Monday, November 5, 2012

Social Media helps breed the ignorant political mindset

Sorry if the truth hurts, however in today’s America, Social Media overload has created a swarm of stupidity that people will not accept the truth and would rather keep “sharing” misinformation.

As we know, you can’t put anything on the Internet that’s not true!

As we enter the final hours of the most partisan and despised Modern election cycle since Truman/Eisenhower, one thing is certain, Social Media is the driving force for pushing the wedge further into the partisan divide and recovery is beyond sight.

For every anti-Romney Facebook posting, there are 3 anti-Obama posting, yet the truth behind these postings are abbreviated to fit the narrative disgusted theme.

We have such an insatiable need for news, that we run with every report as fact upon its initial release and when later reports come forth, many refuse to believe any correction.

Think about the tidal wave of information that has been digested by everyone concerning the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

As we’ve learned about gas stations closing due to dry pumps, power stations not producing electricity and out-of-state power company employees from Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina being turned away at the New Jersey border by Union workers wanting them to sign Union contracts to help out.

This nugget has been "shared' by many yet that's only part of the story.

In truth, the Alabama and Georgia employees were turned around by their employers that never made it past Maryland. Yes Union contracts played a role, but their employers turned them back, not a scuffle at the border.

Wouldn’t someone think that these Union employees should be working and not forming picket lines? Many lacked that common thought and felt the need to “share” the story immediately due to disgust over Unions or the lack of decency for those in need.

Here’s some more info for the nugget-size minds, call it gentlemen’s agreement between Utility companies that they help another provider when disaster strikes, as the distressed provider pays the wages of the traveling crews. It’s not done out of kindness, but out of necessity.

So rigid is Social Media, that “keyboard bravery” is overly abundant as well is complacent in the breeding today’s Internet arrogance.

I recently saw a posting (picture above) on a friend’s wall from a “shared” source that stated:

I don't care if you are offended, if you are embarrassed, or if you don't agree, even if you don't support O-dick-bag. Truth be told, I don't care AT ALL about your feelings. I take great pride in offending people. I take even more pride in offending liberals. I take even MORE pride knowing I piss them off. If you want to fall into the category with the cry baby liberals, that is YOUR problem, not mine.

I posted a message to the “shared” source simply asking “You have the right to post whatever you wish, but are you offended when someone posts the same about conservatives or Gov Romney. Just wondering, not trying to start a fight.

I received an “F*ck You” response and deletion of my post.

Yes, we are such an opinionated driven lot that it’s easier to spout political views while denouncing any disagreement that it leads to a CAPITAL LETTER, misspelling, vulgar rage and the keyboard is one’s protective shield to hide.

We can’t help ourselves as Social Networking has given us a path to mock friends and family during football season or to introduce everyone to a new addition to the family. What was once done religiously by pencil is now a mouse click away.

When we should be encouraging people to vote, we are instead misleading and misguiding many into a new form of “bread and circus” politics.

Alas, once this election is final, we will not have a moment to breathe as the masses will return to Social Media with gloating meme or vile of disgust in the result.

That’s it, slap the tap and poor a round of Yards Brewing Tavern Ale for all my “friends” in thanks to the end of the annoying political commercials in favor of the annoying Old Navy Christmas commercial.

Cheers and good voting to all.

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