Friday, December 2, 2011

Newsmax offers Trump to spice up GOP debate, let the Idiocracy begin

Oh good gravy! Oh my gravy!

I need to send a huge “thank you” card to Newsmax for giving out an early Christmas comical offering with the announcement that their Dec 27 GOP sponsored debate will be moderated by non-other than Donald “Whore” Trump.

Somewhere Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert are screaming because the news came on a day when they don’t record their shows and will have to give this nugget to Bill Myer, Craig Ferguson and other late night talk show hosts to ridicule.

Although Newsmax missed out, if they truly wanted to ramp up the stupidity to Level 11, they could’ve added Richard Branson (Virgin), Mark Cuban (NBA Mavericks Owner), Snooki (Jersey Shore) and, um, I don’t know, maybe Vince McMahon (WWE) to the table as well.

Now that would be an awesome spectacle because not one single candidate would be able to answer one freakin’ question.

This is the biggest mockery to the American Political system, next Stephen Colbert’s attempt to be on the South Carolina presidential ballot in 2008 and Donald Trump’s “whore” Tour last March.

Top tier GOP candidate Newt Gingrich has complained during the gazillion debates we’ve had so far, that the Moderators and Media are trying to ply some game show mentality to the debates and yet now, they’ve finally done so.

So the question for the”Newtster” is “Will you decline the invite to the Dec 27 debate?” Because, well if he doesn’t, he looks more like the laughing cow costume on Let’s Make A Deal.

The one candidate that could use more airtime, Jon Huntsman, has already turned the invitation down.

Over the past week, Huntsman has been gaining in the polls, finally hitting double digits, but this is not a disastrous move for him. Huntsman is the only consistent Conservative amongst this bunch of has-been wanna-be’s candidates.

But Huntsman’s rise is only because the Media’s beloved Bachmann, Perry and Cain have nosedived in the last 4 months.

Soon Rick Santorum’s star will rise as well after the Iowa Caucus.

Yet Trump’s involvement is more joke than anything. Newsmax has given Trump full disclosure of the questions, that’s right Trump is running the show.

I expect many people to tune in, because about 30% of America is in love with the blowhole from New York. Trump, always one to give himself credit when none should be rewarded, will bring in ratings to this debate, only because we can expect lots of;

“I’m a successful businessman (never telling of the 3 bankruptcies between 1985 & 1997 of Trump Casino)… I’m worth millions… I know the Chinese personally… Yes, I destroyed the USFL in 1986… I have a (semi) successful TV show called Celebrity Apprentice that premieres on Feb 12, 2012… I have a great relation with the blacks… My clothing line is made in Myanmar sold through Macy’s… Did I say I was rich and have gold plated faucets on my Boeing 757… Elvis lives in my Penthouse… Willard Romney I have better hair than you… I own lots of golf courses... Did I tell you the Celebrity Apprentice premieres on Feb 12?”

America cannot take this serious for this is a mockery of the candidates to express their ideas of their possible Presidency.

Why not hire Drew Carey to do the lead in for the candidates? Might as well, you’ve already helped dumb-down America even more with the hiring of Trump, why not put a comedian up there as well.

How can the Republican Party actually think this is a good thing? Trump is a joke, he is a blowhard, and I cannot see Trump actually letting any one of the candidates give a complete answer for he enjoys listening to himself more than anyone in the room.

However, I do believe this is a vetting process for Trump as many of the candidates have been kissing Trump’s wrinkled ass looking to get his endorsement. So really Trump shouldn’t even be involved.

A better idea would to have former candidates like Mike Huckabee moderate, since he has more credibility than Trump.

Or better yet, why not hire political commentators like Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity to moderate? At least that would be interesting to have someone from the Far Left and Far Right press the candidates for clarity.

The one thing missing that would make this even worse would be to have Trump sit in front of the candidates on a gold red velvet throne with a large trap door lever next to him. If he doesn’t like an answer, he pulls the lever and the candidate drops below the stage.

Then again, NBC is bringing back Fear Factor. That would be a great way to vet the GOP candidates with Joe Rogan saying "Let’s see who survives water-boarding to move on to the next round when we put you balls in the mechanical vice."

Thank you Newsmax! You’ve actually turned the American Political system into a live version of the movie Idiocracy.

At last, the Guinness has run dry. Pay your political tab or ask Herman Cain for monetary help, at least you might feel some love from Herman.

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