Thursday, February 16, 2012

Society Mishap: Let's fly the flag at half-staff for the right reasons

On Wednesday, Feb 15, New Jersey Gov Chris Christie has requested the flags in his state be lowered to half-staff this Saturday in recognition of Whitney Houston’s funeral. What the hell man?

I wouldn’t believe but I heard it on Limbaugh and we all know Limbaugh doesn’t lie. Ok, he extends the truth but I give him some props on explanation to why Gov Christie did so, it’s an election year.

Now some callers got Limbaugh’s ear about “this is doing nothing but give props to an addict” and so forth. Limbaugh’s response was correct in reading from the Gov’s statement that “the recognition is for all of Houston’s accomplishments.”

Yes, flags should only fly at half-staff for military, fire/police, and politicians. The last one comes into question for me, however it stands as is.

But Limbaugh added one little tidbit, New Jersey did the same for Frank Sinatra as well to which a caller said “Sinatra was a great man.”

OK, Frank Sinatra accomplished many things in his career but he also was a man of his own addiction between alcohol and power, plus a man who hung out with Mobsters, Politicians, Womanizers and Alcoholics. To me, with all their accomplishments, Sinatra & Houston are equals.

But this is now not then. Sinatra and his Rat Pack would be paparazzi wet dreams with their antics, today’s stars don’t come close. Dean Martin, Peter Lawford (A Kennedy none the less), Bing Crosby and so on were not great people off the big screen.

We live in a society that idolizes celebrity, but downplays the heroics of our men/ women in uniform, from our military to our local fire/police departments. And our society even demonizes the very same as well.

A celebrity’s death or poor actions simply brings in higher ratings than that of those in uniform. Even when some intolerable action is done, those in uniform get 5 minutes of each hour but these so called TV journalists will dedicate an 30 minutes each hour to the celebrity. had Whitney Houston as their lead story for 2 hours today, why? Because that’s what people are tuning in to watch/read and I wouldn’t be surprised that on Saturday during services all three major cable news channels ran the entire funeral during that timeslot.

Just look at our pop culture, we have drinking games for every time Newt Gingrich mentions that he is a disciple of Reagan during a debate!

We followed every move of Jon & Kate + 8 and made them celebrity and now Kate is out of a job crying she can’t support her kids and their 12 acre ranch since the show was cancelled.

People have Dancing with the Stars parties and would rather vote for the next American Idol then go to a voting booth because it’s inconvenient that there’s no App to vote on their Iphone/Smartphone.

After Whitney Houston’s death, SONY has made millions by jacking up the prices on all music downloads pertaining to Houston.

I’ll admit I watch some Reality shows, such as Survivor, Amazing Race and Fear Factor. I did my short time watching the Hogan’s, Simmons’ and Surreal Life. I grew up with the first 3 years of MTV’s Real World but was smart enough to change the channel once everything became staged.

There’s nothing real about Reality TV, except that it’s cheaper to produce than the regular unoriginal TV show.

How bad is society it that the Beverly Hilton, where Whitney Houston passed away, is now a Tourist Attraction? We truly have our priorities confused on who and what to praise.

I propose we praise the right people.

I propose we fly our flags at half-staff across this nation for the 6,352 men & women in uniform that gave their lives doing their duty in protecting our country & freedoms in Afghanistan & Iraq beginning on Feb 20, 2012.

Fly the flag at half-staff for the next 6,352 days for each of their lives that were taken from their families doing something that many won’t, wouldn’t or ask for an unreal deferment.

How many governors will agree to this?

Will President Obama agree to this?

How many of you will agree with this?

I highly doubt it, because politicians and many Americans alike only praise those in uniform when the camera is near. I’m tired of politicians using those in uniform as props and for photo opportunities to get press reviews.

I’m tired of politicians and Americans demonizing fire/police departments as budget killers and then turn around and praise them when they are near. Yet they will complain and point fingers when there are not enough bodies in those departments to get the job done.

One time I would love to hear a member of these departments tell that politician to shove the microphone up their collective ass, as the politician is a budget killer as well.

We are so infatuated about celebrity, now more than ever thanks to social media, YouTube and News Media. We would rather hero worship their lives, on & off the stage, than actually find someone worthy of praise.

I’m not saying all celebrity are praised for all the wrongs reason or shouldn’t be praised, some deserve praise for their efforts to keep a clean life and help within the world community.

Whitney Houston accomplished great things, but in today’s society many will only pay attention to the now of drug, alcohol, and physical abuses.

It’s time to praise those that deserve praise for the right reasons!

Slap the tap, pay the political tab and serve one up for those in uniform that protect!

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