Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keep my Religion out of your business

He’s a Christian. She’s a Muslim. You’re an Atheist. Wouldn’t you like to get some Religion too?

That I am not a member of any Christian Church, is true; but I have never denied the truth of the Scriptures; and I have never spoken with intentional disrespect of religion in general, or of any denomination of Christians in particular.” – Abraham Lincoln

Funny how our 16th president’s religious beliefs are still being debated today? If you Google Abraham Lincoln’s religion, you’ll get about 16 unique links all debating whether he was a Christian, Universalist or an Atheist, even though we do know he was raised a Baptist.

My question is what does religion have to do with the Presidency?

Think about it.

In 2008, Gov Mitt Romney was campaigning to be the Republican Presidential candidate. One could say he was the closest thing to the perfect candidate.

He was a successful Republican governor in extremely liberal Massachusetts, successful in business, credited for making the Salt Lake City Olympics a success, and so on. He was the front runner for much of the campaign

Two things held Romney back, the first being his successful transformation of Massachusetts healthcare (a version of Universal Health Care) and the other was his Mormon faith.

Everywhere he went, people held off on their choice of Romney because of those two things, but a lot fell on his Faith.

Americans need to realize, Religion has nothing to do with the Presidency. If that was the case, John F. Kennedy would never have been president, no matter how much money the Kennedy clan threw into the campaign. People feared his Roman Catholic upbringing and were afraid that the Pope would give him marching orders.

Does anyone know the faith of Pres. Eisenhower followed as a child?

He was a Jehovah’s Witness as a child. Yes the very same people you hide behind the curtains from when they ring the doorbell. And I do believe Eisenhower turned out to be a damn good General and President. Just look at our nation's highway system. Thanks Ike.

What about Thomas Jefferson? You know, Thomas Jefferson, the man that wrote many of our sacred documents. Jefferson was raised Episcopalian, yet served with no denomination. Does that make him any much a bad president or better president than the other 43 that served?

Current President “O’s” religion comes up at every Christian holiday, because so many belief he is a Muslim because of his funny name and his father’s background.

Why is it people have a hard time believing someone’s faith? Are all African Americans Muslim? Why is it hard to believe that an African American could be Jewish? Or a Caucasian is a Hindu?

The Right Media opinionaters had to make controversy that President “O” never gave an Easter Proclamation, yet never mentioned neither did Bush 43, Clinton, and well no President gave an Easter Proclamation since 1980! Yet, there always must be controversy no matter the President.

The Shiloh Church that Pres “O” attended Easter service has a historical significance in our history. Look at the historical significance of other churches around the nation’s capital and in your hometown.

Yet, the Right Media opinionating machine had to find controversy with the Shiloh Church pastor and words he used years prior. Do you know what other priests, pastors, etc. are saying at each and every service over the past 10 years across our nation?

What if St Peter’s Church was the president’s destination on Easter Sunday and the pastor was just linked to gay slurs a month prior. Should he have switched destinations even though that Church may have some historical significance between the U.S. and the Catholic Church?

Or what of a particular church has been scandalous in a molestation charge? Should that Church be shuttered and the parishioners be scattered about town? No, they keep showing up every service. So should we not charge each member with negativity and slander for still going? Is that not what the tabloid Media is doing?

When someone says “Every Muslim is a Terrorist” (which is said quite often) for the many terroristic attacks worldwide. Would it be wrong to say every Catholic priest is a child molester or sexual predator? After all, there have been molestation charges worldwide within the Catholic Church.

See how easy it is to start a controversy over Media interpretation.

Where a person worships or what religion a person worships does make them illegalable to become President of the United States. I find that many people who put so much value on it either:
1. Do not attend church themselves
2. Have no faith in any religion
3. Are Lemmings that help fuel the Media machine
4. Belief in religion and attend church, but are extremely hypocritical for they do not follow the words of the Church in their private lives

Where and when someone worships in no one’s business except for that person and for those that need to know, need to find a better hobby.

I always remember the story of my Aunt Ernie. A lady with character is a light description of her. When I was young, I spent a Saturday night at her house. She told me, “You can sleep in on Sunday, I’ll try to be quiet as I get ready for Church in the morning.” As I woke up that Sunday morning I heard the television and walked into the living room. There was my Aunt Ernie, dressed up and watching a Sunday morning Church service on the television. I waited to ask her “I thought you were going to Church?” She replied “Just because I am not in the house of the Lord does not mean I am not attending the word of the Lord. As long as God is with you and invited into your house, you are in attendance and he is with you.”

Not bad coming from a little Italian lady that chain smoked non-filtered Kool brand cigarettes and thought Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw was a dream.

Back to Romney. Because of his Mormon faith and that of Media clown Glenn Beck, the Mormon Church has been going on an promotion frenzy, trying to get people to change their minds about the Mormon faith, to disspell all those past thoughts and actions that speak ill of its history.

Hmm, guess that's better then having an Inquisition, a political one at least.

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