Monday, January 2, 2012

Willard Romney & Rick Santorum’s Techni-Colored Sweater Vest.

It was nice to take a week off for the New Year and attempt not to talk politics during the break. It almost worked until New Year’s Eve for a 5 minute gab. However, all things must come to end and its back to the grind.

It’s the Media’s wet dream week, that’s right it’s the only time anyone cares about what happens in Iowa, its Caucus week.

Kinda like a political Haley’s Comet, only happens every 4 years.

It’s time for the all the shameless plugs from coffee shops, Ma & Pa restaurants, and corner bars that will let the Media in to report from and cozy up in a booth.

A time when candidates are finally done riding around the “Hawkeye” state, kissing babies (both ugly & cute), getting fat on pastries and all the other usual candidate butt kissing to be relevant for another week of campaigning.

Back in September, I blogged about the “Santorum Swagger” and a month later I blogged it was time for “Santorum to hit a home run” and looks like this dumbass blogger was way ahead of all the overpaid, over caffeinated pundit hacks on FOX, MSNBC and CNN.

And I still can’t figure out how someone like Rev Sharpton gets a talk show and not me?

Anyway, so it’s time for Santorum to go through his Media “vetting” of his past, yet here’s the difference between Santorum’s soon-to-be vetting and that of Gingrich, Cain, Perry, Bachmann, and Paul. Santorum owns up to his past actions and reactions. That is what will set him apart from the others.

Bachmann was the Media darling after winning the Iowa Straw poll over the summer, but fell apart afterwards. When your only answer to any Economic question is “repeal ‘Obamacare’ and we’ll be solvent again” well it’s time to sell the farm (yes Michelle you are part owner of a farm). One too many misquotes and misrepresentation of American history will send her back to her $700k Fannie Mae loan home within the next few weeks.

Perry’s misfortune was he opened his mouth during debate. If Perry would’ve skipped the first 6 debates and just campaigned to get a grip on what’s involved to run a National campaign, he would be doing a lot better.

Cain’s downfall was that he and his (Koch Bros.) campaign handlers didn’t know how to handle the Media reaction. With every new “adultery” or “harassment” claim, Cain handlers prompted him at first to blame other contenders like Perry and then Romney. When that didn’t, they advised him to blame the “Democratic Machine” to which fell on deaf ears. So last but not least, it was easy to blame the Media. But by that time, Cain was toast and “suspended” his campaign.

Gingrich’s fall was his own ego induced persona. He doesn’t want to be president he wants to be a celebrity. The only difference between Gingrich and Sarah Palin was that Palin knew what she wanted, celebrity and was smart enough to take a seat and let the others play.

Gingrich just can’t get people to believe his flip-flopping “John Kerry” syndrome past are being mirepresented in by the Media.

So keep pushing the books and documentaries at your town hall meetings Newtie, I hear the Florida Keys are a nice vacation destination come February 27.

Ron Paul hasn’t quite unwound yet, but it’s going to happen once everyone dissects his Economic plans further, well as soon as he releases more information to understand his (lack of ) plan.

Paul’s one idea of allowing “alternative currency” outside of the US Dollar would be disastrous to our economy.

Imagine if you go into a Best Buy with a Gold American Eagle coin worth $1,634 (as of 12/30/11) to buy a 55” Toshiba Classic LCD for $749.00, do you actually think Best Buy will give the $885.00 difference? Would you accept the difference in US Dollar form?

Paul’s “alternative currency” idea flopped when Sharron Angle run against Harry Reid when she wanted people to pay for a doctor’s visit with chickens!

Santorum has made some unusual statements over the past few weeks however, it’s Iowa, where Social Conservatism is prime and that’s the main reason for Santorum’s leap in polls. Santorum’s “If you don’t want to be poor then get married” claim is far-fetched and comedic fodder for Jon Stewart upon his return from holiday hiatus.

Come on Rick, I’ve been pulling for you to make waves and finally your poll numbers triple in a week and you give comedians this nugget.

I’m sending out a triple dog dare to Rick Santorum, book yourself on the Daily Show and air out your differences with Stewart. Do it, don’t hide behind FOX News and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. You want to hit a demographic one desperately needs, book yourself on the Daily Show.

But the Media and everyone need to remember this is Iowa and soon this Caucus will fade away as well as a few candidates. New Hampshire and South Carolina are different political creatures and who knows, maybe Gingrich will jump in the polls again.

Yet Willard Romney needs to look at one candidate as his Vice President choice if he wants to our 45th President, Rick Santorum.

Willard, heed my advice, Santorum will bring the Social Conservatives, the Pro-life Christian Coalition, and the hard core Republicans, as well as a large Pennsylvania mob with him to the voting booth come November 2012 and you need his the help.

Just tell Santorum to leave the “Sweater vest” at home!

Seriously Rick, all you’re missing is a Pocket Protector to geek yourself even more.

That's it,the Guinness bottle is spinning empty and I’m thirsty for this New Year, so pay the political tab.

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