Monday, April 25, 2011

Status quo with a new face, what a waste

Status quo with a new face, what a waste

Hmm, I guess the Tea Party members took their phones off the hook the past tax weekend, for so many never answered their “Booty Call” to show up in a city park or in Washington DC for their annual plight to stop big government spending.

Or maybe, many realized that they are being used, for their rallies have not changed the Congressional environment of status quo politics we’ve endured for centuries.

Where were their faithful leaders that gave them marching orders in 2009 & 2010? Speaking from their overpriced soapboxes and pleading that you spend your hard earned money to travel to Washington DC.

Nothing sounds like a good protest rally like riding in a cramped bus next to some sweaty fat guy for a few hours, then walking a few miles to stand around in the sun or rain and listen to speaker after squawking speaker bemoan our government leaders. Only to have to ride back with that same sweaty fat guy who just ate five tacos before boarding the bus. Meanwhile those faithful leaders just cashed in on your money and well, you helped the tourism profit in Washington DC as well.

Where were the leaders of the Tea Party? You know those that sat in front of open microphones or empty cameras and pleaded for all to rally for their country.

Let’s see, the "Oracle" Glenn Beck was in Albany, New York working on his new after FOX News life with a comedy routine. Also, Beck was counting his $3.75 million sale of his Connecticut mansion that he just sold for $250k under market value. But hey, you Tea Party members don’t fret, I think Beck can afford that hit, after all, you guys helped him build his $30 million empire of conspiracy theory and political evangelical prominent voice.

The other majority of band leaders, outside of the Koch Brothers and Dick Army, were gathered around the country at small rallies.

Wait did I say small, how about microscopic rallies compared to the last two years. Seriously, places like Pittsburgh, Columbia, Cleveland, and so on, all counted an average 1,500 tea party revelers in 2009 & 2010, only to see those numbers dwindle down to average around 200 in 2011.

I have to give half term Governor Sarah Palin credit for getting close to 6,000 Tea Party supporters in attendance up in Madison, Wisconsin. Although some of the 6,000 counted were anti-Tea Party protestors, but hey, it all counts, right?

Shocked I am, yes shocked. No, not really because I expected as much.

So how’s that “Change the Status Quo” mantra going for you guys since the November elections? Not too well I bet. The scary thing about it, I think you guys finally figured out you were played.

Those that you helped get elected back in November are not living up to expectations. Whether it was a Republican or Tea Party member or someone using the Tea Party name in vain, they were all Republican, for it was the Grand Old Party's big business money that helped push them along.

Look at Maine’s new Governor, he gave his daughter a government position with a high salary and perks with no political or government experiences. Come on spell it out N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M. Good job.

And everyone’s current favorite Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, gave a job to a high dollar donator’s son in the EPA. No college degree, actually not even a G.E.D., but he received perks and $87k salary.

Congressional Republicans said that their #1 priority was the economy and well, so far they have failed. They let Paul Ryan take the point on the Budget Committee and they don’t even back his ideas.

And face it Tea Party members, you now have more in common with the Democrats then the Republicans.

Both Democrats and Tea Party members want extensive Military spending cuts, actually those in the Tea Party want twice as much as the Democrats but the Republicans want zero cuts.

And if you believe in the recent polls, Tea Party members do not want changes to their Medicare, neither do the Democrats. Republicans want a drastic change, to which the wealthier recipients will pay the same if not more but expect to get less for the money, and the poorer recipients will get more. A redistribution of Health one could say.

I know many of you that weekend attended the Ayn Rand's movie “Atlas Shrugged part 1.” $1.7 million over the weekend as it showed in over 300 theatres, that’s about 212,000+ in attendance over the weekend. Just about equal to the numbers that went to the steps of the Capital Building in 2009 (depending on who you believe counted heads that day.)

So what happened? Don’t give the motto “We’re reloading for 2012” because that’s as bogus a statement as Glenn Beck calling Mike Huckabee a “Progressive.”

I think many of you really figured it out. You were the Political “Booty Call” for the big business behind the Tea Party.

How many of you realize that your "hard earned" donations to Dick Army's FreedomWorks and the Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity is helping pay for the lobbyists of big oil, big pharma, and other industries that do not pay a dime in taxes!

These companies that are lobbying for more tax breaks and credits, yet are not creating jobs here in the United States.

Maybe it's time for the Tea Party to rebrand itself and go after the big corporate interests that have always been behind you.

Or just play dumb for the time being and wait for that rally "Booty Call" for April 15, 2012.

Afterall, you are just another tentacle of the Republican Party, you're just to blinded by love of the Media and political attention to see.

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