Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Pledge to be an Obstructionist

Well here we go with another Washington DC battle and people doing dumb things.

No I’m not talking about the Debt Ceiling debacle and the “Do Nothing Blame the Other Guy” Congress, but I’m sure I’ll have words later for them. No, I’m talking about the story of bomb threats against Grover Norquist from the other day.

It seems some moron has decided that blaming Mr. Norquist and his Pledge of “No new taxes” has taken some blame for the gridlock in Washington over the Debt Ceiling and other legislation.

The notion of having members of Congress sign pledges is getting ridiculous, not saying Norquist idea doesn’t have merit, but he himself is giving his pledge a loophole.

Norquist has been quoted as saying that “letting the Bush Tax Cuts (shouldn’t they be the Obama tax cuts by now?) rise in 2013, if part of the debt deal, wouldn’t be considered a new tax” is rather thin. A tax is a tax, regardless of when it happens.

You only have to listen to the Con-opinionators across the media, for they have said any tax increase is considered a new tax. But I guess the difference depends on who sits in the White House at the time.

Oh, sorry, the Bush Tax Cuts rise then they will be considered the Obama Tax Cuts.

For those same Con-opinionators were all for all the Surplus checks, not putting the wars on the books, and even the Medicare plan, all of which were not given the thought as to how to be paid for. Pres “W” was smart not letting the wars on the books until 2007-2008, for he wouldn’t have to deal with the price.

The only difference between “W’s” surplus and “O’s” surplus is that “W” sent those checks to you to spend as “O” went all nostalgic FDR. Either way, taxpayers had/have to pay for both sets of surplus.

But just as we saw during the “Obamacare” debate and the Paul Ryan budget debate, violent constituents, no matter their make or political thought, were free to give verbal barrages to the Congressperson. Yes, and there were fools that smashed windows, sent derogatory fax and emails, but disagreement is no reason for volatile action.

As for Norquist and the bomb threat, it was a viable threat, as any threat should be. But after reading about the incident over at www.thehill.com I couldn’t help but read some of the reader comments. http://thehill.com/homenews/news/173273-bomb-threat-at-office-of-anti-tax-activist-norquist

Here are some goodies:

“violent liberal war loving extremists.
The libtards want to raise taxes so they can go into Iran and Somalia and Yemen.
They love shutting our gulf oil riggs down so we have to buy from dictators.
Libs love the TSA and all the groping going on.
They love the warrantless wiretapps and illegal searches.
Liberals will never win another election after piglosi and obomba”
BY LIBTARDS ARE PUTRID on 07/25/2011 at 13:03

Since when did Liberals like warrantless wiretaps? As well as going into Iran, Somalia and Yemen

“And Rove planted a bug in an opponents office way back when with a short life battery…sure believe this and cheese on the moon.”
BY ROBMAN2 on 07/25/2011 at 12:55

Um, Rove planted a bug in his own office and then called the News & Police while campaigning for office in Texas.

“Probably some desperate Tea Party senior, who has come to realize that default means he/she won't be getting a Social Security check after August 2.”BY CARL1 on 07/25/2011 at 13:17

Well many polls show that Tea Party members don’t want to see Social Security changes since many are collecting or about to collect, but I truly don’t think this is the case.

But just these little bit of examples show how so many will blame the other for the current state of discourse and delusion we’ve succumbed too. Not to mention many need to use Spell-check more often.

Here’s a better idea for a Pledge, how about pledge that all in Congress sign to do their jobs to the end and wait till a deal, any deal, is complete before heading to the nearest microphone for a sound bite.

Seriously, look at all that is going on and Congress, along with the White House, adjourns with nothing accomplished to find a camera to spew their hardship of no deal.

Meanwhile, both parties have offered nothing towards any conclusion to fixing the Debt Ceiling debacle. Republicans cry that the Democratic plan is weak with smoke and mirrors, but the Republican plans have had the same results of the plans they are panning.

Look, both parties are weighing heavily on the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to conclude, saving a $1 trillion in cost. House Majority leader Eric Cantor made the gaffe the other by admitting so.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Larry Kudlow, Cantor was babbling about how Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s plan is wrapped around the 2 wars end. Kudlow asked “doesn’t the baseline for CUT, CAP and BALANCE, plan count on it as well. Cantor’s sad answer “but but but, absolutely it is.”

That was a “gotcha” moment brought on by Cantor himself, and only Cantor can blame himself for it.

The end result is that by August 2, something does need done. Sure Pres “O” has the power to see who gets paid, but let’s see Congress, their Lobbyist aides, White House, and political staff lose their paychecks first for a change. Instead of 4,000 FAA workers and the loss of a weekly $200 million in ticket tax revenue that the country needs.

Oh wait, forgot the Airlines have taken that tax and added another 10% to the cost.

Heck someone might as well make a buck and stiff the public while Congress has the hands up their collective ass.

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