Thursday, February 2, 2012

Defense budget cuts: A 60 year decision not made by Democrats alone

Over the past 30-40 years, there’s has been a saying around Washington DC that “Democrats hate the military and are un-American” for all the Defense budget cuts that have been proposed over that time period. Hm, well that’s not entirely true.

One only needs to look as far back as January 21, 2011, when the newly elected Tea Party Members of the Republican Party called for Defense budget cuts. Those new members stated “the military’s budget needs to be part of mix" when talking about fiscal responsibility in reducing the federal budget.

So doesn't that make the Tea Party un-American?

Hell, then newly minted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said nothing should be held back as well.

But all the Con-Talkers, GOP and their minions aim their crooked finger at Obama and other Democrats. The one group that should be cheering such proposed cuts is the Tea Party, many which have barked about Defense cuts since the Tea Party's conception over 3 years ago, yet no fingers are pointed towards them?

Shouldn’t all be demonized for wanting Defense budget cuts? I know, it cuts into the audience of Hannity and his contracted employer Media Corp.

So, I guess “Fair and Balanced” does have a limit.

I’m tired of the abbreviated history we get shoveled down our throats by both the Left & Right Media talkers. Yes, Obama has issued Defense budget cuts, just like many Presidents before him.

How many, well you can go back to Eisenhower if you must, but it happens.

However, many Americans can only store a few months worth of information into their craniums before it spills out. And what history they remember has been abbreviated by those in the Media to whom they pay homage towards.

Now Obama’s Defense budget cuts cover a 10 year period, that’s twice as long than the 5 year plan introduced in 1988 by then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.

Let’s remember, that when Pres H.W. Bush proposed a Defense budget cut of $6.3 billion of a then $300 billion budget, Cheney went further and cut $10 billion. Cheney knew then that the Military needed downsizing as the Cold War had just ended.

Cheney cut each branches needs/wants and by the end of his term had cancelled such programs as the B2 Stealth bomber project to 20 planes, canceled the Midgetman missile development and only allowed the purchase of cruise missiles that were already authorized.

Along with equipment cuts, Cheney agreed with Pres H.W. Bush that there should be a cut back in production and deployment of our nuclear weapons arsenal.

Cheney took Congress to task for “forcing” the military to buy equipment they didn’t need or want such as extra F-16 fighters, M1 tanks and holding onto unnecessary reserves.

Cheney didn’t stop at equipment either, as the military branches saw reduction in ranks as well. The Army was hit hardest with a 25.8% reduction, followed by the Air Force with 22.3%, Navy at 14% and the Marines dropped by 9.7%

Now as we flash forward to the present planned Defense budget cuts, many need to keep in mind of the build-up of our military over the last 10 years due to carrying 2 wars half a globe away.

But as of last week, the current Secretary of Defense, Leon Panata, will take cue from Cheney, just without use of an Autopen, as he must cut $480+ billion over the next 10 years, with half to be cut in the first five years.

Maps will be scoured for base closures across the Globe, many will be those that served purpose during the Cold War era as well as stateside.

Base closures at home surely will affect the economics of the community, but across the Globe, many of our worries come from North Korea, China and Iran.

The proposal calls for all branches to make cuts in ranks, yet all numbers will not drop below pre-9/11 averages. But still between the Army & Marines, that’s about 100K soldiers to be given walking papers or forced retirement.

The Air Force & Navy are listed for equipment cuts, but everyone knows when you cut equipment you cut people as well.

I was shocked to see the elimination of 65 C-130 Hercules, the little workhorse of the Air Force, in the midst. But once again, it’s a Cold War era model. Along with the C-130, will go 27 of the C-5 Galaxy transports.

The Navy takes the larger equipment hit with mothballing close to 10 vessels within the first year, but also delaying the build of the new Virginia class submarine by 2 years plus suspending the build of the still unnamed CVN80 Aircraft Carrier.

The biggest problem Penata will have is the Medical care coverage of our wounded soldiers.

OK, this got a little long winded with many facts, but damn it, I didn’t abbreviate the facts!

Point being, everyone is so blinded by partisan blindness that they overlook the facts of reason. Cuts need to be made and even the GOP’s election time “Booty Call” Tea Party members have even called for such cuts.

That's it, too much historical facts need to be drowned in a Guinness Stout. Fill the peanut bowl and pay the political tab.... AND THANK A SOLDIER FOR OUR PROTECTION ANY TIME YOU SEE ONE!

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