Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don’t choke your boycotted social values chicken

Over the last few days, I’ve read many exchanges on Facebook concerning boycott (or “buycott”) over Chic-Fil-A’s President Dan Cathy’s statements over same sex marriage.

Mr. Cathy’s statement about same sex marriage and his belief in the Bible’s definition of marriage as man & woman is purely his opinion. He also stated “that the culture of Chick-Fil-A is to treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect – regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.”
But that’s the whole story and why would Media want to report the entire statement?

Because we are a half-issue nation, we need something to support, pro or con, or our day is not complete. We make it easy for Media to only focus on half the issue to get our asses off the couch and to go boycott/buycott.

So now we have people all over the Social networks, clogging up their friends pages by promoting their love/loathe of Chi-Fil-A or promoting religious/social issue belief.

Yes, the return of Traditional Family values into the political arena and Rick Santorum without a podium to speak from.

Had the Media reported the entire story, it’s highly possible that Mike Huckabee would never have declared Aug 1 as “Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day” and we wouldn’t see Social Issue Warrior Rick Santorum sucking down a milkshake on TV the past few days.

Maybe the Media is more interested in comparing Michelle Obama’s $7k outfit she wore in London to that of Ann Romney’s $976 blouse worn the other day. I can hear Hannity decrying “See, See Ann is more frugal then Michelle” for 20 minutes on his Fox show.

Many can take the outlandish comments of Boston Mayor “Doofus” Menino, Chicago Mayor “Dipwad” Emmanuel, and Philly Mayor “Assclown” Nutter of “CFA’s are not welcomed in our towns due to their inflammatory remarks against gay and lesbians” as an attack on Mr. Cathy’s Constitutional rights.

The Mayoral responses just show the stupidity of not wanting business in their towns when jobs and revenues are needed the most. Sure 1 CFA may only bring in 25 jobs, but that’s 25 people paying taxes and receiving a paycheck to spend on goods and services.

We can also say it’s an Election year gimmick for the Mayoral 3 to make those comments, but it’s no different of an Election year gimmick for Congressional GOPers to place pics of themselves at a nearby CFA to post on Twitter & Facebook.
It’s simply about the votes and who’ll remember who slobbered over a pickle spicy chicken sandwich more.

The boycott/buycott scenario concerning for/against Gay&Lesbian rights is not new; it’s consistent, and usually followed with a Traditional Family values response.

Since August of 2010, Target retailers have been under boycott/buycott due their donation of $150K to MN Forward PAC, which helped fund Minnesota Rep Tom Emmer’s campaign. Why the reason for the boycott, well it seems many are/were offended by the donation because Rep. Emmer is opposed to same sex marriage and abortion, as well as his support for Arizona’s controversial Immigration bill.

Yet it seems Target is always under a boycott watch of some kind.

Since 2004, Target decided not to allow the Salvation Army bell ringers to stand in front of their stores during Christmas season. Per Target policy: Target does not permit individuals (including political candidates and/or their campaign organizations) or nonprofit organizations to solicit donations, distribute literature, sell merchandise or hold events on our premises.

So it seems Target treats everyone fairly, yet those that boycott regret to inform and educate themselves that Target donates close to $9 million yearly to the Salvation Army.

In this day and age, the argument over homosexuality is mind-numbing.

Rick Santorum has been battling against the Gay&Lesbian lifestyle his entire political career and at one time comparing it to bestiality, to which Jon Stewart reminds everyone to Google quite often.

During the January 8 Republican Presidential debate he was asked how he would react if one of son’s announce that he was gay?

Santorum convincingly answered “I’d love him just as much as I did the second before he told me.”

But for someone who is so convicted against the LGBT lifestyle, why is it ok for him to love his son for being gay, but appalled by those that are LGBT that are not related to him? Do as I do not as I say?

In a July 30 ABC interview, former VP Dick Cheney had come clean and said he supported Gay Marriage, but kept quiet to avoid any problems for then candidate George W Bush during the 2000 elections.

I’m sure the Log Cabin Republicans would’ve push for greater support of “W” if they knew.

The CFA “Appreciation Day” was not endorsed by CFA or by Mr. Cathy, but I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy the profits from the attention given.

I would love to see a Sales report of CFA two weeks prior to today and then another one two weeks after. I would bet a rise and fall in Sales for that 4 week timeframe because by this time next week, people will have moved on to another issue

Locally and nationally, Media has been posting video and pictures of long lines of people waiting to get in or at the drive thru of CFAs, but I have to wonder, how many of those people were simply on their lunch break trying to get some grub, not caring about the whole boycott/buycott deal, just to return to their work cubicle?

As much as I dread reading the New York Daily News, an article by Anthony Bartkewicz reported that “not everyone is enamored with Chick-Fil-A, though: the manager of a Nashua, N.H. chain said Wednesday he would be donating sandwiches to the upcoming gay pride festival and Schnipper’s in New York City attempted to counter the appreciation day by promising to donate a dollar from every chicken filet sandwich it sold in August at its two locations to Marriage Equality USA.”

WOW! I’m sorry, but who else has reported that part of the story? Oh that’s right, no one because it only strengthens the boycott argument.

On Friday, Aug 3, same-sex couples plan to stage a “kiss in” at CFAs around the U.S. Why do I expect to hear that these will be considered “disturbances” to the establishments and a few brawls breaking out?

Stay tuned, because Mike Huckabee & Rick Santorum will have their “these are militant bestiality homosexual” responses.

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour the Guinness and let’s petition to have a “Michael Phelps/Subway’s Appreciation Day” for his Olympic record breaking medal collection…. Cheers!

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