Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Delusional National Convention or the Liberal Vagina Monologues

How does one sum up the first 2 days of the Democratic National Convention; Jobs, Minorities and Vaginas oh my!

It’s no lie that both Parties will use anything as a prop during the convention. They make everyone feel all warm, fuzzy and loved. But in the end they don’t remember your name till Election Day and this year the Democrats are pulling out all the power props.

From Eva Longoria to Sandra Fluke to anything to do with Planned Parenthood, it’s making its way onto the stage. I particularly enjoyed the “Sisterhood of Congressional Pants” on display Tuesday and Wednesday with all the Democratic ladies on stage to introduce themselves to the delegates.

And the camera feed doesn’t help with the power prop issue either.

I’ve been using the Livestream video stream and I’ve mentioned on Twitter and Facebook how I’m tired of all the celebrity shots or kissing baby shots. As I mentioned this, many have told me they were watching the convention on TV or other online sites (apparently it’s all the same feed) and others are tired of it as well. Pay attention to the speaker, not Tony Shalhoub picking his nose.

But the conventions are truly about who’s the next up n’ coming politician for the party. The RNC let everyone see how Gov. Christie, Senator Rubio, Gov. Haley, and Rep. Ryan handle themselves and this is your leading cast in 2016. Well, only if Willard loses.

I was wondering who might be the future bright star for the Democrats and with speaker after speaker constantly turning on stage; I’ve twiddled the list to: Minneapolis Mayor Ryback, Gov. Deval Patrick and Gov. Mark O’Malley.

Yes, I understand I don’t have VP Biden or Sec of State Clinton listed, only because I believe it’s time for them to move along and find their true life’s worth.

Wednesday’s delusion went epic rock star when Pres Clinton hit the stage and women of all ages threw their panties at the podium.

Everyone remembers the first president they voted for and mine was Clinton, I voted for him in ’92 & ’96 and dammit I will find a loophole in the 22nd Amendment so I can vote for him a 3rd time as well.

“Bubbha” proved he has not lost a step and swallows up the limelight like Monica Lewinsky on… err, you fill in the blank.

It took Media seconds to start fact checking Pres Clinton’s speech and well they found out that he was 80-20 on his numbers and exaggerations. Here are some:

1. Clinton boasted that “under Romney Medicare will go broke in 2016.” That’s partially true in that Medicare won’t go broke but the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will if the Affordable Care Act is repealed by 2016.

2. Clinton clearly misrepresented when he said the“2009 Stimulus bill cut taxes for 95% of the American people.” The tax credit temporarily cut taxes for 95% of Earned Income and those with collecting pension or unemployment checks saw nothing.

Those are two quick examples of political over exaggeration, but many fact checkers gave credence to a couple of other Clinton thoughts:

1. Clinton claimed that “Since 1961, 42 million private sector jobs had been added while a Democrat sat in the oval office, compared to 24 million under a Republican Oval Office. “ Turns out it’s true, it’s damn true. As a matter of fact, when comparing the poor job creation between “W” and “O,” Pres Bush beats Obama by 1,000 jobs monthly. “W” averaged 63,500 jobs monthly over 8 years compared to “O’s” 62,500 monthly average in 4.

2. Clinton claimed “Republicans blocked Obama’s jobs plan costing a million new jobs.” It’s true according to Moody’s Analytics that Obama’s jobs package would’ve added about 1.6 million jobs and as Senator Mitch McConnell stated as to why the Republicans blocked the plan, “they didn’t want to give Democrats a political edge in 2012.”

Now, there’s still one more day left in the Delusional National Convention and that means one more day of fact checking after Obama’s speech, minus the Greek columns behind him.

Yes, I’ll watch Thursday night to listen to Obama and the others speak of success, misconceptional government budget and jobs numbers and ladies vaginas, but I’m hoping actress Scarlett Johansson decides to wear her Avengers Black Window outfit for the festivities.

Obama needs to be spectacular as his spotlight was taken away by Pres Clinton, just as Romney’s spotlight was taken away by Clint Eastwood’s empty chair.

That’s it, Slap the Tap and raise a Guinness to Tammy Duckworth and all our brave men and women in uniform. Oh look there’s Tony Shalhoub picking his nice again!


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