Thursday, June 17, 2010

Incoherent Rudy G and other dribble

"Make a Hole Make it Wide"

Big Poppa took a few days off to enjoy the summer humidity and a few tall cool ones these past few days. During that time, my DVR exploded with recorded shows and my email hit maximum overload.

1. Spam Political Email
How lazy have people become on their "FWD: Political Spam" lately? Extremely lazy. Have people lost any original thought on conspiracy or controversy to put into a Spam email? I think many have or Glenn Beck has sucked the thoughts out of peoples head like Jim Carrey's version of the Riddler.

I have received so much FWD: Political Spam and have gotten tired of debunking the issues. Yes, people feel it's their American duty to forward on these emails, some believing them as truth because "Aunt Millie wouldn't lie to me" or "Well Tom is very political savvy so it must be true" or maybe some just feel the need to keep the crap going.

The latest was titled "Lee Iacocco's 'Where have all the Leaders gone?'" and is just a recycled piece from 2007. Excerpts from his then latest book and his attack on the Bush Administration have turned into recycled FWD: Political Spam with people cut/pasting the Obama Administration. Come on people, get some original thought.

2. "If I was in office..."
Speaking of original thought, or lack there of, what up with Mayor Rudy G. last week?

Mayor Rudy G. visited the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe (Big Poppa's fav morning show) and spewed such inarticulate nonsense. Word to Mayor Rudy G. "You had no original thought in the 2008 election, so please don't say 'Well if I was in office...'" Woulda coulda shoulda doesn't get the oil spill contained and cleaned.

Big Poppa is getting tired of all these retread politicians talking about how they would fix it or who they spoke to, but never mentioning who these oil experts are that they spoke too. Is it a secret? If so, why a secret? Because you spoke to no one or someone who is insignificant to the matter. I give co-host Mika Brezinzki credit for questioning Mayor Rudy G on "his experts" and "what would you do?" action which turned out incoherent.

Mayor Rudy G., thank you for your actions during 9/11, but if you didn't live in the past, you may have won a Presidential Primary

3. Oil Skimmers
Every political and celebrity talkie seems to love to say "Get the skimmers down there!!" or "Where are the skimmers?" or "We need more oil bouys!," yet do any of these talkies have a clue.

Oil bouys can only contain what is on the surface! Oil can float under the oil bouys, there for the containment is minimal.

The beloved Oil Skimmer boats are a minimal containment issue as well. One of the Oil Skimmers we've seen on tv is a Weir Skimmer, which let's the water flow thru, but contains the oil. Problem being the Weir Skimmer can only hold about 1,500 gallons, working for about 3 hours. Yet, the Oil Spill flow is estimated at 60,000 gallons a day. So even if 40 Weir Skimmers were in place, there are still theplumes rising to the surface. So even if they ran 24 hours, they would still be doing little until the flow stops!

4. Where's the Shamwoo! guy at?
I like how CNN and FOX are having a frenzy of people on set saying they know how to clean up the Oil Spill. Don't get Big Poppa wrong, I think it's incredible how this disaster has given people inspiration to be creative. But there's a difference between Crude oil and Mobil 1 motor oil from Pep Boys. So all these inventions are using a product that is lighter then the Crude we see on tv. It may work the first time, but not the second.

Well that's enough incoherent dribble from Big Poppa. The peanut bowl was taken away to help skim some oil from the deep fryer in the back room and no one paid the political tab. Cheapskates!


  1. I pretty much agree with you - must've been the water I drank on vacation, but I disagree with the defeatist attitude on the skimmers. Are the Weir skimmers the largest around? Ok, 40 working collects a veritable drop in the bucket, but 400...4000. Countries offered them to us, for Pete's sake. I give LA credit for going ahead and dredging to protect their mainland until Corps of Engineer put a stop to it. Should be helping - not hindering - efforts.

  2. Contrary to what has been reported, US has accepted help from other countries in forms of more bouys and bodies, althoug limited acceptance. Many opinionators keeping bringing up the Jones Act, but that has nothing to do clean up help, that is for shipping and dock loading/off loading.

    Still think the most insane idea is the nuclear option! people watch the movie Armegeddon too many times