Friday, January 7, 2011

Return of the King.. that would be me

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide(r)"

Sorry folks I just woke up from my Political hibernation and how our Government has changed, or did it.

In 48 hours of the 112th Congress, now split by a Republican House and Democratic Senate, nothing really has changed. We went thru the entire Summer of 2009 into Election Day with nothing but Rhetoric from both sides. As the masses awaited for January 5th to break, we find ourselves, once again down the same path. The Political Rhetoric has met Political Reality and Political Reality is the victor.

Republicans vowed to cut $100 billion in wasteful spending back in September. Well on January 5th, they decided that was to high of a goal and knocked it down to just below $50 billion. That's like saying I'm gonna drop 50lbs by Valentines Day and when the day gets closer, I decide well maybe 10lbs sounds better.

Congressional fiscal year ends every September 30 and the Repuiblicans did themselves in when they blocked the Omnibus bill, therefore hurting their own promise, since now they have only 8 months left to make those drastic cuts.

Republicans promised all bills would go through committee first before coming to vote. Well they want to repeal Obamacare before the end of January, so they decided to forgo that notion as well and go straight to vote.

I love hearing all these Conservative Opinionators defending the Republican led House right now. "Well it's only been a few days"... "Well there's so much to take care of before they really get started" I'm calling BULLSH*T! on that. President Obama barely sat down at his Inaguartion and Sean Hannity had his "Broken Promises" countdown running.

I'm not defending any Democrats here. I can't because what they did in the Lame Duck session was what they should've done for the past two years. Push their bills through with the majority that they had. Republicans did so from 2000-2006. But by doing so much in so little time, their poll numbers rose. I hate polls but in the Lame Duck session, all that was accomplished, President Obama's favorability numbers went from 35% to 51%.

OK this was just a quickly blog to get myself moving forward, with new energy because of a new Congress, which means more laughter and fright for two more years.

Over exposure quick thought: News came out that Glenn Beck's radio show will be dropped by New York City's WOR on January 17. WOR is the second biggest radio station in New York City and apparently Beck's rating have been dropping tremendously over the 2009-2010 timeframe. Also Beck's FOX show ratings have dropped 6.5% in the past year as well. Losing a major demographic of 18-53 year old males.

Now I can chalk this up to simple over exposure by Glenn Beck. Two major rallies, 3 books, some sort of movie, plus guest appearances have given him to much exposure in the past 2 years.

Americans, well, we are a fad country. We jumped on the Michael Jackson Thriller craze and destroyed it within 2 years. Beanie Babies, Zu Zu pets, Snuggies, SMART Cars, Britney Spears, the New VW Beetle, Miley Cyrus, etc. We kill fads quick, but painful.

I'm not calling Beck a fad, for he has been doing his gig from sometime now. I started listening to Beck in 2003 and many called me crazy. Yet now, many of those same people sit patiently at their radio or tv like Ralphie waiting for the secret code during Little Orphan Annie. But there is no secret decoder ring in Beck's voice.

Sarah Palin is other over exposed fad that is slowly losing her luster as well. Her much hyped "Sarah Palin's Alaska" has been losing ratings with each episode and her last book wasn't so hot either. She went on a Media tour to push both recently, you know that "Lame Stream" Media she pokes a stick at all the time. Hoping to stir up viewers for a contract renewal.

Well this is Big Poppa, returning to the blogosphere and reminding you to listen carefully, pay the bar tab, fill the peanut bowl and drink your O-V-A-L-T-I-N-E.

Good night Ralphie


  1. according to others and myself, Beck has become too preachie. I like the crazy Beck ... off the wall and entertaining. I don't get a chance to listen to his radio show but still catch parts of the TV program. Everyone is a little tired of politics right now and will rev up in the Spring. I would have thought you would have blogged the reading of the Constitution. Of course you libbers would have not complained if they read the communist manifesto

  2. eaw449.. for longest time you were left of the leftist up until Hillary lost her "intitlement" as President. Remember where you came from, for it can come back to bite you in the ass later...

    I had no problem with the reading of the Constitution and it should be done at the beginning of each new Congress. However skipping a sections like "3/5th a person" and the entire 18th Amendment was stupidity. They should be read for they are part of a history that was unjust and all should remember. We cannot rewrite our history.

    As for Beck, between Thanksgiving and February, he is preachy. He's been that way every year. It's his show