Friday, May 6, 2011

The partial hiding of the Republican "Big Brother" state

“Our #1 priority come this January (2011) is the Economy and Jobs”

Those words were spoken by Rep. John Boehner only five months ago and my question to him is “Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs you promised would be your #1 priority?”

It’s a simple question that no matter who in Congress you may ask, they will not give a simple answer too. So I’ll answer it for them, “we have no clue because we are busy trying to link Social Issues with the lack of job growth.”

The Bush Tax Cuts were created in 2003 to help job growth to which they did not produce. Republicans fought desperately to keep the BTCs in 2010 with the normal taglines. They won, but still no job growth.

Congress is too busy fighting Social Issues and we are struggling in America. Yet, Republicans biggest excuse for lack of job growth is Health care.

They have spent their political capital, if they had any, on repealing what everyone knows as “Obamacare.” And with all their hard work, what is their end result?

House Ways and Means chairman, Rep. David Camp announced on May 5 that “repealing ‘Obamacare’ is now off the table.” Seriously, this is their end result. After months of trying to repeal it, they give up.

So what’s the plan dear chairman? What are you going to do next?

“Beginning today, we attack ‘Obamacare’ and will repeal sections of it or modify it” per Chairman Camp.

And what about Budget master Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare vouchers? Well Chairman Camp simply stated “The Medicare Voucher system is a no go.”
What a waste of taxpayer money, but that’s Congress.

No matter what party is in charge, everything circles back to the beginning with no results.

So this now gives the House time to work on H.R. 3, better known as “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions.” Now read that title regain, “No Taxpayer Funding” which aims at the campaign against Planned Parenthood, or so one would think.

As Republicans and their Media minions love to state that “Democrats have created a ‘Nanny’ State” with everyone depending on the Federal Gov to give handouts, then it’s easy to say Republicans can be accused of creating a “Big Brother State.”

This is not new news, they began their Big Brother overtures with the Patriot Act and then even moved in with No Child Left Behind, but their latest venture moves into your own private insurance.

Big Poppa did not fall off the barstool on this, its right in the H.R. 3 bill. Just you will not hear it in the Tabloid Media minions today.

H.R. 3 states “Federal funding will not pay for abortions.” Simple statement and makes sense. But Republicans could not stop there, they needed to appease their Pro Life base and added that it could be illegal for your own private health insurance to offer an abortion program, as well as deny tax credits for any small business that offers a health insurance plan with an abortion option.

So if I am paying for my health insurance, the Federal Gov can make certain aspects of my plan an illegal action.

This is what turns my stomach about the state of our country, stay the f@ck out of my personal life.

Under the “Obamacare” plan, I can keep my 22 year old child on my health insurance while they are still in college. That’s my business, not my neighbors and not the Federal Gov either. If I am paying for it with my own money, it’s my business, no one else.

Meanwhile, back to H.R. 3, to where it will allow doctors and hospitals to refuse to perform any abortion, even one that would be needed to save the life of a pregnant woman.

Currently, a pregnant woman with a life-threatening condition cannot be turned away by a hospital, even if her condition requires the doctor to abort the child. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act require hospitals that receive federal money to provide emergency treatment or transfer to a hospital that can.

H.R. 3 trumps EMTLA by allowing a doctor to deny an abortion to a woman with a life threatening condition and also the doctor can refuse to transfer that woman to a facility to where she may receive an abortion. It will leave to the hospital and doctor clear of any lawsuits.

Also added to H.R. 3 is that it would allow hospitals not to require training on abortions procedures to its staff, this way there’s no one there capable of helping the woman with a life threatening condition with an abortion.

So let’s look into this in a psychological way that could affect a woman for length of time

In Nebraska, Danielle Deaver, she and her husband tried many times to have a child, and was pregnant with her first child. Mrs. Deaver was 22 weeks pregnant when her water broke and the amniotic fluid began leaking from her uterus.

The baby was being crushed by her uterus and she wanted the doctors to remove the baby, knowing full well the baby could not survive outside the womb because the lungs were not developed.

Nebraska Law states the doctors could not perform an abortion because the baby still had a heartbeat and that Mrs. Deaver was not in any danger of dying herself. Basically telling her she had to carry the baby as far as she could, even if it meant to term.

Mrs. Deaver’s pregnancy lasted another eight days. The baby, to whom they named Elizabeth, lived for 15 minutes, gasping for breath with her malformed lungs, dying in her mother’s arms.

Imagine the pain this family, this young lady had to go through, knowing she was carrying a baby that once born would suffer in great pain and not survive. Imagine the pain the newborn felt gasping for air.

Who has the right to determine the fate of this child, outside of the parents? Apparently Nebraska and now our Fed Gov believe they wield such power.

We hear the fight over repealing Roe V. Wade every campaign season. Promises and promises that it will be repealed. Here’s a fact, it will never be repealed for the fact that it will mean repealing many Privacy policies. Roe V. Wade wasn’t about the right to have an abortion, it was about a person’s personal privacy and how the law was intrusive into it.

However with legislation on the Congressional calendar like H.R. 3, Republicans are finding inventive was to circumvent your privacy laws. Soon, I can see laws from the 1970’s returning, for example to outlaw pornography.

Wonder how much revenue Comcast, Verizon or whatever cable company is out there will lose when their Pay-Per-View Adult channels become illegal in one form or another to some sort of circumvented privacy law?

So is this the “New Right 2011” movement of thinking? One can only wonder what form of “Big Brother” has been born.

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