Thursday, January 13, 2011

We live on the Editing Room Floor

We live in an “editing room floor” world when it comes to today’s political rhetoric. Many tune in passionately to listen to the Beck’s and Olbermann’s of the political opinionated world. They host their radio and television shows, playing the edited clips to make their collective defensive points and twisting the words of the opposition.

Over the past five days, every political opinionater has attempted to defend themselves and political allegiance by finger pointing and passing the blame to their opposition. To their hardcore listeners, they pass and to their opponents they fail. Their listeners will defend their every word defiantly, but the question is, are they actually listening to those words or agreeing because they trust no one else?

A good example was Sean Hannity’s January 10th FOX show. Hannity was informing his audience to listen to the three clips about to be played and how the three Liberal speakers lay blame on the opinionaters of the Right. Yet, once played, all three speakers never mention a political side and say “all rhetoric” is to blame. But once making the implication, Hannity’s audience will believe they heard what he said. Almost like being told the face of Groucho Marx is hidden on the back of the $20 dollar bill and what do you know, there it is! “If” you are told so, “then” it must be there.

Rush Limbaugh came out of gates on Monday, January 10, defending his words almost as if Gospel, never a lie and only purity of truth. Limbaugh originally said he wouldn’t speak long of the Tucson Tragedy, yet spent three hours in defense of the rhetoric subject. He blamed all spectrums from Jared Louchner’s religious belief to heavy metal music to his parents. It’s rather sad that Limbaugh never finds fault within his words, for that might mean he is human after all.
Now, if Limbaugh wants to blame the style of music, well that’s a fight he should refer back to Tipper Gore and her PMRC group of the 1980’s, a waste of taxpayers’ time and money for a result of a weak labeling system for music categories. However, if Limbaugh is concerned, I’m sure he could send his Stryper collection to Jared Louchner to listen to while in jail.

Glenn Beck also was defending himself, at times almost defending himself against himself. He read an impassioned email that he sent to Sarah Palin on January 9, telling her to take up security with a gentleman from California that cares for all of Beck’s security needs, or quoting from Michelle Malkin’s website that states only Left hate speech while never speaking a word of any from the Right.

There has been plenty of violent political rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, and all are to blame if anyone is to be blamed. The repeated airplay of Sharron Angle’s campaign statement of “2nd Amendment remedies” to Michelle Bachmann’s “armed and ready Minnesotans” to anything said by Rev. Al Sharpton (there’s not enough room to list Rev. Al’s decades of statements).

I cannot blame the Tea Party, well any of their hundreds of divisions, for all the fervor as well. I’ve attended a couple Tea Party rallies and they were tame, but that’s not to say that some have had their eyesores of poster board depiction if not in Bangor but possible in Saginaw. It comes with the landscape of calling all that are upset with a government to join a call to “verbal” arms and fight. It’s an open invitation for all to join whether it for Fiscal responsibility or racist hate, just come and join the masses. No one will check your political plight, but give you a podium to speak.

We’ve been told that Jared Louchner was a crazy Lefty because he read the Communist Manifesto, a book about government control of society yet never talking about how he also read Animal Farm, a book about society revolting against government. Jared Louchner seemed to have a “Ying/Yang” desire to understand a topic, wanting to know both pros and cons.

It’s obvious that Jared Louchner believed in “outside the box” thinking. His list of books, music, political notion, ramblings all give the scenario of “if this/then that” mentality. A lot of evidence seems to make this more of a deranged stalker attack then a deranged politic assassination, complex thinker versus his deranged mind.

The one thing that sticks out is if there were warning signs, such as police reports of Jared Louchner’s activities and mental instability how was he able to pass a background check to purchase his gun from the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Tucson? Should there not have been a red flag next to his name?

We live in a country where you cannot board a plane if your name appears on the “No Fly” list but still be able to purchase a firearm. Is that not insane in itself?
All that has been said over these past five days, and no one finds it appalling that Arizonans are flocking to their local firearms dealers and buying Glocks, the very style of gun used by Jared Louchner, in monstrous proportions?

Is it more despicable that the hateful Westboro Church from Topeka, Kansas has made it known that they will protest at the funerals of the Tucson fallen? Which Constitutional Freedom should be reviewed more, the Freedom of Speech and Assembly or the Freedom to Bear Arms? If there is a time when a “verbal” call to arms should be spoken, it would be against that of the Westboro Church, for they are a the derangement of rhetoric that needs to be silenced.

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  1. The guy was a nut, society failed. Do you know that Ariz and VA are the only 2 states where you can commit a person for psych eval but family, school and state did nothing (other states you need to show they will harm self or others). Gun control- no new laws just follow the 100's of gun control laws we have now. As far as blaming TV, Radio, etc- it didn't matter, he was sick and it could have been the neighbors next door. The Left is so scared of the Tea Party and Sara Palin they will do anything to discredit them. And while we are cooling down our rhetoric are the politicians on both side going to stop their ads that are hateful and full of lies?