Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tantrum Part 1

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Well BigPoppa's back again. So much has happened in the past week, so this is going to be a 2 part blog. So grab the frosty cold one, but make sure it's an American company owned.

Part 1.

First I hate jumping to conclusions and I, like many that followed or heard the story over the weekend pulled the trigger fast on Georgia USDA official Shirley Sherrod. I saw the video and immediately said she needs to resign.

I should've paid more attention to whom broke the story and released the video, Andrew Breitbart and his website. Breitbart is trying to regain some of the lost credibility he had since last year's ACORN Pimp fiasco.

Fiasco BigPoppa? Yes, fiasco. Many remember how James O'Keefe shot video of himself costumed as a Pimp and a female friend as a Prostitute looking for help from ACORN. ACORN was already in trouble with many Opinionators (Beck, Hannity, etc.) so this video was the golden ticket for O'Keefe and Breitbart's struggling Many went crazy and ACORN disbanded, losing millions in federal money.

Well 6 months later, turns out Breitbart admits O'Keefe fooled him by never watching the entire video and only viewing the Pimp scenes. Never seeing that O'Keefe and accomplice were not in costume but in normal casual clothing when talking to ACORN officials.

So now Breitbart is back 6 months later with the Ms. Sherrod/NAACP video. Now only showing 25 minutes of 45 minute speech given at the NAACP March event. Yes, NAACP members in attendance were wrong in their cheers of glee for Ms. Sherrod's accounts of that day, 25 years ago, when she met Roger Spooner to discuss Farmer's aid. To date the both have become great friends, with Mr. Spooner and family coming to her side these passed few days.

This is another case of misleading media causing a frenzied stir in an already black/white climate.

Reading many Facebook comments, people are hoping Ms. Sherrod has "lawyered up" and sues the federal government for forcing her to resign. That can be agreed upon, but I would like to see Ms. Sherrod take a stand against Breitbart and the misleading Media, trying to make a story out of video excerpts. I give credit to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough for not jumping like so many, waited, researched, and reported the truth on this matter.

Speaking more on the misleading Media..... (on to Tantrum Part 2)

Update: On Thursday July 22, Ms. Sherrod stated on CNN's American Morning show that she would like an apology from Breitbart and retraction of the incident placed on his website

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