at West Point. In his four years as President, George H.W. Bush never attended a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington, sending VP Dan Quayle instead. President Bill Clinton attended all eight ceremonies as president and President George W. Bush did not attend until 2003. As a matter of fact, both President Bushes did not attend any ceremonies of any sort in respect, except play golf. So why the fuss over President Obama?

President Obama skipped the Arlington Memorial Day service, but he paid respect to our fallen soldiers at another cemetery near Chicago. I understand the symbolism of Arlington and Memorial Day, but are these people that have railed against him saying that those who served that are not laid to rest at Arlington not as worthy?

Both my grandfathers served in World War II, one is buried in Pittsburgh and the other is buried in Cleveland. My mother served in the military during the Vietnam War and served as a Reservist in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. She'll probably be buried next to my grandfather in Pittsburgh when her time comes. Are these detractors saying my family is not worthy of having a President, present or future, honor them at their resting place on Memorial Day? That a President should only pay Memorial Day respects at Arlington?

A president should be allowed to pay his respect to our soldiers anywhere he or she shall want to. People should be angered about the commercialization of Memorial Day by car dealerships, food chains, and retail merchants.

2. BP's intelligence comes from ACME

The other story that should really have people thumping is the moronic upper management of BP. I swear it's like watching Looney Tunes and Wyl E. Coyote (Super Genius) every time I hear BP Executive Tony Hayworth speak.

We've had nicknames of operations called "Top Kill," "Top Hat," "Junk shot," and now "Marine Cap." Is there an Executive bubble gum dispenser with nicknames they pull these out of?

I love the people who want big government out of state and private business until now. The federal government cannot take over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, even though the 1990 Oil Pollution Act and 2005 National Response Framework give it the power to do so. However, it's the lack of resources that have kept the federal government from taking control. If the federal government had the equipment, I'm sure they would, but at this point if they took over, the federal government basically would have to lease the equipment from BP. So it becomes a new version of "Let's Make a Deal."

However, the federal and state governments should take over the cleanup efforts. Louisiana has already been doing so at their various barrier islands and wetlands, but they need help. I'm sure there a few bodies watching porn on their government computer for eight hours that could be shipped down to the Gulf.

I've already seen a few emails from people stating that President Obama caused the BP/Deepwater Horizon accident to cancel all future oil drilling projects. These people are just as bad as the Michael Moore worshippers that believe President George W Bush was behind September 11, 2001 attacks.

And where is Kevin Costner's project? Wasn't it supposed to be tested three weeks ago? Sometimes I think the Europeans have it right on certain matters. On Nuclear Reactor facilities, they use only two styles of buildings and have heavy regulations. On Oil drilling, they make the companies drill a relief well simultaneously.

All kidding aside, BP and all the other actors involved need to get this cleaned up and face all the legal battles that are soon to follow. Raise the liability limit from %75 million to $500 million or more. You caused the damage, you gotta pay for it. I'm surprised they haven't starting charging for people to view the oil spew webcam on their website yet.

That's it, the peanut bowl was used by BP's Junk Shot and the Longshot case was empty when I asked Kevin Costner to rescue the Gulf. Now I gotta go build a kid's swing set.


  1. Right on the mark, as usual, BigPoppa. Oh for Christ's sake, he did as much as you could expect in one day ... it's only been in the last hour that things have temporarily come to a lull, and it looks like we're likely to get more storms ... as soon as Obama took office my wingnut cousin was yelling about him spending money flying about in his "new toy" (AF1) ... duh ... what about Bush who set a record for the most number of days lolling about on his ranch and Camp David (away from the White House)?

    Now this has been the first chance he's had to come home (his plans to come here every couple of months have gone bye-bye) so instead of wasting time and money and gas flying back to Arlington, he attends the tributes being held here in IL ... wtf is the matter with people??? What difference does it make? Would they have criticized him if he decided to go to Gettysburg???

    As for BP, I have my own conspiracy theory ... it goes like this: Back in 1979 there was a similar disaster in the Gulf of Mexico by the name of Ixtar (sp?) in which they tried all the same executive bubblegum wrapper named "fixes" in only 200' of water, except for the "Top Hat" which they named "Sombrero." They all FAILED, and it took 9 months -- NINE to drill the relief well to stop the gusher. Now one would think we would have learned our lesson from that one, right? But, in 1980 no taxes, no regulations Rep. Ronald Reagan took office & stayed there for 8 years, followed by TX oil-loving G.H.W. Bush, followed by Clinton, who was at the mercy of a Rep. no-way Jose Congress, followed by another 8 years of TX oil-loving GWB/Cheney. Long story short -- keep the status quo for the next 30 years, during which time everyone forgot about the '79 disaster or hadn't been born long ago enough to remember it. But the oil companies knew they were drilling in deep water without any disaster plan ... so here we go again, and oh, the conspiracy theory? Even if it were possible, they probably wouldn't plug the leak sooner when they can say "ah, sadly, we just have to drill a relief well." Now tell me ... doesn't drilling a relief well ensure them of continued off shore drilling in that location? You betcha!

  2. Why are you defending Obama? He's no better then the Bush's for skippy out on Memorial Day services at Arlington!

  3. You are right. Arlington is symbolic, but honoring our soldiers, their memories, and most importantly, why and what they died for is the most important thing about Memorial Day. I really don't care what cemetery he visits as long as that respect is shown. The real tragedy is that a good many Americans don't care and probably couldn't even tell you what Memorial Day commemmorated - just a nice 3 day holiday to mark the beginning of summer fun.

  4. GMK you are correct. Many don't care except for the 3 day weekend and deals they can get at Lowe's Home Depot or WalMart or trying to get a new car. I am not against anyone trying to make a dollar or spend a dollar but why does every holiday, whether it be Columbus Day, Memorial Day, etc... have to be so commericialized.

    Yes, it shouldn't matter where a president pays his respect to our soldiers. Unfortunatly people think only Arlington is the place to pay ones respects. And to me that means they are forgetting all those others whom are buried in the many cemetaries around this great nation.

    Heck I didn't know that the land once belonged to George Washington. And then his daughter married Robert E Lee. The government ceased the land because it was a strategic spot overlooking Washington DC. They said the Lee's owed like $100 or so dollars in taxes, Mrs. Lee paid it, but not in person. Government said she had too pay in person, she didnt and then the land became what we know today

  5. Mama says she is going in a jar at end of life. Now I don't beleive that Obama caused the spill anymore than Bush caused a hurricane, however, the government would have been able to possibly get needed equipment from other countries or prepared for clean up better. You have to love james Carvelle...


    Also apparently you're info is wrong.. lists Bush Sr. was in Rome for Memorial Day services and Junior was in Normandy. Get your facts straight

  7. Wait a minute...why is EAW batty when she suggests getting equipment from other countries? She didn't necessarily say to rent them. I mean, there are deep sea ocean rigs all over the northern Atlantic. I had heard that BP did not have the proper equipment locally. I think that she was suggesting that, if that was the case, our government had the clout and wherewithal to get the equipment quickly.

  8. I guess the question how much of this equipment is available and not in use? Moving an oil rig is not an overnight procedure, it takes time.

    It's been said BP didn't have the proper equipment and they lied on how they could handle such a spill.

    People are talking about another Oil Rig starting to drill closer to the shore, but it's in 150 ft of water as opposed to 5000 ft.

    Haley Barbour said if we drilled closer to the shore the clean up could've been easier & quicker. That's true, but the flow rate and containment may not be easier to control.

  9. Correction: posted corrections to the Memorial Day issue. "W" was at Normandy one year adn his father was in Rome for services.

    That's good and well, they paid respects, but they still held those respects in different areas other than Arlington, therefore no were no better then Obama in the matter. All paid respects either at Arlington or another cemetary, that's the important thing for people to understand.