Monday, January 23, 2012

The "Newtron" bomb that hit South Carolina

I love the shock, awe, and dismay of the Media over Newt "Flounder" Gingrich's South Carolina victory over the weekend. Seriously how they didn't see it coming is pathetic.

Just as New Hampshire was Willard Romney' backyard, his expected win came, so went South Carolina for Gingrich. After all Gingrich is from Georgia, and South Carolina is in his backyard. So a victory in Florida should be the same for Gingrich.

But this is Florida; they still wake up and salute their pictures of Ronald Reagan there

But the “Newtron” Bomb that won South Carolina was more about attitude then substance. Gingrich’s newfound attitude helped his cause by attacking opponents, their records and of course attacking the Media on Thursday night’s (1/19) debate.

Seeing political candidates verbally attack is now part of Pop Culture allure. That’s right, politicians are now equal to that of Snookie, J-Dogg, pregnant teenagers, and cheating housewives.

Although seeing candidates battle in a Survivor –esque venue would be more entertaining than the pompous grandiose egos we see behind the podiums.

Yes, “Flounder” Gingrich had all good reason to verbally attack CNN’s John King for opening the debate with a question concerning ABC Nightline’s story concerning Gingrich’s infidelity/open marriage charge by 2nd ex-wife Marianne.

King wasn’t completely in the wrong by asking about the report, because well “if it bleeds it leads” and Gingrich has had a bad history of infidelity.

The ABC Nightline story was all of 6 minutes with Marianne Gingrich and the account of Newt wanting an “open marriage.” She was very complimentary towards her ex-husband. But let’s remember she too was once a mistress to Gingrich when he was married to Jackie, so she’s wife #2/ mistress #1 in Gingrich’s world.

But as Gingrich attacked John King and the crowd gave a standing ovation, Gingrich's response opened a can of worms.

He stated “we offered friends to ABC to disprove the open marriage claim.” Who tells their friends that they are going to ask for an open marriage? “Hey everyone, come on over for some pizza and American Idol. Oh and by the way, I’m gonna ask the wife for an open marriage as well.”

But Gingrich has a “Google” problem with all his claims of non-adultery, employment gains, tax cuts and so forth. If people have time to actually look up his claims, they’ll see a large stretching of truth.

Many former and current members of Congress have come out to dispel Gingrich’s claims. Many will state he works hard but lacks cohesive leadership skills.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was part of the 1994 Conservative freshman class that Gingrich takes great pride in helping push his “conservative” agenda and Joe will gladly let everyone know that Gingrich is no Conservative and that his leadership skills and over bloated ego is part of the reason that he and many other Republicans were glad to slap Ethics charges against the former Speaker.

Scarborough’s last book “Great Last Hope” depicts an egomaniacal Gingrich that caused nothing but problems during his Speakership term. Heck, Gingrich actually campaigned against Scarborough, calling him “Way too Conservative for Congress.” Scarborough won by 40%.

Gingrich has the advantage going into the next few debates. He’s found the chink in Willard’s armor, keep Willard on the defensive and he strangles himself.

Now Willard has called for Gingrich to release his contract with Freddie Mac as well as the Congressional Ethics charges slapped against him, even though only one had stuck but still cost Gingrich $300K and his Speakership.

Gingrich should release his Freddie Mac contract, yet has claimed that due to confidentiality agreement he cannot. Too bad for him, because Bloomberg News reports on Jan 6, that Freddie Mac VP Sharon McHale stated “We are not opposed to Mr. Gingrich discussing the terms of his consulting agreement with Freddie Mac.”

OK, so when asked again, Gingrich simply replied that his former consulting firm, Center for Health Transformation, actually holds the contract and they would have to agree to release the contract.
The man always has an answer for his footsteps.

With only 4 candidates left, the debates shall heat up because none of the four are willing to cry “uncle” and plan to fight till the last possible date.

So the question left is will “Flounder” Gingrich keep rolling on or will his bombastic ego get the best of him during the month of February when there’s nothing to do but campaign and little debate?

Come to think about, Gingrich never did turn down the endorsement from Ashley You know the website that claims to have helped 10 million people in relationships find cheating partners.

Heck their endorsement advertisement is classic “Faithful Republican. Unfaithful Husband. Welcome to the era.”

Well the Guinness bottle has spun dry and landed in the empty popcorn bowl. Pay your political tab, say no to Pop Culture!

**Correction: After yesterday's posting of this blog, Newt Gingrich released his Freddie Mac contract to the public**

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