Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Y2K Media killed the Lying Politician

There was a time when “I did not have sexual relations with that young woman” had meaning.

OK I couldn’t resist the satire, but all this Herman Cain insanity just reminds me of how Con-Opinionators like Hannity & Limbaugh stood upon their golden thrones safely behind their microphones and screamed about how the Media wasn’t doing their jobs in 2007-2008 when covering Obama’s presidential campaign and ties to Weather Underground and Rev Wright.

Yet now that 3 allegations of sexual harassment have come upon the popular Herman Cain, they draw their swords in the likeness of William Wallace.

(YIKES! The visual of Limbaugh in a kilt just made me spill my beer.)

I’ve said it in past blogs; the surprising popularity of Herman Cain is caused by the Media and their “Palinization” of the candidate, meaning they fall in love with his simple one liner, whimsy, and cutesy talk just as Sarah Palin when she hit the national stage in 2008.

But all the Cain-backers are leaning to the Media’s involvement as race baiting. Really?

Within the last few days, we’ve had the “Hag” Ann Coulter state: “Our (conservative)blacks are better than their (liberal)blacks” the other day on Hannity’s FOX TV show, to which Hannity never tried to correct her.

And then the “Media whore” himself, Donald Trump, calls the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart racist for Stewart’s comedic impression of Herman Cain. Um hey Trump, Stewart does a really good impression of you, Rick Perry, Pres “W,” Pres “O,” and not to mention Arab, Jewish, Italian and Indian backgrounds. HE’S A COMIC; he’s supposed to do that.

But I love how Trump always says when attacking someone “look I like (blank), he’s a good guy, I just don’t agree with him.” He does this with Stewart and Pres “O” quite a bit as if he still wants to be asked to dinner sometime.

Only it was only 2 months ago that Laura Ingraham stated that Herman Cain could be the first true African American President, playing against the mixed race background of Pres “O.”

And I have heard rumblings from people stating “Well the best way to beat the black man is put our own black man against him.” Seriously, we are going to go down this road of stupidity, race vs. race for the White House.
Cain has just been added to a long list of political hopefuls that do not know how to handle bad press or past allegations.

Since jumping to the top of (some) polls, Cain has changed his political thought more times than Lindsey Lohan enters a bar.

He has changed his much beloved “9-9-9” tax plan to “9-0-9” due to scrutiny that it’s a sham.

Cain has been taken to task by everyone for his ever changing thought on Abortion. He has gone from totally against it no matter the situation to only if incest/rape are result and back to “no way no how” all within the day for 4 days now.

Cain’s problem is inconsistency in his talk and a pathetic campaign staff. One would think that someone prepped by the Koch Bros, he would handle himself better.

But Cain cannot even keep the story straight about his own involvement concerning sexual harassment allegations. Each hour he tells a different story, but the classic gaffe was when asked if he had ever paid someone off do to sexual harassment charges was “not outside of the restaurant association.”

That ranks up there with New York’s Anthony Weiner saying “I cannot confirm nor deny that is me in that picture” when asked about sexting picture of his penis to multiple political female fans.

Whatever happened to the 1000 lie politician that never gets caught, or when they get caught, the accusations just go away.

Where are this generations Clinton and Gingrich’s?

Seriously in the past decade we’ve had scandal after scandal, to name a few:

David Vitter (Prostitution) - Louisiana Values GOP Rep busted in infamous DC Madam prostitution ring

Eliot Spitzer (Prostitution) – Beloved Values Dem NY Gov busted in prostitution ring

Mark Sanford (Mistress) - South Carolina GOP Gov busted for lying about a mistress, in Argentina. Best known as part of the 1994 freshman Conservatives that ran on Values!

John Edwards (Mistress) - Dem North Carolina Senator, 2004 VP candidate and 2008 Presidential candidate busted for having child out of wedlock w/mistress while wife recovered from Cancer

Anthony Weiner (Sexting) - Dem NY Rep busted for sexting his penis not to 1, not 2, but to multiple females.

Charlie Rangel (Tax Evasion) - Dem NY Rep busted for tax evasion not for one year but for multiple years

And then of course there are the GOP’s Mark Foley (sexual explicit underage emails) and Larry Craig (Swinger Homosexuality). To this day, neither admits any fault and Craig’s statement of “I am not Gay and never have been Gay” when explaining that he has a wide stance when using the toilet at an airport ranks behind Weiner’s explanation.

Of the above listed, the only two that survived the decade are Vitter and Rangel.

Since the allegations, Cain’s popularity has risen along with his political donations, but popularity will only get a candidate so far. But with the way the GOP constituency is, they just might take popularity over boringly effective for a victory.

That’s a mindset that can lead us to more trouble, as we’ve seen over the last 4 years.

Conservative Media can be blamed for the rest of the Media’s constant running of this story. They complained that the “Other Media Outlets” refused to go after Obama in 2007-2008 because he was the Media darling at the time.

It’s the Conservative Media that created this kamikaze type of reporting thanks to the likes of Breitbart, Hannity, and James O’Keefe that has now taken hold of our daily news cycle.

In today’s world, it’s the Stewart and Colbert political satire that actually reports the real news and gives the better understanding of how Washington works.

BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain accused of inappropriately fondling Pizza Dough in 90’s while filming commercial for Godfather’s Pizza

Bars closed, pay your political tab!

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