Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 2:23:12- The Religious Gender War Chronicles

Big Poppa Politics 2:23:12- The Religious Gender War Chronicles

There is no lie that the Media controls the conversation in our Nation. Over the past month, their control has pushed Social Issues to the brink of division and brought GOP candidate Rick Santorum to the front of the pack.

Face it, Santorum’s time was coming. He’s been on point at each debate and as bodies have dropped out he has moved closer to the middle of the stage. So now here we are, Santorum leading all contenders and making Willard dip into his million dollar piggy bank.

But the Media has pushed Santorum as a one trick pony Social Issue Warrior with the constant clips of his talk of Religion, Contraception, and Theological belief and so on. But that’s only snip-its of his stump speeches, a fragment of 60 minutes where he speaks of Economy, Military, Jobs and belief. So is there more to Santorum then the Social Warrior the Media portrays?

Santorum needs to send a huge thank you card to “O,” Washington and California courts and other Democrats for this gift over the past month.

All of sudden, we’ve gone from hearing about the Economy after every commercial break to a Social Issue conversation about Gay Marriage, Religious Government intrusion, and women fighting on the frontlines of war.

But what’s the benefit of all these? Is it another game of finger pointing on who’s right and who’s wrong?

Listening the Arizona debates, you’d think a single parent home means the child will grow up not wanting to push themselves in employment and in life. Of course, the candidates were talking about children born out of wedlock as if the ghost of Dan Quayle circa 1992 appeared fighting the “Murphy Brown” argument again.

They were about one sentence away from arguing the right/wrong of people having their first child in later years of life, after they’ve become financially sound.

Should a Widow or Widower go out and remarry immediately to have that “nucleus” family?

How about the abusive marriage, should the woman stay in such a marriage, taking all the pain of physical, mental, psychological abuse to keep the “family” whole?

The argument over contraceptive availability for women still riddles my mind that Man believes he knows what’s best for Woman. It’s not just the religious health insurance argument; it’s a total argument from all aspects of the Woman’s body.

I’ve blogged before about the many anti-abortion laws in affect or to be voted upon at the State level and at Federal level. It's s till baffling that one party can say the other is being intrusive yet their believes are doing the same and the masses attack the accused.

If we are talking about insurance purpose alone, what someone pays for health insurance through their employer is their business, not mine, not their neighbors or not even government’s business.

Yes, there are 28 States that have laws that require stand alone Churches to provide some sort of Contraceptive coverage, yet no one is out picketing the State Capitols. Yes, stand alone/individual churches should be exempt, after all their employees pretty much are of that faith.

But what of those Churches affiliated with Universities and/or Hospitals? Should they not give the 2 options, with or without Contraceptive? I say yes, since most receive some sort of State/Federal funding outside of Title IX and Pell Grants.

How do you think they can afford to build a new 9 story garage or even Sports facility? It all doesn't come from Donors and Alumni, and more to the fact that some "Christian" hospitals, like Christ Hospital or Sister's of Mercy have now become part of a Health Care conglomerate corporation, their are in fact a "for profit" business.

Most of these Universities/Hospitals are businesses. They have multi-religious employees and there should be an option. The “Pill” is not just a pregnancy prevention, it has many medical/health advances as well. Why is it so hard for Religious belief to understand so?

Oh I forgot, Bible trumps Science all the time. Damn you Isaac Newton.

Currently there is somewhere around 77% Catholic women that use contraceptives, are they any less a Christian for using a product that keeps them from having Ovarian cyst? Answer is no.

Why do they allow Priests to have Viagra? What’s the reasoning and why is it ok for them to have Viagra when they are to be celibate? Hm, what's actually happening behind closed doors

Of course, everyone goes back to the Affordable "Obamacare" Act argument, yet there are Woman’s groups that back “O” on the Contraceptive fight. Groups like:

Benedictine Sisters, Boerne, Texas; Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Texas; Dominican Congregation of Our Lady of the Rosary, New York; Dominican Sisters of Hope; Justice and Peace Committee of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield, Massachusetts; Marianist Province of the United States; Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth Leadership Team, New Jersey; Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul of New York; Sisters of the Holy Cross Congregation Justice Committee; Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi, Texas; Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Justice Team, Nebraska; Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, Missouri; Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, New York; Sisters of St. Dominic Congregation of the Most Holy Name; Society of the Holy Child Jesus, American Province Leadership Team; Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk, US Province; JOLT, Catholic Coalition for Responsible Investing; Region
VI Coalition for Responsible Investment, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee; School Sisters of Notre Dame Cooperative Investment Fund

Anyone see a pattern with that list?

As for Darrel Issa chairing a committee on Contraceptives and not allowing women to speak, which is an infringement on their Freedom of Speech, is a complete joke and waste of taxpayer cash. Sure trout in 7-8 religious leaders to plead their bible thumping voices for the cameras, but you women must sit behind them and stay quiet.

Oh yeah I forgot, Issa has decided to let women speak, but no cameras allowed. Is that not another infringement of their Freedom of Speech, not to be heard/seen?

It’s utterly disgusting, that in 2012 we are reverting back to the days when every woman should be June Cleaver. Sure, just drink some whiskey while the kids are away at school and Man works, those menstral headaches will go away.

I dare any woman to videotape themselves taking their “Pill” in front of their pastor. I say “Cheers to you” if you do. And while you're at it, go to the grocery store and ship a few boxes of Tampons to Darrell Issa's office

Slap the Tap, I'll feel fill the peanut bowl. Pay the political tab.

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