Monday, April 15, 2013

The Boston Marathon explosion: Our Perversion to Tragedy exploited by Media

It didn’t take long after the twin explosions during the Boston Marathon for everyone from News Media to Hack Conspiracy Media to Social Media to point fingers and lay blame. As the saying goes “If it bleeds it leads” and our perversion for tragedy is a Media ratings juggernaut.

There is a desire for many in this country to watch any report that has to deal with death and despair, whether it about the Boston Marathon or Jodi Arias trial to Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware, that attracts people like moths to the flame.

But the disregard for death is the most disgusting response one can have.

Immediately after the blast was reported, reporters and social media hacks took to interweb to give a recount of the happenings. So quickly that the first response by all was “it’s a bomb,” yet no one knew for sure.

What if it were a gas explosion from days gone by frail gas line?

Or a propane tank from a food vendor?

Nope, it was a bomb regardless and of course a Middle Eastern terrorist, a “Muslim Saudi” man that was in the area so rapidly reported. Or so Media presumed as it’s the go-to knee jerk reaction to blame any bomb involved tragedy as of Muslim work.

Funny how quick our Media wants to be first to (mis)lead the masses and cement the thought.

Yet in today’s ratings infused Media journalists affairs, it only took about an hour for conspiracies to reign supreme on Social media.

The “Conspiracy King,” Alex Jones, was quick to blame the Boston Marathon tragedy as a “Governmental Inside Job.” Yes the same guy that still calls 9/11 an inside job, jumped his own proverbial shark of Nut-Job padded cell thought to place Waldo in the grassy knoll across the street by the hot dog vendor holding a thermal detonator while Chewbacca stood on point.

Not to be outdone, MSNBC’s resident ass-clown, Chris Matthews along with Massachusetts Rep William Keating (D) spent quality air time trying to link the bombing with it being April 15th, better known to all Americans as “Tax Day.”

Note to MSNBC Media management, next time just show a clip of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first” comedy sketch. The viewing public would enjoy it more.
Yet I think the best was over at CNN for people to play connect the dots of journalistic conspiracy thought.

Wolfe Blitzer, one of great historical intrigue and lack of journalistic skill, let viewers know that it was a Bostonian holiday, “Patriot Day.” Yes Patriot Day, a day when Boston celebrates the American Revolution’s battles of Lexington and Concorde.

Think about it? Tax Day + Patriot’s Day = Tea Party. Light the fuse.

Yes, somebody connected the dots and gave notion that “Wolfie” tried to subliminally link the Boston Marathon bombing and Patriot’s Day to the dreaded affair of Tax Day and therefore a possible Tea Party involvement.

I find reading the jokes on a Bazooka Joe gum wrapper gives one higher intelligence.
Sometimes I think the conspiracy theorists have more involvement in the incident than just spewing stupidity.

But let’s have fun with this and I’ll create my own conspiracy theory:
Most marathons are won by Kenyans or Ethiopians and since the “birther” notion has President Obama born in either of these two countries and didn’t have a strong contingent of runners this year, President Obama devised a plan to have bombs placed throughout the course. By using his “Obama phone” he was able to detonate the bombs, causing great tragedy and forcing runners and spectators harm and injury to be rushed to any of the nearby hospitals for care. Thereby, thanks to his Affordable Care Act, all will receive medical attention without having to worry about massive future hospital bills.

WOW! I don’t think that theory is too far-fetched. How about you?

So as stupidity saturated the interweb throughout the day, we leave it to President Obama to give people the biggest nugget to verbal diarrhea.

Yes, people cried foul that it took the Big “O” 3.2 hours (!) to address the nation about the Boston Marathon bombings. That’s the biggest atrocity of the day was that it took a sitting president over three hours to respond?!

When I questioned one of these great Social Media thinkers about how long did it take President “W” to address the nation about 9/11, they immediately went to the well with “Oh sure bring President Bush into this! He was traveling the nation, flying on Air Force 1 from base to base to keep safe!”

Actually, neither “W” or “O’s” whereabouts nor the amount of time it took them to address the nation means nothing to me. But then again, I wonder if people will complain about the amount of time it takes any sitting president to address the nation after nuclear annihilation? (Think about it…. We’d all be dead to listen.)

But the true disgust was the non-stop viewing of the victims. And I’m not just talking about events that happen here, but from around the World.

Why are we such a bloodlust society that we are entranced by the violent pictures of blood soaked victims and/or dead bodies? Do we have no personal filter?

Within the next few days, like an avalanche, these pictures will be posted on Facebook or Twitter with political statements condemning affiliations from politics to religious belief to gun control. Hell I’ve already seen the “Arm yourself to stop this from happening” posts and it’s disgusting.

Be thankful for our first responders who don’t put themselves first.

Say prays to all victims and families of tragedy.

And to all the Alex Jones' disciples, the day you can prove to me that the plastic ball at the bottom of my Guinness Draught can is a government devise that tracks how many times the can is tilted in consumption to somehow re-instate the anti-saloon temperance prohibition due to excess, well then I’ll tip the can in your direction in approval.

That’s it, “Slap the Tap” on the Ol’ Leghumper Ale and pay the political tab


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