Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maybe Atheists are the normal

OK the title may cause people to damn me to hell or create a voodoo doll to be manufactured in my likeness (Oh that would be one big ass package), but I have a problem with people of faith attacking other people’s faith.

A few weeks ago, the Media was all in a rage concerning the words by Rev. Jeffres of “Mormonism is a cult” and the backlash once again began. I had my money on February 17, 2012 till someone went after Mitt Romney’s faith and I’m positive Pres O’s religious prospects are now soon to follow.

I’ll admit, I am not a religious person nor am I an Atheist either. I was raised Catholic, went to catholic school in my youth and even spent time as an altar boy, but I am also a person that believes that if you have Faith within you, then there is no reason to attend Church. Odd as it may sound, to me, Church is merely symbolic to the means, for faith is with someone at all times. If I pray at home, is it different then in Church? Does it make me less religious to pray at home then in Church?

I wonder if Rick Santorum would like to argue or agree with me on those statements.

I have written about Faith and the Presidency before and ones religious belief means nothing as to how one shall preside over our nation, after all we were not created as a Christian nation. Carl Rove has even said so as of late

“…We believe that all men are bound to sustain and uphold their respective governments in which they reside, while protected in their inherent and inalienable rights by the laws of such governments…” Doctrine and Covenants (132: 1, 3, 5)

Americans must understand that a day will come when a President’s faith is other then Christian. We will have a Jewish President and by all accounts, we may have a Mormon candidate this time next year.

Don’t believe me? Well there are three candidates campaigning that are of Mormon faith; Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul. Yet, because of his top tier status is why Romney gets the attack headlines.

Yet, the airwave messiah Glenn Beck has been quiet on these attacks on Mormonism.

In the past, Beck has spoken of when he hit bottom in his life of drugs and alcohol, it was the Mormon Faith that helped him regain control of his life and has thrived ever since.

Mormon Faith has always had that dark side that everyone still believes thrives within, but then again so do so many other religions as well. The Mormon Church has spent a lot of time and money to debunk the stories we’ve become accustomed to in the Media and HBO’s “Big Love.” The advertising is pretty darn convincing.

Heck many people that listen to Beck probably don’t even know he is using his Mormon Faith within his own endorsements as well, such as Food Insurance or Gold Line.

Mormons are famous for their survivalist practices, which makes sense that Ron Paul and Glenn Beck promote the return of the Gold Standard (Value in apocalyptic days?) and denote the US Dollar so much when speaking in terms of Fiscal responsibility.

For the past 65+ years, it has become a requirement in the faith for preparedness of any and all emergencies. Storage stockpiles of necessities such as water, food, pasta and instant meals can be found in all households. A running joke is that one can spot a Mormon just by peeking into their garage and seeing canned goods stacked to the rafters. In many Mormon community grocery stores, one can find an area stocked with prepackaged 2 week supply containers for sale, while other grocery stores reserve space for “As Seen on TV” products like Snuggies and Chia Pets.

Truly this is not too make light of any religion, yet when Glenn Beck has spent over a year with his “Restore Honor” and trips to Israel, many have started to question Beck’s faith, is he a Mormon or is he a Christian nowadays?

What will be next for people to attack religion on? Should we segregate our Military as well with a Religious “Don’t Ask Don’t Pray” bill?

I’m pretty sure that if soldiers are in a fire fight in Afghanistan, one will not turn to the other and say “Hey Billy Jack, you ain’t one of those Mormons are you? ‘Cuz I don’t wanna die with a Mormon next to me.”
NO! Their only thought will be “Hey Billy Jack, you better knows how to use your gun!”

On Oct 9, Newt Gingrich told CBS’s Bob Schieffer “"I think that none of us should sit in judgment on somebody else's religion,” yet at the Las Vegas debates said “How can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?”

Religious Faith has nothing to do with how a President presides over our country. Neither Abraham Lincoln nor Andrew Johnson had a religious affiliation.

Do we judge either President by their lack of known religious affiliation?

Well considering Lincoln is ranked #2 behind Ronald Reagan in Presidential favoritism by Gallup, I would say religious belief had nothing to do with it.

Although he was a Presbyterian, Pres Rutherford Hayes attended services by Episcopal and Methodist churches.

Pres James Polk was originally Presbyterian before switching to Methodist and Pres Eisenhower was raised as a Jehovah Witness until his mid-teens before switching to Presbyterian.

Should we question their Presidencies on religious purpose alone? No we should not, we judge their Presidencies by the time for which we live(d) and the outcome of their actions, not whether if the read the 98th Psalm.

I give Mitt Romney huge props for being the better man than those that question his Faith. My guess is if Romney does become our 45th President, will the Media attack him if he does not release an Easter Proclamation, as they did Pres O hadn’t, even though history has proved that no President in the past 3 decades hasn’t either.

However, I can say “Gov Perry is one leisure suit and rose rimmed glasses away from being Rev Jim Jones’ twin” if I was to go only by appearance.

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