Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: The (ir)Rational National Convention- Scared Elephant in the Room

Love it or hate it, the Republican National Convention is finally completed and the Media has a few days to drink heavily, tip the strippers, and debate on whether or not it was worth the 4 days of Hurricane Isaac tracking.

I've heard the diehard Lefties and Connies breakdown of the convention and well it's safe to say each group were drunk on their political kool-aid.

I'll breakdown Willard's 5 point plan, which once was a 90+ point plan, but simplified for the conventioners.

Yes, the big names did a admirable job. Paul Ryan showed that, even being the master of the powerpoint, he can speak clear, muddle some facts and still look squeeky clean.

I liked Paul Ryan before the GOP placed him on the national stage in 2008 and I do respect him, but I lost some respect for him over the past few weeks.

Ryan, to me, always seemed like a stand-up guy, someone who would own up to his voting record and since being selected as the VP candidate, he has not done so. He glosses over his "Yes" votes on TARP, War, Auto Bailout and so on. He tried to walk away from his requests for Stimulus money for his district, just as many in the GOP have, with a little bit of John Kerry Syndrome.

But that's the problem with many in Congress, both sides have the John Kerry Syndrome depending on the topic.

Ryan attacked Pres O for not going forth on Simpson-Bowles, giving the commission high marks on their ideas, but never reminding people that he was part of the commission and voted against it at the time because as stated "it didn't do enough."

Hm, funny, praise it for the ideas but knock it down for not going far enough and don't remind people you were there.

But up until Ryan's speech there still wasn't substance being told. Yes, the convention is when people really start to pay attention, but someone like me, well I want some kick, some bite, some substance.

People have claimed that Willard gave substance with his 5 point plan, but I'm calling bullsh*t on that claim, as the plan was merely talking points that every candidate has stated at the convention podium for decades.

Energy Independence - Yes, we've succumbed to the power of Crude Oil for over 100 years and in that time, we've imported more from foriegn lands then actually produced and sold here at home. But becoming Energy Independent has been a main talking point by both parties since Nixon and his Oil Embargo that caused more harm then good. {;postID=4554206118684085587}

To be energy independent, well we need to make sure the energy companies actually sell their product to us. Sure we can hear "Drill Baby Drill" which the Media will say "Flood the market and the price will drop" is pure fiction.

The Keystone Pipeline is a great example because they never guaranteed that oil, shale oil to be exact, would be sold in the US. The pipeline is just to get the Canadian oil down to open ports in New Orleans.

Willard wants to get rid of the Windpower Credits, yet States like Iowa that use and enjoy Windpower are up in arms. Windpower works in certain places, so let it stay, but if Willard kills the credit, Iowans will be pissed.

Skills to succeed- Yes the second of the decades old talking points.

Willard claims he wants to bring the brightest and best from around the world to teach our children. Talk about a slap in the face to many teachers and professors that have busted their butts in this field.

Yes there are bad, but many good educators in the US, problem being they all get lumped together as one. And if you are not in the field, how can one speak ill of it?

But isn't this just the same as claiming foreigners are stealing US Jobs? So let's bring in foreign educators to teach our kids, and who will be the first to cry the new teacher is teaching our kids Shaira Law?

It's worse enough that everyone believes all college professors are crazy liberals. Which, I can attest, are not as I went to a very conservative college in terms of the professors.

Willard spoke of Trade the works for America, Cut the Deficit, and Champion Small Business to complete his 5 point plan.

Cutting the Deficit is crucial, yet Willard is fine with getting that done by 2040. That's 28 years! It's a great idea, but way to long even for the Tea Party to swallow and it doesn't adjust for, say something like War or another long upswing in Baby Boomer retirement.

Willard is boasting he will create 12 million new jobs, but what happens if he misses his mark? A Mayberry "Aw Shucks Pa" doesn't work as an excuse.

12 million jobs is fiction, that's close to averaging 450k jobs monthly. Hell Reagan averaged 230k jobs monthly and he had new sectors opening up from electronics to vehicles to military. {;postID=6844627833445675481}

Even if Willard's Energy proposal opens wide, it will not reach those numbers. Well for one, no one can tell the Energy companies were to buy their supplies, which back to the Keystone Pipeline, the piping was bought in Japan! No American job built that pipe.

Call me a pessimist or a realist, when I hear people state that Romney is the only guy that can do the job, it makes me step back and look closer. It's great to have passion for a candidate, but open-mindedness is closed for many.

I had many complain to me that conventions aren't where the substance is to be displayed. That's true for many, but it shouldn't be a place where the cheesiest of opening and closing happens as well.

Oustide of Clint Eastwood's drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner stint with the cheesy "Good Bad Ugly" theme, Willard's entrance was missing Hulk Hogan's "I Am A Real American" WWE theme blaring as he walked the delegate floor to the stage.

Next time, whomever is the RNC Chair, hire Vince McMahon and the WWE to run the show. But then again, Donald "the wh$re" Trump cried and went home when he was cancelled from the festivities, so it wasn't the cheesiest of conventions.

That's it, Slap the Tap on some Blue Moon and take a seat in Eastwood's chair.


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