Thursday, September 8, 2011

President Wyl E. Coyote and his ACME Stimulus Plan September 2011

So, Pres “O” has come out with his latest & greatest idea, one that is greater than the last one that cost $700 billion and rarely produced much in results. Yet this new plan will cost roughly around $500 billion and is to be paid for by having Congress work out more spending cuts and put the ax to many tax loopholes.

HAHAHAHA!! Congress work together!!! Does anyone remember the last two adventures our country went on when these 535 attempted to work together? That result ended up with a downgrade in credit rating and the formation of a “SUPER COMMITTEE,” a committee that will be as powerless as Superman with a handful of Kryptonite.

OK, so the old “Wyl E. Coyote ACME” stimulus plan did produce some regional jobs, but it was archaic in thought, meaning it used old ideas to help a new era. The idea of infrastructure repair was good for the New Deal and the Eisenhower administration, as many of those jobs were like pothole patching the Grand Canyon. Basically, it was executed poorly.

That plan should’ve gone into smarter future infrastructure like Cell tower, Fiber Optic line grids and electrical power grid work. The Northeastern part of the country could’ve produce 200K in jobs alone for this type of infrastructure work and it would’ve lasted beyond tomorrow.

At least the new “ACME” plan sounds like it could work. Construction jobs, along with striking tax code loopholes, the need to keep the Social Security tax break, and other ideas from both sides of the aisle, all for the low price of $500 billion.

Consider the thought that the previous night’s GOP Debate all I heard was “more tax breaks and tax credits for the Wealthy and Corporations because they create jobs.” If we have learned anything over the past 8 years is that Government can give these groups all they ask for and they won’t create jobs.

Government cannot force business to hire. In today’s world, business will begin to hire when they can afford too or when they need the employees.
One thing that caught my attention was Pres “O” was his talk of special tax credits for business that hire returning Military personnel.
In regards to returning Reservist and National Guardsmen, if they were working when they received their deployment orders, they still have employment with their current employer.

Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act in 1994 signed by Pres. Clinton, it states “any person whose absence from a position of employment is necessitated by reason of service in the uniformed services shall be entitled to reemployment rights and benefits.”

In other words, you can’t be fired or loss your job when being deployed into military action.

A position is to be held for Reservists and National Guardsmen with their current employer, it may not be the position they left when deployed, but a position of some sort at the pay rate they left is to be waiting for them.

The issue to be rectified will be the psyche of those returning to adapt back to normal life after long service.

I’ve worked with a few that have returned from extended deployment. Once they returned back to the company, shortly thereafter they asked to be let go. They couldn’t adapt to a different position or they couldn’t handle the return to regular life outside of a warzone. Eventually they asked to be redeployed into the warzones.

What’s interesting is that even when military deployment was enacted for Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, unemployment still rose. One would think with 150K-250K Reservists and National Guardsmen being deployed, that business would hire to fill the void.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in August 2001 unemployment was at 4.9% and at by October 2001 unemployment had risen to 5.3%. It may not seem like much, but today when we hear that unemployment drops by 0.1%, the Stock Market improves, so a jump by 0.4% is a huge increase.

But even as our troops fought in Afghanistan, unemployment still rise and by March 2003, when the United States entered Iraq, unemployment sat at 5.9%

What truly happened was that many businesses took the time to rethink their business strategies, reconfigure job duties and realized that it would be easier to pay the overtime to the existing employees rather than hire, train, and insure a temporary or new employee at a higher cost.

Even with the Bush Tax Cuts, unemployment never went below 4.6%. Yes, there was some job creation but those numbers were offset by those signing up for unemployment.

What the United States needs is to move towards the next big business sector. At the beginning of the 1900’s, we were on our way to becoming the largest industrial nation on the planet. Forward thinkers such as Carnegie, Mellon and Morgan we building the nation, yet where are our forward thinkers of today? Creating Snuggies and Pillow Pets is not the answer.

The United States needs a Renaissance, to re-create itself towards tomorrow and get away from the archaic beliefs of yesterday. The Renaissance I speak off must begin in Washington and if Congress and the White House cannot get it done, then it’s time to rethink their positions come November 2012.

**NOTE: talking about overloading powergrids, well California, Nevada and New Mexico all went black just after 7pm EST today. Hm, were to place those jobs Mr. President**

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