Friday, May 11, 2012

BigPoppaPolitics 5-11-12: Presidential politics on the playground

So the Presidential campaign has come down not to who has the best Foreign Policy or the best Economic Plan, but to who was the bigger bully while attending school according to Pundits. How much mud can the Media sling on stupid controversy?

As we watch Unemployment slip to 8.1% and watch JP Morgan fall and lose money as they return to bad practices, the Pundits are debating whether or not President Obama was a playground bully when he was 6-7 as opposed to teenage Willard Romney’s Prep School bullying act.

A story written by Jason Horowitz of the Washington Post tells a story of how teenage Willard and another Prep school buddy held down fellow classmate John Lauber and shaved his head because he didn’t fit in and/or seemed of homosexual nature. Now it’s not known whether or not the portrayal described by the WaPo of teenage Willard is fact or fiction since many, including Mr. Lauber’s family have come forward stating the act is false and never happened.

But why would Willard apologize for the act if it never happened? By apologizing, he implicated himself to the dastardly deed.

The story easily is an attack on Willard’s personal choice of being against Gay Marriage and my guess is his “apology” circles back to President Obama’s revelation that he now personally believes Gay Marriage and/or Civil Unions should be legal, yet it is a State’s issue not Federal.

Or as Bristol Palin tells us, “O” came to the Gay Marriage conclusion because he watches the Fox show “GLEE.”

But wait for it….. Yes the Con-Talking pundits have a rebuttal to save Willard.

Yes the Con-Talking pundits have taken upon themselves to actually read Obama’s books as opposed to perusing through as they did in 2008 and found the revelation that Obama was once a schoolyard bully as well, or so they portray.

It seems when young Barry was around the age 6 or 7, he shoved a girl on the school yard due to teasing by other schoolmates. Young Barry was upset that others were calling him some girl’s “boyfriend” to which the young Barry took exception to as most 6-7 year old boys would, so he walked over, shoved her on the arm and she hastily walked away crying.

Now the story comes right out of Obama’s Dreams of my Father book and Con-Talking pundits are playing the audio version of the incident, so all can hear his own words explain the incident while mocking the President along the way.

Seriously they should be making fun of Obama’s reading skills and not the recollection of the incident, because the guy sure needed a teleprompter while working on the audio version of the book.

The two incidents are not comparable by any means. By age alone, Willard should’ve known better about his actions, as for Obama, well his actions were probably correct for his age. Yet the Con-Talking pundits make it sound as if Obama stood on the playground and shouted “Obama Rules.”

If these incidents happened today sure enough they would be found on Youtube with about 100K viewed hits by now.

Media is a junkie for controversy, comparing each candidate’s prior actions from the dogs to pranks that the constituency is tripping for another shot of past stupidity. Is this how we are going to vet our next leader, whether or not they are gentile in past childhood ventures?

I’m waiting to hear a comparison of how a young Willard burned ants with a magnifying glass on a Michigan beach while young Barry pulled the glow out of lightening bugs (fireflies) and how those actions will decide how they’ll handle the border war between Mexico and Canada.

No, we need to find a leader who will stray from cultural mishaps and to this point both candidates are folly. One can’t keep his mouth shut and the other can’t keep his story straight.

Obama has stuck his nose into Trayvon Martin, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, and Gay Marriage, while Willard has spoken of his deserved credit for the Auto Bailouts and TARP, only to revert against and for within weeks.

Obama talks about tweaking his current agenda, while Willard has talked of replaying past President and Presidential candidate failed economic ideas. Does neither have an original thought?

Is there any candidate with an original policy thought?

It almost seems as if we should bypass this election and look forward towards 2016 when it’s Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie. That battle sounds more like a WWE Wrestlemania Main Event: Thunder Thighs vs. Lard Ass. Vince McMahon should only hope.

That’s it, pour the Guinness into the absurdity mug and pass on the gluten free chips. Pay your political tab.

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