Monday, August 22, 2011

Libyan independence equals alienating traditional allies?

On June 15, 2011 the United States had spent close to $800 million on military actions in Libya and Congress was demanding Pres Obama stop action or he will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution. But the White House fought back stating that “US operations are limited to a support role in coalition with the U.N. Security Council Resolution.”

Basically, since Pres Obama did not send in ground troops and there were no U.S. casualties, he was saying “F” you to those that voiced opposition to his stance on helping our allies, United Kingdom, France and Italy in their involvement of ridding Libya of more than 42 years of tyrannical rule by Khadafy.

It’s also pretty amazing that after 42 years, no one can agree on how to spell the Libyan leader’s name!

Yet, even before Pres Obama pushed involvement in prior months, many in Congress called for U.S. involvement, and when Pres Obama went forth, they cried against him.

So here we are today, it looks as if the Libyan rebels have won with the help of a coalition of UK, France, Italy, and the US. Senators McCain and Graham send congratulations to those countries, but give nothing towards Pres Obama except to chastise him on a World Stage.

Even the “has been never was” crowd of GOP Presidential hopefuls, too many to list, found it easier to downplay the U.S.’s role in those operations and would rather run around words.

Is it because after 42 years and 8 Presidents, someone actually was able to help and rid the world of the Libyan cockroach?

Yes, Pres Reagan took action against Khadafy for about a week in the early 80’s, but the man kept ruling. Were these people upset that “credit” wasn’t given to another President for past actions?

Was this not the same group of ‘intelligence” that outrageously squawked about how “Pres Bush deserves 10x’s the credit then Pres Obama for finally ridding the world of Osama bin Laden.”

Former Pennsylvania Senator “Lil Ricky” Santorum was one of the first to speak, by saying “Ridding the world of the likes of Gadhafi is a good thing, but this indecisive President had little to do with this triumph.” So “Lil Ricky” is calling Pres Obama a “Slacker” on this action.

What? Apparently “Lil Ricky” missed the press releases over the past 4 months, when the majority of his own party has stated “Obama is wasting American tax dollars in Libya by getting way too involved.”

FOX News trotted out their “Foreign Policy” expert, Donald Trump to explain how the U.S. should now handle relations with a (at the moment) free Libya.

According to Trump, “We should go in and take the oil that is meant for us.” This is the reaction from this great business mind, take what is not ours. Of course, he stated the same about Iraq back in March during his pseudo campaign, or “whore rating tour.”

Hey Trump, we only get 3% of our Oil imports from Libya and that 3% will not do anything in the price at the pump which is currently around $3.49/gallon.

If Trump knew anything, he would know that the U.S. gets 51% of our Oil imports from Canada! Yes, our friends from the Great White North are our #1 Oil importer, with Saudi Arabia #2 and Mexico #3. Hm, maybe we should invade North America to get an estimated 70% of our Oil. After all, we share the same continent, is it not “all our oil?”

Texas Gov Rick Perry proved why Texas ranks #50 in education when he stated that Obama’s “foreign policy seems to be based on the alienation of traditional allies.”

Um, I’m sure someone in his campaign staff could run over to a library and get the Governor a history book, for the United Kingdom, France and Italy have been traditional allies for decades (France for centuries) and our little bit of involvement was HELPING not alienating!!

Look, gas prices in the United States will not drop because of the recent results in Libya. No one has an understanding as to who these rebels truly are. Report after report contradicts another.

It’s already been stated that it may take months, if not years, to get all of Libya’s oil production back to full speed. Companies like BP, who have no personnel in the country since fighting started, won’t get back to work for at least a week and they still have to survey any damages.

But here we are, in such a partisan divided country, that no one from the other side of aisle can suck up some pride and give a pat on the back to Pres Obama for helping out our allies in ridding the world of a tyrannical figure.

To paraphrase Daily Show host John Stewart “If a Democratic President gave each Republican a non binding tax free $1 million, they would say in disgust ‘great now I have to go buy a wallet.’”

Suck it up people, there was some good done in the World today, it just hurts so many to admit so.

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