Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Newt/Trump Bromance Endorsement; Go Get The Gimp!

The “Bromance” Endorsement

There’s a time during a campaign when a candidate looks to receive endorsements from various entities, such as another politician or a Media source. But in today’s world that’s not enough, it’s now a game of “who will or who won’t?” when it’s rumored an endorsement is coming.

Which brings us from this past weekend’s latest political “Bromance” between Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. Once again, Trump knows how to put the spotlight on him and prove what a pompous ass he truly is.

With Herman Cain dropping out of the GOP Presidential campaign, Gingrich has been able to jump over Willard Mitt Romney in the polls to 1st place, outpacing Willard by 10 points in some polls! That’s pretty damn good, but alas it’s only December 2011, we’ve got a whole month before primaries begin.

But Cain’s announcement was stomp on by Trump’s arrogance and the Media’s love to follow him, as Trump spent the weekend in NYC with Gingrich in the most nightmarish of “Bromance” booty calls.

All the GOP candidates are vying for Trump’s endorsement, because, well as Trump puts it “I have a lot of people following me, because they love me and I’m rich.”

But why is Trump’s endorsement so newsworthy anyway?

After his foreplay last March of a possible Presidential run, people are flocking to him. Pop culture has overtaken the political landscape thanks to pathetic Media we tune into daily.

Since the 2008 campaign, the Media has drooled over Palin and Obama’s every move, leaving the National Enquirer (of all things in print) to be the leader in the John Edwards scandal that destroyed his political career.

Where were you on that one Hannity? You complained the Media didn’t vet Obama enough, yet you should be thanking the National Enquirer for doing the job on Edwards!

So now the Media has gone through their Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain media trysts and like a pack of junkies they run to Trump. Trump and the Media are making a mockery of the political process.

So Trump gets to moderate the Newsmax.com debate on the ION Channel. WTF is the ION Channel?

I don’t think I even get that channel through Verizon.Sounds more like a cable provider conspiracy for people to buy a channel they would never watch the other 364 days of the year. Kind of like the Current Channel, you know the Al Gore channel that made big news by hiring Keith Olbermann only to see his ratings drop each and every day after he debuted.

The whole political endorsement is a pathetic charade. Seriously, who cares if the New Hampshire Union Leader Newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich the other week?

Will it increase their subscriptions? Probably not, because newspaper circulation has reduced tremendously every month because we’d rather read the news on our iPhone, iPad or desktop during our lunch break.

But for Gingrich to bend over for the Trump booty call of an endorsement only proves that once again Pop Culture thrives in how many Americans go about their lives.

If Snooki came out tomorrow and said “I really like Michelle Bachmann because, you know, she’s like a lady and, um, kinda’ smart and um OH LOOK SQUIRELL!” Most people will stake a Bachmann campaign poster in their front yard.

The political endorsement is a bigger joke. It has no meaning except that when the other candidates drop out, that they prove they are just a bunch of spineless goo. It’s both disturbing and disgusting.

They spend months, targeting the horrors of their opponents Economic and Foreign policies, only after dropping out to endorse the #1 candidate as the true leader the country needs, even after they spat so much venom against them!

So either they were lying about the #1 contender the whole time or lying about themselves, but to endorse afterwards is pathetic.

In 2008, John Edwards proved the kind of gutless turd he actually was. Edwards saw the writing on the wall and knew it was time to drop out and he had a decent legion of followers. Edwards called up the Obama campaign, offered his endorsement and his legion in return for the Attorney General position once Obama won. Obama balked at the notion and Edwards still gave Obama his endorsement.

Then there’s Mike Huckabee, former Governor now turned FOX Commentator. In 2008, Huckabee came from nowhere to become the #2 contender for the GOP hopefuls. Today, the Media wants to know whom he plans to endorse. Huckabee had a simple answer for them, “no one.”

Huckabee has the right idea, don’t endorse.

Trump was crying on Hannity’s radio show Monday afternoon that it’s unfair that if someone had a TV or Radio show, that they would have to give up their show if they wanted to run for office. Trump never mentioned he was talking about himself. NBC said “Trump can leave and we can find anyone to replace him on the Apprentice” back in March, which in turn Trump shut up about a possible run.

Apparently Trump is missing that fact that it’s the sponsors and advertisers that pay the bills and they are not paying for you or anyone else to get free airtime for a 3 hour radio campaign 5 days a week.

The fact of the Gingrich/Trump “Bromance” puts the Newsmax.com debate further into default, for favoritism will happen. Trump should be cut from the debate now because he cannot be taken serious to ask decisive questions.

Trump has already proven he can’t be taken serious for his attacks on both Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, saying “they are not serious contenders to win the presidency anyway.”

Yet, Michelle Bachmann who practically answers every Economic and National Defense question with “repeal Obamacare and we’ll be solvent again” is a serious contender? Me thinks the aerosal hair spray can put a hole in Trump’s skull.

The political endorsement by either politician or Media is dead. This is not the 1950’s America anymore.

This is 2011 America, we need to put all the candidates in a house on the beach and let them compete weekly for our votes and then at the end, they all go into the basement where Trump sits in his favorite “Gimp” leather outfit to announce the next “Presidential Apprentice.”

Hey who put the ball-gag on my Guinness?! Pay your political tab

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