Friday, July 15, 2011

"There's a special dept of Idiots in the White House"

A good Republican friend told me some time ago that, “the first 2 years of a presidency is just living off what the previous president had done.”

So with that statement is Pres "O" about to complete the pros and cons from Pres "W's" term?

If so, then the latest Quinnipiac poll gives truth to the statement.Of those polled by Quinnipiac, 54% believe Pres “W” is responsible for the current condition of our economy and only 27% blame Pres “O.”

Now among the much beloved and needy Independent voter, those polled pointed their fingers to a 49% that Pres “W” is to blame, which gives Pres “O” some breathing room amongst the Independent masses.

Now, everyone knows I hate polls and these poll percentages aren’t much to look at when over the past year or so that this is a continuous theme from the polling block. Everyone still points to Pres “W” and the past Republican held Congress, a hold the Republicans haven’t held for some time.

One would figure with all the Con-Opinionators working the airwaves, poll percentages should be shifting in the other direction by now. Or maybe it’s that people are realizing that “Change” doesn’t happen overnight and that not one political party alone is at fault.

Many taxpayers are starting to become very irate with Congress more than the White House. Many are tired of obstructionism or a do nothing Congress, namely Republicans. For instance, the current Debt Ceiling debacle, yes debacle, it stopped being a debate a week ago.

But factual numbers do not lie when one looks at the how Partisan the Debt Ceiling voting has been over the past decade. It wasn’t until 2003 when the Republicans heavily voted for raising the Debt Ceiling and the shift to a Democratic Debt Ceiling rise didn’t happen until 2008.

If the Debt Ceiling debacle is not completed, 48% of those surveyed are going to blame Republicans for the aftermath. What aftermath?

The Debt Ceiling has nothing to do with future spending, it’s today’s money! Just like you have to pay your monthly bills, so does our Government and with half the Revenue coming in for what’s due in August, well, we’re screwed.

Just look at the Stock Market the other day. Moody’s S&P released a statement stating they will seriously drop the United States Triple A credit rating, causing trading to slow to almost nothing and everyone should know by now what it means when the Stock market becomes stagnant. That’s right, Recession! Oh wait, we're still in the current Recession. Hmm what comes after Recession?

A drop in credit ratings means higher Interest Rates, which means one way or another taxes are going to go up for everyone. Which means the Republicans will continue to fight for the higher income and corporate brackets with the same stale motto “these are the people creating jobs.” Yet, with higher interest rates, jobs will not be created.

Even GOP Presidential candidates can’t even keep themselves straight on the Debt Ceiling. Tim Pawlenty in one interview on 7/15 went from saying “I wish they wouldn’t raise it” to “They’re gonna have to raise the Debt Ceiling” all within 30 seconds. WTF? Timmy, know wonder you're at the bottom of the pile for contenders.

Pres “O” made the frustrating statement of “this may bring down my presidency.” And you know he may have a point.

Pres “O” is offering $4 Trillion in spending cuts, entitlement changes, and taxes. Pretty close to everything the Republicans have been barking about for over 2 years. The Republicans backed away from the deal and now want $2 Trillion in spending cuts only.

Is there not some middle ground to be had? Or is it more important to box themselves in, both Democrat and Republican, with their ideas. Congress needs to face the fact, get the job done or they’ll be unemployed with the majority of the US come Nov 2012.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell pretty much summed up the Congressional Republican thought when stating back in Nov 2010 and everyday since; “our #1 priority is defeating Pres Obama from now till Nov 2012.”

Of course, that statement is in opposition to Speaker Boehner’s words when announcing their “Pledge to America” that the Economy and Jobs were the #1 priority.

It’s as if their obstructionism is more of vengeance to defeat Pres “O,” even if it means bringing down the nation. Their lack of doing anything for the Economy or Jobs is sufficient enough in their failing mantras and rhetoric.

To borrow a quote from Jim Belushi in the 1987 movie Real Men:
“I dunno Bob, I think there's a special department of idiots in the White House who do that”

Well I have to say that’s true, however there’s a larger group of idiots in Washington DC as well, and they work in Congress.

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