Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 5:1:12- The Art of Chickensh*t Politics; Shove the Political Football Up Your @$$

Over the weekend the Obama campaign released a jubilant, football spiking, hi-five, group hug, champagne bursting celebration around the situation room ad marking the one year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden by his Presidential call.

What? That wasn’t in the video, but Punditry World said so on Sunday & Monday, so it’s gotta be true, after all they wouldn’t lie just for ratings, would they?

Ok so truthfully none of that was in the video, but it could be considered a jubilant 7 minute campaign ad, yet this kind of ordeal is not new in political campaigning. It’s just easier nowadays thanks to all the Multimedia from Youtube to Campaign websites to partisan news outlets. The end result is how the viewer interprets the commotion.

I don’t blame the Big “O” for celebrating the capture and death of Osama bin Laden, but that was last year’s news, where are we now with Afghanistan? I guess we’ll find out later this evening when he makes his unannounced speech to America “Live from Afghanistan it’s the big ‘O.’”

Lucky for him, he scheduled this speech for earlier in the evening because if Americans missed one minute of Dancing with the Stars, his approval ratings would drop another 10%.

I’m sure everyone remembers the famous “Mission Accomplished” bannered speech given by “W” not long ago. Of course that was a misinterpretation by most Media outlets on the Afghanistan War, the sign was meant for those crewmembers aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln returning home, not in celebration “W.”

But “W” also used the tragedy of 9/11 in his 2004 campaign by sending out a postcard with a picture of him compassionately embracing Ashley Faulkner, the daughter of a 9/11 victim. Is this not wrong? I guess the Con-Talking Pundits forgot that one.

When I wrote “Quick Dose of Patriotism” this time last year, the argument from the Pundits was “Who deserves the credit for ObL’s death, ‘O or W’”?” shortly after everyone celebrated and spiked their footballs after hearing the news. Yet, now, it’s “What would Willard Mitt Romney do?”

So what would Willard do if given the chance to make that momentary decision? It’s easy to say in retrospect “I would do the same, as any thinking American would” but what if the result was tragic, like that of the Iranian Hostage rescue disaster under President Carter?

Yet, now that the event was successful and he finally is closer to being the GOP Nominee his view again has changed and now states “Yes I would and even Jimmy Carter would do it.” That doesn’t hold water whenever Jimmy Carter is invoked as a positive to an argument you want to win.

Would Willard sack-up and admit a failure? Doubtful because everything the Willard does is calculated without risk and then performed, only to flip-flop later and then flip back to the original premise and then blah blah blah.

I wonder if there’s something in the Massachusetts’ water system for so many politicians to flip-flop so much because it was only a few years ago that Willard said “it's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.”

Hey Willard, why not tell that to the 1,475 families of fallen soldiers whose job was to move those mountains and at one point had “ObL” cornered at Tora Bora, but someone didn’t execute the call quick enough prior to May 2011.

So I guess it’s a coincidence that on May 1, Willard was in NYC with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani delivering pizzas to a few Fire Companies that lost members at the World Trade Center stating “This of course is on the anniversary of the day when Osama bin Laden finally was taken out and we respect and admire the many people who were a part of that.”

That sure sounds like spiking a football to me in the same vain as “O” over the weekend.

To take the life of any human takes a lot of soul searching, yet many only have a millisecond to even think before acting. For a President to make the call is one thing, but the soldiers performing the act is the toughest and it is they who should spike the football for the rest of their career as we Pundits argue which President is the most harden.

The political ramifications could be costly, especially when the country is considered “friendly” to which the enemy may lay and during the 2008 campaign all the candidates called “O” a fool for even thinking about entering such a country to capture “ObL.” Yet when the call was made, VP Biden and Sec of State Clinton were sitting in the room with “O” talking him out of the decision. Even the 2008 GOP candidate John McCain gave an “at-a-boy” to “O” for his action.

“O” can only run on his Foreign Policy work right now and this is an area Willard is not strong on. Willard, take some free advice, get back to talking about the Economy & Jobs. Stay away from War Anniversaries. Stay away from Libya and Egypt. Stay focused on the home front, just stop talking about your wealthy success for it makes you sound like an ignoramus Thurston Howell III with each stump.

That’s it, pour the Guinness “Lovey” but toss the caviar, I’ll keep the stale peanuts. Pay your political and toss the football tonight.

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