Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Media’s bloodlust leads to assumptions of stupidity during tragedy

With the aftermath of the horrific movie theatre tragedy of Aurora, Colorado it took only hours for the bloodlust Media to point fingers and make assumptions as if they were standing in the theatre themselves, yet they are creating more problems than help in healing.

The one thing that is apparent is when tragedy happens, the Media divide points the finger at the opposition as the main factor of cause.

ABC News’ Brian Ross was so giddy that he had found a “James Holmes” listed on the Colorado Tea Party website, he just had to add it to the story only to apologize, no wait he didn’t apologize, but he did rebut himself to say he mislead the story and it was a different James Holmes.

Media is so quick to link a tragedy to a political party theory and I can guarantee had the shooter been dark skinned or of Arab decent, some Con-talker would screw up and try to link the shooter to al Qaeda.

I enjoy listening to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, but he too had made a dumbass assumption on Monday that when he heard that James Holmes was a young white guy from the suburbs that he may have been part of the Autism scale.

I being the father of a child on the Autism scale, as well as Scarborough youngest son being diagnosed with Aspergers, should know better. Yes, I have boycotted the show for the time being in disgust of such an assumption without merit.

Just about every mainstream Con-talker was bringing up how Liberals and Lib-talkers were now pushing for stronger/stricter gun laws, yet Rush, Hannity and Jeff Kunner (filling in for Mike Savage) forgot to inform their listeners that one of their own, Bill Kristol, was even calling on Liberals to push for new gun laws.

Last time I checked, Bill Kristol has a heavy hand in Conservative communications with frequent appearances on Fox News and other media outlets.

Con-talkers will not report the fact that Pres Obama has stated he has no plans to create new gun laws and wants to enforce the laws already known. They won’t correct the callers that state “Obama will now create laws to take away our guns” with the fact that even the much beloved Conservative New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Speaker John Boehner have made it known they stand with Pres Obama on enforcing current laws and steering away from new laws.

And, again, the Con-talkers refuse to inform their listeners that both Gov Christie and Republican Presidential candidate Romney both agreed that Pres Obama’s presence in Aurora was the correct action to take on Sunday, July 22. Nope, they turned into a political vote getting action by Obama and left Christie/Romney’s statement on the floor.

Had Pres Obama not visited the families in Aurora those very same Con-talkers would be ranting about how he didn’t take time from campaigning or golfing to visit American citizens during a tragedy, just as they did last year with the devastation in Joplin, Missouri.

The exploitation of the Aurora tragedy has been exploited by all Media and I give huge props to Syndicated radio host Jerry Doyle for pointing this out to his audience on his July 23 program. Doyle not only made mention of it, he went into an all out rant for the first hour of his program.

Doyle is probably the only true Independent Syndicated radio host out there. He regularly points out the pros and cons of both parties and their Media minions and with the same breath the need for none of them.

It seems the bigger assumption being debated is “what if a moviegoer had a concealed handgun with them? Could they have stopped Holmes? After all Colorado allows concealed weapons”

It’s an interesting assumption, but complicated at best with the answer of no.
Just clearly think about the situation.

The modern movie theatre has 6 to 7 rows near the screen on flat ground, stadium seating of 15-18 rows in the back, aisle stairs on both sides, and two entrances.

It’s been reported that Holmes entered the theatre from the right-side exit. Dressed in full SWAT team gear (helmet, bullet-proof vest, throat & crotch protection, arm & thigh shields) tosses a tear gas canister into a filled movie theatre (roughly seats 70-80 people) and then begins firing a semi-automatic gun, systematically shooting person by person.

Sounds like something right out of the open sequence of an action movie with Steven Seagal or Bruce Willis.

Now the assumption begins, could’ve a person with a concealed handgun get a clear enough shot from any part of the theatre with 70+ people running for their lives, pushing/shoving/trampling each other, gunfire flashes, tear gas smoke billowing about? No.

I spoke to a few police officers about this and they said it would be next to impossible, because no one needs a gun fight in a crowded area, there is no clear shot to take, and more than likely you’re part of the mass exodus being pushed out of the aisle by those running in fear. The best practice is to get people to safety as quickly as possible.

The second thought was of the 3 members of our military (2 Air Force, 1 Navy) in attendance, could they have stopped Holmes if armed? The answer is still no, as the scenario is the same and the fact that every member of our military does not carry a weapon with them, even on duty.

These scenarios, led by Con-talkers, are creating the larger part of the 2nd Amendment debate in the past few days. By instilling the thought that anyone or everyone should carry a concealed handgun to thwart evil is maddening.

We only have to look at Florida and their “Stand Your Ground” law and the death of Trayvon Martin.

Yes, gun sales have risen 40%+ over the past few days, fueled by protection fears and the passed on idea that Pres Obama or whacked out Liberals will take away their right to bear arms.

Everyone should have the right to bear arms, but why should everyone own an AR-15 to protect them? Legislation can be written to list what should and shouldn’t be banned, it wouldn’t infringe on any hunting rights or personal protection rights.

The one thing all Media should be focusing on is the fact that the families want less visual of James Holmes on TV, but the only thing the Media knows is “if it bleeds it leads” and Holmes’ face will be shown every hour possible.

That’s it, slap the tap on Rooney’s Old Style Irish Ale and pass the stale peanuts. Pay your political tab.


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