Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a tabloid news world we live in

What a tabloid news world we live in

About 6 weeks ago, our Media outlets declared that the 2012 Presidential campaign as “Game On.” Each outlet designating some poor slouch to follow these would be contenders around the country, from Iowa to New Hampshire. Sad thing is, there’s really nothing to report other than how boring the candidates are.

Then the promo whore himself, Donald Trump has decided he wants the Media attention. Seriously, is there anyone that loves themselves more than Trump?

Trump’s appeal is still mind numbing to me on 2012. He is everything many are against in a candidate; arrogant, demeaning, egotistical, etc. His own personal facts are skewed by himself when he speaks.

So now Trump takes the credit for President “O” finally releasing his “long form” birth certificate, but what else does Trump have to offer the American public except a bad hair day not seen since Martin van Buren?

Seriously, the ”birther“ notion was something for conspiracy theorist to cling to and now they need a new “whoobie” to grasp too. What will be next “Well it took that long to find a good forger.”

In this day and age, it’s easy for anyone running for President to have a parent that is from outside the United States. As long as one parent is from here and the child is born here, that person can be President.

I give the retreads, err I mean 2012 hopefuls credit for moving away from the “birther” notion, including Rep Michelle Bachman, whom once was of a “birther” stance.

President “O” is correct when saying “we have far more important issues then to worry about a birth certificate.” I blame President “O” for playing the game with it for so long. Irritating lunatics like Orly Taitz and other conspiracy theorists.

What led to the release was simple Tabloid exposure.

With the Media adoring Trump to god-like spectacle, it was easy for the Tabloid mentality to take over. Everyone wants a piece, they want the "What will he say next?" moment caught on their cameras. It's a pathetic sight for our Media, but then again they still follow Charlie Sheen.

Trump offers nothing but ratings to the Media outlets. There's no substance in what he says. Everyone will find this out within a week or two when he has nothing new to opin about.

Why would he want to go after the Chinese, when he recieves so much from them in cheap product.

In September 2010, during an interview on CNBC, he stated "I ordered windows, thousands of windows the other day; they’re made in China." Why? Because he said he couldn't find an American window producer.

And what about Trump's clothes? He's not manufacturing them in the United States. Nope, Communist China manufactures the "Donald J. Trump Signature Collection" of suits and ties.

Trump's corporations have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy twice, once in 2000 and then again in 2005. All the while, Trump still collected a yearly $2 million paycheck.

So in the 8 years George W Bush was President, Donald Trump's corporation went under for re-organization. And the majority of his corporation is Casino operations.

Oh wait, there's another listing on Feb 17, 2009 of another billion dollar bankruptcy from dear Donald.

The man is no more then a modern day snake oil salesmen and Americans are buying every drop of it.

It's time for what is left of a real Media outlet to investigate Donald Trump. Let's go deep into his foreign business practices. Let's go deep into his schooling. Let's go deep underneath that nasty hairpiece.

Hey the Tabloid Media of FOX, CNN, MSNBC and such are thriving on him, why not go further. What are you afraid of?

OH, sorry just got the memo. Our Media states they'll do they job as soon as they are done drooling over the wedding of Prince William and Kate!

God we love royalty, we even make our own out of has-been bankrupt reality stars. Tabloid Media, gotta love it

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  1. O could have ended the controversy 2 years ago, did it take that long for Sorros to buy him a real birth certificate?