Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Legislation hits Senate floor to fire federal employees who owe back taxes

The article below is something I would normally post on my Facebook page with some sort of sarcastic comment. However, there's just way to much here to question.

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz's legislation to make it legal to fire federal employees that do not pay taxes has passed committee and being sent to the Senate floor for debate.

It's an interesting piece of legislation but the question is "is firing to extreme?"

According to article written by Alex Pappas, over 100K federal employees owe more than $1 billion in federal taxes. That's a ridiculous sum of money to owe our close-to-bankrupt government, but what is the definition of a "federal employee?"

Think about it, what do you consider a federal employee?

Many simply believe a federal employee is one that sits behind a desk or in a cubicle at a federal building across the country, but what about those that work abroad? What about the soldier in the field or the government contractor or (yes) a member of Congress?

To use the term "federal employee" is a broad stroke at best. Yes, unfortunately everyone has to pay taxes, but to fire seems harsh at best.

Of course, Rep. Chaffetz has opposition to his legislation in the form of Rep. Elijah Cummings, but even Rep. Cummings opposition is weak in punch.

“In fact enactment of this legislation will increase costs to the taxpayers by requiring agencies to spend time and resources to review public records to find tax liens filed against current or prospective employees,” per Rep. Cummings.

If the federal employee is a contractor, well many contractor normally file tax extension to get their finances in order. Hell, many accountants do the same as they are busy during tax season.

Why not wage garnishment for federal employees to pay the back tax? Yes, the employee would receive a smaller paycheck as the outcome, but would still be working, receiving a paycheck, and still contributing to the community in many forms.

As people argue about shrinking the size of government, we don't want to shrink the size of its bank account either. The less that are working means the less goes into funding for Military, Social Security, Medicare and paying off the of two Wars.

You make the call while I "slap the tap" on a frosty cold brew.

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