Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What’s in a name or Americanize me?

All across our great nation, state legislatures are either entering “Birth Certificate” laws or getting ready to vote on such laws.

Arizona, Louisiana, Maine, Wisconsin and so on will be voting on such laws. All because a guy with a funny name, who has a parent from another country, won the Presidency of the United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama.

So as the “Birther” notion over the release of the long form birth certificate of Pres. “O” dissipates, another one begins.

Louisiana Gov. Piyush Jindal released his long form birth certificate over the weekend, but no one really noticed except a few newspapers.


Because Gov Piyush Jindal said he will sign the law, if it comes across his desk, that if you want to be on the state's election ballot, you must show your long form birth certificate.

Who is Piyush Jindal you ask? You might know him by the name “Bobby” Jindal, the once Republican Presidential hopeful of 2009.

Here’s the kicker, no one ever suspected “Bobby” Jindal of being anything other than American, maybe because he goes by the name “Bobby” and not his birth name of Piyush.

When Pres. “O” was young, he would go by the name “Barry” and one has to wonder, if he still went by that, would anyone care about his birth certificate? Would he be considered American with the name "Barry?"

Oh, the Tabloid Media went ape reporting the fact he went by "Barry" in his youth, yet no one said two words concerning Gov Jindal use of "Bobby" when he ran for one of many political positions.

Both the Pres and Louisiana Gov where born in the United States. But as Pres “O” mom was a natural born American from Kansas and dad was here on a student visa from Kenya, both of Jindal’s parents were here on 2 different forms of Green Cards. So does that make Gov Jindal an "anchor baby?"

Mr. Jindal’s parents, Raj & Amar came here from India in 1971. Jindal's father secured a working Green card as he was an engineer. Mrs. Jindal secured a spousal Green card and attended graduate school at Louisiana State University for nuclear physics. Mrs. Jindal was already pregnant when arriving in the US, giving birth later that year to little Piyush.

OK, stop there. Is this not what people are accusing foreign immigrants of doing today? Coming to the United States on student or working visas, then having a child born here so they can stay?

I'm not accusing Gov Jindal's family of doing so, just making a note that today that is the complaint of so many. Or maybe it's sectional, they are only complaining about those that don't give back and become a debt to society.

After all, the Jindal's were able to secure their Green cards due to a 1965 law that allowed people with "exceptional ability in the sciences or arts" to enter the U.S.

But why does he go by the name "Bobby?"

Well apparently when he was the age of 4, the Brady Bunch was the big hit and so "Bobby" comes from Bobby Brady!!

Seriously, they couldn't say "Bobby Kennedy" or any famous Bobby at the time? They had to use the whining Bobby Brady.

So, here's the question; If Barrack Obama went by the name "Barry" and his father became a US citizen would people still have raised the "Birther" notion?

I say "No," however the controversy would be whether he would have been considered an "Anchor Baby" even though his father was here on a Student visa and became a US Citizen.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter is introducing a "birthright citizenship" law. The law would restrict "birthright citizenship" to children born in the US to at least one parent who is a citizen, legal resident alien or active member of the US armed forces.

If the law passes, then both President "O" and Gov Jindal would be elligable for the "birthright citizenship" we so much love. Pres "O" since his mom is an American citizen born in Kansas and Gov Jindal because both his parents were here on 2 different forms of Green cards.

It's rather funny that even the outsourced jobs to India of telemarketing or debt collection have their employees go by American names when calling customers.

Why? So when you answer your phone, you think they have immigrated here and decided that changing their name was the "American" thing to do.

We are very close to having a President Maverick or a Vice President Apple considering how parents are naming their children nowadays. But those names are used by fans of the movie Top Gun or Gwenyth Paltrow

Will we then question the sanity of the parents for the naming of their child?

It's not that far away that older Americans will have to adapt to the idea of a foreign president in the terms of Gender and Race. Or can Americans be racist and not even know it?

Then again, it's only a name.

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  1. Big Poppa, your sister had duel citizenship (British and American) At 21 she made her choice. Both her parents were american. Jindal had foreign parents did they become American Citizen?? Obama's father obviously did not and was a socialist is mother was an American. Did he have to renounce is citizenship when living overseas? My concern is not where he was born )though I think birth certificates should be produced for job application) but his qualifications--he's stupid!!!

  2. eaw449.. I'm pretty sure when "O" put his papers in to run for president the Election Committee did a background check, b/c if they did and he was of foreign birth he wouldn't be president. Jindal's parents are now American Citizens, just as I said in the blog as well as "O" mom being from Kansas.

    We now live in a society when everything someone running for president does is scrutinized. Look at 2000, McCain/Bush. All the false ads saying that McCain's adopted girl was from an affair during his time in Vietnam. Look how McCain had to defend himself. Look how Max Clelland was attacked over his military service during Vietnam, the man lost both legs and half his arm!

    It's to the point that now, more then ever, a parent now better keep a complete diary and files on ever friend, teacher, pastor, pet, etc.. that their child comes in contact with just in case that child has political aspirations in their adult life. Parents are going to start background checks on other families and children because they dont want anything to hurt those political dreams.

    Sounds stupid, but its coming.