Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few hits from the Presidential One-Hitter

I stumbled upon President Clinton appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe the other morning, discussing his new book "Getting America Back To Work." Oh what a 20+ minute interview he had with Scarborough and Mika.

What I found interesting in the conversation were the tidbits given by Pres Clinton:

1. The US is ranked 24th in the World in Broadband Communication. Basically he is stating the US is far behind those in Europe and China as a reason for so many problems with our Cellular.

2. The current oil boom in North Dakota proves there is more to do on Energy Policy. North Dakota has the largest amount of open land in US, enough space that it could produce 25% of Nation’s electricity through Wind Turbines. In turn, would lessen US dependency on Middle Eastern oil and keep Canadian/Mexican imports at current level.

3. Through Private and Government equality, the US can restructure its National power grid and produce jobs in many sectors.

Hearing this, I thought back to a blog I wrote back in June 2011 titled “..Roulette Wheel of Stupidity” to which I stated that Pres “O’s” Recovery Act, albeit had good intentions, was executed poorly.

Pres Clinton’s statements pretty much shore up my thoughts as correct.

For the US to be ranked 24th in Broadband Communication at this point in technology is disturbing and gives credence as to why on Nov 9 there was a test of a National Emergency System. Yet this nation is still falling behind and lacking in Communication availability that should have been corrected after Sept 11, 2001.

Americans are dropping their home/ land lines daily, since a large majority live on their Cellular. There is a small minority of American that still use home/land lines and those are the elderly or people that live in the further reaches of nowhere.

Look around how many payphones are around? Very few and one can easily detect where one once was located in a store or parking lot.

I’m sure people will cry “tree hugger” or some sort of bullsh*t concerning the comments about North Dakota, but between North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, there is fast amounts of Federally owned open land that Wind Turbines can be placed without worry of Regulatory Commission encroachment or the fanatical environmentalist.

Image those cold wintery 60mph wind gusts spinning those Turbines.

Germany uses a vast amount of Solar Energy as it starts to dismantle its Nuclear Power plants, and they have outpaced the US in this sector as well.

Another Pres Clinton tidbit, Germany gets about equal amounts of sunlight as England, meaning its dreary and cloudy 75% of the year!

Production of Solar panels in the US as diminished over the years, companies cannot keep up with demand, so China has taken the lead on production. Does that startle anyone?

Pres Clinton made another observation that almost equals my thoughts that it’s obvious we cannot build more homes with the current housing market, which leaves many construction workers out of work.

By all indications, the housing market will take at least a decade to regain its footing, so let’s get jobs moving elsewhere.

So rebuilding the National Power Grid and/or the Broadband Communication Grid is the right way to go.Construction workers, Heavy Equipments operators, Truck drivers, Manufacturing workers, Programmers, and so on would be put to work, across many states with cooperation between private business and government.

By using Federal lands from the get go, the only people to argue with would be the environmentalists concerning electrical towers, yet Broadband fiber optics (to my knowledge) are mainly underground runs, no need for large unsightly electrical towers across the Plains.

This past summer, the majority of the US was lucky not to swelter under extreme heat that would cause power outages due to cranking up the air conditioners, unless you lived in Texas. But one must remember that Texas runs off its own power grid, not sharing with any border states around it.

Rush Limbaugh made a comment this summer and I'll paraphrase: “Global warming is all in our heads because we sit in air conditioned offices, homes, and cars all day long that our body temp is lower so when you step outside and you feel the 85 degrees, you think it’s hotter than 85. So you run inside or to your car and crank up the A/C.

Rush makes a good point, heck when we shopped for a house 6-7 years ago we made a point to make sure the house had Central Air. Who needs a driveway or garage, I want Central Air.

If there was ever a sector that the US can grab hold of and put Americans to work, it’s the Broadband Communication and National Power grid restructuring, the only thing stopping this from happening is the obstructionist nature of Washington DC.

Stop the obstruction in Washington and put America back to work. You were sent thereby the people for the people, not by the lobbyist for the corporation.

Dang it, the Guinness runneth dry again in the bottle and the peanut bowl is empty. Time to pay the Political tab.

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