Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quick thought: 6 degrees of Gore and "W"

"Make a Hole Make it Wide"

After watching England vs. USA in the World Cup today and maybe a few too many Sam Adams Longshots, Big Poppa came to a "6 degrees" conclusion

OK, so the rumors ran mad the other week when the Gore's announced their divorce after 40 years. There was even an email running around blaming Pres George W Bush for causing the Gore's divorce. Many however write the notion off as crazy. However, yes, Big Poppa has figured it all out.

11/7/2000 - George W. Bush defeats Al Gore is the Presidential Election

1/4/2006 - George W Bush's favorite college team, Texas Longhorns, defeats the USC Trojans in the Rose Bowl to be the #1 college team in the nation. Texas starting QB Vince Young goes on to be the #1 draft pick of the Tennessee Titans.

Al Gore born and raised in Tennessee and still lives there

6/2/2010- Al and Tipper Gore announce their seperation after 40 years of marriage

6/10/2010- National Enquirer and other media outlets realize news that Al Gore is dating a 23 year old Tennessee Titans cheerleader named Lesslye Perry. And has been for about 5 months or so...

There ya' go... Pay the political tab and fill the damn peanut bowl deadbeats!


  1. Well they were right about Edwards

  2. National Enquirer has become a legit paper