Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Idiocracy of Trump and the Water Skiing Squirrel

American pop culture doesn’t live in the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol once described, not now, not with the advent of Reality Television,, and Social Networking.

The days of celebrity glitz and glamour has turned into wanna-be has-been third rate celebrity being vulgar, obnoxious or intoxicated from one drug or another, spewing whatever comes to their mouth just to make the opening minutes of

Everyone wants their piece of pop culture remembrance. Parents record their child’s antics or singing capability only to download it to in prayer of people viewing in hundreds in a minute to make little cash or become a viral hit.

Now, when it comes to reality television, more and more people are vying to become America’s Next Top something or let them get berated but some chef that is just trying to push his 2nd rate restaurant or half ass cookbook.

Hell, CEO’s are jumping in to promote their company in hopes that people will rush to buy their service due to some heartwarming two minute moment they saw in a commercial.

But out of all these wanna-be media reality whoring personas, no one beats Donald Trump.

Donald Trump probably could write a best-selling book on “How to become a promotional whore like me” and probably make some serious coin on it. People will buy it, because that’s our society today.

As soon as President “W” became president, books were coming out at an insane rate to denounce him and people on the Left-side of thought bought them up.

Fast forward to 2008 when President “O” finished “So help me God” in his oath of office, books couldn’t come out fast enough for the Right thinkers to buy and they are still coming and they are still buying.

You got a conspiracy theory and want to make some coin; simply get a book deal and link it to a sitting President and you’re golden. Come on, you know someone’s got the theory that it was Newt Gingrinch having an extra marital affair with Bill Clinton in the Speaker's Office on Capitol Hill during the 1995 government shutdown.

However, when it comes to Trump, people know he is full of crap, but Americans keep giving him the time of day and encourage his behavior. The only difference between Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump is one has a bad head of hair.

I’ve listened to enough Trump Presidential dream interviews on the radio over the last 2 weeks and in each interview he gives the same story. “I love my country,’’ you know I know a lot of people,’’ I’m in real estate,’ ‘China is laughing at us,’ ‘where’s the birth certificate,’ ’ I’m rich,’ ‘I sold a $31 Million apartment’” yadda yadda ya. He has no substance, yet people draw to him because they just want to hear what his brashy tone will spew next.

His stance is weak; he only talks about the “Birther” issue and taking oil from Iraq. The Iraqi people did not ask us for help, our government went after Saddam Hussein on a notion that he harbored terrorists and was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. So taking that Iraqi oil is not correct, but it’s a myth that keeps growing.

Trump’s idea to run in 2012 is a simple publicity stunt for his dying show “The Apprentice.” He did the same maneuver three seasons ago when NBC came extremely close to cancelling the show. Trump went on a three week promotional trip, fought with Rosie O’Donnell and ratings went up.

Once again, ratings were sagging, so Trump and his friend (WWE Owner) Vince McMahon cooked up a scheme using Trump’s famous crap ass hair job as the pun. And ratings went up for “The Apprentice.”

Here we are again, Trump’s bogus presidential whore tour to promote his sagging close to being axed show.

Trump is slick, there’s no doubt about it. He has no moral, he’ll do whatever it takes to sell his product or himself to make a dollar and see his face on television. Is there anyone who loves to hear his own voice besides Trump? OK, outside of Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher, Trump is close.

So Trump has made two gaffes in three weeks on his presidential promotional whore tour. The first one being his staged media event to show everyone how quickly one can download their birth certificate to call out President “O.” Too bad the one he produced was no more than a proof of live birth certificate. The very same kind President “O” and you or I can download today. It took Trump’s staff to show the real one 24 hours later.

The second gaffe was just a few days ago. Trump told everyone to tune into the season finale of “The Apprentice” where he will let everyone know his intentions to run or not run for President. Problem being, he can’t do that or NBC will have to give equal airtime to all contenders. That was the main reason why FOX released Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich from their contracts.

If Trump isn’t blowing smoke out of his ass and does run, he will have issue after issue with control. Trump likes to control the media around him, control what they know and what they say.

Trump has gone after people in the past for reporting what he does not want people to hear about him. He is not afraid to attack those that search for the truth or even tell the truth about him.

Trump has no plan and what plan he does have will bury us even further then we are today. Sorry Trump, you cannot liquidate the United States of America nor put a luxury golf course on the White House lawn.

If Trump did become president, you’d be able to go to the Lincoln Memorial and see a giant blinking dollar sign on it. “Just pull Abe’s finger and see how much you might win for $100 spin.”

Turning our country into a Lottery system is not the answer for fiscal responsibility. Just ask Pennsylvanians that voted to legalize Table games to help the state budget.

Our love of a pop culture society has let the talentless become the star, the nut-jobs lead the media, and let the never-was think they can control the issue. Reality television has dumb-down America that we find the water skiing squirrel more issue driven then the agenda driven Media of today.

Everyone should watch the movie Idiocracy. Imagine if you are selected to be part of a hibernation experiment, only to awaken 500 years later to find out that society has been incredibly “dumbed-down” to the point that you are the most intelligent person on Earth.

Well that synopsis was from the 2006 movie Idiocracy and although it was a lame comedy, it could actually be full of truths when you consider American politics and television over the past decade if not longer.

I’ll take the water skiing squirrel over Trump and the current jack wads in Congress. At least the squirrel has substance.

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