Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Election Recap: The people have spoken- the bastards!

“The people have spoken- the bastards!*”
-Dick Tuck

Well it’s finally over, no more debates, political commercials and political strategists. But what does America do the day after a Presidential election they’ve dedicated 4 years of their life to? Well, half gloat and dance while the other half will play Monday morning quarterback as to WTF went wrong.

I admit, that going into Tuesday’s election I had no idea how it would conclude, except for notion that the Capital would remain status quo. Yet with two lackluster candidates the adage of “Why should I vote for someone I don’t want to ouster someone I don’t want?” became true around the country.

All the cards laid on the table led to the Great “O” getting his pick slip as people drooled over their favorite polling websites. But what led to the Great “O’s” re-election? Everything all Media, both Conservative and Liberal cleared a path with their insistence of “If it bleeds it leads” mentality.

Absolutely the Democrats were able to turn the conversation away from the economy but towards social issues and all Media played their part, not just the Liberal based Media.

Think about it in the final months of the campaign, Social Issues rose to the top and the GOP is not strong on Social Issues, it becomes foot-in-mouth disease for them.
Sandra Fluke, “War on Women,” Contraception, Rape, Abortion, Social Welfare programs and so on, all led in favor of the Democrats, because they can play the “heartfelt shoulder” leaving the GOP seeming cold hearted.

The biggest of Conservative mouth pieces of Limbaugh and Hannity played their part as they couldn’t turn the course back to the economy as much as they tried. Social Issues were headline news and that’s what the listeners wanted to talk about because we are of short-minded people.

The GOP hierarchy from Priebus to Boehner, hell, even to the Koch Brothers needs to stand up and face the fact that around the country they did not have the strongest of dogs in the fight.

Akin and Mourdock should’ve won, yet, foot-in-mouth on social issues led them to their eventual lose, costing the GOP two seats.

A second attempt by WWE CEO Linda McMahon to win a Congressional seat came not with victory but loss of millions out of her bank account.

For Heaven’s sake, Pennsylvania Senator challenger Tom Smith couldn’t beat sleepy Bob Casey, a man who needed to say nothing 6 years prior to beat Rick Santorum.

Yes, the Republican constituent and even the disenfranchised Democrat spent Election night screaming of “Moving to Canada” or “Obama stole the election thanks to Auto bailouts” for the re-election of the Great “O.”

Honestly, when going back to, Obama won re-election even without Ohio, as Pennsylvania, Virginia (!) and Florida fell in his name. Without Ohio, the final tally would’ve been: Obama 308 – Romney 230.

Had Romney won both Florida and Ohio the total would have been: Obama 279 – Romney 259.

The fact that Romney couldn’t carry Massachusetts and Michigan, two States where he is beloved by many tells a missed story.

Anyone remember 2004 when John Edwards couldn’t carry North Carolina for the Kerry ticket? It was his home State and he couldn’t carry it just like Paul Ryan couldn’t carry Wisconsin in 2012. The difference between the two VP candidates is that Ryan is loved in Wisconsin and Edwards wasn’t expected to win a second Senatorial term in North Carolina.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mitt Romney is the compassionate & charitable man we’ve seen through the years, yet, simply he was not the strongest candidate for the GOP, he was just the last one standing when the primaries ended.

I see Nov 7, 2012 as a time for the GOP to rewrite themselves, bury the obstructionist attitude and put forth constructive effort to show the people they can do the job. The idea that they were given the House to be just obstructionist was a hoax; they were just a better option than the Democratic option.

By doing so, they can run the 2014 mid-term election on a new “We did this” slogan with completed legislation. I’m not talking about tossing all their convictions, but compromise is what this country needs to get the machine rolling.

However, as suspected, they have already moved pass 2014 and onto 2016.

That’s it, Slap the Tap on the Freedom Pilsner and place an order for that Chris Christie 2016 “Fat Guys United” bumper sticker.


Come listen to a story of a man named Ted
Poor billionaire couldn’t keep his family fed
Then one day he headed to the Polls
Up popped Socialism’ bubbling stool

Socialism that is, free phones and wealth distribution for all

Well next thing you ol' Ted's a millionaire
Accountant said Ted taxes are killing you over here
He said tax shelters is the place your money outta be
So he loaded up the Porsche Cayenne and moved to Calgary
Canada that is, Hockey, Mounties, free healthcare

Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Ted and all his kin
And they would like to say fuck you for voting Obama back in
You’re all invited to kiss his riches goodbye
As your helpin of his taxes saves your ass as he sigh

Top 1% that is, set a spell, write off you are
You all can suck it, y'hear

*- Quote from preface of Kinky Friedman- You Can Lead a Politician to Water But You Can’t Make Him Think, 2007

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